You Can Get A New Nintendo 3DS For $157.60 Thanks To Target

So here's the deal: Target is selling white versions of the New Nintendo 3DS consoles for $197. Good deal, right? But it's about to get better. If you buy it on Target's eBay store before the February 22? You can get it for $157.60.


The process is relatively simple. Head to this eBay webpage and hit purchase. When it comes time to pay enter CTARGET20 in the 'Redemption Code' section and hit 'Apply'. That will add an extra 20% discount to the 3DS, reducing the price down to $157.60.

Also: delivery is free.

Seriously, the 3DS has such a great little back catalogue going for itself at this stage. If you don't have a 3DS this is as good an opportunity as any.



    If they had the black one I'd be all over it, but alas I already have it in white.

    Edit: Also, target has an ebay storefront?!

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      This one has swappable top and bottom face plates, if that sways you?

        I know that, as I already have it in white.

        The xenoblade face plates are pretty awesome, too:

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          HOLY! That's awesome! Where can I get it?

    Ooooh, I've never had a handheld console before. This stuff is tempting. (Until I realize that there's good reason I've never had a handheld console. I've never wanted one. :P)

      At that price it’s worth it.

      Do it!

      Sounds like something a person who hasnt had a handhold console would say!

    The link seems to be missing from the article, but for anyone interested here it is.

    Any questions on this device, ask away.

    The (more recent) release in other Western territories has proven most gamers are still on training wheels when it comes to Nintendo stuff.

    2492-4140-7879 - add this to your friend code list too :)

      My question is how much trouble do you think I'll be in with my fiancé, Ijust dug into my share of our honeymoon cruise money to buy this :P (its OK Ive got till July 2017 to pay it off) lol

        All good, she's fine with it as long as she gets my 2ds lol

      That friend code business has proven that Nintendo are still on training wheels when it comes to online functionality :P

    I just started looking prices for the new xl this week, and came across this after they'd sold out. $183.20 was agood deal for those who got them!

      The blue XLs were sold out and there were only 9 black XLs left when I got one. I found out from destructoid, which is bizarre, considering it is a US site.


      Lol. You didn't read XD

        Read what? There was no link so I added it.

          Mark doesn't believe in links,just like his pappy.

            Mark doesn't like Link full stop

              New Kotaku headline: WHY DOES MARK HATE LINK?!

                This was genius.

                And sorry guys. As I was writing this I was like ' don't forget the link. Then I forget the link. Apologies.


    I haven't been interested in picking up a less than 160 bucks it's seriously tempting. Although I'm not a fan of the white model.

    Of course games add extra cost on top of that, but still, looks like a good deal.

      Just buy a faceplate if u are not keen on the white!

    Tempting, very tempting, someone convince me why I would want the n3DS vs the n3DSxl? Other than the cover plates

      hand size. I picked up the MM edition of the XL Saturday and immediately noticed a difference in positioning with my right hand due to the C-stick. I have smaller hands (a little over 17 cm from middle finger to wrist) so I have to stretch my thumb a little to reach it. It's not uncomfortable but not the snug fit with my old XL with thumb resting on abxy. The normal new 3DS is slightly larger than the old one so it shouldn't be as cramped (even for me it was slightly cramped) so I recommend go finding a store that has both models on display or something. Personally, I'm heavily contemplating importing the black Japanese regular model for the new Zelda faceplates lol.

      lighter, more convenient, easier to carry around.

      I have the new 3ds XL in metallic blue and it is a bit bulky for playing mario kart 7 in bed haha. it gets heavy after a while. wish i got the one they selling here.

    I can’t justify upgrading when I don’t yet own a PS4 or WiiU, even at that price.

    That said, if you don’t on any form of 3DS yet you’d be nuts to turn it down at that price.

      if still in stock , PS4 is 20%, comes down to $398 ... steal and also WiiU with MK8 for $318

      buy them all!

        Yeah, I have a feeling that this article was lazily copied from destructoid - a bit of investigation would have revealed that the 20% discount is available on other hardware such as Xbox One, PS4, WiiU etc, which is the cheapest you'll find such hardware in Australia.

          Nope, it was a tip off from an email.

            Fair enough, but the question is why restrict this article to New Nintendo 3DS when the 'news' is that Target is offering 20% off across a range of consoles? Seems like a strange decision on the part of the author...

              Possibly because the other consoles were 20% off retail but the 3DS was $20 under retail + 20% off? That said I don't know if the other consoles were being sold at retail so just a guess.

    I want the XL version.....can anyone confirm that the new XL version *physically* fits into the CIrcle Pro device from the normal 3DS XL? I know its not needed for the functionality (since there is the new nub 2nd joystick) but I use it for the extra grip as I have big hands...will the new 3DS XL fit into the Circle Pro?

      Hey mate
      The new 3ds xl doesn't work with the CPP
      you don't need it though as the nn3ds has a c-stick of it's own.

        ... I appreciate the response, but I already know that...I was asking whether it fits PHYSICALLY into the device so my large ape hands can hold it. I don't care whether the stick works or not.

    UPDATE, ok checked my netbank they only took out $157.60. wasted my 30min!
    ok thanks kotaku for making me ""waste"" $157.60 and countless minutes of my life!

    just done it but they charged me $197 and gave me discounts in voucher! wtf these short of shit still going on in 2015!!!!
    Can I get voucher back into my account please Target or Paypal as I didn't say I want to get a bloody voucher!!! False advert.

    PS My account only has credit card (aka VISA debit card) not sure if this triggered this crap???

    Funding type:
    Redemption Code and Credit Card
    Funding source:
    $39.40 AUD - 20% off Target at eBay. #CTARGET20
    $157.60 AUD - Visa Debit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-xxxx

    This credit card transaction will appear on your invoice as "PAYPAL *TARGET ONLI".


    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    19 Feb 2015 Payment To Target Australia Pty. Ltd. Completed ... -$197.00 AUD

    Related Transactions
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    19 Feb 2015 Charge from Credit Card CompletedYour transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete.Your transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete. Details $157.60 AUD
    19 Feb 2015 Voucher Completed Details $39.40 AUD

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    Worth upgrading from a 2DS to this?

      yeah sure they are a good upgrade

        Well, I was gonna pick up The Order this weekend, but in light of how poorly that's reviewing I might grab one of these instead. Might give me the kick I need to finish link between worlds

          Funny you say that
          I upgraded my XL to the new 3ds XL, gave my fiance my previous XL because she wanted to finish that very game too :p
          Am i the only person who was so hooked i finished it in the release weekend?! Lol

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    After Target and K-Marts cowardice with GTA5, I will never ever buy from them. *shrug* I'll get it from EB Games.

    Sorry, Target can shove it....

    I refuse to give money to a company which caves in an instant to a tiny minority of people with an agenda who know how to click a button on a website.

    Brought one of these bad boys yesterday when a clan mate posted this deal on our forums. Also, for those who don't already own an older model, don't forget to buy a charger.

    EDIT: Also just confirming it shipped the day I brought it and is likely to get to me Monday according to tracking, shame it wont be in time for the weekend but still good turn around.

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    I haven't even owned my 2DS for a year. Also I've heard about the data transfer and dead pixel issues.

      I'm in the same boat, but my kids play my 2DS so... yeah, I had to justify it that way. New 3DS XL come to papa!

    Just bought one with pokemon alpha. Saved about $50 :D
    Now to buy all the faceplates O____O

    Very tempted to get one of these for my wife. I bought her a DSi back in the day and she developed a savage New Super Mario Bros addiction that took her a year to kick. Thinking I might buy one of these to force her into a relapse :P

    and bought, now I get to look forward to replaying all my games with a higher res screen

    Despite being entirely displeased with the Majora XL, I'd totally grab one of these to check out.

    If it came in black. Come on, Nintendo.

      What's wrong with the Majora XL?

        Everything about it just feels like a backwards step from what they achieved with the previous XL. Pretty much the only positive things I found about it were that the power LED is much dimmer now, so doesn't blind you in low light, and the new circle pad has a slightly deeper dimpleon top, with more of an edge to it.

        I'll take a punt and say likely the plastic covers for the lid and bottom, as opposed to the nice matte finish of the previous XL. I was initially disappointed in this myself but quickly got over it, but can see how some won't especially how damn nice the gold Link Between Worlds edition one felt (yeah I have that one too lol). For comparisons, it's better than the shiny plastics used back with the DSLite.

        Personally, everything else about the new XL is better other than the plastic.

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    Super annoyed they didn't deliver till this morning. Live in a place where the weekend saves 5 days in postage. Would've had it by Wednesday now won't get it for a week. Assuming its coming from Sydney or Melbourne like most is. If its from bris I'd be looking at 2 weeks regardless. To top it off my backyard got flooded from LAM over the weekend.

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