Tell Us Dammit: Your Most Anticipated 2015 Game

As the new year rolls around, there's a whole host of games due to hit shelves and digital storefronts. But which one sits at the top of your must-buy list?

Me, I'm keen to see Hotline Miami 2, with a slight hope that they haven't spoiled the magic that made the first game so immensely playable by simply going for shock value.

But you're probably different. If you could have one 2015 release sitting next to you, ready to play right now, what would it be?


    No man's sky. I'm trying not to fall into the hype, but it looks so awesome.

    Bloodborne and Arkham Knight are the two AAA titles that I know that I'll end up buying.

    If Hotline Miami 2 offers more Hotline Miami, then I can't see how I can avoid playing it.

    I'm most looking forward to MGSV:TPP. I just cannot wait for TPP to land.

    Other titles that immediately pop into my mind are Halo 5, Tomb Raider 2015, Uncharted PS4, Grim Fandango: Remastered, The Witcher 3, and Tom Clancy's The Division. No question 2015 is shaping up to be a solid year for game releases.

    And, as always, I hold out hope for HL3 and The Last Guardian. It's just GOTTA be this year!

    P.S. Shenmue 3.

      Oh yeah I forgot about MGSV. I only just finished MGS2 and I'm midway through MGS3, so i have some catching up to do.

    Final Fantasy 15, because I have a glimmer of optimism that it will be released in november :P

    Witcher 3
    Star Citizen
    Pillars of eternity
    No man's sky
    Shroud of the Avatar

    Not necessarily in that order for the most part and certainly not the whole list that I have. At least I hope a few of those games in particular get to be released this year on PC.

    Definitely HM2! Have my Collector's Edition preordered, can't wait. Also, Uncharted 4 if it stays 2015 and MGSV with any luck.

    Hotline Miami 2
    No Man's Sky
    Star Citizen
    Monster Hunter 4
    Satellite Reign
    Small glimmer of hope that we might see Cyberpunk 2077 this year

    Gonna be a good year for gaming, unlike last year

      1000% won't be getting Cyberpunk. It was announced as 2017 at best and it is still no where near done hence the loose far away date.

        Don't piss all over my dreams!!!!!! lol Do you have a link to this 2017 business? I can't find anything that give any information on release date.

        Last edited 03/01/15 10:53 am

          Yeah cause it got officially changed from that to "when it is done" as the Witcher 3 took longer among whatever else they said.
          Don't worry you get Witcher 3 to be shown how amazing CD Projekt Red are making the wait for Cyberpunk all the more awful for ALL OF US. :)

            I don't enjoy the witcher series what so ever lol they are competent games, which is why I've got some hype for cyberpunk but yeah witcher has never done it for me

              Well then I guess we can upgrade the wait from awful to torture then. :)

    Kirby's Rainbow Curse.

      And Yoshi's Wooly World. I went from yay Yoshi to seeing it in action and going OH.. MY.. GOD now, want NOW!

    Personally I cant wait for Evolve and GTA5 for pc hell to the yeh

    The Division - I need it to be as good as the E3 demo...

      I have absolutely 0 hope for The Division after the crap Ubi has been releasing over the last couple of years, hope I'm wrong though.

    Definitely The Division, No Man's Sky, Cyberpunk 2077 and Pillars of Eternity.

    No Man's Sky and The Witness, if I can scrape some money together for a PS4.

    Apart from Batman, I'm looking forward to Resident Evil being relevant again. I really hope the ReREmake sells well, and they are able to go back and redo RE2 and maybe others, and then hopefully make a new one in that style. I'm also holding out hope that Revelations 2 is good.

    Mortal Kombat X. Can't believe nobody's mentioned this one already.

    Pillars of Eternity
    Witcher 3

    Would have had Bloodborne as the trifector, but Namco/From's behaviour of late has somewhat killed my enthusiasm, and simultaneously I can't help but feel the genre/series has already peaked. Objectively I have no doubt the game will still be brilliant, but I realised I was being dishonest with myself when I told I was truly looking forward to it in the last couple of months. (I'd still rather play DaS1 for the 100th time than DaS2 for the third.)

    Sucks how publisher actions in relation to different game can do that, but just as with DS2 I can't help but feel this genre/franchise is going to be pushed down our throats at the cost of further originality and innovation. Meh, more than excited enough about the other two to make up for it ^_^

    Mortal Kombat X
    The Witcher 3
    The Witness
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Uncharted 4

    EDIT: Okay, RCT World and Legend of Zelda Wii U.

    Last edited 01/01/15 7:41 pm

    The Witcher 3
    Zelda Wii U
    Starfox Wii U (here's hoping!)

    WITCHER 3 and waiting for that playstation port of final fantasy XII HD to ps3/ps4!

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