Get To Every Weapon In Bloodborne In 2 Hours

Now that I've finished my first playthrough of Bloodborne — using the axe — I'm super keen for a new game with a different build and a different weapon. But how do you get to those cool weapons? That's what this super useful video guide is for. You can legitimately get to every single weapon in the game in roughly two hours.

This is super handy for me, because I barely found any weapons on my first playthrough. Pretty much had to buy anything if I wanted to experiment and I need those souls for levelling. Thanks to VaatiVidya for yet another compelling Bloodborne video. Nice job.


    Ludwig's annihilates with a str/skl build. Keen to try Chikage or BOM with arcane though.

      Everyone seems to go for Ludwig. Makes the game go easy mode lol.

        I never understood why everyone does this. With my STR build at equal rankings, Ludwig's falls way behind the Kirkhammer in damage. :/

          No idea. I completed the game with Blade of Mercy. So good.

          You're doing it wrong. With my stats, with the same upgrade level, Ludwig does 190 base and Kirkhamer does 180.

            Dammit. Now I have to go earn levels and bump different stats to figure out why. Kirkhammer's a clear and huge winner with an all-STR, practically no-SKL/no-ARC ex-military build.

              You'll get to a point where Ludwig outweighs Kirkhammer from strength alone. When I got to that point I started dipping into Skill. Does almost 750-900 damage on first swing (2H & upper damage range with a crit).

              I thought the same thing as you first - but I kept Ludwig around just in case. Glad I did because it blows Kirkhammer out of the water now.

              LHB also staggers on transformed hits and 1H hits - this is hugely helpful at times.

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      I'm building towards Chikage/Evelyn. I just love shooting stuff!

    How do you get all weapons in 2 hours when 1 weapon require new game+

      Duh, game can be finished under 45min with a guitar hero controller. Git gud!

      Seriously though, I'm a little disappointed that I found the 2nd-best (arguably best) STR weapon within the first hour or so and haven't found anything that I could convince myself to change to since. Not without a massive drop in damage.

        Technically, if you wanted you could use the Axe to win the game lol. That axe was OP.

      Which one is that ?

        Burial Blade

        Can only be obtained if you choose to fight Gehrman for the last fight

          Ohh ok well you can get it before ng+ just depends on how many umbilical cords ya chow down on. Granted it is literally right before ng+ depending on how u do the playthrough.

      For the record, the video claims 80% of weapons can be unlocked in two hours. And I watched the video completely - it's not a first-playthrough 'two hours'. You have to know the game pretty intimately to get this done in two hours. He goes almost to endgame.

    On my current and first playthrough at 75hrs I've explored almost every square inch. Unlocked all but 2 weapons. Still gotta get a few more armour sets etc. Imo it's insane how some people call the game short when at 75hrs, I've done 99% of the main game, including optional areas and bosses. Haven't even scratched the surface of the chalice dungeons and personally, I haven't found them boring yet. Just have the final boss to go, albeit not the secret one this time as I missed one of the umbilical cords. Dammit! Also gonna do an arcane build andvtest out all the stuff I can't use as a skill/strength build. Even with the one build there are alot of ways to play if you level up your other weapons,

    I'll also be playing through ng+ and beyond, being a massive Souls fan. Absolutely love BB and have SOTFS waiting for me when I'm done with BB. I don't know how anyone can say BB is short, there's just so much to do and discover if you're really a fan. People must just rush through the mandatory areas to say LOOK I FINISHED A HARD GAME AND IT WAS SO SHORT!

    There's seriously so much to do and have fun with. I spent 300+hrs on DS2 PS3, DS1 and Demon's Souls. BB is the kind of game that caters to people who WANT to keep finding new things. If you don't try, you won't get much out of it. In the end, the game is amazing in so many ways, with only a few nitpicking flaws. It may not have as much loot as the other games but it makes up for it with quality, over hordes of junk weapons and armour.

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