Remember This?

There were some really good guesses yesterday, but no correct answer! So we go to a second clue...

For reference, here's yesterday's clue.

Good luck.


    river raid?

      Yeah, I'm thinking that or one of the other Atari games. Personally I'm trying to remember a frogger-clone.

    Decathlon on the Atari

    Edit: Scratch that, it's Demons to Diamonds on Atari

    Last edited 17/12/14 12:31 pm

      Or some other olympics type game

      I thought that got guessed yesterday?

        Possibly, was out on site and I didn't see it yesterday. Pretty sure I'm right with Demons to Diamonds.

          Yeah it looks right based on the screen shot
          Also not at all like I remember it

    I guess Demons to Diamonds yesterday and im still certain that's what it is. Look

    And just incase, here's the link to me yesterday

    Last edited 17/12/14 1:10 pm

    Demons to Diamonds on the atari 2600?

    Demons to Diamonds (Atari 2600)

    Edit: damn, missed @gnawnborg's edit above

    Last edited 17/12/14 1:36 pm

    Lee Carvalo's Putting Challenge

    I suggest feather touch. You have entered POWER DRIVE.

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