Big W Selling 500GB Xbox Ones With Several Games For $450

Big W Selling 500GB Xbox Ones With Several Games For $450

If you’ve been biding your time to jump on the current-generation console bandwagon, your moment has finally arrived. Big W is currently offering the Xbox One, along with several titles, including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, for the great price of $449.

This post was originally published on Lifehacker Australia.

Here’s the product page for the deal, from Big W’s website:

Gaming bundle includes:

Xbox One Console 500GB (Standalone) Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox One Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Download Code) Xbox One Assassins Creed Unity (Download Code) Xbox One Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag (Download Code)

If you don’t have anything against download codes over hard copies, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Postage for the console itself is also free, so no need to worry about that. And, as TRENT86 over at OzBargain points out, this deal is eligible for three months of Netflix, just to sweeten the pot.

There are some conditional savings to be had: wal990 on OzBargain says that the Woolworths staff discount is 10 per cent this weekend, so you can get this for closer to $400, while Regie69 noticed a $10 coupon to bring it down to $439.

Xbox One 500GB Console Bundle with 4 Games [Big W, via OzBargain]


  • Hmm, pondering whether it’s worth $400 to play Master Chief Collection and have the option of playing GoW Remastered and Halo 5. I haven’t played any of them on prior consoles. As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing else Xbox specific worth playing?

  • That is not bad. If I got it I would most likely sell the download codes of both AC games.

  • Nope still salty after they tried to cram online only garbage down our throats – only reason they changed their mind was they’d be in an even worse position than what they already are.

    That E3 presentation will make me skip ms this gen – doesn’t help that they have no exclusives that really draw me to the console, i can do without generic scifi shooter #224. Not sure i could say the same about uncharted and bloodbourne.

    • According to the pre E3 sabre rattling MS are going to be bringing a lot of Excluives to the table this year. The problem is Exclusive also includes timed exclusive. And PC isn’t counted.

      Microsoft may make a lot of mistakes, but generally they see the problem and correct it, they can still do that with the XB1.

      I consider that a crappy deal, 3 of those games aren’t something I’m interested in.

    • I like how everyone says that, the media was 100% sure sony had the exact same plans, but changed them due to community outrage – just never got to announce them because microsoft did first. A bunch of things point towards both of them originally having plans to do it, like EA removing their online passes.

      • Wouldn’t be surprised if true – it’s one hell of a bait and switch tho they deserve props just to pull it off :P. It’s not the only reason why i wouldn’t get a xbone but it definitely breaks the camels back.

    • I know you can spin it either way, but I love how the bitter folks insist that MS only changed their plans to make money, rather than to give consumers what they want.

      I also think it’s funny that people seem to have already forgiven Steam, even though they actually implimented a system that the majority of people seemed to hate, whereas Microsoft’s always online plan was canned months before the console’s release, and they still cop shit for it 18 months afterwards.

    • So they changed the part you didn’t like before ever implementing it & you were never going to buy it anyway because the exclusives aren’t to your liking?

      I hope you weren’t one of those outrage guys when they were still deciding what to do, or else you (and all the rest of the salty) cost me Family Sharing without ever intending on buying the console.

      • Yeah, family sharing would have been sweet. It probably would have encouraged my brother (and maybe others) to buy an Xbone, as he’d instantly have a decent collection without having to buy any games.

        And since at least half of my game collection is from games with gold, I have to be online to play them anyway.

        • Mhm. Now I just do the home sharing that you can do with just 2 x1s. I made my GFs x1 my “home” xbox and she gets access to my live privileges and all my digital games even when I’m online playing them. Thats as good as it gets now thanks to an angry internet that was never going to buy it.

      • I thought the family sharing was locked down tight – wasn’t it like an hour or two tops then they had the option to purchase? Was that ever debunked? You’d think MS would come straight out and say if it was.

        Link to article i was thinking of

        I don’t think family sharing would ever have had worked as 10 family/friends sharing full games permanently – the publishers just wouldn’t have a bar of it.

        EDIT: Just read the article! Appears MS debunked it but i’ll stand by what i said – i doubt it would have been available for all games.

        • Nope, family sharing was going to let 10 people in your friends list play as much as they wanted with the caveat that only 1 person could use the license at a time. So when I wanted to play it and hit “A” to start they would get pushed to dashboard. I will never get to see, but I assume that on the home screen there would have been some notification somewhere that someone else out of those 10 was using your license and you could send them a msg to get to a save or beware of losing it.

          That rumor turned out to be what the PS4 did for Far Cry 4. That limited time dealio. There was talk after that fact that ms were looking to also do the same limited time thing with specific games, but that would have run alongside the family sharing.

          Edit: The publishers reasoning was (for whatever reason) that most of the discs they sold would eventually change hands around 10 times. Obviously some more, some less. But publishers only ever saw any money from the first sale with the exception of the people that bought dlc. They figured that with the combinded data (players had to be online to use other players licenses, discs counted as a once off digital licences for a specified profile on and were forever on a means of data transfer) and advertising power (home screens and xbox store) they could help actually make more money. They could better target their audience (this guy/girl downloaded the last assassins creed from their friends license and played it for 40 hours, lets offer him the previous one on sale instead of him/her getting it from gamespot/eb/etc and actually make money from that, even if it wasnt the full retail sale). Some is better than none especially another nine times.

          It was a way to cut out those brick and mortars we all detest so much.

          • Ahh ok yer well i effectively get that via mailing discs back and forth. Honestly on my net its probably cheaper and easier games are approaching 50gig and i only have a 200gig cap.

            I’m not sure why they couldn’t have family sharing active now. There is no reason why they couldn’t implement that if they really wanted too. It would make your console online only tho (ie couldn’t play any digital games if not connected to the internet), but thats fine as the end user opt’s in – it’s not rammed down their throat. I’m not sure i want to cut the b&m stores out. Then there is no competition, that’ll eventually higher prices.

            To me the family sharing is comparable to the chick you denied and her saying something like “You don’t know what you missed out on – the shite i do, it woulda blown your mind…..”. 😀

  • I purchased a ps4.
    Piece of crap.
    Xbone with windows 10 coming out is going to be a lot better.

  • I have owned both console and can day that I personally perfer the ps4, I use to like xbox before the X1 os is sooo clunky (like really fking slow) and the ui is so limited and annoying to use

  • Splatoon + premium WiiU bundle for $359 is well worth it. I much prefer my WiiU over my PS4.

  • I have bought a new game console. Your decision to make a purchase different to mine angers me and I feel I must defend what I bought because if I’m not validated in the majority I will feel inferior.

    Seriously even if you don’t like any of these games, if you want an Xbox now (or soon) $450 is about the best you’re going to get (brand new anyways) and you can always flip those games and codes for about $30-50 all up. Shit if you’re a woolies employee you could just buy a few and resell them and make about a $50+ profit on each.

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