Liam Neeson Lost The Video Game, But Won The Super Bowl

As you may or may not be aware, the most entertaining part of the Super Bowl is the ads. Seriously. This year Liam Neeson took the Super Bowl home with him, featuring in the best ad by a country mile. What was he shilling? That Clash of Clans mobile game thing.

Seriously, this is actually quite funny, and Neeson nails it playing on his hard-boiled Taken persona perfectly.

I have zero interest in ever playing Clash of Clans, but I've got a lot of interest in watching Liam Neeson playing it while waiting in line for a scone.

You can watch just about every Super Bowl ad, including the Furious Seven and Jurassic World trailers here.


    Haha wow! I love Liam Neeson, this is Neale y as good as his Taken 3 trailer.

    I just sat through an ad so I could watch a different ad.

    What has my life become :(

      Tis the world we live in :(

        Wait till you sit through an youtube ad, of the very ad you clicked the watch....(happens all the time during AAA games or movie launches)

    It is good to see an actor not afraid of making fun of themselves, it is all too rare now. Neeson seems the most eager to do it any chance he gets

    These mobile games must be making some serious cash to afford these models/actors.

    Seriously, kotaku you're taking the piss. An entire infomercial before allowing me to see an ad? I won't even bother. I give up. You suck.

    So some pissant mobile game can afford Liam freaking Neeson for an ad on the Super Bowl?

    What's the bet a bunch of people have now made accounts and variants of AngryNeeson52

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