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    You know we have to do this right? Face your fears.

      Ahhhh mongrel... I never should've said anything!

      Can't we face the other fear, and rig up an elaborate hoax like The Game?
      Actually nowait, let's do the bungie thing.

        You better do it in a kimono like the image on the website

        I resent the implication that my book is a scam.

        Oh... you're talking about that excellent Michael Douglas movie?
        I won't pretend I'm not disappointed, but carry on.

      That's a loooooooooong way away from most of the attractions in Japan. Like on a different Island to the mainland even! Did you intend on going there already? Cos if not, that's a whole lot of travel just to take a leap!

        As a further thought, if you are going to make the journey all the way down there, you should definitely make a stop off at Sanrio Harmony Land while you're out that way! It's in Oita, which is just a little North East of Kumamoto!

    Damn! I knew I shoulda bought my 3DS to this conference thing. I came here early and now I'm just derping around since the person I came with is apparently studying (wat a nerd)

    At least we all get our own rooms this time. Not badddd

      How do you leave the house without a handheld?

    "Hey, does anyone know who put up this union-meeting poster in the foyer?"
    "Oh, you'd like to know wouldn't you! Put that back, it's authorized to be there!"
    "No, it fell down. I'm just asking so whoever put it up can put it back, like... properly this time."
    "OR, you pulled it down so you could ask who put it up."
    "I'm... not even management. Besides, I think at this point it's becoming pretty clear who put it up."
    *defiant glare*
    "OK, well, I'm going to go put the poster over here, and if someone HAPPENS to pick it up, they can go put it back on the wall... and maybe use blu-tac instead of stickytape, this time."
    "There's some over on the noticeboard, in case you were wondering."


    MPQ Talk

    addressing concerns raised by @welbot, but equally important to anyone struggling with the new daily missions. Spoilered to save on space for everyone.

    First and foremost, it's good to understand what purpose Deadpool's Daily Quest is supposed to serve. It's a supplement to regular play designed to help ease transition. If you're in the 2* phase, it's not just going to give you free 3* covers - although the Taco Tokens have much nicer drop rates, and the added bonus of maybe getting a lucky booster of Hero Points. If you've started the 2-3* transition, you get the opportunity to add a cover to a hero which you have already started. In 3* and beyond, you may want to fine tune or respec your 3*, otherwise it's going get sold for ISO, but completing all missions each day nets you 4000 ISO, which is nearly 2 levels for a cover capped 3*, or 1 extra level for a 4*.

    First up, the 1* required mission. This mission is straight forward 2 goons and a single 2* character. Get Juggernaut for this. He's got a ton of health, you can Headbutt the opposing hero, and then just try to match away any countdown tiles. Dmg recoil from Headbutt should not be an issue - he's got pretty fast healing outside of battle, and you can use 2* heroes for the other nodes.
    2* Survival. This has got a level range of 20-50, so any 2* characters that you've got maxed should cruise through this one.
    2* Final node (vs 3x 3* characters). It looks like these enemies average level 72. 2*'s still out damage 3*'s at that level, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with this. The first two missions are as close to freebies as you're going to get. The third shouldn't be too much hassle, but it could make you stop and think about your matches depending on your roster. All done, these three missions give you 1500 ISO and a Taco Token.

    The remaining two missions are certainly trickier. If you've only got a single cover on the required character, then that mission could mean you're effectively playing 2 v 3. In which case you need to swing the balance back in your favour. The enemy team is 2*'s averaging level 62, so bringing your max level 2*'s is going to help. Go with power couples. 2* Stormneto is crazy fast damage - collect purple to fuel Mags Polarity Shift, try and make some match 5's when you generate blue, and then use Wind Storm, targeting the beefiest opponent so that they are stunned. You can easily make this a 3-turn mission. OBW+Wolverine for strike tiles+espionage, or OBW+Ares/Thor for just big hits.

    Lastly we come to THE survival node. This is listed as level range 99-132, so even your maxed 2*'s are punching above their weight; although not as much as you might think, since 3*'s don't get stronger than 2's until about level 112. Here's where there's a lot more strategy involved. Since the survival waves are in the pattern goons, characters, goons, characters, the general idea is to use the goon waves to generate AP, and then blow through the character waves as fast as possible. The real trick is making the goon waves last exactly as long as you want them to. You want to try and take little-to-no damage from goons. OBW pays huge dividends. Recon to steal AP, Anti-grav device to increase enemy countdowns, and Espionage for more stealing and double dipping on damage. This is finally a chance for 2* Captain America to shine - at max level both his red and blue can overwrite any tile, and return nearly the same AP once their cooldown ends. He's a little slow to get started, but once you're on a roll, you should be able to avoid a lot/all damage. Thor also really shines - since he's a slow character as well, however you're essentially fighting 4 missions back-to-back, so his "late game" really kicks in around the middle somewhere. Yellow does big damage and generates green for his AoE. You can still use Team Ups from 3* characters, so you might want to consider Ms Marvel (she is tanky and has an activatable Black ability which is nice, but on the whole not too great for offence).

    Last edited 23/02/15 8:49 pm

      My only real issue is like yesterdays mission when they put someone like Black Panther in the last wave. Unless I get a free turn on the last turn of the minions before the final wave, the computer smashes me with everything they have before I even get a chance to have a turn. I've been saving a lot of gems to use in the last wave, the problem is, I don't get the chance to use them! ;)

        I had the same thing. Think I needed to get a few OBW AP steals in before I hit that last wave.
        I was stocked up on AP but so were they and that first turn took out my BW and put the other 2 right down.
        Also didn't help that I always forget about my team ups

          I didn't have the option of team ups unfortunately. I haven't had any for a while.. got lots of boosts though, but they do stuff all to protect you from getting your arse raped! ;)


    Morning everyone

      It's Friday? *checks calendar*

      BRB, just gotta notify my boss I'm taking the next two days off.

        Im having the next 3. Cant wait.






      Oh yeah, that's right. Judas Priest and Dragonforce day on Thursday. Better remind my parents they're hanging out with the kids that night!

        I'm jealous of you (and @mrtaco) getting to see Judas Priest and Dragonforce, but then I remember I'm seeing Foo Fighters and Rise Against on Monday, and it's all good.

    Nvidia finally fessed up to why my GTX970 would run fine, then suddenly run slowly, apparently only the first 3.5GB of the card's memory runs at full speed, and the last 512MB runs much more slowly.
    This was driving me nuts when using it in Davinci Resolve which maxes out the ram on the pair of 970s I am running.
    I'm sending them back and getting 980s.
    Seriously, who gimps a card like that and doesn't tell anyone??

      This is relevant to what you're saying, wooo!

      Last edited 24/02/15 9:25 am

      Well, there's a good reason for me to skip the 970 and go straight to the 980. Thanks, enabler friend!

      What, really? Who the fuck designs a card like that? That makes it next to useless, as well as unpredictable.

      Yup, its a pile of shit alright, was reading about this the other week

    Damn that Bloodborne comp is harsh.
    Second place sounds better than first.

      It's disappointing me terribly that all of my fears sit in the existential realm, as opposed to the more mundane. Being a mild adrenaline junkie sort of ruins most "normal" fears.

      I will psych myself up and face the buzzing hordes if I need to

      Oh, I dunno. If you're subtle like me and have this crippling fear of tropical islands...

        Oh man, I tried to play Stranded Deep but the ocean and my fear of it meant I had to stay on the first island I saw.

      Trick is to pretend your greatest wish is your greatest fear. Like your greatest fear is meeting your idols in case they don't live up to your expectations. It's all about spin. :D

        eh, I don't think that makes for good youtubage,

        If it was just "tell us your fear creatively" I reckon that'd fly, but for this I figure they want something a little more engaging

          Dammit, I knew if I put a :D instead of a :P people wouldn't know I wasn't giving a serious answer....

            I knew! (Probably because the expression I pull when I'm being silly, and so I've always seen that emoticon as a cheeky grin)

            Last edited 24/02/15 10:44 am

          Yeah, the winner will be which one has the best potential for creating a promo reel.
          Second place still has all the prizes of first minus the advertising participation, so that's probably for the best creative story entry.

            * best potential for creating a promo reel without falling afoul of insurance or legal liability issues.

              Ooh, another good reason to give me second instead of first - my face is too ugly for advertising and promotional purposes.

        My greatest wish IS my greatest fear.

        Also, if I won second, do you want the tickets? I can't afford a Sydney trip.

          If you got second I'd happily take that PS4 and Bloodborne CE off your hands.

            If I gave away a PS4 my wife would divorce me for wasting money.

            If I hate bloodborne I'll give it away after having a shot.

              If I won a copy of the game I'd probably give it away, since I'm already buying the CE for the sake of CE, since I have no PS4 to play it on.

                I'll take it :P


                  (*I have to win first, but it's yours if I get one of the normal copies)

                  Cheers! As someone who never wins stuff I think this greatly improves my chances of 'winning' (in my eyes it would be a technical win, shhhh)

          I'd love them, but I'm not sure if I can afford it either! Thanks for the offer though. :)

        Oh yeah I totally fear and am terrified of meeting Emma Watson... yes really! :P

      Yep, my prize seems nice but dunno how I'd handle the pressure :-/

      My fears:
      Heights, spiders, and that fucking evil robot on the cover of Queen's album News of the World.
      That fucking robot scared the crap out of me as a kid. I had the biggest sense of vindication when I watched the Family Guy episode where Stewie is also scare of the fucking robot.

        Also apparently Seth MacFarlane felt the same:

    Dear wastes of skin,

    I share, for your consumption, BLOODBORNE - the making of (part 2).

    One month and one day to go....

      I have never played a Dark Souls / Demon Souls game but I really want to give Bloodborne a try.

    Morning taybes <3

    I haven't picked up my motorbike yet, but I totally already joined the Polecats - my wifebeater came in the mail yesterday :D

    Also, with the Invader ZIM news, all I want to do is go home, dig out my imported boxset (bought from Underworld Realm, for any Brisbabes who might remember that place!) of the DVDs and hook up my old CRT to binge through it. Aww yess.

      +1 for the Full Throttle reference.
      Just don't spend forever, like I did, kicking random bits of wall.

        Ever since I was a kid, I would find myself sometimes muttering, "I don't have anything", or "I'm not putting my lips on that" due to Ben's replies when randomly clicking stuff in the wheel and environment.

      Whenever I smell asphalt I think of Maureen!

        That is one of the best lines my ten year old self would ever commit to memory.

          Hah, when I was ten about the only video game line I had was "Wololo"

            Priest spam was the best.

            Last edited 24/02/15 11:01 am

              "Join the army, they said."

              "See the WORLD, they said."

              "I'd rather be sailing."

              So many Warcraft II quotes committed to memory.
              "Stop your incessant clicking"

                STOP POKING MEEEEE!
                And now... source!

                Last edited 24/02/15 11:43 am

      Yes! Invader Zim rocks. I'm gonna have to dig up my DVD of it too and re watch it.

    .hack//sign was terrible but its soundtrack is really good.

      It wasn't terrible (try .hack//ROOTs for terrible), mainly had some really bad pacing issues.

      But yeah, the soundtrack was amazing. I'd still rate it as Kajiura's best work.

    How goes everybody on this sunny Tuesday?

      I'm okay. How are you?

        Yeah, not bad. Bored. But not bad.

    Weirdly I'm finding myself really enjoying Bound by Flame. It's not a good game by any stretch. But it's not bad either. It's competent at what it does without excelling at anything turning it into a rather bland fantasy brawler with super cliched character but I'm having fun with its uncomplicated and straightforward game play and narrative.

    Meanwhile I think I've given up on Lords of the Fallen. I beat three Lords yesterday. The chunky armoured guy with a shield, the chunky armoured guy with a shield and the chunky armoured guy with a shield. Man it was fun getting to them all, fighting through all the chunky armoured guys with shields. And that miniboss, the chunky armoured guy with the shield, damn. And why do all the bosses have so much goddamn health with so little openings to hit them and do so little damage to you. The fights are just long boring slogs with the biggest danger being falling asleep. So much of the game showed amazing potential completely ruined by being so badly designed.

      Games? Hah!

      I've not played more than an hour of video games in the past two weeks. Worst gamer.

        Best board gamer/RPGer/card gamer?

          I've done a bit of that, yeah :)

            I'd do more of that but a google search for Gold Coast FLGS only brings up results for Indian dentists on the Gold Coast.

              Brisbane is not much better. There are a few but they're either scattered around in the outer suburbs or they've developed a very secluded and "No outsiders allowed" feel to them.

              I haven't actually been into justice for weeks, it's been all with friends.

              Might go in on Saturday morning after I give blood.

      Oh man, wait until you meet the chunky guys with shields who seemingly have no opening whatsoever. Boy was lumbering away from them fun.

        I think I came across one of those. Look like body is made from lava, recover from their swings faster than you can attack and chase you for ages when trying to run away?

          That's when you kite them with magic and run away. Then when they lose interest, you approach and do it again. It only takes 20 minutes! \o/

      I think I'm putting it on my 'done with this' pile as well. Shame. I really wanted to enjoy it.

      I love the part with
      the chunky armoured guy with the shield

        Really? I preferred the part with the chunky armoured guy with the shield

    Submitted my fear to that comp. C'mon second place or nothing!!

      I don't know, going to the launch would be pretty cool. And an excuse for me to go to Sydney and see Kotaku people. Any result or nothing!

        Depends what day the launch is. Im in Hong Kong from the 25th

          Ooh which part?

            Hong Kong side, Staying in Soho. Going for the Rugby Sevens. Cant wait, went last year it was awesome.

    THE STRANGE (@strange?): THE SERIES

    Episode 1 Part 2

    7:30 Wednesday SA Time

    The Party has a name: Tom Mallard. But who is he? Does the estate know anything? And will Viktor have slept with his mother? Who knows?

    @beeawwb @blaghman @freezespreston @quiz_b @gingerchris86 @trjn

      I said I needed a monkey not a duck. I'm surrounded by imbeciles making my life difficult and holding back true greatness.

      Viktor sleep with all your mothers. Because your mothers is whore. I said it. What you going to do about that?

        Given how all the other characters have reacted, probably nothing.

        Excellent! Would you mind filling out this questionnaire please? It would be fascinating to study how the specimen I injected my mother with changes upon sexual transmission. Please don't mind the burning and the chewing sound coming from within your skull and if you would keep a journal of any physiological changes.

    I've plugged my PS3 back in. Left it on for a couple of hours, no worrying noises. Turns out all it needed was a couple of years to rest up. It might even last me long enough to play some of the exclusives I never got a chance to play.

    On my list:
    Heavy Rain (owned)
    MGS4 (owned)
    Beyond Two Souls (not owned)
    ICO/SOTC re-release (not owned)

    Demon's Souls (replay, owned)
    The Uncharted trilogy (replay, but not owned)

    Any others I should be making room for? Anyone planning to jettison some old games that I can pick up for cheap (I'm happy to beat any EB trade offer! :P) or looking to swap for some 360 games?

    Should be getting my Vita in the next day or two as well. Looks like I've well and truly jumped ship to Sony. How did that even happen?

      I should probably give you my beyond two souls, had a great time but don't see e playing again.

      Yeah, I seem to be very Sony centric.
      realised recently I've owned all their consoles & handhelds not including odd stuff like Net Yaroze.

      I need to do this soon too. It may be sped along by the pretty staggering array of PS3 games turning up on PS+ now. (No, I'm not counting them as purchases, I already bought my subscription dammit!)

      You can take a bunch from my place if you want when you come up.

        IT'S A TRAP!


        I'll be sure to leave something of equal value behind.My virtue

      Damn, I just jettisoned uncharted 1 and 2 when I got monster hunter, would have happily sent them your way instead.
      I needed to do *some* trading to get the bonus credit that they offered.

        It's all good. I appreciate the thought!

        I could get them for <$10 each anyway on the way home from work, so it's not a big thing at all.

      I literally have a pile of PS3 games that I was going to get rid of when we moved. I'll get a list and if you want any, you can swing by.

    I'm a guy who is pretty forgiving with games. I liked Murdered: Soul Suspect and I can usually find the fun if there's any to be found, but I'm struggling with The Order.

    Here are some thoughts I posted on Twitter: The Order reminds me of when a parent gives their toddler a controller so they can pretend they're playing too. The illusion of helping. All we're trusted to do is walk from one cutscene to another. The environments look stunning, but it feels empty and soulless. There's nothing to do in any of them. You can look but you can't touch. Even when you can pick up an item to examine it, there's no point. There's no dialogue. You're instructed to tilt objects from side to side for absolutely no reason at all. :\

    I feel like I'm being negative and cynical about this game, but I can't help it. :'(

    So many moments of potential awesome and fragments of a good game here. Frustrating.

    Last edited 24/02/15 12:10 pm

      Play Dying Light, There's light and sometimes you die.

        Haha! I'm not fond of huge sandbox games like that. I was looking forward to The Order because it was so story focused, something that usually works for me.

          Its not that big, actually it gets small as the game goes on. The game has a story I think, somewhere, i forget.

      Nah, game ain't fun it ain't fun. Nothing cynical about that.

        Certainly didn't help that I've just finished the completely polished and definition of fun Tomb Raider.


            If I could afford an Xbone there's a good chance I'd buy one for just that! (Even though I know that's what they want me to do with this exclusivity deal. :P)

              I won't buy it until it goes multi-plat. The exclusivity deal is bullshit.

              "I wouldn't say that," he said. "If you look at Tomb Raider, it's been around for 20 years, so I do think that Tomb Raider would still be around [without Microsoft]."

              I'd say that Tomb Raider arguably wouldn't exist without PlayStation.

              Oh well. At least we get Uncharted 4...

                UNCHARTED 4! *flails arms*

              It's the main reason I bought an Xbone. I got a bunch of games with it and literally have played nothing on the system aside from about 15 minutes of Assassin's Creed No Faces Edition.

    GAMES PLAYED THIS YEAR ([*] for finished, [+] for finished with)

    [*]Diablo III
    [*]The Last of Us
    [*]Infamous: Second Son
    [*]Infamous: First Light
    [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
    [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
    [*]Rogue Legacy
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1

    Transistor (in progress)

    [+]Surgeon Simulator
    [+]Lords of the Fallen


        Didn't complete, have no intention to continue playing.

          I gave up on fez too, I was having fun but got lost? I knew where I was & could return to where I came from but had no idea where it wanted me to go.

          I collected lots of cubes & opened doors that led nowhere.

            Same here, man. I was having difficulty figuring out where to go. Also, the game was starting to hint that there might be need for me to do maths to figure out coded puzzles, and I just noped on out of there.

        Not completed but had enough and not going to play any more

      Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
      The Swapper
      Grim Fandango Remastered
      Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

      In-progress episodic games:

      Life is Strange
      Game of Thrones

      You're doing well, man! That's some list!

        I'm the worst at disciplined writing :P

      I've finished Rogue Legacy, First Light and I actually finished Diablo 3, not just pretending to to pad my score :P

      Last edited 24/02/15 12:41 pm

      Games finished this year:
      - Tomb Raider
      - Dark Souls 2
      - The Swapper
      - inFamous: Second Son
      - inFamous: First Light
      - The Walking Dead season 1 (is that one, or five games?)
      - Wolfenstein: the New Order
      I feel like I'm forgetting something... Oh well!

      Almost finished the Order: 1886, then I'll work on my PS+ backlog :)

        I'm not sure how to record the episodic games. I'm choosing to give myself an advantage by multi-counting them because I've played each episode prior to the release of the next. *nods*

      My list:

      [*] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
      [*] Dragon Age Inquisition
      [*] Danganronpa
      [*] Danganronpa 2
      [-] Sunless Sea
      [-] Infamous: Second Son
      [ ] Tales of Hearts R

      About 30 hours into Hearts now. Didn't get much time with it over the last week or so because I was busy collecting battleship ladies but hoping to knock out the rest of it this week. Then I have no idea what I'll do next.

    Games finished this year:

    Shin Megami Tensei IV
    Parasite Eve

    So, after over 100 episodes of Potaku, we're finally getting some actual industry professionals on the podcast!

    Nic Watt (No relation) And Bruce Thompson from local dev/publisher Nnooo.

    So anyone got any questions for the guys about their games or the local dev/publishing scene?

    (Please give us some good questions to make us seem less terrible!)

      Open with where on the Bristol scale was their last bowel movement to really set the tone.

        Nooo, if they do that, we won't be able to tell the difference between Potaku and Dan and Karl's Zeitgeist.

      Speaking of no relations, i assume, I sometimes have to call a guy in Canberra with last name Watt and a thick Scottish accent.

      If either of them do concept art / graphic design, can you ask them what the best approach to getting into the industry is?

        I did the concept art for the latest Nnooo game "Blast 'em Bunnies" :P

        My advice would be: Post dragonball doodles on the Miiverse. That's how I got the gig.

        But seriously, the best way to get started is to have work you can show them. A professional looking portfolio will always do the job.

        I will definitely ask them what they look for though :D

        Oh and always keep it classy!

    Trying to decide if it's worth buying a halfway decent camera to take on holiday or just to use the camera on my phone.

      A good camera is probably wasted on where you'll mostly be posting it, if it's instagram/twitter/etc. Good for framing and shit after the fact, but comes with the hazard of having to sort through and cull hundreds of duds and agonize over the shortlist to the point that you never actually get around to it.

      If you use your phone camera, for the love of John Oliver, empty it before you go.

      Really depends on what kind of photos you want to take. The effort of lugging around a DSLR can often outweigh the convenience of a cameraphone photo. Remember: The best shot is the one you actually take.

        I thought the best one was the one you imagined, and your camera does a poor imitation at best. But I never took photography, so I could be wrong about that. (I'm drawing on a combination of writing experience and low self-esteem.)

          I know you're joking, but I'll still expand on the point.

          Let's say I've got my camera, filter glass, tripod. All that fun stuff. And I'm walking along and see a gorgeous sunset. I whip out my phone and take a quick snap. It's not as good as it could be, but it's still a shot. Then I unpack my tripod, set up the camera, plug in the trigger, screw on the filters, line everything up and now 5 minutes have passed and so has the moment. All that equipment is no substitute for being ready for the shot when the shot is ready for you.

          My camera is good at taking fast shots. And realistically, those are the only shots it can do that my phone can't. Everything else is just icing, but it's the cake that matters.

          Now I want cake.

      What phone are you taking and what is halfway decent for you?

      Your photo's will only be as good the camera you have with you at the time. So does your phone have a set of features your happy with. Or do you want more features/functions?

      I have an Olympus XZ-1 that is basically a point and shoot on steroids. Has everything I need and more... That being said my wife is outgrowing it, so next stop will be a compact mirrorless for her.

        I have an Xperia Z2 for a phone and was looking at something like a Sony RX100 or similar.

          That RX100 is a neat bit of kit.

          Would definitely recommend taking something like that on your trip... Just what Red said below... For showing off the trip a good compact will give results miles ahead of a good phone.

      I used both on my last two trips, and I'm glad I did. Phone for the quick snap look where I am, actual camera for the I want to get this up on my wall or actually show where I've been photos.

      My camera isn't a DSLR, it's a $300 or so decent digital one. Not too much to lug around, decent quality. That's what I'd look at. Other people on my last trip also had the waterproof rugged cameras which are cool too

      I'm hitting similar issues. I have a DSLR (an old Canon 550D) but the battery is completely dead in it so need to buy a new one. And it's big and heavy and bulky and also I'm a moron who knows nothing about photography so the pics I take with it are generally shit and I can't use the viewfinder in it because I can barely see out of my dominant eye any more, even with glasses on - the glasses correct my ability to see with both eyes, but the improvement they add to my right eye is pretty small.

        Yeah, I was thinking a DSLR would be way too much for me and what I need it for. If I was more competent...

          I was thinking I might go get a decent point & shoot, but I have a Lumia 930 and the camera in it is supposed to be fairly competitive with a point & shoot as it is.

          Will probably either take my DSLR & get a battery replacement, or replace the body with a mirrorless. Issue is that the Canon mirrorless apparently aren't very good but if I went with anything else I wouldn't be able to use my lenses.

            The problem I've found with phone cameras is that yes, they are capable of some brilliant quality shots (the Z2 has a 20MP camera with a host of features) they tend to struggle quite badly if the light isn't perfect whereas a point and shoot will generally give much better results in those instances.

              Yeah, the lens is too small usually to handle all conditions as well.

      I have a little Canon powershot D10
      Small enough to fit in your pocket (not overly comfortably) and at 12 megapixels can give good shots. Small zoom, sturdy and waterproof I found it has been great.
      Keep in your backpack or whatever when in transit and then slip into your pocket when you are going into somewhere that you know you will want shots of.

    If the slogan on this wrapper is correct, you cant top the taste of twirl. So then why does Cadbury make other flavours.

    These are the pressing issues at work I must face.

      Maybe the other flavours are there so people can slum it for a while, and then rediscover and appreciate Twirl all over again. *nods*

        But a twirl is just a flake in chocolate, but you can also buy flake in chocolate. Its just a single stick instead of two.

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