Now You Can Make Your Own Damn Warcraft IV

Now You Can Make Your Own Damn Warcraft IV

So you want a fourth Warcraft RTS? Join the club. And although Blizzard doesn't seem to plan on making Warcraft IV any time soon, it just got way easier for some enterprising fan to do it themselves.

Yep, Blizzard just announced that Warcraft III models are now live on the remarkably robust StarCraft II map editor — "three thousand new materials" including heroes, character models, structures, and even spell effects — allowing people to create their own Warcraft maps and scenarios to release on the StarCraft II arcade. All this stuff is live on the public test realm right now, with plans to make it public eventually. So go, brave soldier — make us some Warcraft IV. Or maybe the next Dota.


    Why have I not yet bought Starcraft...

      Because it just isn't as much fun as the old Warcraft titles.

      Why haven't you at least tried the free version?
      First 5 missions, multiplayer, custom maps, heaps for you to try to decide if you want to spend money.

        I played it when it came out quite a bit - albeit on one of my friends accounts. Tempting to get back into it just for the RTS feels.

    Have they fixed the way custom map finding works?

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