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    Be wary everyone - Murray lost last night and @markserrels might be grumpy! I was flicking between the tennis and the cricket - man did England play bad cricket!

      We were fine in the first 25 overs of us bowling. Selective memory has forgotten everything after that point so by my reckoning we won the series :-P

      That man needs some serious head training. There on a platter to be won when his opponent is ready to collapse, and he makes terrible choices and starts losing break points. Crazy.

      BTW, talking about Murray, not @markserrels. I make no comments about the state of Mark's head and the need for training it.

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    Good morning everyone *hugs for all*

      Morning to you too! Be gentle with the hug though. Woke up this morning and my back is all messed up and hurty :(

        Off to yoga with you :-P

          heh yeah right... i think yoga would kill me right now! Doctors was necessary! Hopefully what he prescribed will take effect soon!

            Try this stretch for your lower back (I'm guessing this is where it's sore?), let your legs lean over and you keep them in the same position for 15 seconds. Repeat 3 times each side for pain relief and range of motion improvement:

              actually it's a combination of upper and nerve pain in my lower. It used to happen all the time years ago (the lower nerve pain) but when I changed the job I was doing, it eased off and went away. Whatever I pulled in my upper back this morning obviously set off the nerve pain again as well, but thankfully I know what I need to treat it, so went to docs and got me sorted. Just need to take it easy today and not move too much, and I should be right tomorrow. :)

      I wish for a hug but will infect anyone with my leaking nose

        *puts on hazmat suit* "give us a hug!"

          That's all well and good for you, but what about the people around me on the train without hazmats? Actually, half of them sound sick too

      Hugs from all 86 naked gingers?

      At the same time like a big group hug? Or are we forming like a line or something?

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were just the ticket.

    I've been working on the artbook that comes with Undad pledges of $10 or more. It's going to be a bit of a monster, I think - somewhere between 250-300 pages in all likelihood.

    Anyway, I was thinking about maybe including some sort of Q&A in there, and am inviting you to supply the Q. I may not end up running with it, but if you have any burning Q, feel free to ask me for A.

    *scans for entrendre... system error*

    In gaming news, I've progressed some distance in Lords of the Fallen. I can't decide what to make of it. The boss battles involve a little more strategy and tactics than I'm used to employing in a Souls game (and some cheap one-hit kills and sudden mobs that are a bit frustrating).

    Last boss I faced was the Worshiper, and I died at least six times to his huge explosive attack before I realised that you can take refuge in those archway things. Rather than feeling relieved to have figured it out, I was a bit annoyed by it, to be honest. The idea that you're supposed to explore an area while a boss is attacking you is kind of absurd.

    Or maybe I'm just used to a more relaxed boss battle ala Zelda which will highlight any elements I need to prevail in a boss fight, or Souls, which lets me approach any fight in pretty much any way I want.

    I'm also not a fan of bosses who periodically summon lesser enemies to swarm you during the battle (though I'll admit this is a personal preference). This has happened in two out of the three boss fights I've been in. It's often a tacit admission by the developers that the boss by himself is not that formidable an enemy... and I think that's kind of the case here.

    Oh! Also, there's a new Game of Thrones Telltale chapter dropping tomorrow, I believe. I haven't played the first one yet - it'll be good to do the both of them back-to-back!

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      I haven't kept up with reviews and don't actually know what Lords of the Fallen plays like :-( I'm guessing though 3rd person action adventure/RPG?

        It's very much inspired by the Demons/Dark Souls games, and plays very similarly in a lot of ways. The boss battles deviate a bit from that, though, and seem to be more of a Dark Souls/Darksiders/Zelda hybrid.

    Cold still here, horrible and muggy in Brisbane. Stupid February

    On the plus side, Sydney was great, Tiger Airways didn't cancel or crash the plane (despite some dodgy veering left and right on the runway), the Asian Cup was brilliant, great atmosphere and even found myself cheering for the Aussies. It's a sign I'm ready to take my citizenship test. Also, the people of QLD remembered reason and got rid of Campell Newman :-D

    Finally, my room is now free for me to move into as my old housemate moved out. Only had time to move my bed and PC in though. With the A League tonight, no time to continue modding Skyrim :'(

    Downloaded metroid trilogy off the eshop, game refused to run from my external drive. Moved it to system memory and it ran fine. Changed hard drives and it made no difference. Tried it with smg 2 and had exactly the same problem!

    Anyone else? Pretty sure my hardware is fine, it all checks out.

      I'm planning on getting it in a few days, but will be using an external drive. Hope it works :\

      Try a different USB port? I recall one of the two USB ports on the original Wii console not being compatible with external storage.

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      Isn't the superbowl just a reason to spend the day drinking beer and eating buffalo wings?

        And? The real football grand final of your choice is just a reason to drink beer and have a BBQ and cry when your team loses/wins.

        EDIT: Who am I kidding. It's not just that. Depending on who's playing, it's also a matter of life or death.

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        There needs to be a reason to do that?


      ps - This is one of my favourite posts ever <3

      Finally, the plot to Metal Gear makes sense, they were talking about owls, superb ones at that.

    Just discovered the entirety of Hogan's Heroes on YouTube. I haven't yet finished with Dad's Army, but it's good to have something to watch when I'm done with it :D

      Bought my dad all of the seasons on DVD for his birthday a couple of years ago.

    Hola Tay

    Had a busy Saturday, quiet Sunday. On Saturday went up to Gawler to help a mate with his DIY patio, we had to take panels off the roof to install strengthening braces for the structure. After a long day up and down ladders (and me sunburning the back of my knees which is not fun) we went into the city to the Curious Squire, a James Squire owned pub, and then to see American Sniper, which was... ok, I guess, but I'm not sure I can recommend.

    Yesterday I did pretty much nothing other than rewatch the Grand Budapest Hotel, which is still probably my favourite film from the last 12 months

    A Monday morning question: I went to a branded pub, what other brands or concepts need to be a pub?

    I've developed a rotten headcold because of glorious Melbourne's shitty weather. Summer, my arse.

    To balance it out though, I appear to have solved my PS4's noise problems. I had it in the cabinet under my tv (doors always open and there's a gap at the back of the cabinet too) on it's side, which I'd thought would have been enough ventilation, but I was playing Never Alone on the weekend and was getting periods of noise with that too, so I moved it out of the cabinet onto a small side table and placed it flat.

    Extensive playing of Dragon Age: Inquisition yesterday, the usual main culprit with this noisiness, has indicated that it seems to be no longer a problem, although I won't say for sure until I get to Skyhold where it was usually the worst.

    So I am guessing between the change of the way it's sitting (which implies vibration??) and getting it out to have even more ventilation, fingers crossed this shouldn't be an issue anymore.

      Oh! My PS3 did that on the old setup & was extra loud with DVD.

      New cabinet fixed that.

      My PS3 is super noisy on its side and quiet when lying flat. Probably something simple like the fans go out of balance and vibrate when it's standing up.

    Hatched a 6 IV Pokémon over the weekend.
    This is my first perfect 'mon. I've usually stopped at 5; I was just lucky to have the last two stats roll perfect at the same time.

    This does mean that I have a few 4 and 5 IV Adamant, Huge Power, Marill with both Aqua Jet and Belly Drum available for trade for any Pokéfriends. No shinies were hatched, unfortunately.

      Wouldn't mind one at all! I've got a few nice breeding rejects to trade, including a few 6IV Buneary with 3 egg moves (managed to somehow get a 6IV one from the GTS so it's just been pumping out 6IV babies like it's nothing :P)

      No shinies were hatched

      Edit: ooh, yellow shiny. Maybe I could grab one to try for a shiny.

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        Yeah, Marill/Azumarill has a top tier shiny.

    Europe's new VAT started yesterday and the Europeans are not to happy..
    Though our exchange rate is at 0.79AUD to 1USD, where's there's is 1.13Euro to 1USD. They had it pretty good this Far.

    Morning puppies! Yesterday I got a little older, but more importantly, got way cooler, because I learned how to ride a motorcycle :D

      Happy birthday for yesterday, Jane. Unless you got older figuratively from some psychologically scarring trial by fire experience instead of birthday. Either way, sounds like an eventful weekend!

      Yay for puppies, birthdays and motorcycles! \o/

      Sounds like a great birthday. Happy belated Birthday o Queen of puppies and pumpkins! :D

      Puppies are the bomb!

      Also happy birthday! and congratulations on now becoming a temporary Australian citizen with your new cool chick status!

        Oh god. I've seen this show a few times, and I really like, it, but please - I do not understand the name! I've tried looking it up online, but it just goes over my head. Little help?

          Haha. It's actually from a clerk at Godfrey's who misinterpreted my name when he asked for it to put on the receipt.. My name isn't close to it, but you get that LOL. I even spelt it to him and he some how got this from it..

          My first name is Marc and my surname starts with Ch but that's as good as he got lol..

            Oh! hahaha... no, I meant Temporary Australian! But that is a cute story too ;D

              Oh LOL.

              Ah it's just a saying my mates who ride bikes say. Since most motorists are oblivious to motorcyclists. Thus earning them the title 'Temporary Australian Citizen'

                When I started riding motorbikes I was told Ambulance drivers refer to us a donors.

    Weekend report. Stayed out a bit on Friday, meeting up with Wingman who was also in the city. We went and checked out Spawn Point, it was pretty cool. They had Smash set up on the projector, jumped in on some 5-7p battles. Came second for the first couple, then once I was more in the groove started to dominate. Probably because there wasn't anyone else particularly decent playing :P

    The NES controllers they had set up on an emulator were horrid. Crappy Chinese knockoffs, knew something was wrong when I picked them up and thought "wait these are way too light". All sorts of minor ergonomic issues that I never really noticed on the originals until I had these for comparison, such as the A and B buttons normally sitting above the surface of the controller when fully depressed. Whereas these ones were pretty much flush, but still not necessarily bridging the contacts. Super awkward to press. Also they stuck, not popping back up again. And there was something weird going on with the Left button, it would sometimes just keep acting like it was pressed. Made it very hard to SMB. Otherwise though, seemed like a pretty cool place. Would hang out again.

    Saturday was mostly at home. Started out odd though. Woke up from a dream about Sketchbook (nothin suss), which is weird enough in itself because dreams about people I know are rare enough as it is. But then to have one of her? Now, when all that mess is basically over and I haven't even seen her since May and have been thinking about plenty of other things instead? And then on top of that, the rest of the dream was made up of stuff that was clearly directly influenced by things that had just happened during the day. Obviously my brain hates me. Jerk.

    Played some more Smash, chipping away at a few more challenges. Though mostly just getting frustrated and pissed off at it, because I suck at the game. Also was in a crappy mood, you know the ones where every little thing is irritating including any sound being made anywhere by anyone. Wasn't great :P Ended up going out to meet Wingman and her boyfriend for dinner, then hung out there for like an hour afterwards trying to figure out what to do next. Neither of us had any idea so eventually we just decided to go home. And proceeded to talk more, on skypechat :P

    Sunday, felt pretty crappy from another bad night's sleep. No notable dreams this time thankfully. Unless I just forgot them. I was supposed to be meeting up with a Canberra friend at some time in the afternoon, but he's terrible at organising anything and hadn't mentioned any specific plans or even contact details so I stayed at home and played some piano for a change. That was nice.

    Then returned to Smash and got all pissed off again :P Fucking Crazy Orders...

      To be fair, original NES and SNES controllers were not ergonomic at all.

        Exactly. These things managed to plunge below even that :P

    I grabbed a month of Foxtel Play for my PS4 because I was so bored while recovering from jetlag and then being sick (plus, we get to watch movies as a family for less than the usual cost of an arm and a leg :P).
    When I got back from taking my son to school this morning (which was all kinds of disastrous but that's a much longer story....) I grabbed my breakfast and flopped down in front of the TV ready to relax and watch some terrible "reality" show or wacky documentary: PSN down for "maintenance". Arghhhhhh!

      Aww man...looks like more than just a maintenance thing. Could be another moronic attack. I want my Foxtel dammit, my head hurts too much to play anything. :(

        Can you access it from a foxtel site instead?

    PSA: Don't say Gooky's name loudly at a Japanese restaurant with waitress in ear shot. :'(

      I always thought "Mr Taco" had a better ring to it anyway.
      But I'm curious... what happened? Does "Gooky" mean something we don't know about?
      And by "we" I mean "I" :P

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        Erm, techy, it has the word "gook" in it which is a bad word.

          So does snigger, and it's not a bad word!

            That might be so but I wouldn't want to be sayign something was niggery

          I long for a world where people don't know which words are racial epithets.

          I remember playing some online game with some Americans in it, one of whom used the word 'beaner'. I actually stopped to ask the guys, "Hey fellas, I assume that's not something positive, but what does it mean? I've never heard that one before."

          There was an uncomfortable silence for a while, as sheepish Americans tried to explain that Mexicans are called 'beaners' because they... eat beans. No, there's nothing wrong with eating beans specifically. Well, it's bad because... they're Mexican? As opposed to... American?

          In the end everyone got quite civil after the embarrassment of trying to explain local racism to a foreigner.

        Gook is a racial epithet. Quite a nasty word.

        Gooky, however, is a homonym. Apparently.

          And also a name I will never be using to refer to him ever again.

            Call him Gooby instead, please.

              I actually do have a friend that calls me Goob...

              VLAD, IS THAT YOU??

                No, but holy shit, my to-be business partner's name is Vlad....

                  It's all connected. All of it.

                  *makes "I've got my eye on you" gesture*

                  I have questions about soon to be business, but probs too personal to ask here. :P

                I expect you to become an investor then!

                  Gee, not even going to take me out to dinner first? :P

                  Though I guess I do have all this jobmoney sitting here doing nothing...

      Oh gods no. Did you just have a bad time?

        TAYbies cringed until waitress left, then laughed at me. I buried head in hands and freaked out. I also fully accepted that my meal would probably be spat in by the kitchen staff. (Still good eating. :P)

          Did she react to it at all?

            She was walking away at the time, so no idea. Some think she might not have heard. I think working on the Gold Coast has built up her tolerance to shrugging off this kind of stuff. (Even if it was accidental in my case. :P)

              Does anyone even use that word, anyway? I honestly can't think of any time I've heard it that wasn't coming from a Vietnam veteran in a TV show/movie. And like with Techy, seems to be plenty of people around who aren't even aware of its existence.

                I have heard it shouted at a friend on a bus at 3am, which was awful unpleasant, especially as it was essentially accompanied by rape threats.

                I've seen it on what appeared to be relatively-recent train-carriage graffiti. Last time I heard it used was in the early 2000s by some punk kids on a bus, to an older couple.
                I was a younger, angrier man, then. So we exchanged some 'words' on the subject of its propriety.

                Either way, it's not as dead as it should be yet.

                YES and I say this as a halfie.

                  I must just live in a good area :P

                  Although come to think of it there is supposed to be quite a high concentration of Vietnamese around here. Hm.

                  Also now I feel compelled to ask if you are more "go" or "ok".

      What do Japanese restaurants have against Tacos?!!

      Haha, that was amusing.. But saying that, I think the old couple across from us were more offended when one of us started talking about Nazi's.. I think I offended them most when we were talking about their uniforms and I said it's not their fault they had the cooler looking stuff..

        It's one of the few things you actually have to hand it to them for. Those were some sharp uniforms.

          They really were. Some of their emblems are pretty cool looking too.



      That's why I still call @mrtaco Mr Taco... you white people are crazy :P

        Who you callin' white? :P

        I'm olive. That makes me more green than you!

      Just play it off as if that is Gooky's real name.
      "So, as I was saying, Mr Phillip Gookey, the sashimi is quite good."

    I spent the first half of the week without internet, so I missed the first half of TAY. Since I insist on either reading every single page of TAY or none, I decided to skip TAY for that week. I hope I was missed.

    I watched Babe for the first time in 8 years. I had to use a VCR for the first time in 7 years. I got kind of nostalgic about the whole thing. I used to record TV shows and movies all the time. Then my VCR died, and there was little chance of me buying a new VCR in 2007.

    Anyway, I watched Babe. Whilst it’s hardly a good film, there is a level of wholesomeness to it that hasn’t been matched since. Everything in the first half whizzes by too fast. It’s almost like the movie was originally 140 minutes, and they cut it down to 90. The second half is very good though. There’s a shocking disparity in quality between the first and second half that it seems they had two different directors.

    I finished Sypro the Dragon for the first time. Screw you, child me who could only afford the demo! Good game. Annoyingly, I finished on 98% with just one level where I just couldn’t find everything.

    The boss battles throughout the game were completely horrible, though. It basically amounts to ‘chase a dude until you win’ every time.

      Yeah the boss battles sucked in 1 but I absolutely loved playing Spyro :)

        It almost became a Sierra adventure game in that you needed to get into the developer's insane mindset to figure out how you were supposed to find all the gems. A couple of times, I played the game with my cousin and my sister watching, and we would try to theorise were we had to look. I remember Dry Canyon from the Peace Keepers world was particularly difficult. I also spent about 6 hours in Cliff Town before giving up and checking a guide. Bloody cauldrons.

        But yeah, good game. I'm going to have to check a guide to figure out how to collect everything in Haunted Towers, but I'm pretty much finished. Not sure whether I should trawl eBay for Spyro 2, or whether I should go straight to Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, since I already have it.

          Spyro 2 and 3 are both really really good. 2 has cool little cut scenes before and after each level, and 3 has skate boarding and yeti boxing.

      That means you missed the most important post.

    Oh yeah, and I finally watched 'Frozen'. I was outvoted by the family.
    It was worse than I'd expected it to be. I like that its main story is not about romance, but that was it. You all told me the songs were awesome but you all lied! Those are the worst songs ever to appear in a Disney movie EVER. Urgh.

      Another victim of over-hype? D:

      (I haven't watched it yet either)

      Last edited 02/02/15 10:55 am

        More like over-exposure. But even if I saw it on release day I still would have hated it.

      And I here I was thinking my parents were just weird. I haven't seen it yet but they told me they hated it

      If you want a good Disney movie, go and see Big Hero 6.

        I saw that when we were on holidays with the kids before going to the US. I enjoyed the heck out of it. :D

      Yeah, it's not a great film at all. I didn't mind it the first time I saw it, but once was certainly enough. It definitely doesn't deserve the insane level of acclaim it's received.

      The song Let It Go is a meaningless hot mess that is so unbelievably out of place in the story that I can't even stand thinking about it.

        I think part of the problem was that was 'supposed' to be her becoming the villain.
        So the letting it go was letting go of family, love, restraint and compassion and becoming cold like ice.
        Once they changed it it kinda got a bit odd. That said I do like the movie, I thought is was well done, the ending works and it has some fun points.

      I feel sorry for you D= I still don't get the hype/appeal over it :P We sell these Frozen branded lollipop rings at the Salvo's and the kids go crazy for them when they come in with their mum and their mum is all *sigh* not Frozen AGAIN..

      Glad it's not just me then. I've watched it once and have no desire to do so again. (Olaf was cute, that was the highlight).

      Lego movie anyday,

      It's definitely a movie that people trumpet as better than it really is. I managed to watch it before people went insane for Frozen love, and I'm very lucky.

      At it's core, the movie is incredibly flawed. The script was completely re-written very late into production, and it shows.

      I still haven't seen the film or been exposed to the music. Winning \o/

        I listened to Let It Go on youtube to see what the fuss was all about. I didn't get it. Seemed like a Disney Song(tm) set to modern music. Kinda 'pop'y. Shrug? I was willing to accept that there was probably significant emotional attachment invested by the disenfranchised who could relate to its message and its role within the film.

    Damn. I guess I should get my arse in to gear and get today's things done. Which means, paying the power bill, seeing the bank about a new debit card (the chip is failing to read in most eftpos AGAIN & about a refund from a merchant who screwed me over), see the manager at BWS about getting on the books and pay those bastards, Telstra.. Busy day apparently D=


        Sad things is I enjoy these adult things. I think i'm broken :|

        I might also take the dog for a walk up to meet mum after she finishes work at where she is volunteering since it's not hot today.

    In other news, I can't stop thinking about Life is Strange. I really loved it. I fully expect this to be another game people will make fun of Quantic Dream-style, but I don't care. It's something special. <3

      Trailer looked pretty rad. Got an 'indie scrapbook' aesthetic/vibe from it, and the supernatural twist looked very interesting. Particularly the storm. Had me thinking, "Oh god, this is what happens when you time-travel, isn't it... I bet I get blamed for this."

        Maybe literal butterfly effect. "I regret putting that butterfly on the otherside of the planet. Flapping its wings into storm." :P

    Morning all, hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I got my democracy on on Saturday however walking down to vote ended up in me getting sunburnt. At least I snagged the last democracy sausage but they were out of freedom bread, patriot sauce, and liberty onions but oh well. I'm happy at the final result however the future could be very interesting with a potential hung parliament.

    I also played a RPG yesterday but that's hardly original. :P If any of you think I'm a mean GM, the guy who was running it yesterday threw a Lictor at what are effectively rank 1 Imperial Guardsmen. So yeah, we just legged it and let the NPCs handle it/die horribly.

      A LICTOR AT RANK 1s? Geez I'm surprised you managed to run away!
      I won't complain about you being a rough GM again... then again... you have one shot me twice now in Pathfinder, felt good being the one dishing out the one shotting this time :P

        Well, running away is debatable. One of the players lost a leg because HOLY SHIT LICTOR and we only managed to evacuate by shoving past the NPCs and figuratively throwing them under a bus.

        Also one of the players is a psyker and we have the sneaking suspicion that the Nids have keyed onto his psychic signature. So yeah, it's more than likely that we're being hunted.

          Still throwing tyranids at you so early it's like he wants you guys to wipe as fast as possible, maybe as some sort of twisted "That was really the prologue" bit

            Yeah, unfortunately the GM of that game has a history of doing stuff like that (ridiculously unbalanced encounters and what not). I try to scale things along with the players which hopefully presents enough challenge to make things interesting.

            Just on the Pathfinder side, yeah I do feel bad that two of the critical hits that I've rolled so far have been against the same person. On the flip side though, it just seems to be a theme that runs in games where something happens that just muppets whoever didn't praise the RNG gods. You, @sernobulus in the 40K game, even some of my own stuff have just failed at presenting any sort of challenge to players.

            In the game I played yesterday, my character failed another fear check (third one so far in two sessions) and puked my guts out as I screamed in terror (second time I've gotten that shock result). So yeah, sometimes the dice just want a character to be known for doing a certain thing, even if it's bad.

              Yep, passed out after running around screaming while on fire in the middle of a fight just made picturing it bloody hilarious, while everyone was firing at each other there's just Jarallius running around like a fireball screaming "WHY WON'T SOMEONE HELP PUT ME OUT!". xD
              I'm just an unlucky person with dice, and it's been like that for as long as I can remember :P
              I think the last time we truly beat a hard challenge with absolute ease was that Insideus Choir boss encounter in Numenera, we took out his ferocious pet with 2-3 hard hits and same with the guy himself, but again there always is the Raller Cay incident xD

                I think we only hit Raller Kay once or twice in that entire fight. Heck, I think we injured ourselves more than we hurt him. XD

                But yeah, sometimes people do just alpha-strike the boss or critical hit on the first attack (see those Ogres vs Dem'nion :P). Or times when the enemy tries to flee and is just completely annihilated by everyone (that poor, poor Hobgoblin).

                Related to that, RPG story-time from a friend's game, if you're at all curious. Played in 40K Deathwatch. Basically a hilarious example of destroying a villain outright/derailing a campaign.

                As the Ordo Xenos, they were directed to eliminate a renegade human noble who had been dealing with Orks that were fighting local Imperial forces and had basically been smuggling Imperial equipment, specifically rejuvenat, wholesale and crippling the local planet's economy. The marines were warned that the renegade noble had holed up in his mansion/fortress on the outskirts of a major city and there were signs that he might have been actively courting Chaos with manufacturing of Spook and other psychic drugs.

                The marines managed to infiltrate rather successfully and made their way to a room underneath where the noble had bunkered down. So, rather than storm his fortified location, they gathered their ordinance and heavy weapons together, planted two melta bombs underneath the room above and prepared to breach the hole with jump packs and meltaguns. In short, the melta bombs alone completely destroyed the noble (who apparently was running around in power armour and pumped full of regular and psychic drugs) and most of his retinue and the marines wasted whatever defenders remained in the next ten seconds. It did also destroy whatever evidence would have completely incriminated the man but oh well.

                Where things get interesting is when the marines proceed to purge the rest of the fortress. They were clearing the outer areas when the last of the renegade forces began super-jacking themselves on drugs and one of them transformed into a Chaos spawn. The spawn was destroyed through heavy ordinance and psychic powers however, the librarian triggered psychic phenomena with his last salvo (rolled a 66) and then triggered perils of the warp. And then rolled something like an 85 or something that summoned a full-blown daemon prince that was determined to kill the librarian. The kicker was, this daemon prince was apparently the same daemon prince that had been influencing the Chaos drugs and worship and the GM later told me that he planned to introduce the daemon prince in about five sessions after.

                So the big bad evil daemon prince proceeded to wreck everyone and everything and any remaining humans in the area (or even in the next kilometre, the daemon was huge) were nearly instantly reduced to insane messes. The librarian had to burn two fate points to survive, one to avoid instant decapitation and the other was when he tried to jump-pack away from the big scary daemon prince, lost control, spiraled down into the ground where he got impaled by the spire of a building, and had his primary heart ripped out by the daemon prince. Thankfully, that was enough for the daemon prince to fade back into the Warp.

                As the GM of that game apparently said to the players, "There goes whatever game and story I had planned for the next month. Come back later and stop wrecking my shit."

      Love a democracy sausage sandwich. Even better if there's a democracy cake stall with scones. I have to wait until March to get mine, but I've been assured that my son's preschool does a very good cakestall, so I think I'll be helping out with that!

      Last edited 02/02/15 11:21 am

        I waited until too late in the day to head down and vote so I very nearly missed out on a democracy sausage. It seems they hit their peak around 10 am or so with the cake stalls as well as everything was sold out when I arrived at 1:30.

    Ugh. Rained all last night so all the washing that was on the line did not dry like intended. Dang it.

    On the subject of politics:

      I'm an election wonk. Love looking at the process and seeing the way results come in. It's like sports with consequences.

      With that in mind, and as a neutral observer from Victoria, the last 2 QLD elections have been amazing viewing - from the utter utter drubbing doled out to Labor 3 years ago to the most amazing comeback this time round... and if it weren't for PUP existing now, it would have been even worse for the LNP.

      ABC coverage fantastic as always.

        I honestly don't think PUP was that big of a factor. Quite a lot of the anti-Nationals votes were actually going towards KAP, the ABC coverage just didn't show it.

        Amusingly, both drastic results were (partially) over the same thing: asset sales. Bligh tried it and got destroyed. Newman tried it under the guise of asset leasing and got destroyed. It's pretty clear that it's a toxic policy in Queensland.

        Sure, there are other factors but it's fun to see a party not learn from the mistakes their predecessors made. I could probably go on about Sir Joh right now but that might be a little much.

          Not a huge factor I agree, but they split the protest vote and if they weren't there it might have given Labor a couple more seats and a clear majority.

          Absolutely agree with the rest of your post. Selling a safe and productive asset for a bit of short-term cash flow is looking like a really unpopular idea (as it should be, it's daft).

            Which is why the LNP was telling people to just vote 1 while the rest of the parties were saying to number all of the boxes.

            Preferences play a huge part in this and it's much harder to split the protest vote with them in play.

      I just wish I'd put money on it. The sportsbet odds were so long on the current results that I'd have made a fucking fortune.

        A decent handful of people did right before the election and shortened the odds to something that was still ridiculous.

        I think my friend put five bucks on it at 9:1 odds.

        Kinda surprised he didn't put more on, actually. He's pretty big on the labor.

        Last edited 02/02/15 10:04 pm

      Do you think Tony Abbot's gaffes had any effect on the results?

        Of course. Branding has a huge part to play in our politics and when the face of the brand does something colossally stupid, everyone under that brand is affected.

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