What's The Best Bargain You Bagged At The Steam Sales?

Everyone loves a good bargain. Steam Sales are littered with brilliant games at stellar prices, so it's time to come clean: what's your best bargain? Get in here and have a brag.

I'd have to say my best Steam Sale bargains was Don't Starve for $US3.74, or even Far Cry 3 for $US7.84.

What's yours? Tell us in the comments, bargain hunters!

Also, as a PSA: Tomb Raider is $US3.74 in the store at the time of publication. That's a stupidly good game at a ridiculous price.


    this is the first sale that I havent bought anything... I cant find anything on sale I want, that I dont already have.

      Im the same,
      I have a Visa $100 gift card i was saving specefically for steam sale but alas it remains unsued.
      Every year i normally go on bundle spree's bu this year i just havnt seen anything which tickeles my fancy

      Same. Nothing on my wishlist has been discounted enough to prompt me to buy it. Was hoping for a few 75% off ones, but so far its been mostly 20%. Meh. I don't want them that badly. ;p

    I picked up Super Meat Boy for 75c and Metal Gear Rising for $6, that was just on my leftover Steam wallet money as i already basically owned most of the games on sale and am trying to save money =P

      Metal Gear Rising is so damn good. That was a good deal.

    Borderlands the Pre-Sequel (feeling a bit meh about it at the moment)
    Shadowrun Dragonfall, and This War of Mine.

    I got one of Wadjet Eye's adventure games for free by bidding gems I got from scrapping my unwanted steam backgrounds/emoticons. Can't remember if it was Resonance or Gemini Rue since I currently have both in my library and haven't played either yet. I must have bought one or the other some time ago.

    As for spending actual money, got the Shadow Warrior remake for $3.99 when it went 90% off. I've only played about 20 minutes of it since thanks to my shitty graphics card it runs like ass, but I didn't hate it. I will revisit it in the new year once I have replaced the graphics card (something I've been saying I'll do for about 6 months).

    Nothing so far, will get Hatoful Boyfriend and Trails in the Sky if they become part of the daily/community deal. More likely in future sales though.

    Saints Row IV for a fiver and Bulletstorm for $4. Happy with that, but still kicking myself after promising myself I wouldn't buy any more games until I start to make some progress on my vastly unplayed 200+ game collection.

    The Alan Wake franchise pack for $4.91. I have them all on Xbox, but I've been meaning to replay both games, and the price was way too good to knock back.

    Honestly, this is the very first time (the last month, both sales together) that I can say I'm completely underwhelmed by steam sales. They seem a shadow of their former selves :(

    Also really do not like the new layout for them. At all.

    I got Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in the first day of the sale but i haven't bought anything since.

    Talisman, Lords of the Fallen, AOE2HD and Civ5 (from g2play for $2.90). I'm really enjoying LotF for $20 as a Dark Souls nut, it's clearly a clone but with some nice ideas of its own, and a pretty cool artstyle.

    I bought Ghostbusters the videogame for $1.99

    But I've also sold all my trading cards earned for a total of 66c so I'm only down $1.33 so far.

    I know it's not Steam sales exactly, but the WB Humble Bundle was pretty damn amazing value. Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Fear 2 and 3, and others for like, $6.

    The best bargain I scored was not from the steam sale but from winning an NVIDIA Pick Your Path code on eBay for $30 which I used to grab Far Cry 4. Only thing I've picked up from the Steam sale is Postal 2 for $1 which I had lying in my Steam wallet but chances are I'll never play it. There are better bargains to be had elsewhere for any of the more recent AAA games.

    I was going to buy Sid Meier's Railroads for $10, but then I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was $2.50. :D

    I bought both the Walking Dead 400 Days DLC and the Walking Dead Season 2 for just under $20.

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