The Big Question: Neighbours Or Home And Away

Guys, this is serious.

I know Neighbours and Home and Away isn't really a big deal here in Australia, but in the UK, where I grew up? It's like a rite of passage. Everyone watches Neighbours or Home and Away. Everyone. Some crazy people watch both, but we don't talk about those people. They're called students.

Anyway, given that Neighbours is currently on its 30th anniversary and people are making a big deal of that fact, I thought it might be a good idea to survey actual Australians about Australian shows. Which is the best? Neighbours or Home and Away?

See in the UK, Neighbours — I'd argue — was most popular. That was the show I grew up watching at least.

What about you guys and girls? The 'I've never watched either or them' answer isn't acceptable.


    Is this even a question?

    Neighbours all the way.

    I did close personal protection (basically bodyguard work) for some of the Home and Away staff when I was doing security at Seven and oh shit, I just realized one of them was Chris Hemsworth. He was a nice bloke.

    Didn't watch either of the shows, so BLEH to you, Serrels!

      How is "was Thor's bodyguard" not your entire resume?

        Haha, right? I legit didn't realize until just now. All I remembered until then was "holy shit people screamed so much". Also, the idea I could have done more to protect him than he could is hilarious.

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          Why do I suddenly know his characters name was Kim Hyde :O

    Simpsons turn off TV at 6:30, turn on at 7pm.

    After a lot of contemplation, I'm going to choose ... *stares off into distance*

    I knew it had to happen... Sooner or later Mark would write an article I was going to regret clicking on *sigh* D=

    neither! the moment the simpsons finished at 630 id turn the tv off

    I've watched both at some point but haven't really watched either for years.

    But it would have to be Neighbours, despite the fact that none of the characters have clued into the fact that in 30 years an alarming amount of people living in the one street have died or had affairs.

    But with Home and Away it seemed like every 2nd character had a stalker, and from the brief snippets I've seen in recent months while channel surfing there seems to be 5 male characters who look exactly the same.

    Back in the day after ignoring Grange Hill or Byker Groooooove I'd then ignore Neighbours. Home & Away wasn't even worth my time to consider ignoring :P

    About the best thing that happened was Mark Little going to present The Big Breakfast. That was a brilliant show for morning TV.

    Neighbour's just for Toady.

      You mean Brooke Satchwell

      And of course, Carla Bonner

    Neither. I honestly can't remember what the family watched between 6:30 and 7... I always snuck to my room to watch the Simpsons until 6:30, then did my homework. Math was more interesting than soaps.

      ABC news. Infinitely more interesting than the soaps.

      Better acting, too.

        I disagree - at least soap actors have more than one tone of voice. Minor rant:
        Every news presenter in the English-speaking world seems to use the same inflection pattern - the exact same pitch pattern for "A great victory for the [sports-team-name] this week, in their historic win in the grand finals against [other-sports-team-name]" as "A shocking terrorist attack has left hundreds dead and thousands injured after a bombing in [placename]", and it drives me nuts. I understand it's deliberately done to obscure any personal bias of the presenter, but it just ends up sounding so robotic.
        To this day, I would much rather read the news than watch it.

          That was the joke. :)

            So I'm not imagining it - I did hear something fly straight over my head... :P

    as a kid getting baby sat by my grandmother, it was neighbours i think, but when i was a pre-teen and could understand what i was watching, it was Home and Away which is what mum used to watch, i didnt really make a conscious choice for one or the other, but i preferred Home and Away i think.

    I grew up watching Home and Away, but stopped watching around a decade ago so I don't even know what it's like these days. It's funny seeing a lot of the people I used to see on that show have moved on to bigger and better careers because of it.

    A shotgun blast to the face...

      Yeah i agree.
      My work has enough drama to be home and away, therefore i would rather harikari.

    Real men watch The Bold and the Beautiful.
    Now that's drama, mofo.

      Hang on, don't you mean the Young and the Restless, with that devilish dreamboat Victor Newman?

    Neighbours, from about 03-05 my sister and I would park ourselves on the couch for Simpsons-Neighbours-Simpsons/Futurama. Also I think growing up in the inner suburbs as opposed to the beaches made it easier to connect to the stories and what not

    Neighbours. Watched everyday from 99-07. Watched the 30th Anniversary special the other night which was prett cool. Still tune in every now and again, have no idea whats going on but cool to see originals like Toadie, Karl and Susan are still there. Wish i had them as actual neighbours.

    Ive never seen either, but I still remember the full lyrics to both those shows's theme songs. Mainly cos I'd catch the credits while waiting for the show after...

    Seriously, are these shows still running? I had an Atari 400 when neighbours began...

    Well gun to my head, I'd let you pull the trigger.

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