Dimension-Jumping TV Series With Battlestar's Tahmoh Penikett Hits Kickstarter

Cast your minds back to May last year and you'll remember we saw Tahmoh Penikett of Battlestar Galactica fame camping it up as a dimension-skipping wizard in a short film called The Portal. The 11-minute feature was quite on the funny and the people behind it, First Love Films, were keen to get a full series going. Well, it looks like a real possibility, if its Kickstarter goes well.

The show-to-be is now called Riftworld Chronicles, and the Kickstarter currently sits at 12 days left with $CAD21,314 of its needed $CAD55,000. It's a long way to go in such a short time, but not outside the realms of reality.

The minimum pledge is $CAD5, which gets you a thank you, while $CAD2500 offers a producer credit and a walk around the set with the director. Honestly, the high-end rewards could be better and might be the reason why it isn't over the line yet.

The bright side is Riftworld Chronicles already has some financial support from CBC and Canada's Independent Production Fund, so even if the Kickstarter doesn't hit its goal, it might find cash in other places.

Riftworld Chronicles [Kickstarter]


    Anyone else find it weird seeing kickstarter hopeful posts right along side kickstarter cautionary posts?

      This projects looks worthwhile and promising.

      Yep. Most articles are either wholly critical or wholly supportive as well. Seems to be a bit of a trend here, arbitrary siding.

    The trailer for this was quite good and rather comedic.

    Wait ... so is that like ... Sliders ? Quinn Mallory, are you in there ?

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