Spider-Woman Gets Her First Costume Change In Decades

Spider-Woman Gets Her First Costume Change in Decades

Ever since her debut in 1977, Jessica Drew's superhero costume has looked pretty much the same, despite a few tweaks over the decades: a tight red unitard with yellow accents and big webs stretching from arms to legs. But Spider-Woman's got an all-new look coming soon and it's radically different.

The new Spider-Woman costume got a splashy announcement in USA Today this morning, with series editor Nick Lowe calling the more real-world look clothes to kick arse in. The change in togs also seems to herald a return to the character's one-time career as a private detective.

Spider-Woman Gets Her First Costume Change in Decades

The last time Spider-Woman was in the headlines came after a controversial Milo Manara cover that many thought was way too hypersexualized. In the USA Today article, Lowe says plans to change Spider-Woman's gear were underway long before the firestorm blew up around the Manara cover. Still, the new look is reminiscent of Batgirl's recent costume change and both of those updates have the long-established characters donning outfits that make them grounded and down-to-earth.

The new Spider-Woman costume will make its debut in an upcoming update to the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game. You find out more about the reasoning behind the new costume, along with comments about what's next for the Spider-Woman series in USA Today.


    Looks good, I love Anka's style, going to miss the mask though.
    Also, hope this means Greg Land is off the book.

    That's a far better design. Taking the is it or isn't it sexist thing entirely out of the equation, the original costume design was, simply put, ugly as all hell.

    Eh, just sort of looks like street clothes to me. Could use a little more flash.

    I like it. Why are the armpit web things still a thing though? I never understood why anyone thought they looked good.


    Straight from the Clark Kent School of Disguises.

    The old costume is heaps better. What is wrong with a sexy outfit? Now like Mase said she's a hipster.

    Everybody wants to be the next Batgirl costume redesign now. I agree with the people who commented that the clothes look too street casual and that the loss of the iconic mask with the big blank Spider-costume eyes is a mistake.

    Also with that body shape, she needs a change of name to Spider-Teenager.

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