Reminder: Destiny Is A Beautiful Video Game

With all the debates regarding the weapons, the raids, the balances, everything really — it's easy to forget that Destiny is just flat-out beautiful.

Reddit user CenturyEagle stitched these panoramic shots together and they're gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. It comes relatively close to replicating that feeling of just looking across the world in-game.

Destiny is a game made for panoramic shots. Beautiful skyboxes, brilliant composition. It doesn't hurt that these shots are superbly well put together. Love it.

You can and totally should check out all of these images here


    Its such a shame that the beauty of this game becomes so irrelevant because the whole game revolves around you repeating the same things over and over.

      I know what you mean, I loved Destiny but Warframe keeps adding extra content for free and ends up being far more interesting despite having some parts that look like complete ass.

      I agree, lasted about a week with it and traded it in. It feels like a bit of a dead world to me.

    Its beautiful for sure, but after looking at it after 50 hours of grinding it could not be more of a snoozefest.

    It’s beautiful in that ‘air-brushed playboy model’ kinda way.

    At first it looks like an amazing thing that you just want to dive into, but then you realise that a lot of it is just window dressing, and that even the bits you could in theory get to are actually rock-solid props…. After that you quickly get bored and decide you’d rather go to town on a much worse looking woman who has malleable bits and physics that are effected by gravity.

    Uhhhh…. Or something.

      Why no moon gravity on the moon?!

        Because the core of the moon was cracked open by the forces of the Hive demi-god Crota and now contains a space-time warping mind dimension his forces are using as a staging area to hunt the Traveller.

          I played the whole game, all 6 levels. I dont remember Tyrion Lannister ever saying that o.O

            Hahahaha... That would involve listening to his ramblings, but srsly, he's right, the raid involves you skipping into the bottom of the hellmouth and punching through the lamp area into a different dimension

      Destiny is like Pamela Anderson in a bikini, where it's all out there, all plastic and polished and for show, big party, bouncing around, whoop whoop, and then before long the novelty wears off and you're like "ah, that's all it is isn't it".

      Where Dark Souls and Bloodborne are like Angelina Jolie in a black turtle-neck. She ain't making it easy, she's not putting it all out there on the first night, but you know that once you eventually manage to get past those first few layers that its gonna be super worth it.

    I just wish you could explore more of the world. There's always something interesting on the horizon I want to go look at and explore, but it's impossible to reach.

    I agree - it was a very pretty game.

    It's a shame I couldn't get into the groove of it and got bored.....about to give my copy to my mate as I hope he might like it and have the time to play.

    I've also decided based upon the Destiny and MCC releases that i'll not buy a day-1 release or pre-order anymore. I'll wait for the reviews on Kotaku :D

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