This Week In Games: LittleBig Super Smash Wars

For many people, this week will be all about one thing: A bit of the ol' smashy smashy. MegaMan vs Charizard. You get my drift. It's not huge like last week, but it ain't small.

Super Smash Bros WiiU (WiiU)

What is it? Four player versus brawler with Nintendo's (and occasionally others') favourite characters. Should you care? Only if you and your friends want to beat each other up with the likes of Yoshi, Charizard, Zelda, and MegaMan.

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS3)

What is it? Physics-based co-op platformer with lots of charm. Should you care? LBP games are usually good. This new version has different characters with different strengths, such as gliding through the air, or toggling between strength and speed.

LittleBigPlanet 3 Extras Edition (PS4)

What is it? The PS4 version of the above. Should you care? The titular "extras" are costumes for Sackboy, themed around Dragon Age: Inquisition and iconic Playstation characters, such as Ellie, or a Helghast.

LittleBigPlanet Marvel Super Hero Edition (PS Vita)

What is it? This is the original LBP Vita game, re-released with extras from the Marvel universe. Should you care? If you didn't play it before, this would be the one to get. There are new Marvel minigames as well as costumes, but it's probably not worth a re-buy.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (PC, PS3, PS4, 360, One, OSX, Linux)

What is it? Arcade shoot-em-up with copious amounts of basic shapes. This one features 3D backgrounds, similar to Super Stardust HD. Should you care? Yes. Frankly, it looks great. Many returning modes as well as new ones — though it's unclear from early info whether Pacifism Mode is coming back. It better be!

Did we forget anything? Make sure to pop it below!


    LBP3 - very excited to play this on PS4 this week (move over GTAV)

    Maaaybe getting SSB, but I think im about done for games this year....Still got FC4, ACU, CODAW, and DGI, all of which are less than 1/4 done each, even after playing an ungodly amount of dragon age this weeken....

      Only getting SSB and LBG for when friends come over. So many games coming out, but I just comoleted Alien Isolation, and still havr Evil Within and Walking Dead to complete.

        Oh man, u just reminded me I have to add the evil within and Wolfenstein to my "need to complete list"....

          Wolfenstein is a grest game. You'll get over being asked to fetch some arbitrary object one room over despite singlehandely taking out the nazi empire though.

      Yeah. I'm aiming for Smash Bros to be my last game until January, with any luck late January (not including LEGO Batman 3 which is paid for already). Even without the wasting money aspect I'm just ruining good games by madly hopping between them.

        Even without the wasting money aspect I'm just ruining good games by madly hopping between them.

        This, exactly!

    So hype for Smash, might get LBP3 as well if I get enough money from trading in my Skylanders, after getting all the Amiibo's and four Smash Gamecube controllers that is.

    By the way @junglist, I think you forgot Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, I know it's been out on Steam for a little while, but the console release should be on the 26th.

    No love for Lego Batman 3?

    Super pumped to pick it up on Wednesday!

      This game has been replaced by Lego: Green Lantern from what I hear.

    Notable omissions...
    Hatsune Miku : Project DIVA 2nd f (PS3/Vita)
    What is it? Cute Japanese styled rhythm game, lots of depth with 4 difficulty levels.
    Should you care? Goddamn yes, but ultimately it's very hard to change peoples opinion of it.

    sadly I have expended my dollars for games for the time being, a $600 fine will do that. I have however got WoW, DA:I and Pokemon, should be plenty

    UPS tells me that my gamecube adapter bundle and amiibos should be arriving today. I don't believe them! I'll have it at some point this week at least ;)

    Smash is 8 players, no?

    My wallet is crying... There weren't many releases this year, but all the ones I want/wanted were/are bunched up in October-December. I'm still waiting for Smash Wii U to come out down here, plus LittleBigPlanet 3, Geometry Wars and The Crew... HNNNNNGGGGHHH

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