Community Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Here's a game with probably the weirdest release date of all-time. Captain Toad came out in the first week of 2015. With almost zero promotion. I had actually forgotten all about it. Who's been playing it? Is it worth checking out?

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a strange little puzzle game that started life as a mini-game in Super Mario 3D World. I enjoyed those mini-games very much. In some way they were the most interesting part of (what I thought was) a pretty unadventurous 3D Mario game. I'm super keen to check this out.

Then why haven't I? Well it's mostly a question of convenience. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was released at a time when I wasn't even thinking about new video games. I was either lounging around on my couch eating leftover lamb or playing catch-up on all the games I hadn't played in 2014.

Like I said: strange release date.

One of the most attractive things about Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is most definitely the price. It's a Nintendo retail release but you can find it for less that $50 if you check out the right stores. The RRP is $59.95, which is a good bit cheaper than what you might expect. By all reports, however, it is a little short. That suits me just fine, but others might feel a little short-changed.

How have you found the game so far?


    Was $48 I think at Target. Added to my WiiU pile of shame as I've accumulated a few games for Christmas and birthday last week that I hadn't got to yet.

    Hyrule Warriors got it's claws in my deep!

      Same here, and Im still only on the first adventure map >_<

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        I finally got Agitha's lvl 3 weapon the other night. Guh, Now I can sink my rupees into a few other characters.

    Loved it. Done all the levels, only have the bonus objective on the very last thing to do (it's a huge pain).

    Works really well in short bursts, is utterly gorgeous, but it didn't really blow me away at any point, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    Well recommended.

    I'm loving it.

    I've finished the 'story' mode but need to go back and collect the missing gems, as well as get a crown for each level - then I'll get through the bonus levels.

    Good fun, the wife loves it because it's similar to the mobile puzzle games she likes to play (she also likes pullblox for the same reason). It is an unreasonably cute game, I almost overdosed on charm at one point.

    It feels short for time sunk, but it has a tonne of levels, and it's all useful content. There's no filler.

    I also hooked it up to the zapper for the minecart levels, but it seemed to suffer from gyro drift (unless I hit a stick at some point by accindent).

    Edit: I can only assume it was bumped into January so nintendo could claim to release a game per month for the console.

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    Loving the level design, and my 3 year old loves the art style. She has been helping me locate coins and gems!

    The pacing makes it perfect for hotseat multiplayer; my fiancee and myself are having a blast playing it together!

    Absolutley fantastic, especially so if you have someone to play with.
    A really polished release, with no padding, which is a refreshing change from the half finished, padded out crap coming to the 'current gen' consoles of late.

    I like Nintendo reviews, they so often contain the phrase "I like this game because it is fun" such a rarity in the sea of "this game is good because the graphics are amazing" or "this game wasn't good because the voice acting was awful"

    As I said in TAY this morning, Captain Toad is fabulous. Having lots of fun with it, and it's great to play in 5 minute bursts. Some of the interactions with the Gamepad are relatively forced however. It's never fun to blow into the Gamepad's microphone.

    It's graphically also very polished. It looks great, not only because it is in HD (still a novelty to me for Nintendo), but because it inherits a strong art direction from Super Mario 3D World. It's only 720p but this only goes to show that resolution doesn't really affect the core gaming experience for this sort of title.

    The Wii U looks to knock 2015 out of the park and this is a great start.

    I've mostly finished it now (haven't got all the gems/bonus objectives on every level just yet) and I thought it was overall really good.

    Only problems I really found with it were it's maybe a little short (though I still haven't finished all the bonus levels yet so there might be a few more good ones in there yet) and some of the levels really felt to me more like off-cuts from Mario 3D World.
    One level in particular, "Magma Road Marathon" is all about running across a walkway above lava - with no camera control and barely an character control (speed pads making you go fast). Hardly felt like a Captain Toad puzzle.

    That said, I did still love the game in general. Most of the levels are great - There's a train level near the start that I thought was fantastic.

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    Really enjoying it so far. As mentioned by a few above it is perfect in short bursts. I have just unlocked episode 3 and am taking my time - still a few gems to collect here and there. Occasionally the gamepad interactions are irritating, but overall it is fun and polished, and a perfect way to kick off the new year.

    Wondering if it will get a 3DS port/sequel - feels utterly perfect for that system.

    Only played a few levels but loved it. My friends were blown away when they realised they had to stand up and spin around on the spot to look around each corner (using the gamepad).
    One review I read moaned about being forced to look at the gamepad and not the pro controller as it takes you away from the HD tv but I enjoy playing on the gamepad standing up, I look stupid doing it but I find it more enjoyable as you dont come across games where you need to spin on the spot in order to play very often haha it's good fun.

    Slowly going through it with MrsBS. So very cute. Good times.

    Worth every penny for $50. It is just fresh and fun.
    Not a reason to get a Wii U alone but it gets added to the huge line-up of games to justify getting a Wii U for people who need a AAA library before spending money on a new console.

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