Time To Find Out What The Hell Is Happening In Bloodborne

Okay, let's stop pretending we know what the hell is going on in Bloodborne. You can act all hoity toity but the reality is this: From Software games are as impenetrable as Finnegan's Wake and if you want to actually understand things. That's where — thankfully — VaatiVidya comes in.

After doing a more traditional slew of super helpful boss battle tips, Vaati is finally back to what he does best: delving into the lore of Bloodborne, eking out all those little hidden nuggets of information and piecing it all together into a cohesive narrative. If it wasn't for VaatiVidya I'd have said Dark Souls was nothing more than a game about stabbing dudes with a pike, so I'm looking forward to hearing his thoughts on From Software's latest masterpiece.


    I'm really enjoying stitching together a rough understanding of the world as I go - I know I won't get all of it but the haze is gradually taking shape.
    Especially when I found the abandoned workshop it wasn't an AHA moment of the final piece, more like finding a corner piece for a puzzle that gives you some idea what you're dealing with.

      Yeah, finding that place was a bit of an experience.

    I'm nearing the end of the game and stuff like this is really awesome.

    Really enjoy VaatiVidya's work.
    Good to see a fellow Australian make such a cool contribution to our understanding of the Souls and Bloodborne law.

    Good Video, Enjoyed it and made some things clearer

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