Bloodborne’s Soundtrack Is Less Scary Being Sung By Middle-Aged Men In Shorts

Bloodborne’s Soundtrack Is Less Scary Being Sung By Middle-Aged Men In Shorts

The Cleric Beast is a pretty difficult first boss by any standard, and that soundtrack is part of it. Those unearthly chants, the pounding string sections. You imagine a hellish choir singing and toasting to your inevitable doom. What you don’t imagine: a large group of casually clothed middle-aged men and women chilling out, singing like they’ve just rocked up from a family BBQ.

Kinda kills the vibe really.

I found the above video on It’s a look behind-the-scenes of the soundtrack recordings. This is some Wizard of Oz shit. How am I supposed to be rooted to the spot in terror now?

By the way, the Bloodborne soundtrack is now available for purchase. You can pick it up digitally right now.

It’s a great soundtrack. Crazily intense.

At least it was intense until I realised it was sung by a bunch of middle-aged dudes wearing khakis and ill-fitting t-shirts.

Seriously, this is killing the mood for me. Next time I’m taking down the Cleric Beast I’ll be thinking of ‘George’, who likes to sport the polo-shirt/khaki/Asics runners combo. Thanks George, coulda dressed up a little, couldn’t you?


  • Speaking of this soundtrack, the CE came with the digital soundtrack (redeemable on PSN) – it’s now on my PS4, but does anyone know how I get it from there to some sort of music playing device?

    • Can you log into the store on PS3 (if you have one) or PC (via web browser), download it there and then copy it to USB?

      • Extensive googling has unearthed this possibility:

        You have to download and install the OST to the PS4 first.
        1. Insert a USB into the PS4. Make sure it has a folder called MUSIC – all caps included. Make sure the PS4 can read the USB: USB music player should show up in the menu bar.
        2. Load up the Bloodborne soundtrack. (or whatever soundtrack you have)
        3. Press Options
        4. Select Download Tracklist
        5. You’ll get a screen saying copying, let it complete
        6. Insert USB into PC, you’ll now have a zip file with the OST mp3’s inside
        7. You now have the OST, do whatever you want with the MP3s.

        It’d be nice if this works. Web browser store couldn’t even find it (under games/movies/apps), and going to the PlayStation Music part of the store just gives me a bunch of wank about using Spotify.

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