Kiss People Through Plastic This Weekend In Tokyo

Kiss People Through Plastic This Weekend In Tokyo
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Got plans for Saturday? If you’re in Tokyo, maybe you can go kiss strangers through acrylic plastic.

This isn’t a thing…yet. But the “acrylic kiss” (アクリルキス or “akuriru kisu”) has been featured on Japanese TV. In this article’s top image, you can see comedian Yuki Himura from the comedy duo Bananaman acrylic kissing pop singer Suzuran Yamauchi as part of a gag.

Oh dear.

And here you can see players from the Tokyo Yakult Swallows making out through plastic on Fan Appreciation Day.

[Photo: dbdoala kuro]

If you are interested in trying this and live in Japan, good news! As Kai-You and IT Media report, Tokyo club Edition is holding a mixer of sorts on May 23, which is apparently “Kiss Day” in Japan.

As previously noted, Japan has an array of non-national holidays (here and here), and May 23 is “Kiss Day.” Why? Because on May 23, 1946, the first Japanese film with a kiss scene was released.

The club expects around 250 men and women to register. The kissing rule is that after successfully finding someone you want to kiss (and who wants to kiss you — very important!), you both can acrylic kiss. Like so:

[Photo: 雄成 牧田]

Um. M’kay! It’s kind of like in movies when people kiss each other through glass? Kinda? Safe way to test someone’s smooching skills? Perhaps.

Also, Japanese news sites report that it doesn’t matter if you are a guy who wants to kiss a girl, a girl who wants to kiss a guy, a guy who wants to kiss a guy, or a girl who wants to kiss a girl. Whatever floats your plastic-kissing boat!

If you do plan on attending, be aware that there is a participation fee, and the event is restricted to people between the ages of 20 and 35.

Top photo: 2ch


    • Ahhhh pushing daisies, what an incredible show that was! You’ve got me itching to watch it again now.

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