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    Oh hey there's a possum just chilling in the kitchen, snacking on a loaf of bread. Cool.

    One redeeming thing about the tiki place - the bouncer there gave me a fist bump on the way in. Said it was for my shirt. Fuck yeah, about time the Great Fairy got the recognition it deserves :p

    The man who brought Civ IV to life with his voice. I got pig iron. I got pig iron. I got all pig iron. Galvatron. One of the best guest stars on The Simpsons. Ambassador Spock. Once again, someone I never met has caused so much sadness, but infinitely more joy.

    You have been, and shall always be my friend.

    RIP Leonard Nimoy

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      I was really bummed out by that news this morning. Nimoy just seemed...a fixture? Of geekdom. Of course, I've seen Star Trek, but it's more that everything I've ever read about him makes it seem like he was a great person.

      Live Long, and Prosper \\//_

        "To get upset at the death of someone you've never met would be... illogical.

        But whoever said the human race was logical?"

        Maybe we can trade Adam Baldwin for Leonard Nimoy?

    I am hungry and don't know where to get food.

      The Queen St McDonald's only got $70 000 worth of health violation fines last year so you should be okay there.

    After finally downing damn Dala I am now HR34, my first time reaching G-rank quests.


    Who's watching this season? Thoughts?

    @powalen @f4ction @masha2932 @phoenix @mrtaco @sughly @strange

    Still don't really like the "gimmick" this season but the cast is looking alright! A better start than last season but still not as good as S28.

    Most of the White Collars are annoying but I didn't mind So going home since I don't usually like the deceitful cheaty people so early on! (unless it's Russell :P). I don't mind Hipster Professor and Talent Guy. Blue Collars are kind of annoying as well. I didn't mind Dan at the start because he seemed like a cheerful fat dude but then he was all bossy and eh...!

    I thought I'd hate No Collars the most but they haven't bothered me as much. We haven't really seen much on them except for Jenn (who's my favourite this season so far) and Vince (who I don't really like but I LOVED his jealous stares at Joe :P).

    Seems to be a decent season :D

      No collars are my favourite team so far. Followed by Blue, then White. The jealous guy is going to be great to watch, I can feel it! One episode in and he's already slightly insane. The bossy old guy too, he seems like he doesn't think about what he says. Which is going to be great to watch.

      They're really hamming up the stereotypes though. Hopefully in a few episodes once the teams shuffle/merge that will stop. How about that dude wearing a suit to Survivor. Seriously? :P

      No collars are my favourite group so far. Still too early to pick an individual though!

      I think I mentioned previously, the gimmick is very similar to Brains/Brawn/Beauty. Until we get to know them a little better that's all we've got to go on. I think it was a smart move getting rid of So. They tried to lie to the only tribe that actually could've guessed they were lying. I would've gone for something simpler like "big bag of beans with a catch, or small bag of beans no catch". Thought it was brilliant that Carolyn found the idol. Interested to see how Joaquin plays it from here.

      Not sure about the blue collars yet. Need another episode or two to figure them out. The no collars seem pretty on the ball though. Aside from Vince they seem keen to work as a team which is important in the early stages. I want to see how Joe plays the game, seems to be a hell of a lot more subtle than Vince.


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    Who's High Rank (or above) in MH4U online? (HR4+)

    Need to pick the right buddies now that quests are locked to High Rank or above!

      I have finished every quest in the game.

      Ok that's a lie. I don't own the game.

      We both hit HR4 last night. Don't have any HR gear yet, that solo crab hit harder than I expected.

      I'm HR4, finished most of the HR4 quests too, I think I'm well equipped I haven't had trouble on anything yet. Got the crazy looking Crab Claw hermitaur insect Glaive (my attack is up to 515) and a full set of the S. Nerscella (big frenzied spider) armor (defence is at 314). Going to Soundwave today but hit me up after I'll be keen.

      Have you finished the village quests? I'me still at the start of 7* because I just find solo so tedious. Though I have to get it up so I can unlock wystones :/

        Nah. I've completed everything up to 8* (I think I'm nearly done with that?) and a few 6* ones I'm missing since I need to get further in online for them to unlock.

    This is a question that goes out to the many parents of Tay.
    After the birth of you child. Did you have random people come up and comment and or touch said baby?
    If the did both how did you react?
    I have been told it happens but have a had time believing that it does.

      Like... Constantly. 90% of the time it's old ladies. Generally it doesn't bother me but I have spoken up when I'm not comfortable about it.

        Great >.< I am not much of a sociable person so I know it will erk me. He'll just the thought of it erks me and there is still 15 weeks left

          The solution is a baby carrier like the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo. If bub is all bundled up against your chest (and baby wearing dads are awesome dads) then someone has to try REALLY hard to get too close. Next time around, I'll be getting the ergo, because it's better for slightly larger babies - mine outgrew the baby bjorn so fast we barely used it (he got too long).

      Come up and comment... All the time.

      Touch them... not so much (although Japan was a different story).

      It might feel weird now, but as soon as bub comes along a lot of things you weren't really comfortable with all of a sudden become pretty normal.

      You will get the odd few who take it to far, but your parental instincts kick in really fast and you'll surprise yourself at how all of a sudden your okay telling a complete stranger to back up. Also the tone you use will surprise you and helps those strangers get the message your not comfortable.

      Just mentioned this to the wife - she said when our kid was 4 weeks old she did a quick woolies run for some milk, bub was screaming her lungs out and had 3 or 4 people in a 5 minute trip commenting/touching our daughters feet trying to soothe her.

    Last night recap:

    I intended on going to my university tavern, since this is my third year there, and I've still never been :3
    Cause I don't really have uni friends I invited my other friend along though.

    I decided to drive there, so we ended up having predrinks in my car for about half an hour, sitting in the student accommodation parking lot, slowly getting drunk.
    Then we walked around campus, slowly getting drunk :3

    Turns out the tavern was closed though, and there was a UV party going on.
    I really wanted to go, but we were in too fancy clothes to have them get ruined, so we went to a gay club instead.

    My friend told the guy who served us pizza at the club that I fancied him, next minute I have his phone number (still don't know what to do with his number... :S), so it was an interesting night, to say the least... :D

      You ring it... duhhhh.

      PS. Sounds like a good night out! Reminds me of the night me and some mates broke into a rave that was happening on campus. Good times.

        Nobody rings anyone these days, Sunny... duhhhh :P
        It was a good night :)
        Would've been better if my foot was feeling better though.
        Spent most of the night hobbling around :'3

          I always hate agreeing with you (or anyone, for that matter, except Rocket, or Pants. Pants is too handsome to disagree with), but you're right that nobody calls these days.

          Open with a dickpic. It's how classy people get it done.

          GO SEE A DOCTOR/PHYSIO. Stop being a dumb bloke and go get your foot fixed.

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      Woah woah woah.

      Where was the Live drunk TAY'ing of this??

      Last edited 01/03/15 12:18 pm

        I'm trying to cut back my drunk TAYing and Tweeting.
        I only ever embarrass myself and annoy people.

          I'm a subscriber though! I personally don't find it embarrassing, I feel like it's an extension of TAY like Pun Page 6 and Page R18+.

          Sounds like a fun night though all the same, good to hear that the socializing was enjoyable!

    after last years crappy display from ubisoft showing very little consideration for the consumer and their own product, I'm feeling uncertain about the much anticapated title "the division" from ubisoft. Not saying ubisoft is bad company some of my favourite games where published from ubisoft (SC blacklist, AC 3 ,etc.) I'm just saying there becoming the people who say "shut up and give me money" and i think when it comes to ubisofts games people jump on the hype train very quickly and then wondering why the hype train has hit a wall of disappointment. back to main topic, although the devision looks very good and i hope they make it fun for the off line players, not just going all out on the online market. What are your lads and ladies opinion on how you think the division is going to turn out and if its going to live up to the expectations of the public.

      I think it looks pretty great, from what I've seen. Trying something new is always good, I think :)
      The reason Ubisoft can be a little "shut up and give me your money" is cause they generally know what they're making, and know how to make it well.
      It just depends if you like their games or not, really.
      I have hopes for the Division :)

      Out of curiosity, what system do you usually play on?

        yeah true, not saying that they can't make great games just saying that they tend to be a bit broken upon release. used to be a long time xbox 360 user and thats where i played majority of ubisoft games but made the switch to Ps4 early this year

          but then again games being broken isn't unique to ubisoft it's more of a trend now for lots of companies.

      I'm just wondering how they're going to fit in the towers that you climb up to reveal all the sidequests in the surrounding areas on the minimap.




      How they're not all dead yet I don't know :P But glad to hear they were still good!

        They got a deal with the devil.

        ...Cos you know that it's real. Cut a deal with the devil. From a heart made of steel.

      I was pretty much in the middle 2 or 3 back from the barrier. So many overcoat changes :-D hahahahaha

        Mr. Strange and I joked that Halford had more outfit changes than Tarja from Nightwish. :P

          Manson was even worse.. Then again he also came out sporting a leather corset, so yeah..

            I first thought "oh he lost weight", then saw his face was just as pudgy as ever, then I realized it was a corset.

              Haha. He was a lot skinnier this year which reflected in his singing he wasn't as out of breath. He's just so past his prime, which sucks cause I don't mind him, but yeah..


        Father Rob will baptise you in the soundwaves of heavy metal, don't you worry son :P

    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you, I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door. Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I cannot accept money from you, I'm doing community service this week.' The cop was happy and left the shop. The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen doughnuts waiting for him at his door. Then a Member of Parliament came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The Member of Parliament was very happy and left the shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Members of Parliament lined up waiting for a free haircut. And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians who run it.

    Wow, Soundwave you sure fucked up a good idea, I really love the idea of us having a 2 day rock festival, I really do. But it was poorly executed, shame they won't be repeating to fix those mistakes. Oh well.

    Slipknot & Slash were amazing last night though.

    Edit: It's a real shame the problems I had yesterday I found such an issue for me just wanting to watch the bands and have fun down the front like I do every year that I didn't even contemplate bothering today. Since I hate watching from afar, makes me feel so disconnected and can't get into the group participation, blah.

    Last edited 01/03/15 7:50 pm

      I was up front for most of what I saw, I hurt. Ageing sucks :P

        Apparently during Slipknot in Sydney they managed to break the barrier I heard. All I could think was Brisbane Big Day Out sideshow 2005 where the fans managed to break the barrier during I think Pulse of The Maggots haha. So glad I wasn't in that.

    Somehow managed to score the exact same spot I had last night for Priest when watching Dragonforce tonight. Fuck yeah!

      Wait, I thought you were at another state's one, I shoulda met up with you.

        Came up to Bris to see it all with a friend. Though he went MIA today so ended up wandering around on my own anyway :P

        Should have! But I am bad at organising things.

    This is very cool. Sounds like he's really put some experimental stuff in there and the soundtrack seems like it could be incredible. I liked their work in DMC and I was already pretty interested in it simply because Ninja Theory are a seriously underrated developer, but this improved hype levels significantly.

    "Hmm, feeling kinda hungry"

    *opens bag to start packing*

    Oh hey look at that, it's my second Subway cookie I put away for later. Thanks, Past Me! *brofist*

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