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When it comes to Dark Souls, Australian loremaster VaatiVidya is one of the definitive sources of secret stuff you totally missed when you were busy trying not to die.

Here he explains 15 more hidden mechanics in the game. This is super helpful.


I've written about Australian Dark Souls expert VaatiVidya so many times on Kotaku that I've ran out of ways to say how great he is.

So just take it as gospel: he is awesome. He's very good at what he does.

What does he do? Unlocks the many secrets of Dark Souls games.


If it wasn't for VaatiVidya you'd be able to write everything I know about the plot of Dark Souls on one single post-it note.

This man is the Cliff Notes of Dark Souls and he's back again with a really, super helpful list of new mechanics in Dark Souls III. Stuff that will genuinely enhance your playthrough of the game. I highly recommend watching this.


Pretty soon everyone's gonna be talking about Dark Souls.

And you, the person who has never played Dark Souls, are gonna be like damn, should I get into this series?

Then you'll be like, nah. Too hard. Or you could watch this intro to Dark Souls with VaatiVidya and our very own Junglist and just play the damn game.


The great VaatiVidya has a new look at Dark Souls III up. It's predictably in-depth, smart and insightful.

I love this guy.

In the lead up to the eventual release of Dark Souls III, VaatiVidya has posted his definitive look at the opening hours of Dark Souls III. He's calling it an 'Early-Game Review'.


Father Gascoigne is a tough fight in Bloodborne, but all the tougher when you consider his back-story. He's a husband, a father to a young girl and in his eventual madness he eventually makes an orphan of his child. Actually, technically, you the player make an orphan of Gascoigne's child. All in all it's a pretty grim tale.


There have been theories, some more plausible than others, and they're certainly fun to bat around. But Dark Souls loremaster VaatiVidya has has his definitive say on what the hell Bloodborne is about. If you've got 30 mins, it'll open your eyes.