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    Something is wrong. I'm really enjoying Bound by Flame. Everyone is telling me it's terrible and it is currently sitting on an average of 4/10. Yet I'm enjoying it more than 90% of recent games I've played in the past year.

    I think the games cycle has officially broken me.

    Edit: I'm getting so much more from this $18 game than the $250 I spent on Destiny...

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      No, you are engaging in badwrongfun and must discontinue it immediately.

      Are you suggesting that your opinion is different to the consensus established by the reviewers which exist only to dictate our taste in games to us?!

        I know. I'm a monster.

        Funnily enough, I usually find Destructoid reviews to line up pretty well with my tastes and they gave it a 7/10, further confirming I should keep checking there.

          I always used to find that for most western-developed stuff Eurogamer tended to cleave pretty close to how I felt about most games, but they decided to stop putting scores on stuff. :(

          I tend to like niche stuff too, and that doesn't help. Well, theoretically I do. I tend to buy them and not play them a lot.

          Yeah, I find Destructoid pretty decently lines up with my tastes, too.
          It's why I continue to follow Jim Sterling after he left there.

    I'm probably the only person here who is actually looking forward to Monday. I'll be going to Hobart to see Foo Fighters and Rise Against. I still can't believe both those bands are coming to Tasmania. The tickets sold out really quickly, and I wasn't able to buy one, but my friend wasn't able to go, so he gave me his ticket. I haven't been this excited for anything in quite a while.

      I watched their Austin City Limits episode the other night. Daves voice does not handle the new material live very well it seems :/ That or it's the fact he's trying to dance whilst performing and it takes it away from him :P

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        I hope it's just that he's trying to dance. I've seen the set list for their most recent shows, and it looks good.

          He couldn't keep still it was like he was on a mix of caffeine and amphetamines he was so hyped up hahaha.

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit. You're coming down here?
      Oh man let me shout you lunch/coffee somewhere. Please?

      Not that I'm lonely or anything. The extent of my conversations during the day tend to focus on poo, children's TV and how much my little guy likes oranges. It's getting so bad, I'm tempted to introduce him to Mario...

        I'd have to talk to my parents, as they're driving me down. Not even sure when I'm getting to Hobart. If it can be arranged, that would be great though.

      I wanna see Rise Against so bad, didn't book tickets though unfortunately :P

    Haha, someone had a great deal of fun choosing the pictures for that foreskin article on Gizmodo!

      Yeah, there's no way I'm clicking that at work.

        It's actually SFW, and an interesting read.

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      Urgh, curiosity overcame my self imposed comments ban. Made it to the first comment before I regretted that.

    Old man rant about nothing important incoming:

    Man, I was not a fan of that Power Rangers short at all.

    Not everything needs to have a gritty reboot. The "Power Rangers" stuff felt incredible shoe-horned in. As @trjn pointed out on Twitter, replace the Power Rangers costumes with judge costumes from the latest Judge Dredd movie (surprisingly produced by the same guy) and it still works. I'd say it would've worked better.

    The fact that they used Power Rangers seemed like a cheap way of world building by using an established universe and trying to bank on 90s nostalgia. Sure, it was well shot and produced. Even the acting was alright and I will take any opportunity to appreciate Katee Sackhoff.

    Material doesn't need to grow with its audience. Mortal Kombat worked because the games were already violent (and the short worked better than the serious which grounded it too much in reality).

    Now if they went the Speed Racer route...

      I really liked Speed Racer, as stupid as it was. Probably because the first time I saw it was while I was tipsy and in a weird theatre in Toronto with a bunch of deaf kids.

        I am reminded of for some reason.

      Fugg yeah, Speed Racer.

      Visually amazing but it has the Wachowski problem of being a bit of a bloated mess.

        And fuck Dawsons robot leg.

        That sound whenever he moved was super annoying.

        Is that the Wachowski film where humans are being harvested as a resource?

      I have no problem with gritty reboots when it's a fan film.

        I generally have no issues with long as it suits the material. In this case, it didn't.

          But isn't that part of the fun of doing a fan film? Taking the source material and fucking with it?

          As long as it just stays as this short, I'm okay with it.

          Plus it's nice to see Dawson getting "work"

          I mean, Joey chose Pacey over him. No wonder he's doing gritty stuff.

      Yeah, I agree. Because fuck Power Rangers. Voltron is where it's at. >:(

      Yeah. I don't think it's bad exactly but I'm not a fan of it. It took me a while to nail it down but I think it's that it doesn't want to capture the spirit of the show at all. It's interesting to look at, like realistic Pokemon or punk Super Mario Bros, but it seems purely visual. There's doesn't appear to be any deeper creative inspiration or reason. It's just the original sets and costumes ran through a gritty filter.

      Like @doc_what says though I don't have a problem with it because it's just a fan film.

    I finished The Order 1886 last night. Wow, the ending was just bad. I was finding the plot alright up until the end. Oh well. The graphics were really nice & the gun selection was cool even if I did find myself wanting to use the combo rifle the Knights use as standard more than anything else and a six shooter pistol. They were easily the most versatile and powerful normal guns in the game I found. The thermite rifle & arc lance were pretty rad though :P Albeit kinda annoying to use at times.

    Downside, very linear game, not much room for exploring sadly, cut scenes were not skippable, too many cut scenes as well. I also really disliked the black bars, if you're gonna advertise it as 1080P on the back of the case it better be 1080P not something like 900P with whacking huge black bars top & bottom of the screen >=[

    Still wouldn't recommend it as a must have game. It's more of a pick it up pre owned for cheap or brand new cheap.

      So overall a bit meh?

        Yeah sadly. I didn't really like the ending, that was just really meh over all.

      I'm waiting for it to hit $30-40 US. I'm not worried about length but for a one-off experience it sounds like it's just generally not good enough to pay full price for.

        Yeah defs not a 90+ dollar game for the 'limited edition' which included a skin & a steel book.



    It is the far future.

    Society has collapsed, leaving behind only scattered tribes ruled by warlords

    Roads were destroyed

    There is now only rail, patrolled by bandits and savage tribes. Each society must rely on its cadre of death dealing engines

    The free people have one last hope. One engine to protect them

    A TANK engine


    SUMMER 2016

    Rated R for RAILROADS

      In the near future, a hard hitting cop is wrongly convicted of the brutal murder of a society heiress and is sent to a prison island complex where the prisoners are left to roam free and fend for themselves. Ruled by a motorcycle gang "The Sisters" he must fight his way to freedom.


      Redemption: Shank or be Shanked.

      The future.

      Earth is now home to the Alien utopia known as The Spot. Outside human society has collapsed leading to a bloody, chaotic existence.

      A young girl, a victim of unspeakable violence, dies reaching for her one friend. His eyes reflecting the horror he witnessed, his fur speckled with blood. The broken robotic teddy bear can do nothing but watch, and record all he sees.

      Eventually the toy is discarded only to be happened upon by a rogue alien scientist exiled the the outer regions who repairs and augments the mechanical creature.

      He is now savior for the people.

      A redeemer of his creators sins.

      A Super Ted!

      A dark room. It looks like an apartment, at least it started as one. There's sirens and yelling from the street. This isn't a good part of town. Hell, it's not even the bad part of town. This is the bottom of the barrel, down on your luck, last stop before the end part of town.

      A tattered, torn and beaten arm chair faces a wall. A gloved hand reaches from the chair to the side table. To the revolver. The glove was white once, but it looks like it's been through hell.

      CLACK. The hand flicks the revolver open. It's empty. It loads a bullet into the chamber. Then another.

      Eyes, black and tired watch the glove from the recesses of the chair. They flick from the chamber to the wall. From the bullets to the clippings. From death to death.

      The articles paint a bloody picture. Violence is sweeping LA. Cops are being gunned down and kidnapped. The Hollywood PD had a bomb planted in it's basement.

      "That was a close one." The mouth grins. But the grin gives way to a scowl, the sharpened teeth clenched.

      ZZZZZZZZZZ CLACK! The hand spins the chamber and snaps it back into the gun. The scowl weakens and disappears, replaced by nothing.

      The figure rises from the chair, it's orange, matted hair stands out against the crisp, clean blue of the uniform.

      The hand holsters the revolver and moves to a rabbit's foot hanging around the figure's neck.

      It grasps the foot and the dark eyes well. They close.

      "Fall Apart..."

      The eyes snap open. The hollow blackness is gone replaced by a mad, burning purpose. The eye's of insanity.

      The eyes of Bonkers.


      The environment is in chaos. Greedy megacorporations exploit the natural resources of the planet, leaving people to starve.

      One cell of multiethnic ecoterrorists plan to change all of that

      They have created the unthinkable

      A living, sentient bioweapon

      More powerful than nature



      A man with a hood over his head is being led through a south African slum by several armed men. They find a dilapidated shack and shove him inside. There they move aside a board to reveal a steel door. They knock twice, then once, then four times. A small panel slides aside and a gun barrel sticks put aiming at the man knocking. The man responds "Valhalla' and the gun retracts and the door opens.

      The men push the hooded man down a dimly lit set of stairs until they reach a room at the bottom, surrounded by heavily armed men and shove the man into a chair and remove the hood. In front of him sits a large, muscular woman with a mohawk and covered in tattoos. One of her legs is missing from the knee down, replaced with a crudely made prosthetic from iron reinforcing bars. Next to her sits an ugly scarred dwarf, ears have been clipped to a point and nose has been smashed in and destroyed, lending him an almost feline appearance. The dwarf lights a cigar and takes a long drag.

      "I hear you have a problem."

      The woman leans forward.

      "A big problem."

      Smash to title.

      PEG + CAT

      The far future.

      Society has collapsed everywhere in the world. There is no longer any interconnectiveness. There is no longer any mass communication, nor telephones, nor Internet - even the radio is silent.

      A post-apocalyptic wasteland stretches as far as the eye can see. Burnt to ashes by nuclear war from thousands of years ago, humankind - or what is left of it - has barely reached the middle ages of technology again. The crippling of the human race has left an almighty power vacuum at the top of the food chain, and those creatures we once called "animals" have mutated and evolved. Some are even able to shift their shape and looks on will, to mimic the animals of old.

      Slowly, vegetation has begun to grow back. Slowly, agriculture is developed. But the desert is always there, always looming - the large expanse of sand and wind and sun that will quickly kill even the hardiest creature.

      Having been left to their own devices, the supercomputers of the world have slowly gained sentience. Their original mission - to ensure the survival of their country, their people - still stands. Whilst the ruling elite of all countries are as long gone as the arbitrary lines on a map that showed where the country was and was not, these computers still take an active and sometimes interventionist interest in their people.

      Humans, animals - they worship these computers as gods.

      But, as always, there is trouble. Be it from internal strife, warring bands of bandits, or external war, something is always needing to be quelled, to be suppressed, to be fixed, to be done.

      One of the great god computers has slowly degraded over the millenia of running the country it is programmed to nurse. It has identified some circuit boards it needs - but they are on the other side of the country, through the desert, through the lawless areas. It needs a champion - a being that can journey and find these 'holy scriptures', a being hardy enough to survive almost anything, to be almost immortal. Driven to the point of arrogance. Able to live - and thrive - in the desert. Able to bring other powerful beings either to his side, or overcome them.

      The computer needs a champion.

      It turns to the old technology secreted upon the highest mountain in the land and there it blends DNA to create the ultimate, immortal champion.

      A spark of lightning finishes the process, and the egg cracks open as the champion explodes out.



      HIS NAME IS:

        Oh man, they should totally do a post apocalyptic "gritty" Journey to the West.

        I'd be Enslaved to my screen.


        *stares at feet*

        *mumbles* I'm sorry.

          You know what? I never played that game. I'm reading the wiki now.
          Holy crap, I plagiarized without realising it.

      "I swear, I swear, I don't know where it is!"

      The thief struggles against his bindings but they're tight. His three captors have done this before.

      "We don't believe you."

      "Look, I was just told to rob the place. We took all the stuff we grabbed and gave it to Flint. That's all I know, I swear. Please."

      A cigarette burns in the darkness and illuminates a red baseball cap, flanked by two hulking figures. One clad in a green, immaculately pressed shirt, the other in a Seahawk's jersey.

      Another drag on the cigarette. Another plea from the thief.

      From nowhere a fist slams into his face, shattering his cheek. His mask loses it's grip, the eye socket it rested so comfortably against now nothing more than mashed bone and cartilage.

      Another hit. Another plea.

      "Blease. S... sdop... I tolb you eberything."

      The baseball bat makes short work of his wrist. The blood smears into the black and white lining of his shirt.

      He pleads. The brothers attack.

      He pleads with himself to pass out. To not wake up.

      "Hugh. Stop. Unca's here."

      He tries to see through the mangled mess that was his eyes.

      The pin striped suit. The cane. The top hat.

      He pleads that it's not him.

      A chair is scraped against the hard concrete floor of The Bin.

      His voice, with it's scottish accent, echoes and bounces around the empty vault.

      "Let me tell you a tale, my dear Beagle Boy."

        Kicking off the Duckburg Cinematic Universe?
        You'd probably need to do separate origin movies for both Gizmoduck and Darkwing before you brought them together as a superteam though.

          TaleSpin would be the next planned movie as Baloo is Unca's contact to the supplier.





      He can't see me.

      I'm okay.

      He can't see me.

      I'm okay.

      He can't see me.


      I'm okay.


      He can't see me.

      I'm okay.


      He can't see me.

      You're okay.

      He can't see you.

      You're okay.


      I gotta get up.

      He can't see you.

      I gotta get going.

      You're okay.

      I'm gonna see a friend of mine.

        There's a bear in there
        starving, angry and strong
        And a chair as well
        With straps and a blood channel in the seat
        There are people with games
        they play with your head
        And stories to tell
        ALL LIES
        Open wide, come inside
        You'll never leave
        It's "Play" "School"

          "There's a bear in there. Oh, and a chair as well."

          I nod in agreement. I enquire about his clientele.

          "Oh we get people with games, stories to tell."

          He leads me deeper, past more cells with square, circle and triangle windows. Past more screams. Past more shouted orders of "Open wide"

          "Come inside."

          He snaps me back. His latex, gloved hand motioning to the empty chair across from his.

          I ask him what it's called.

          "Play School."

          This is the place.

          I'll find you.

            The Bear we keep for some of clientele with special proclivities.

            The chair? We tie you to it, if that's your kink

            We have all sorts of games to get you in the mood.

            And we tell stories, but we keep our clients utmost discretion.

            Open wide. It'll feel good

            Come inside.

            It's time for you to play

            It's time for you to be schooled.

    This made me laugh more than it should have.

    Got the email I was dreading. The real estate agent spoke to the home owner at length and the owner has stuck with rejecting Alice.

    We were initially given permission to adopt a dog, pending body corporate approval. At every step of the process, I kept the real estate agent informed. After adopting Alice, the owner changed her mind and rescinded permission on Friday afternoon. The owner feels that the unit is too small for Alice and that the body corporate will reject the application to let us keep her.

    On Sunday, I sent the real estate agent a lengthy email explaining everything and basically appealing that Alice would be fine in a house this size and what we were going to do in order to train her etc.

    It wasn't enough. The owner has not changed her mind.

    Now we have to really work out what our rights are here, what we can do if we want to dig in our heels and if we really want to.

    Alice is amazing and I'll feel like a complete asshole for surrendering her back to the RSPCA. Renting sucks.

      *hugs* Sincerely hope it all works out for you three.

        The email came through at 11:34. I saw it close to noon. Will have to call another day. Thanks.

      Seriously, fuck 'em.
      I cannot stress this strongly enough.

      You've taken every reasonable step through this whole process, and they cannot withhold reasonable consent - if they think they have good enough reason, they can take it to ACAT, and unless they get something upheld there they have no ground to stand on.

      Stonewall them with 'ACAT'.
      No more negotiation. The lease is signed, the terms were agreed then, nothing changes.

      *Not legal advice but unless the lease states 'no pets', then you've done your bit. The owner is looking for less hassle by denying a dog, so make them deal with the full hassle of the tribunal.

      Edit: I'm actually getting a little worked up about this.
      Alice is Your Dog now. The owner / real estate should understand now that getting rid of her is not an option - she was part and parcel of your rental agreement. If they can't get that through their skulls, then invite them to document and send what they believe to be reasonable grounds to rescind their permission, followed by a Notice to Remedy. At which point it will be challenged and overturned at ACAT.
      Unless they want to put their documentation where their mouth is (and real estates HATE documentation, because they don't make money having to actually *work* on properties where their cut is already fixed and paid up front), then there's nothing more to be said.
      Stand your ground and the real estate will want the owner to back off, since they'll always go the path of least resistance.

      Last edited 25/02/15 1:39 pm

        The only wrinkle would be if the body corporate rejects it.

        Fucking body corporates. 99% of the time they're pain in the ass retirees with a far too high opinion of themselves and not enough to do.

        Like seriously. Fuck them. There's very few organisations I hate as much as them. Had to deal with them constantly as a locksmith and I'll reiterate, Fuck them. Petty, power hungry dick waving, small minded, empty lived douchebags.

          ACT law actually states that the body corp is not party to the rental agreement, so I stick by "Fuck 'em"

            That's why it's two separate things:

            1) Is keeping Alice breaking the rental agreement?

            2) Getting approval from the body corporate to keep Alice in the complex.

              1) Only if there have been specific clauses added. Even then, being in breach doesn't break the lease and leave you homeless - all they can do is formally request that the breach be remedied. Failing to comply with several notices to remedy can eventually lead down the path of obtaining eviction notices, but that is a very lengthy process - they can't just say "you have a dog, get out".
              Most likely they'll choose not to renew the lease after it expires (which happens at the best of times to perfect tenants), but that's 12(?) months away...
              2) If they say no you can challenge it at ACAT, but they also have no say in your lease so even a " no" and no further action will change nothing

              1. No - you had approval at the time you signed the lease, and you made it clear your intention to have a pet.

              2. They can't refuse without reasonable grounds (like trying to keep a dog in an apartment, or if the dog is unreasonably noisy or dangerous to other residents in the complex).


          So much this. Reminds me of the body corporate at Sorrento where my uncle owned a place. They were cunts and made the mistake of not allowing a owner to have a dog when others had them, it was a Maltese or something like that. Cost the body corporate a lot in legal fees (somewhere like 25 grand) and years fighting it, to only lose the case in the end and by then the dog died. So they spent all this time, money & effort in court and in the end it was all over a dead dog. They're a joke of an idea and are never there to help the owner or renter. Only there to help themselves and steal money from the owners apparently.

          I've never had to deal with a body corporate for any length of time... but it sounds terrible.

          Add my 2c... Lady at my work bought her townhouse and had to deal with body corp for her dog. Managed to get it through after an absolute shit storm and decided to get onto the committee to try and bring some sense to the whole thing.

          As a member of the commitee she has access to full financials and raised a question about why the maintenance managers needed a $5,000 ride on mower when there is approximately 200m2 of grass in the entire complex. Most of it about as wide as a push mower. Body corp. company buried her question in paperwork and refuses to provide a clear answer 18 months later.

          Her next question, the communal pool, that no-one uses, why did we pay $25,000 to have the pool deck re-tiled when there was absolutlely nothing wrong with existing tiles?

          Her next question, the maintenance managers are meant to take care of the 'public facing' gardens in front of each lot. Why are all the plants dead? Can I get new plants? She got new plants... They were put into the ground in their plastic pots.

          I think they're all the same.


      Even if you are completely in the wrong, talk means nothing. What they say has no weight or legal jurisdiction until they officially serve a Notice to Remedy. At that point, you are well within your rights to then raise an Application for the Resolution of a Dispute at ACAT. Only then if ACAT upholds the notice to remedy do you then have to start thinking about alternative options.
      This buys you at least a month or two until you have to stress. If you make it clear that this is the only course of events that can make you think about removing the dog from the property, they will most likely not want to bother with the effort.

        As it stands right now, I think my biggest concern should not be where I stand legally but what's best for Alice.

        If we fight this, it's going to be a lot of hassle and heartache all while dealing with training her. It's going to be tough and probably lengthy. At the end of it, if we lose then we'll either have to move and find a place that is willing to let us have her (which is not necessarily going to be easy) or surrender her (which is going to be excruciating for us and it will be much harder for the RSPCA to adopt her back out). Of course, if we win then everything is sunshine and rainbows until we have to move and potentially deal with all of this again while house hunting.

        This entire situation is terrible. It might just be easiest to end it sooner, have some heartbreak and try again. I know it sounds defeatist and that everyone has really been helpful and help argue for our side. This is going to be a tough decision whichever way we go.

          Edit: phone posted half done comment and crashed. Retrying below.

          Last edited 25/02/15 3:28 pm

            I saw your original half comment :p

              I normally don't post much for these reasons but petty minded pricks fucking with people's lives like this really shits me up the wall... :p

          I hate to sound harsh, but even with the full sunshine / rainbows approval now, you're still very likely going to have to move again during this dog's lifetime, regardless of this particular speed bump. Renting is unstable and life changes.
          So if you consider moving inevitable, what have you got to lose if you fight to keep Alice now?

          Make this your 'reasonable' option B - offer up that if no agreement can be reached, you will agree to the owner terminating the lease early provided that the real estate helps you find a suitable replacement and that the owner pays your moving costs at that stage.
          You entered this lease in good faith and they are fucking with your life for the sake of being petty.

          Edit: damn on screen keyboard keeps disappearing so I press post instead of the next key...

          Last edited 25/02/15 3:36 pm

            I appreciate the advice. I really do.

            We've had Alice for almost a week. It's going to completely suck if we have to give her up, I'm already in a bit of a state. But it's only a week. We can surrender her while she's still young and it will be much easier for RSPCA to adopt her out.

            I've spoken with the real estate agent and I don't think the owner is being petty. They own several large dogs that they don't keep at their house because of various reasons. I think it's a case of they wouldn't own Alice here so they don't think we should. It's not unreasonable and I'm now seeing if the opinion of a dog training will help convince her otherwise.

            The biggest wrinkle is the body corporate. The owner and her mother are on the body corporate (all of the home owners are) and a dog this size has not been approved so far. All of the other dogs that have been approved in the past are small. There are no restrictions in place that I know of but again, it'll be a big fight.

            Sure, real estate agents don't want there to be a big fight, the owner definitely doesn't but maybe I don't either. I don't know if I can commit to something like that when I'm not sure how it will turn out. Everything I've read looks like I'll probably come out okay but this is all based on reading FAQs and random websites.

              Well, let me know if you want me to channel my Powers of Grumpy at anything that can help. (I've previously had very good outcomes through applying them to the (Victorian) Residential Tenancies Act, Domestic Building Contracts Act and Energy Retail Code - I have a lot of fun with this last one)

              Either way, it's a bit of a shitty and stressful situation. All the best for deciding what's best for you.

              It won't come to a big fight - Just be calm, and state your rights, and get advice from the tenancy tribunal to back you up. Once they realise that a) you're not a couple of kids they can intimidate with threats and b) if they want to push it they'll have to take it to the tribunal, they'll back off. Make sure you pay your rent on time, and have the place tidy at inspection time. That's all you're obligated to do.

              If anything, take this process as the opportunity to make sure you're across ALL your rights as tenants in the ACT. For example, your landlord is only entitled to 2 inspections in 12 months (just in case she tries to spring any "surprise" or "follow up" inspections"). You might have to plan to move again in 12 months, but in the meantime, if you pay your rent and keep the place clean, there's nothing for the landlord to complain about, and I'm sure your neighbours will love seeing Alice's happy little face in the neighbourhood.

                We are still going to seek advice and see what we can do. I haven't given up but I still need to get my head around the possibility of not keeping her.

      D: I am so so sorry. I hate house owners who don't allow pets - what a bunch of assholes.

      Really feeling for you.
      I can't offer any useful advice, but I can offer my sympathies and virtual hugs.

    So this is probably one of the neatest ideas to re-engineer a practise, especially one like bee keeping. Which can't be fun :P

    @liondrive history has taught me that Perth meats must be arranged a gazillion years before the actual event to prevent confusion. So what's your plan for this clubbing thing? I don't even know what a club is. It's some kind of disco thing, right?

      Club: noun - a heavy stick with a thick end, used as a weapon.

      Next time I'm forced against my will to visit family. We meat.

      Cc @liondrive

        Of course I'm gonna hang with you again, Jimmy!
        Our time together in Brisbane was tragically short :'(

      Oh, you actually want to go clubbing?!
      It'll have to happen after your birthday, and I'll be honest, it depends on my uni schedule, so I can't give you a date this far in advance on my end unfortunately :S
      We can even just go to a bar or pub or something if you wanna? :)

        Oh, no pressure!
        You can say "Thanks, but no thanks" if you don't wanna go :P

          I may as well. There's a very good chance I won't like it, (I hate music and people) but it's something I should do once in my life, going after my 18th seems fitting, and it's probably better to do it with someone that knows what they're doing. Plus, I haven't caught up with you in a while.

          When you first pitched the idea to me, I was kind of terrified of the prospect, and too polite to refuse. Six months after hearing the idea, I have been desensitized more than anything.,

            I'mma make you drunk TAY post ;)
            Best influence! :D

              I know that regardless of my age, my mother is going to pick me up by 8:30pm.

                Don't think the clubs will be open yet. :P

                  THE COURT IS OPEN AT 6PM!!! :D

                  It'll literally just be you and me there, and it'll look like we're on a date (especially cause its a gay club), but sppppppppttttttt!!!
                  *smacks Phlanispos behind*
                  *runs off*
                  (a prelude to our drunken night)

        Bar or pub definitely seems like the better idea. Clubbing seems like kind of a run before you walk sort of thing.

          Ooooooh, phlanisbro!
          I'm at the club I'm gonna take you to right now! :* :*

            I'll totally be your wingman to help you hit on guys. I mean, I won't make a conscious effort to do or contribute anything, but my mere presence will make you look 56% more attractive.

              I'll be your wingman too, little Phlanisbuddy, don't you worry ;)

        Have the last few weeks shed light on an appropriate timeslot?

    Repost (kinda) for new page

    So, after over 100 episodes of Potaku, we're finally getting some actual industry professionals on the podcast!

    Nic Watt (No relation) And Bruce Thompson from local dev/publisher Nnooo. -

    So anyone got any questions for the guys about their games or the local dev/publishing scene?

    We record in a few hours so please help!

      What support would they like to see from government (any government) to support the local industry?

      C.H.R.O.N.O. T.R.I.G.G.E.R.

        That's not really a question, more a statement.

          Possible answers to this, which is obviously a question, include "Yes", "Very Yes", and "OMG, YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!"

          R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. E.V.I.L. 2.

          (Doc knows)

      Ask them if they've heard of "up-dog"... *sniggers*

      I'd like to know about what it's like to try and market their games, how they go about it, if they have any hard data on success in advertisements, that sort of thing. But I am way too lazy to format a question here properly, so if you can extrapolate something, that'd be rad.

        This is actually a REALLY good question.

        I love that you posted this only 5 minutes after the interview ended.

        (Not that you'd know that)

        Last edited 26/02/15 9:06 am

          Hahahahahaha. Fucking brilliant.

          I continue to amaze myself.

    Optus 'customer service' still horribly bad. I left because they were terrible 4 years ago or so. $90 unlimited cable broadband, I'm interested. Talk to someone on online chat, I'm going to guess by his lack of understanding of my questions, he wasn't on this continent

    It's apt that Khezu is basically a penis with wings, because it is a dick if you're a melee character, and can go suck a bag of dicks.

      Khezu is weird. I think it's unsettling because there is no music at all. A bug?

        It has no eyes! Music starts when a monster sees you!

        Last edited 25/02/15 4:04 pm

          But you can't target a monster until it sees you, and you can target Khezu!

            I always took it as the monster sensing you rather than seeing you given how khezu tracks by smell

    So, I just learnt something very dangerous.

    If you have the ingredients around the place, brownies are ridiculously easy to make.
    My waistline is not going to forgive me.

    (Recipe I used:,brownie-recipes)

      I made Gingernut biscuits the other week.

      I think I had to buy...2 things? Super simple

        I refuse to try out my Gingernut recipe for two reasons. One, I fear that it will be far too easy. Two, I worry that I'll end up with something that resembles Canberran Gingernuts, and that's just a travesty (Queensland TAYbies, if you ever want to be in my good books, give me Gingernuts from your part of the country).

          There's a regional difference?

            For Arnott's, yes. For anyone else? Probably not.

            The Queensland ones are darker, thinner, and they have a decent snap. The ones here feel like you're trying to gnaw your way through a ginger tasting brick. They're an affront to my personal taste in bikkies.

              Arnott's Gingernuts are ass. Griffin's are where it's at. Chip a tooth in those motherfuckers.

      Also... Stupidly soft and chewy cookies in 20 minutes.

      I add 3 heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder with flours and choc chips are half dark chocolate half white chocolate.

      #helping #notreally

        Just remembered... I took some of these to work a while back and my boss accused me of buying cookies from a shop and putting them in tupperware to bring in.

          That is an awesome complisult.

          "These are so good, there's no way YOU made them."

            Complisult... where has this word been all my life?!

        Best biscuit recipe.
        That's the one I modified for my caramel pretzel cookies.

          Please share your modification... I'm ready to make another batch after reading all this today.

      I need to start doing that adult thing where you have food in the house that isn't necessarily for eating on that day.

      You know what else?

      You can make single serves in a coffee cup in the microwave and they're delicious.

      That knowledge nearly ruined me.

    Feel super guilty about having to "sail the high seas" in order to get the software I need for uni :(
    Need Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, which I would much rather have purchased, but expensive :(

      Surely there is student edition you can get hold of that are a fraction of the retail price?

      They normally come with happily ignorable license conditions such as: "only use whilst a full time student", "cannot be used for commerical work" etc.

      What about Adobe's subscription thing? They do student pricing...

        cc @sunsoar77
        Hmm, I'll look into them, but the lecturer actually encouraged the swashbuckling ways, since it is so expensive :S
        I need it immediately also anyway.
        Hopefully I can find a cheap version though, quell my guilt a bit :S

          @os42 mentioned the subscription thing... which I'd heard they had swapped their pricing over too a while back.

          You can go direct to Adobe and get full product set for $15 p/mth or $180 for the year. Although... It's pretty clear that the pricing is an intro offer for the first year.

          After some digging, the normal price is $50 p/mth with a 12 month commitment or $600 p.a. they have a month-by-month plan but its $75 a month(!)

          Fuck... those normal rates are extortionate.

          PS: Yes I'm a bit bored at work... oh, there is work to do... I just don't want to do it.

            It's a pretty good price for students, but I'll be honest, I don't like the idea of renting software :S
            I'd rather own it out right if I could...

            Might be the best option though.

            Jeezus, didn't see the "price is for first year only" part. Guess that's why the lecturer recommended the high seas... it's a more long-term solution if you're going to be using the tools for most of your degree.

          Back before Adobe fucked up the Creative Suite, as a student you could get the suite for a few hundred bucks with valid student ID from participating retailers JB Hi-Fi was one of them. You could see if that's still a thing maybe?

          Your lecturer needs to update his "how to look cool in front of students" knowledge.

          The Adobe suite is ridiculously affordable for everyone now, thanks to CC.

            My lecturer is a 27 year old woman...

              That is a headspin.

              Uh, the age bit. Not the woman bit :P

                Pretty sure she said 27 :P
                Wouldn't be much older, at any rate.

                She's one of those masters students who teaches as their study, I think.
                She's really cool though, and knows a heap :)

      My sister's currently struggling with trying to find a working version of that so she can do a few things for some friends. Doesn't sound to be going so well :P

      I actually own a copy of Photoshop... I barely use it. I wonder if there's sharing of licences.

    Question Supanova or Oz Comicon which would be best to go to? Especially with kids.

    In Perth as well.

    Last edited 25/02/15 4:34 pm

      Not sure about Perth, but at least in Brisbane I've found Oz Comic Con to be a tad more kid friendly than Supanova. There was even a kid's activity section at OCC last year.

      Edited to add: I actually prefer not to take my kids because at least one of them is backpack height and man do they get hit in the face a lot with backpacks at conventions!

      Last edited 25/02/15 5:09 pm

      Yeah, apart from cosplayers, there wasn't much for kids at Sydney Supanova last year. And that was with a 7 year old. Meanwhile, I managed a full 3 days with my 3 year old at PAX. I might try OCC in Syd later this year.

      Perth represent!

      I'm not much help, however. I've been to one Supanova, and zero Oz Comicons.
      By-and-large, they seem to be pretty packed over here, depending on venues, but generally child friendly.

      As for which to go to, check out the list of guests from each, and see if there's anyone that you really really want to see.
      Then there's always the por que no los dos route.

      Cheers everyone, I think my eldest wants Supanova UE to the power rangers that are going, but I think both would just be happy to watch the cosplayers. My wife and I are thinking of tackling OCC without them just to get a loose feel for what SN may be like.

      And yeah Perth represent (hope none of family in Tassie read this.)

    Went to Uni orientation day today. Reminded me a lot of PAX at first. People everywhere, talks going on in theatres, booths set up around the place and a lot of me just walking around not really knowing what to do with myself.

    I needed some help with my enrolment and picking subjects, since the site to do it was all screwy and no help at all. Eventually asked some of the student help people who were positioned everywhere what to do about it, and they said I'd have to come in tomorrow for an enrolment help session. Then I went and got my student card and tried to get my concession card (which first had me making a trip to Safeway to get coloured photos taken at a photobooth before I could hand in the form). By doing that I found out I wasn't enrolled properly. I'm meant to be full time but I was only part time because I only had 3 subjects listed in semester 1 instead of 4. I had to go to another office and talk to some help people there. The guy there then sent me to yet another office because one of the subjects I was meant to be enrolled in I couldn't because it was already full, so they needed a person to force an enrolment of me into the subject. Further, if I didn't enrol in that one specific subject in semester 1 it meant that a whole heap of subjects wouldn't be available to me in semester 2.

    I went to this other person and got enrolled in the subject. Then they had to unenrol me in other subjects and enrol me in different ones because apparantly there's a bunch of required subjects you're supposed to be enrolled into in semester 1 and one of the subjects I'd enrolled into wasn't something I should be able to do yet. None of this information is really given to you on the site students are meant to use when choosing subjects. You get a list of subjects with boxes next to them you can check and then you hit enrol at the bottom. There's nothing that says whether a subject is semester 1 or 2 or 3. You can enrol in certain subjects you shouldn't be able to enrol into. Some subjects that are required in a certain semester or else you're basically screwed for future semester are listed as full and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. The whole thing is just a mess. That's one major problem with Swinburne. They want you to do all your stuff online, but their website just isn't very good. You're pretty much required to go an talk with actually people to get stuff done, but then they tend to bounce you around a lot. Also their customer service when not in person consists of email them an inquiry and getting a link to an FAQ back or calling up and speaking to someone who can barely speak english.

    I got everything fixed in the end. And now to further my ranting a bit, the photobooth I used to get the pictures I needed was terrible. It only took $1 and $2 coins and $5 and $10 notes. I selected what I wanted and it cost $11. I put a $10 note in, then found I had no $1 coins, which was my bad for not checking first. There was zero way to get the machine to give me my $10 back, and it wouldn't accept my $20 note. I asked a guy if he had a spare $1, which he didn't. In the end I got him to just watch the booth for me to make sure no one took my $10 while I ran to the Safeway checkout and changed my $20 for some smaller change. All this because I needed to get a concession card since my healthcare card that I'd tried to renew never arrived and I got no message about it being rejected so I guess it might have just gotten lost in the mail.

    Sorry for all the ranting. I've just been walking around all day in the hot weather trying to cut my way through a lot of terribly designed systems. I guess the upside is all the walking between offices really helped me learn the campus well.

      I study with Swinburne but via OUA!

      I've found the course info less than easy to navigate... however eventually it just 'clicked' and made sense.

      Although for a course that is delivered 100% online I've struck some unit conveners and tutors that are stuck in the digital dark age.

      Good luck sorting everything out - once you're settled into a routine your next task is to make yourself a regular at the uni bar. To the point at which the staff know your drink of choice and have a seat waiting for you at the bar. :)

    How the fuck is it 2015 and we still can't buy bags of skittles which are JUST the red ones - ie: the only ones anyone actually likes?

      Or a packet of JUST the cherry Starbursts.

        Right? I wonder if there's actually like some big happy corporate family in charge of making these decisions and they have all the research data to do it, but because they care more about peoples feelings and family than profits, they don't do it, because Bill and Sarah are in charge of the areas that would get cut, and it wouldn't be fair to them...
        Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna believe that's why they do this to us.

          I remember years ago seeing a thing on deviantart where they laid out the contents of a packet of them in graph form, showing how flavour ranking was inversely proportional to the quantity. Completely unable to find it now though.

        ...eww. They say "cherry," but they mean "cherry-flavoured cough syrup".

          This!! Artificial cherry is the BLURST! It's almost as bad as those maraschino cherries! BLEAH!

          Last edited 25/02/15 6:16 pm

            Those things are all delicious and you are both monsters.


      Last edited 25/02/15 6:23 pm

        This the third version of your comment I've seen and I'm still confused. I probably don't want an explanation of "budgie bottom", do I?

          I thought you were supposed to be old, Lady Strange?

      The red ones are awful!
      Hmmm...maybe I could make money by buying a bunch of packets of skittles, eating all the good ones, and then packaging all the yucky red ones back into the one packet....

        Skittles "Suckers"! Not cos you suck them, but cos anyone who's crazy enough to purchase a pack full of ick is a sucker! ;)

      Does flavour even matter when you're shovelling handfuls of them into your mouth at a time?

        Oh, it totally does! One horrible flavour can ruin the whole mouthful.
        It's like these fruity fizz lollies I got for christmas. A giant packet of them. They're mostly fruit tingle-type flavours, except for the green ones. The green ones taste like a cross between mint toothpaste and musk sticks. They don't work with the flavour profile at all and make your whole mouthful taste awful. So in order to eat them in the best way, ie: scarfing whole handfuls at a time, you need to first make sure there are no green ones in your hand, which ruins the fun of eating them.

          ...Mint and musk... How is such an abomination possible?

        For skittles, not really, because all the flavours are nice. However for something like, say Jellybeans, yes because the second you taste the licorice one the entire mouthful is ruined.

      Red and purple skittles, thank you very much.

        +1 unless it is the tropical skittles then I will have all of them. What is up with M&Ms adding flavors to the shells now? I had the toffee apple ones the other day and yeah good in theory but the chocolate kills the flavor.

    Upon estimating that I got my first gameboy around 1993, I was struck by a sudden thought - how many people here are younger than my gameboy?

      I doubt you got it before late January so I guess I'm older.


        I'm being conservative because I can't remember if it was December '92 or December '93...

          I'm fairly certain I was younger than that when I got mine. Swear I was six or seven which would have been 90 or 91.

          I could be completely wrong. When was it even released?

            Europe was late 1990, but I have no idea if Aus was considered part of Europe back then.

            I'm pegging it in based on getting wario land with birthday money in '94, and that was my first big game purchase ever after I'd got the gameboy from my cool aunty on a previous birthday (probably 1 year earlier, but 'unno)

      Younger than 1993 jeez that makes me feel old. Bad enough I have to scroll further down when making online accounts for my birth year now.


    Please help me tax paying peoples! I think I forgot to tick the "claim the tax free threshold" box when I started working since I assumed that was only if you were earning less than 18k a year, NOT claiming for the first 18k ._. (pretty sure I claimed it when doing a cheapo casual job)

    I just checked with someone else in my job position (another graduate) since we're supposed to be all on the same pay, and it looks like they're getting more than me. Is this easy to address? Can I claim the threshold retroactively? I'll speak with payroll at work tomorrow but I don't know if it's a company dealio or a government one.

    I'm sure I'm not "losing" money as I believe I can get it back after claiming tax each year (...right?), but I'm just not gaining it earlier (which I'd prefer for whatever little bit of interest I could've earnt). FUCK! It's a pretty significant amount too :/

    Please help! Thank you <3

    Last edited 25/02/15 8:59 pm

      I encountered a similar issue when I was working at EB and Dan Murphy's I was employed with EB first but I didn't have work for a few weeks and then Dan Murphy's job came along with basically full time hours. I ended up re-submitting a new tax form for EB to correct that mistake, so it might be something as easy as that?

      But best to speak to payroll I dare say, they'll have the answers hopefully.

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news... But you won't see a cent of that until tax return time.

      There is a way to kind of see it sooner... But you need to request your employer to deduct a specific amount of tax each pay that would be less than the normal amount. The plan being that by the time you get to 30th June you've paid the right amount of PAYG withholding tax for the gross amount of salary you've earnt. it's risky because if you go under then you'll have to PAY at tax time.

      Disclaimer: I do all my own tax and have a corporate HR team to query when I have a question.

        Also... If you go down that path and want it right you're probably going to have to pay someone... Unless you have a buddy that is an accountant.

          And who doesn't have a buddy that's an accountant!

      Talk to Payroll

      If you've been paying more than you should, that's OK. Worse comes to worse, claim the threshold for the rest of the year and get a sweet tax return. It's when you've been paying less than that you get in strife

        Yeah, I've definitely been paying more.

        If they can't fix anything yet then I guess I'll just wait until the next financial year and hopefully they can address it then.

    So apparently my mate knows where Slipknot is staying on the Gold Coast at the moment.. Why he knows this is a mystery in itself.

    Aww man, everyone's out on the town and I'm stuck here because I had to get up at 7:30 and I'm dead tired and I have to get up at 7 tomorrow and I still have to come up with a list of questions to ask my project team's client on Friday. I wanna go out :(

    But yeah project started today! I really wanted to work with a big financial services company but only 2 other people wanted to and they want 5-7 in a group :( I spent like 20 minutes talking to the manager beforehand and everything and he was giving me advice about business analysis jobs so I was kinda cut that nobody else saw the thrill of working on a superannuation project :P We're working with a Tasmanian NFP company which is okay too, but there's probably no job opportunity coming out of it.

    But anyways, me and a girl in our group are trialling her as project manager and me as BA for the first 3 weeks and seeing how that works, and if she isn't liking being PM I'll take over that. I think it should work well though!

      Ugh... Project Management. The boring stuff...

      I'm a little biased at this point in my career, but I've happily told my current PM what I think of his job...