Gain +50 Insight With This Bloodborne Explainer

Gain +50 Insight With This Bloodborne Explainer

There have been theories, some more plausible than others, and they’re certainly fun to bat around. But Dark Souls loremaster VaatiVidya has has his definitive say on what the hell Bloodborne is about. If you’ve got 30 mins, it’ll open your eyes.

Vaati remains dutifully academic in his exploration of Yharnam lore, and when he departs into the realm of speculation, he’ll let you know. He’s also sourcing his points mid-video now, in case you were curious about where all the info comes from.

For the most part, it’s inarguable. But it doesn’t necessarily contradict some of the more speculative fan theories that have been thrown around.

Bloodborne is highly polished but smaller than any Souls game, so I was worried that it might not be able to support this type of content. But this 30 minute video chugs along without any filler, which is great to see.

Vaati covers the history of the church, the city, the dream, insight vs blood, and more. As for the endings, that’ll be another (large) video later on.


  • I’m 50 hours into it, nearly at the end of my first run through. The story is really meant to be unwrapped layer by layer. Unless I am a thicko that is and have been wandering through Yarnham oblivious, which could be more like it…

  • Really, really great video. Can’t wait for him to really start unpacking all the stuff he talks about here. This is fantastic stuff.

  • I haven’t managed to see if the original video was edited to include sources but I was in the same camp as the other unimpressed people of r/bloodborne when it came to his video.

    This is somewhat speculation as i never actually saw a confirmation just a comment saying vaati had reached out the the OP to discuss the situation.

    Anyhoo, a reddit user dmcredgrave, wrote a massively impressive lore analysis called The Paleblood Hunt. Its 90 pages long and very indepth.

    And vaatis video was in my opinion influenced heavily from this article, even down to the opening quote.

    This isnt the first time he has done this and whilst I understand that given the style From use in story telling that it is likely that people will likely reach similar conclusions it was all juat a bit suss particularly in respect to the opening quote and the structure of the information.

    I was impressed by his production values and attention to detail as well as the the way he explains things but I still believe that if you are going to use someone elses work as a foundation you could at least throw them a shoutout, especially if you are finacially benefitting from it.

    Sorry for the rant, im sure he is a good guy and all that, just rubs me up the wrong way…

    And if he has actually acknowledged his sources this time then thats great but he should’ve done it in the first instance.

    Hope this opinion doesn’t come across too petty or outright mean. And it is an opinion not a statement of fact, ill politely apologise if it turns out to all be a legitimate coincidence.

    • The quote is from H.P Lovecraft, perhaps the most influential horror writer of the 20th century and whose work is a clear inspiration for Bloodborne. It’s use doesn’t mean he plagarized someone elses work.

    • After looking at both I’m more inclined to believe it’s coincidence than plagiarism.
      When you have two people using the same source data to summize history, is it really a shock when the same conclusion is reached?
      There are definitely similarities between the two (which is to be expected), but when either goes into possible theories they do diverge (ie. Vaati not mentioning Micolash until after the split between Willem & Laurence, as well as different theory on Rom).
      As for the H.P. Lovecraft quote, it’s simply one of his most well known quotes that works best with Bloodborne.

      • You may well be right, it will all come out in the wash i guess. Not sure why i felt so compelled to write what I did, i just felt for the guy. For the record I do think vaati is talented with what he creates so im not hating on amyone. Thanks for not bashing my post.
        edited for spelling

  • vaatiVidya is ok I guess but he is nothing compared to epicnamebro. ENB points out all details that are vague and easy to overlook, vista just repackages what is said on reddit with a smug accent.

  • VaatiVidya’s voice is … Soothing … I want him to read me “Goodnight Moon”.

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