You Can Get Some World Of Warships Beta Action This Weekend

The words "World of..." once only ended in "Warcraft", but since the booming success of Wargaming's World of Tanks, it's no longer a foregone conclusion. In fact, muddying the waters further, the company now has World of Warplanes and World of Warships, making sure all your war-vehicle needs a taken care of. The latter has just started its second beta and is running for the duration of the weekend.

The press release from Wargaming doesn't mention Australia specifically, but I'm going to assume we're included in "Asia". As such, the beta began yesterday and will run until 1:59am on 26 January.

The beta's biggest change is the addition of aircraft carriers, which along with the game's battleships, cruisers and destroyers, players will be able to test all the way up to tier 10.

Screenshots? Yes, Wargaming sent some of those through too.


    it says applications for closed beta have closed.

    logan this is your grandma

    are you false advertising again?!?!?!

    Last edited 25/01/15 11:43 am

    World of Battleships is the game that we all waiting for. I played the beta and I think this is gonna be even more popular than world of tanks. A lot of new users will be attracted by the idea of warships. World of tanks may lose some of his players because they will completely move to this game. Who knows how things will be.

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