Adventures In Tragic Amiibo Packaging

Adventures in Tragic Amiibo Packaging

Nintendo fans are used to a level of quality. A seal of approval, if you will. In the past, "Nintendo" has meant durable hardware and well-made video games. Nintendo means "polished" and "good presentation". Nobody, it seems, has told this to Amiibos.

Forget the differences between what we were promised and what we got. Just the way some Amiibos end up on store shelves is, well, rather tragic. Even when Kotaku first checked out the first-run production model Amiibos, it was clear that Kirby could not be held down by any package. But that doesn't appear to be the exception.

Reader Carlos, for example, sent along this batch of photos he took at Target and Toys R Us of Amiibos that were either broken or packaging disasters.

Adventures in Tragic Amiibo Packaging
Adventures in Tragic Amiibo Packaging
Adventures in Tragic Amiibo Packaging
Adventures in Tragic Amiibo Packaging

Elsewhere on Twitter, there are also more examples of sloppily packaged Amiibos. Kirby, Peach and Pikachu appear to be the most consistently mucked up.

Sure, with products like this, there are bound to be errors. But since Nintendo is traditionally a company with such a high mark of quality, these mistakes seem even worse. What's more, for a company that always takes so much pride in its work, there doesn't appear to be much pride in how these figures end up on store shelves. Could this be why obvious manufacturer errors are making it into retail spaces? And thus, in pricey internet auctions?

Picture: Carlos


    Am still bloody annoyed at the ridiculous lack of stock available in Australia at places like Big W. Went in bright and early yesterday morning to get one of each of wave 2 for xmas and they had 0 stock due to none being sent to them. And the BigW at Newcastle West was the exact same, 0 stock received. Now it looks like I am going to have to pay dumb Ebay prices if I actually want any. Sigh...

      EB games have heaps

        Benefit of stores like BigW compared to EB is people with families and or without the amount of money required outright can just lay-by and pay it off.

          eBay doesn't let you lay-by either...

            Yeah but if I went the Ebay route I would not be getting them now. It would be down the track. My point was that is likely the only place they will be available apart from possibly a few at EB. My local EB has no wave 2 at all as of yesterday afternoon.

          EB also does this though. Although with a minimum $10 deposit, I guess you're having to pay for more than half of it upfront on the Amiibos.

            yeah will likely be doing this for Wave 3.

        Provided you're willing to pay $18 per figurine. Target and Big W prices were at the $14 and $15 mark.

          Walk in with catalogue, price match. Bought a couple from each wave, $14 each.

      i went to a few big w stores with no stock at all. I've had luck at target though, getting all the wave one and two ones I want (except Link, I had to get him via target online).

      how old are you?? poor baby cant buy his dolls

      This is so damn true. I live in Sydney and JB-HI-FI, Big W, Target and EB Games ONLY STOCK DONKEY KONG, MARIO AND PIKACHU. I want Murf, Yoshi and Peach, Dammit!

    Big W seems to be pretty poor at it. Target was well stocked though. Jb hi fi too

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