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    Thunder and lightning rattle a group of TAYbies gathered in the haunted mansion at the top of the hill. Liondrive addresses the gathering.

    Lion: So you see, the ghost wasn’t a ghost at all, it was –

    He pulls a sheet off a figure beside him.

    All: Old man Jimu?!
    A group of TAYbies are dining in Baron Blaghman’s holiday villa. There is a moment of prolonged silence. Blaghman opens his mouth to speak, when –

    The door bursts open. Enter Powalen, covered in dirt, scratches, and fashionable diamond accessories.

    CJ: Powalen! We thought you were –

    Powalen: Dead? No! And I have returned from the diamond mines to reveal a most terrible truth! The Blaghman you see here…is an imposter!

    There are many gasps. Bish drops his monocle. Blaghman’s brow slowly furrows.
    Pants has an unfortunate extreme jetski accident. TAYbies are gathered around his hospital bed. A distraught Rocketman grabs Transient, who is apparently a doctor in this universe, by the lapel.

    Rockets: When will he wake up?!

    Transient: I’m sorry, but we don’t know. He…he might never wake up.

    Rockets: NOOOOOOOOO
    Rize playing saxophone in a jazz ensemble.
    Strange stands with her back to the edge of a tall cliff facing the ocean. A figure steps out from the shadows.

    Strange: Greenius! So you’re the one who shot Powalen!

    Greenius: Yes, it was I!
    SPONSOR ROLL. Shiggy riding a dolphin in the ocean, drinking Coke Life for no adequately explored reason.
    Freeze and Nobs in front of high school lockers.

    Freeze: DC’s been kidnapped…again!

    Nobs: And the prom’s tomorrooooow!
    Cakesmith drunkenly stumbling down a rainy city street. He falls to his knees and screams up at the sky.
    DC walks away from a gas station explosion.
    Red and Pixel sitting at a desk in a dimly lit room. Red slams his fist down on the table.

    Red: It’s over!

    Pixel: Over? No.

    Cut to black.

    Pixel: It’s only just beginning.

      I don't know what I read but it was amusing.

      You should have no pants more often. :P

      I like to believe that myself and Nob decide to go to prom together and discover that true love was right in front of us all along.

      *Cuts back to Imposter Blaghman, brow still furrowed*

      Blaghs: "So, you worked out what was wrong. I'll admit, the mistake with the petunias was foolish, but I assumed that nobody else would know."

      *slowly pours a glass of wine, then begins walking to the window*

      Blaghs: "Thankfully, my plan is already in motion. There is little you... there is little anybody could do to stop me. Now that the normal Blaghman has been... Hahaha. Hahahahaha. Taken care of."

      *Imposter Blaghman stares out the window at the ocean, takes a sip of wine. Pow walks into shot behind him, death in his eyes*

      Pow: "After everything I've been through, after what you've done to the real Blaghs, did you really think that we'd give up? Did you think that we'd lay down and take it? No. We might not stop your plan, but we can stop you!"

      *He begins to charge, as it cuts to a commercial break*


          This commercial brought to you by Mountain Dew! do do the dew dew!

    Morning, TAY.

    I was sick this weekend so I spent the whole time under a blanket playing games. So... a pretty normal weekend

    Got up at 5am to watch the Eurovision final on Sunday. Was pretty good! It's always much better watching it live. My favourites this year were Estonia and Slovenia. Neither did very well in the votes. Happens every year with my picks :P The winner was pretty good too though. Also Guy Sebastion nailed his song. Deserved that 5th place I think.

    Started playing The Last of Us finally as well. Pretty good so far. I was kinda disliking it at first because it felt like I wasn't playing most of it, just watching :P It's still a bit of an issue now but not as much. The environments are stunning and I like that they reward you for exploring. Areas are always that little bit bigger than they need to be to make them feel open but still linear which is good. Main thing I dislike is the amount of slow walking sections and cutscenes. There's gotta be a better way of telling a game story. Anyway, getting close to the end of the game now!

      Fantastic game. I've already played through it once on PS3 when it first came out, been in the mood for Post Apocalyptic Urban Decay recently so I'm re-playing it on PS4. Also didn't get to play through the Left Behind DLC the first time so there's that too.

      Also, I'm not one to cry over a scene in a game, but
      Goddamn if Joel's daughter dying at the start of the game doesn't get me every time.

      Naughty Dog is most definitely one of the best game developers around today, and somehow they don't feel the need to pump out a sequel every year.

        What point in the game is your spoiler from? Before I click it.

        It is a fun game when it gets going! Not sure I agree with the amount of hype it gets though to be honest, but I'm enjoying it. It's fantastic when it gives you a loose goal like 'get to the landmark' and you can take a number of routes to get there. Then it's pretty bad when it forces you into combat or purposely hides enemies from you in Listen Mode so they can get the jump.

        Not the best game ever but I like it.

          My spoiler relates to the start of the game, so you're safe.

          There was a crazy amount of hype around it. I played through it the middle of last year, so it was amongst the rejuvenated HD remaster hype, although i was playing the PS3 version. It was sometimes painful to be forced into combat i agree, but it allowed for a lot more stealth than any of their previous games, specifically the Uncharted games.
          I hated how the framerate tanked quite often in the game, they just pushed the system that little bit too hard.

          Also, I highly recommend watching The Road on Netflix. Fantastic film.

          Oh, and have I mentioned The Road. Everybody watch The Road.

            Oh man. The Road is devastating. And funny story - years back when the movie came out, went to go see it at the cinema. These two girls came into the screening, about five minutes late, carrying popcorn, soda, candy, everything. I was like, "Alright, not really a popcorn flick but maybe they missed dinner."

            Not even 15 minutes later, they both gave up and walked out. I have no idea if they accidentally walked into the wrong theater, or if they just didn't pay attention to the trailers, or poster, or description

              See, this is interesting... what properties of a film confer 'popcorn flick' status? Is it just not expected to eat anything at all with that type of film, or are some foods better with some films, like types of wine with types of meat?

              (I typically don't do popcorn - not gentle on the gut and there's always SO DAMN MUCH of it even in a small box that I can't finish, the kernel-skins always get caught in my teeth, and the Scotsman in me gives me a really hard time about unfinished food.)

              I totally dig eating maltesers or peanut m&ms in ANY film, though. And the cinemas are like the only times I ever get myself a pink&brown frozen coke mix.

              ...But I'm a bit of a barbarian, I'll drink any type of wine with any type of meat, too.

        Do you guys know any big studios that push out titles yearly without having multiple large teams working on the same franchise? I don't think it's really possible, given the workload in a normal development cycle.

        Naughty Dog are definitely the best around, they would be among the very few reasons i would buy a PS4.

        See, the most beautiful moment for me is late, late in the game

        I love the giraffes, and Ellie's reaction on seeing them

          I didn't say it was the most beautiful moment, but it's definitely the saddest (for me).

          Loved the scene with the Giraffes too.

          I have an original signed sketch of this :D

          OH. But I kind of hated how she's like, "They're so fucking awesome." I really really wished she hadn't sworn in that scene? Like, it felt too put on and just dumb :/

            Having sat on a bus with schoolkids recently, I'm not so sure.

      Oh man. That game is fantastic. I played through a significant amount on a 80 inch projection screen, with surround sound. Totally agree in regards to feeling rewarded for exploring, the areas are all a pretty nice size. Graphics and atmosphere are incredible, i really enjoyed the story telling elements, even if you forgo full control of the character for it.

    Guys, don't forget to pay @tech_knight if you are confirmed to go to Pax meat 2015!

    On another note, had a productive weekend

      *throws money at screen*

      Uh, why isn't he taking it? Some robot AI overlord he is.

        How do you know I haven't just wired it out of your bank account and you just don't even know it, human? Throwing money at screen can trigger it*

        *Throwing money at the screen does really nothing except for trashing your desk with $10 bills, this is why you always seem to find it.

      sdcdragonman[at]hotmail[dot]com is the address to go to, please put your TAYname in so I know who it's from.

    Saw a Telstra van on my street last week, the day my adsl line quality turned to crap. It has been a hard, hard few days with 40kb down and 4 up....

    I spoke to iinet, and they spared me jumping through all of the stupid hoops of blaming my end of things. Hopefully this is all sorted by the weekend so I can lay brightly coloured waste to the denizens of splatoon.

    Having no Netflix hurts. It hurts bad. Your sympathies, give the to me!


      Oh man, you're living the dream.

      how r u on 4mbps up on ADSL? does iinet support ANEXM?

    So, who's picking up Splatoon or Magicka 2 this week. I've already paid for Magicka and got Splatoon and the Amiibo's pre-ordered.

    Also, Game Of Thrones (the video game) Episode 4 tomorrow. WOOO!!!

      I didn't think I'd like the amiibo designs, but they are quite intricately detailed. The squid is my favourite by far, wish I could just get that one on its own.

      Hyped for the game, though! It's like a very light version of tribes. Many approves!

      Splatoon looks awesome. Also happy Nintendo is giving out a 10% discount to those who played the Testfire. That said, I have the Witcher 3 coming this week and I feel I mighn't surface for a while after that...

      I would love to play Splatoon, but i've got plenty to keep me busy for quite a while.
      The Witcher 3, GTAV, AC Black Flag & Unity.

    I found Dark Souls for $12 & started playing. It's quite good. It has a whole lot going for it outside of being hard.

    I wish the Witcher was as customisable, then I'd have probably made the combat work for me.

    Yes, I'm a cowardly sorcerer, kiting from the tree tops.

    Morning TAY! I spent most of the weekend recovering from a cold, so that meant I got into the Witcher 2 while waiting for 3 to come in the post. It has that rare ability to make me lose track of time, probably because everything takes so long. 10 hours in and I'm only level 11 and have defeated the first real boss!

    Had a pretty awesome weekend except for one shitty thing that happened, but I'll get to that later. First the good: Saturday I went to the farmers market again with my parents and had a pulled pork taco for breakfast. Then they took me shopping. Then we had lunch at the House of Spuds (Tassie's best potatoes by far) and I had curried scallops in mine. Then we went to visit my uncle and aunty and they invited me to stay and play games with my cousin. He showed me The Witcher 3 (which I'll be buying at some stage as it is amazing) and we played Mortal Kombat X until about 3.30(pm, not am). We then went to watch Mad Max: Fury Road, my second time although in 3D this time around, and I enjoyed it even more the second time.

    Sunday I went to church, then after church the youth/young adults group decided to have lunch together and then go for a walk. We walked from Duck Reach (the first power station in Australia) to the First Basin. It's quite a hard slog over some very rough terrain. I was exhausted by the time I finished, alone because I couldn't keep up, but fortunately one of my friends stayed and waited for me and gave me a lift home. When I got home I chilled for a bit and then went and made tea when I saw something moving on my kitchen floor. It was a leech, fully engorged. I killed it, not with fire (which I wish I could have done), but with salt. I then checked to find out where it had fallen from and the top of my foot was covered in blood. I was thoroughly creeped out for the rest of the night.

    TL:DR Mad Max:Fury Road is even better the second time. Leeches suck.

      Sounds like a great weekend. I'm soooo keen to see Mad Max! I keep hearing so many good things about it.
      The Witcher 3 is incredible, i'm getting so engrossed in the world and the lore. Actually kind of interested in reading one of the novels at some point.

        Yeah, The Witcher 3 wasn't really on my radar, but after experiencing the game for myself, it looks like a cross between Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim, and I think I have to buy it now. Probably when it's a bit cheaper (although $69 at Target is pretty great).

          It is a little bit. The horse can be a little bit clunky sometimes, Red Dead did a better job with their horse controls. What platform will you be playing on? I've seen a few cheap PC copies online.

            Playing on PS4. I have to finish Lego Marvel Superheroes, Alien Isolation and Final Fantasy Type-0 first before I get it.

          It's $59.99 on Greenmangaming, and they have a 27% off code for it up atm, but not sure for how much longer

            SAVE27-OFWITC-HERIII is the code btw.
            ok.. even a link!

            Last edited 25/05/15 7:33 pm

        The novels are fantastic, I'm almost through all the ones translated into English. They're pretty easy reads to so well worth picking up. Some stores have trouble keeping the books in stock so Amazon or Book Depository is your friend

        Mad Max is one of those films that totally lives up to the hype. I haven't heard anybody say anything bad about it, except one of my work colleagues and his family. They all hated it, but on the other hand they all loved Taken 3 (sorry, Tak3n), so they have zero credibility when it comes to films.

          Yeah i literally haven't heard a bad word about it. That doesn't happen often, usually my friends are so divisive about films they like.

      At least leeches are polite enough to inject you with anaesthetic before they eat you. Unlike mosquitos or other bitey things.

    Interesting day for D&D. Had a Warmachine tournament on at the same time, but decided to go to D&D instead as I'm getting sick of the meta and players. First fought some savage gnomes that made us blind, then had to reattach a fallen down bridge over a canyon over a snowy mountain range with violent winds. The damn dwarf stepped on an started to fall off, only for the chaos mage, full of chaos casting teleport with the aid of chaos (he actually can't cast teleport yet) teleported everybody and rolled bad on the mishap. But everybody turned out fine. My characters weren't around for this, so the other players were giddy watching me cross the bridge, apparently hoping I would fall and die.

    Then we had to look for the dwarf as he was the only one who teleported away and found him (now a her) being taken advantage of by dwerger. Then the chaos mage downed some chaos to cast wish to erase out minds of that horrible event.

    The next day we were attacked by 150 dwerger and savage gnomes. The damn dwarf wanted to keep swinging, and we were all saved by a flying Solar Angel. The chaos mage called him out and he turned the dwarf back into a male.

    We then arrived in the dwarven capital city where we hanged out for a few days before being summoned to a hearing with hundreds of clans watching us. I was happy to see my first character there in the crowd since I still blame his death on the other characters.

    Then the hi-priest had the dwarf (and my dwarf) recount what has happened to him during his travels (although he left out the parts where he murdered children).

    Then the DM threw a plot twist at us... that made me check out. He revealed that his name and clan was wrong as they put him in hiding. He was actually the rightful king to the dwarfs.
    Ok, first problem I had with this is that now I don't care about the story. Because now the story is forcing me to care. What am I going to do, say no to the king? He is now controlling the story.
    Second problem I had is that this was given to a problem player. The guy who keeps running into trouble and expecting us to follow. The guy who attacked innocent minors and miners.
    Third problem is that now the campaign is over if this guy dies. Considering he's almost died multiple times (and has gotten a character killed) I don't see him lasting long.
    Fourth problem is, I don't really like his character. He's so generic and bloodthirsty. Choosing death and violence as his solution to everything. Ignores all thoughts of strategy as it's "not dwarven".

    Then the DM tossed something my way. He asked my first character (who's a dwarf cleric of Moradin) if he will accept the kings new clan name and become his hi-priest. Everybody thought that would be awesome.

    ...then I said no.

    All the players started freaking out. The DM had characters question and prod him why he would turn down the role. Combined with the above reasons, he died at level 4. Story wise I don't see what makes him so special. He wanted me to be guidance for the king. The same guy who ignored him all the time and threatened to attack him to let him do what he wants.

    The DM just shrugged and said if his name will be written down in dwarven history, it will be a line as the idiot who turned down the role of a lifetime. The same role that I would expect my character to not have access to until level 20.

      DnD seems like something that would be great fun if everyone operates on the same kinda wavelength but horrible if they don't.

        Oh yeah.

        Our unspoken agreement with D&D back at uni was that you're the A-team- you're fundamentally a team and working together for a shared goal.

        So it was to our abject horror that the GM's boyfriend entered playing a rogue, trying to kill other PCs in their sleep for their loot. Let's just say that my Druid almost ended up with a new topiary feature for his garden.

          I only found something out last night when a particular (other problem) player was out getting his pizza. Apparently he's been talking to one of the other players with his plan to demand a dual with my character in order to steal her noble title.

          ...because it really is that simple...

            When D&D devolves into PvP, someone is always going to lose out and that's simply not fun. Unless everyone is on board with the idea or the game actively encourages it (Paranoia for instance), PvP often results in players playing out their frustrations against each other.Plus it's a real kick in the group trust as a whole.

              PvP is lame. Roleplaying hitting another character is fine, I even attempted to smash the elf into the cave wall twice, first because he was deliberately trying to get the dwergers attention when we were trying to save the dwarf (most likely resulting in his neck getting cut) and then for saying inappropriate stuff to her after she got violated.

      DM calling a player stupid for not doing what they wanted them to do.

      Sounds like a bad DM

        Yeah, seems like railroading.

          Choo choo.

          Yeah, that DM seems like blatantly trying to force a set story on the players which sucks because the story sounds bad. I don't mind railroading if the story and the game is actually fun and enjoyable.

            Nah, he's been making everything up as we go. He never pre-plans any session. It's actually made another player annoyed at his actions because he actually pre-wrote the campaign.

              Improvising as a GM is really, really hard to do well.

              I've done it a few times, but never for something high stakes, and I've always known where I want the session to end up. Throwing "You are the king" into something seems really, really ill conceived.

                He kinda set it up prior when the dwarf learned his name wasn't real.

                  FWIW, with what your group sounds like, a "baser instincts" campaign is what I'd run. Loot tombs, stomp necromancers, make the villains personally insult players so the party is united in their "we want to kill this guy"-ness. None of this prophecy or hidden kings shit. Kick arse, take names, get rich, or die trying.

        Oh, I made it sound bad. Based on what he thought my character was, and considering the position, he (and everybody else) thought my character would jump at the idea. He stated that denying that position has never been done before and that's most likely would be his legacy.

      Lol sounds like you've got a pretty shocking group of players there dude =p My condolences.

      Is the group playing 4E? That might be the rationale behind offering a 4th level character a high priest position since 4E characters are generally heroes/more powerful than average even early on. Otherwise, that just seems weird.

      Your group seems kinda weird. Are there any other sane players aside from you? All I'm seeing is you, Lulz Chaos mage, and Generic Murderhobo Dwarf #123 which doesn't sound like a a fun experience whatsoever.


      found him (now a her) being taken advantage of by dwerger

      that GM has some issues. I personally would not treat player characters in any way shape or form like that unless the group as a whole agreed that such topics were comfortable to have in game. I already felt that my game with the Ogrekin was about as far as I was willing to go considering it still kinda felt like stepping on that line of social acceptability. It's a very difficult area in a game and everyone has different boundaries on what they want to include in a RPG while still having fun.

        I didn't even catch that line, but yeah, that's tonally way off where I GM.

        The closest I'd get to that would be Blaghs in Barrowtown.

        It's 5th, which is a version we all enjoy playing.

        The Chaos Mage's reason for everything is, 'For science!'. Before this character he had a thief whose flaw was, 'I forget the plan I'm told and if I do remember I don't follow it correctly'. It reached a point where we couldn't have him watching the group as we slept as we were attacked when he wandered off. He would roll dice to determine if he would follow the party. That's how he died with my character. I was slaughtering zombies and he rolled his dice and kinda just, wandered off. The halfling followed him to make sure he didn't die, then the elf, and I didn't want to be left alone since that's the easiest way for characters to die.

        The dwarf is being played by a newbie, he's taking everything literal, including his characters flaws, goals, etc. His elf hates dwarfs and civilisation and his dwarf hates elfs and anything evil. He usually pulls out the book to justify his characters actions. The DM informed him that the gnomes we fought were enemies of the dwarfs and he demanded the DM explain himself so that he could 'play his character'.

        The other problem player is playing a half-elf, but a total asshole. Only concerned about himself and will throw everybody else under the bus. He regularly encourages other players to do stupid stuff just so that he can laugh at them. He keeps trying to steal the spotlight and believes the campaign should be focused on him.

        The last player is also new to D&D but she didn't pre-wrote her character. The DM has given her stuff to deal with and aside from cutting off a few penis's she's usually pretty good. Only problem she's having at the moment is a reason to follow the campaign in it's current direction.

        As for the DM, all the players are ok with it. He regularly encourages us to speak up if we have any problems with what's going on. At the moment we all agree that we should be punished for our stupid acts and he doesn't go into detail about what's happening.

          That's a whole mess of problems. Some ideas:

          Chaos mage and half-elf arsehole: If they're acting out like that, sounds like they're bored, though the kick-the-hornets-nest player is a common D&D thing (And I've occasionally done that, even as recently as last pathfinder session where I decided not to hide with the rest of the party and hail the mariachi orc band). The GM should give them a side project to be obsessed with, whether it's collecting pieces of a giant machine (for science) or similar.

          Take the book off the problem player. That may be how it is in the book's world, but not in our (read: the world we're creating with the DM) world. Or, the splatbook is obviously propaganda written by villain x to sow dissent between the races.

            Funny thing is, that's exactly what's happening. The mage and asshole talk with the DM of what they're characters are doing outside of sessions or via texts onto his phone. They're not talking with the party on what they want or their goals. Even if the DM is trying to encourage roleplaying.

            The other player has mersmerized the books. That's plural because he's been reading other edition books to get an understanding of dwarfs and the world. He's even been pointing out stuff like, 'Avoid this nation, they kill everybody non-human on sight!'. Even drew up a map of the world.
            I keep telling him that it will always be up to the DM, but the other problem is that the DM plays a lot of things straight from the book. If an enemy isn't equipped with a weapon in the book then they're not fighting with one.

              If you're having this many problems, have you talked with the DM about it?

              It's a dirty little secret in the RPG community but: Bad Roleplaying is worse than No Roleplaying. You're investing a lot of time into these campaigns, and if you're not enjoying it it's really not serving yourself.

                The DM and I regularly talk about the problems with the group and how we're trying to get everybody to work together. Regularly thanking me for making the smart decisions and trying to keep everybody alive.

                  Other option too is to take a session off as a group and play something like Fiasco that lets people act out their silliest RPG impulses.

                  Also, play Fiasco, because it's awesome.

            The book part is a problem. 5E is focused all around Forgotten Realms which can be tricky because they haven't yet provided the new scenarios and ground rules for places like Eberron, Dark Sun, Greyhawk, etc. D&D as a whole can have so many different settings that to have a player try and use the rules to justify his/her actions in a setting where the rules might not even apply is a bit weird and can get really tiresome really quickly.

            Regarding acting out, while it's enjoyable for the player it's important to keep in mind that it's a shared experience. I kinda regret my actions in one series of games where I knew the DM and one other player but I didn't know the other three. I was having fun by purposefully making a series of bad decisions and a bad character in general but I spoke to one of the players I didn't know that well later down the track and he was surprised that no, I wasn't actually a prick in real life. That put things in perspective for me and I don't be so LOL random when I play with people I don't know.

            (For reference, I was playing a Trandoshan in Star Wars that was all about honour and personal glory but was an idiot because he lost his family's ceremonial sword. So he went into combat with a customised metal pole and tried to go toe-to-toe with a Rancor. A mighty 1d6 + Str bonus was his damaged while standard blaster rifles were 3d6. Yeah, to say I was frustrating for everyone else was an understatement.)

    Decided to do a new Dark Souls co-op run on Saturday.
    Since I've been a bit overdue on my Master Race experience, this meant that I spent half the day rearranging and rewiring the setup, modding, adjusting settings, readjusting settings to minimum for my wheezing old machine, adjusting other settings that crashed summoning, but then once it worked we had a lot of fun.
    (And @greenius, now that I've wired my speakers back in, rocksmith will actually work since the guitar conflicted with other USB sound devices - my headphones. Keen to start slotting this into my routine since I really want to learn some classic silverchair songs)

    Also Eurovision'd a lot, our favourite was Belgium. Turns out my votes never went through since I didn't get confirmation messages back.

      A friend of mine sent a text vote in, and sat there happy in the knowledge that he'd participated in the Eurovision democracy.

      After voting closed he got a reply saying he'd sent it too early and that it didn't count.

        I never got any replies. Didn't realise that was an issue until Pip voted Sunday morning and got confirmation back.

    On the weekend I went on a hunt for a copy of Puss in Boots for PS3, since my copy, which arrived on Friday from EB Games online store, was not recognised by my PS3. Luckily I found an EB store at North Sydney with a copy in stock and so was able to save the weekend. My daughters were very happy :-)

    Also, made scones, went ice skating, ate some nice Malaysian food at Papa Rich's (he's Rich for a Reason), checked out EB Games's new Zing store (not that awesome), finished Velocity 2X, started Danganronpa, almost finished GTAV mopping up, watched Star Wars Episode I with the kids (they don't hate Jar Jar... wtf?), played some more MGS4 and got drafted into the choir at church...

      Zing was great when it first opened here but they ended up removing a lot of the cooler more fringe stuff and is now 95% stocked by Adventure Time, Minecraft and Mario.

        Yeah, I saw a few cool boardgames but most of it was Minecraft, Nintendo and Funko Pop vinyl figurines. They had an entire wall of Funko Pop figurines but no Project Diva figurines ffs. What's worse is that they apparently can't order in stuff for you. They are dependent on what head office decides they can stock. I told the manager what I thought of his crappy store and bid him good day.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Dead weekend. Went to a friend's birthday on Friday, good to catch up with old school friends. Other than that, did N O T H I N G- slow cooked a curry on Saturday then played computer games for two days straight. Put some time into Destiny with @masha2932 and mt friend Adi, and then Fallout New Vegas brought me back into it's loving embrace. Spoiler if anyone cares

    I'm still playing my run as Forrest Gump, though he's turned into some sort of speech savant- basically I'm maxing my speech check so I can talk my way out of everything despite having 1 intelligence. I'm pretty much following the NCR right down the line, so I've just reached Hoover Dam and started the quests up there, but I want to do as much as I can before doing anything to the Legion. Not that they make it easy to avoid killing the legion at that point.

    A Monday Morning Question: Fallout 4 is rumoured to centre on Boston. Where would you like to see a Fallout game set?

    Last edited 25/05/15 9:54 am


      Wouldn't even have to change anything and set it present day.

      Last edited 25/05/15 9:59 am

        Can confirm

          You could put dashcam footage of your drive to the train station next to Fury Road and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

      I am totally okay with Boston. I hope there's accent. ARE YOU A CAWP? ARE YOU A CAWWWWP? WICKAD DAHK.

    TAY... I did it... I took the leap and called in sick so I could keep playing the Witcher!! GAAHHH What has this game done to me?!

      If anyone asks, it's given you the flu, that's what it's done to you.

      I'm so in love with Witcher 3. Now level 11, I've finally figured out the combat enough to be a complete and utter sword-fighting beast. I'm now just running around looking for bandit camps to refine my 'slaughter fifteen dudes in five seconds' technique. There's something beautiful about parrying back arrows at their shooters and killing them with it. Figuring out how potions and oils work now has allowed for some pretty hairy but manageable fights with beasts over twice my level. I should probably increase the difficulty again, but I'm kind of digging the power rush for now.

      Game is turning out to be played best with no loading to take back decisions which turned out poorly. Makes for a much more interesting world! And picking up contracts then doing them straight away, just making sure to explore off the sides of the roads that you travel along to get to your contract points, as opposed to rushing around exploring all the question marks and anything that looks like it might be a map feature. Doing that is an excellent way to miss out on initial investigation dialogue by stumbling across the clues and dealing with them on the spot. :P

      Just loving taking it slow, enjoying the horse-rides, drinking in the high-res visuals. STUNNING weather effects.

        Yeah, it's so damn captivating. I'm completely immersed in the world, exploration, the story... SO GOOD.

        I'm gonna call it: for me, this game is better than Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I loved!

        I agree about not looking at the world map. Far more fun to stumble upon things and tidy up the loose ends you missed later.

        Last edited 25/05/15 10:46 am

          Knowing East from West and knowing the geography from walking it instead of from a map is actually helping keep my from getting turned around. Some surround-sound via headphones helps, too, when you can hear where the sea is.

        Yeah i'm loving it too. This will probably be my GOTY. With that in mind i've been savoring it, no need to rush through quests or dialogue, unlike some RPG's, it's all well written and makes sense within the world itself. I love reading the notes and things you find, it doesn't ever feel like busy work to me. I'm currently level 4, so haven't really experienced that much content yet. I'm really just so impressed by the quality of it all.

        Agree with Trans, the PC visuals are very impressive. I'm playing with Nvidia Hairworks on and the first big fight with the Griffin was really impressive, and a good challenge. Wish i had a 1440P monitor to play this on, 1080P will suffice though.

        And goddamn some of these side quest!! These things would count as main stories in some other RPG's!! I'm absolutely loving the moral grey that this whole world is painted in =] I've just hit 11 myself and I'm cleaning up all the quests in Velen before thinking about moving on. It's a rare game that makes you want to stick around in an area and explore everything; unlike the Hinterlands in DA:I

        Edit: Also if you're a Witcher 2 vet definitely crank the difficulty up to the 3rd or 4th tier. Additionally like a Kotaku article said don't take the regen of health outside combat perk, it really makes the fights fun when the damage carries on with you =]

        Last edited 25/05/15 7:37 pm


    Undad hit its funding target on Friday afternoon! To the TAY folk who have pledged, thank you!

    It's not too late to get involved, though, and strike out for our first stretch goal: if Undad raises $1,000,000, I will personally drive a gilded death mobile around Australia to meet every backer personally.

    For everyone who pledged to the previous campaign, I bought all the postal supplies today, and will be posting the books out first thing tomorrow morning. \o/

    In other news, there is no other news. Undad has completely and utterly taken over my life.

      I'll pledge $1 million only if you promise to pick up some Maccas on your way to mine :P

        We'll need to raise $1,000,010 to make it happen. SECOND stretch goal!

        Last edited 25/05/15 10:44 am

          *raises hand* Oh, some Maccas for me, too. Sorry everyone.

            That's it. Just pushed the goal out into 'unreasonable' territory. *cancels all plans, cancels Undad*

              *munches McDonalds*
              *stares mournfully at Steam pile of shame to fill the UnDadless time*
              It's just not the same... what have I done?

              (THE REAL MONSTER IS MAN.)

    So I ended up getting The Witcher 3 on PS4. I had ever intention on getting it on PC along with a new graphics card, and the main reason I didn't is because the only shop that sold computer parts in the entire big shopping complex I went to closed 2 hours before all the other shops. Got my copy from Target. Still find it amazing they're selling a brand new release game that comes with some extra stuff for only $69. Anyway I spend most of the weekend playing that. It's pretty fun.

    I tried playing some of Destiny's House of Wolves expansion but couldn't really get into it. I'm mainly interested in the story now rather than raiding or any of that other gear treadmill stuff, and while the story has improved it still didn't really grip me. The first mission had me shooting my way through a place that I'm 90% I've shot my way through before, and then ended with me huddled in a corner and slowly picking off waves and waves of enemies. It just didn't feel like there was any substance to any of it.

    Saw Fury Road last night. Amazing movie. I'm surprised that something that's basically two hours of driving and shooting managed to actually have a decent story and characters you cared about.

    Hey, has anyone else seen this game? First I've heard of it.
    Sorry, wrong link. Ugh. RIGHT LINK IS UP!

    Last edited 25/05/15 11:09 am

      ...WTF, Japan?!

      Last edited 25/05/15 11:20 am

      I feel strangely compelled to play it, curious of what other ways you could make it look like suicide.

        I feel the same. Apprently the aim of the game is to get senpai to notice you.

      I think there was actually a Kotaku article about it... seemed like some kind of yandere madness. Quest tasks involved hiding the body, cleaning up the blood, and burning the clothes/evidence.

      Like a suuuuuuuper creepy version of Hitman meets Viscera Cleanup Detail meets anime.

        How did I miss it?

          Well, unlike Witcher 3 which has probably got about forty Kotaku articles, this one seems pretty low-budget and the animation/textures are a bit low-rent, so it only got one that I know of. I'll look it up... see if I can find it.

          Here we go:

        That actually sounds like it could be interesting.

      Yandere Simulator! Kill all the girls that might stop Sempai from noticing me.

    Well I survived my deviated septum operation, all in all it was pretty easy but some bits were fairly unpleasant.

    The operation was actually perfectly fine and there's not been much pain from it but the recovery stuff was a bit nasty. I ended up having what was effectively medical tampons that were about 10cm long that went from nostrils to sinuses up each nostril and it was the most full my nose has ever felt and until I figured out how to swallow with my mouth open (you can add your own joke there) it caused a big pressure shift that usually triggered a light bleeding. The relief in having the bloody things removed was almost indescribable. I've had both nostrils blocked with blood before and had it come out as a long ribbon which cleared my sinuses amazingly and it felt brilliant having 100% clear airways but it pales in comparison to this. That said, I'm never having those fucking things up my nose again no matter how good it felt having them removed. Funny thing with the hospital stay was how long it took to get me into a bed, they had to look for an especially long one since I'm gigantic, even then I had to ask them to take the foot off the bed so I could lay down properly, I was sitting there for an hour or so while they found one.

    I can nearly taste things again so I'm recovering reasonably quickly but fuck me the huge dry blood clots perching halfway up each nostrils is getting annoying, I really want to get some tweezers and pull them out but I have to leave them and just keep washing them with the saline spray, they end up softening and coming out with tissues but it's not nice to feel. Here's a photo of me with the blood soaking pad things on, I can't decide if I look more like a cat or a mouse. Probably more like a bloke with sponges taped to his face.

      ...Good to hear that it went well, though.

      Here's hoping there's a noticeable quality of life improvement in the coming months!

        I hear that getting oxygen into the brain is considered a good thing.

        I'm REALLY wishing that I could blow my nose though, so much mucous...

      Blood ribbons. I feel that those are worth putting up with a deviated septum so you could sit next to kids on the bus and just start pulling one out of your nose and tell them about the horrors of picking your nose.

      My expectations of blood ribbons are probably way off the mark

        Not that far off really. Long, thick and semi-dried blood & snot that's just strong enough to pull out as a continual string if you get a good grip on it

      Good to hear the op went well alias; hope the recovery does the same!

    Work is really boring at the moment. Completely dead. So I got bored and start flicking through old comments I made to shudder at what I was like years ago.

    I completely forgot about TAYTV being a thing. How does it hold up after several years? Still relevant? Horribly outdated? Accessible to the youth of today?

    Lets find out.

    TAYTV prime time showings:

    Blagh’d! Hidden camera show with people just talking. When they get a fact wrong Blaghman busts in and corrects them. Then a person jumps up, points and screams “YOU JUST GOT BLAGH’D!” I propose this be an hour and a half to two hour long show showing three times a week with a weekly best of recap on Sundays.

    XBN with Sir Greenius. All the latest on Xenoblade followed by a half hour sales pitch. Ratings will be poor as everyone keeps promising to watch but few do.

    The Ruffleberg Report. A Fox style hard hitting current affairs rant show with an angry host telling you why today’s games are going to be the ruin of society. Each episode will end with a piece in an older game and how much better it was designed then now.

    Scree’s Suited-up Sorry Show. Each episode Scree shows off a new cosplay suit with sewing tips. She then starts apologizing profusely for the last 10 minutes.

    Why I Hate The Humans. Tech Knight hosts a home video show featuring clips of the lowest, most vile and scummiest behavior humans are capable of. Still funnier then Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.

    Good Morning with Chuloopa. Morning show that has segments demonstrating the latest and greatest in wang and wang related technologies. Rest of the show is reports on the best of 9gag.

    That’s My Pez! A Eddie Murphy style “comedy” where every character is played by Pez. Each episode ha a special guest appearance by Cakesmith, who shouts a clever insult catch phrase to riotous applause from the live audience.

    Bedtime Funtime Storytime. Jordi reads her stories featuring all the children’s favourite characters. Suggest late night time slot to avoid mid pilot axing.

    Trojan. A Maury Povich style talk show where Trjn has guests come on who have problems. He then calmly explains that they are wrong and why. Has a weekly segment of This Weeks Top 10 Hilarious Starcraft Strategies alternated with The Best Of Reddit.

    The Shane W Smith Power Hour. Shane lounging on a pile of velvet cushions, staring smokily into the camera while saying “” in a throaty whisper at different camera angles for the entire hour. Occasional pause to give away a game.

    Bat Cakes. A romantic comedy starring Batgirl and Cakesmith as they raid ancient undiscovered libraries and bakeries. Watch as Batgirl shiver as she rubs herself all over with the books and Cakesmith puts them in his bag and never looks at them again. Laugh at the constant bickering and witty banter between the two.

    McGarnical Shore. The worst show on TV. Reality show following McGarnical and his dog as he expresses unpopular opinions and feeds trolls. For some reason is ridiculously popular. Has an unusual and questionable relationship with a small boy named Billy.

    The Strange Ways. A Better Homes and Gardens style show hosted by Strange. She instructs on all the tips and tricks of sewing, cooking and child rearing all to the driving rhythms of the heaviest metal existing. Tonight Strange has some tips for getting unruly kids away from your game collection. Special guests Cannibal Corpse show you how to crochet some beautiful doll cardigans and Five Finger Death Punch have a scrumptious recipe for Blueberry and Oatmeal Muffins.

    Harls and the P.I.G. A buddy cop show starring Harli as the jaded veteran of the force who has been teamed up with the wise cracking, rule breaking, anthropomorphic penicl pig, P.I.G. Each week they somehow manage to put aside their differences and solve the hardest cases that no one can, from who stole the TAY cookies to just who is the real Shane/Fabio.

    Shiggy’s Ultimate Celebrity Cook-off Challenge. Iron Chef style show hosted by Shiggy where failed reality TV stars compete in a cook off. Each week there is a “surprise” ingredient which is always bacon. Contestants get bonus points for shouting the loudest. Winners receive a 30 second guest spot on That’s My Pez!

      This needs an update for contemporary TAY.

        I definitely want an update. In fact, I think I wanted one back when my Power Hour was announced :P

        Upcoming TV Show

        Negative Jimu

        @negativezero and @jimu host an At The Movies style JRPG review show but with slightly less bile and deep seated hatred of each other than David and Margaret. Most episodes end with Neg walking off set and Jim shouting profanity laden and poorly pronounced rants rants about the superiority of retro handhelds into the camera.

          Sounds like every discussion we have on Twitter.

            I have to disagree, Davi...Neg.

              I guess there are times we agree.

                hey, we both love the same genre.

                I think it's pretty telling really, there's a lot more to JRPGs than the media is bothered to admit.
                they lump a fairly varied mix of similar genres in together because they're made in the same country.

                There's definitely similarities but the differences between Shin Megami Tensei & Tales are night & day.

                  True. SMT and Tales share a common ancestor (Wizardry) but comparison-wise they're a long way apart - SMT much closer to the dungeon crawler source, Tales having evolved much later.

              I love that you're Margaret in this version.

                It came naturally.

                Neither of us are quite as positive as David though. More like two Margarets

      I got Blagh'd the other day. Was discussing Red Dead and the Wild (Wild) West with a friend, and I made a comment about "Ye Olde Towne", which he hastened to point out was wrong. I of course agreed with him, since the pronunciation of every letter was an old/middle English thing, not the modern English they would have used in the Ol' West.

      He then pointed out that the "Y" in that form of "Ye" was actually a thorn, so of course the pronunciation is "th". Then I cried internally while attempting to save face by crying externally.

      Last edited 25/05/15 12:02 pm

        Your friend must watch QI

          He does, but he's also a huge geek and his mother's an English teacher, so I'd give it even odds as to whether he learned it from the show or not.

      Occasional pause to give away games is what caused me to upvote

    Wow, there are some long posts today :D

      We're all hoping that either Fled or Batguy drop in to do a TABTOL, and we want to make sure that our average word counts are as ludicrously high as possible.

      Whether or not that's a preferable option to everyone just spamming inane shit in the interest of getting our post count up is a matter for discussion. A discussion that I'm sure this is the perfect forum for, an event that is hardly a cowinkydink (I was tempted to keep waffling on for as long as I could, but I'm way too lazy for that, so instead I'll just pad my word count with this parenthetical comment).

        I see

          Do you? Do you really?

            I like to think I do.

            You think I missed something? D:

              I'm going to be honest, I was hoping for "no" to be your answer as an attempt to retain your previous brevity.

      It's setting a new standard for this week's Game of Thrones recap, I tell you what.

    Welp, Dark Heresy happened on the weekend.

    I'm going to snare my players soon, I just know it. They've realised that blowing up all of their problems works in a fashion but they can't counteract the overall big evil Chaos problem unless they find some more information. So they'll be venturing into a seemingly abandoned promethium drilling platform that the psyker has already sensed it is swarming in Nurgle-afflicted corpses and flies. And the platform is on unstable ground and leaning like the Tower of Pisa. And the players are already looking to split the party while the techies figure out the security systems. Excellent.

    Also that time when you provide a random symbol to the party and they point out that it already looks very heavily like the symbol of Khorne. Goddamn geometry. Screw it, it's totally what I planned okay. *shifty eyes*

    Katamari fans, I need a hand (not literally).

    I'm trying to figure out if I should add Odeo to my collection of katamari bookmarks.
    I have already made Prince, Ichigo, Nik, Dipp and Foomin. On the list of to be made is L'amour, Marcy, Marny, Miso, Odeko and Nickel. I don't want any of the new faces, as I don't really know them <-Images of the cousins with names.

      I considered myself a Katamari fan until I read this post :p

        I am a fan and I'm only learning the names now. =P

      I think you've got enough of the cousins.

      I'd like to see the King of all Cosmos.

        Yes, he's also on the list and the queen, but I wanted to do some more cousins (I'm enjoying it)

    What's the deal with the eb website?

    Every time I look up a game now, it says please find in store, I follow the link through & every time it claims there are none in my area & to call & ask.

    So as a test, I searched in different postcodes , same answer.

    Also, if it's available on the website, it cockblocks my ability to search for a store copy (credit cards leave a trail my wife can see).

    I'm looking for Demons Souls by the way, seems also good & is $23.

    Guys guys guys! Have you all read The Martian? The book by Andy Weir? I know I've totally raved about the book on here, and then ranted a bit about Matt Damon being cast as the lead character (still have my hesitations) BUT they posted some on-set photos today and I am sooo excited:


    Also, I painted by bike at the weekend. Woo!

      I should read that, it was pretty well received from memory

      Man, I want to read this book. Next up is The Road... then maybe this!

        The Road you can almost read in a sitting.

          I'm a notoriously slow reader! I have carved three months into my reading schedule! :P

          Edit: Actually I can read pretty fast, but when it comes to fiction I spend a lot of time trying to picture every detail and take it all in. Takes time. D:

          Last edited 25/05/15 12:32 pm

            Yeah, but it's still less than 300 pages.

            McCarthy is a unique prose stylist. Very little punctuation, and The Road none of the characters are even named, they're all "the Man" or "the Boy"

            Same, I've still got roughly 100 pages to go of The Great Zoo Of China, which I started back in November last year (iirc) and is only 500 odd pages.

            Last edited 25/05/15 12:35 pm

              My current long reading list occupier is War and Peace.

              Started it in the start of 2013. Still halfway through.

              I think I need to abandon it and restart, but that hurts, that's more that 700 pages invested in a great, great book, but it's just been too long.

              The other ten books I'm partway through aren't nearly that long in the tooth.

                Before reading The Great Zoo Of China I had two attempts at starting A Game Of Thrones, got to roughly page 180 before stopping on the second attempt because I wanted to watch the TV show and couldn't wait till I'd finished all the books that are currently out.

                Before that I was reading The Gunslinger (the first book in The Dark Tower series) which is only around 220 pages, got halfway through before I stopped and just never got back to it. Got the whole set on my shelf, so I really should finish off The Great Zoo Of China and start back on that series again.

                Also got a whole bunch of others I haven't started including the first two books of The Wheel Of Time series.

                  Wheel of Time :D I just started reading it again as I have all of the books over here except the first one as that's with my sister back home but I just bought a copy a couple of weeks ago. After reading Steven Erikson and getting half way through A Game Of Thrones, The Wheel Of Time is ridiculously easy to read. That's not me saying that it's light on content, absolutely the opposite, but the way that Jordan wrote was just so free flowing that you're 100 pages in before you know it

      Did you paint your bike with the blood of your bikie enemies? D=

        Pretty sure that goes without saying!

        Of course I did. They must have been royals though.

          Wait... does that mean your bike is now blue? Or purple?
          (If purple, please tell me there's some Saints Row references in there.)

            Blue :D

              Awh. I liked it as it was, from the pics I saw... but I'm sure you done good. Pics?

              Blue would certainly stand out from the typical black/silver look.

                Once it's all cleaned up and detailed, I'll take some :D

      I'll wait for the film.

      Just looked at the cast and Sean Bean is in it. Wonder how long into it he lasts before he dies.

        No, seriously the book is SO GOOD. Like, holy crap good. It reads like an action movie, you know? And the main character, Mark, is just - oh man, you want to be his best friend.

    Adding to my story, one of the problem players (the one playing the half-elf who keeps stealing identities) is regularly on his phone during sessions. While nobody minds someone using it a few times, he's usually on it all day. We regularly keep telling him to put it down.

    When he went out for pizza he left his phone in the house and missed a phonecall. Annoyed, one player locked it and turned it silent while another player threw it into his room. When he did eventually find it he demanded he be told who silenced it. When she confessed he just screamed at her for making him miss work. Causing the DM to yell at him to shutup.

    Ok, first problem. He was bragging that he had not slept all night and has been up for 24 hours, being a bouncer on no sleep does like a terrible idea.
    Second problem, he left his phone at home, so he missed the phonecall anyway!

    Reposting from Old TAY:

    I got all my old Anime DVDs out of storage and I want to get rid of as many as possible. Here's a huge stonking great list of them! Mostly stuff that's now about 5-15 years old.

    I'm wanting to get rid of most of these. I'll part with anything but there's a few I've marked with *, these are ones that are pretty special to me for various reasons so I'd only part for them for a really good offer. The others I'm not really expecting to get a lot for. A lot of them I got in cheap fire sales from the US when they were clearing stock to make way for box sets, or when companies like Geneon and ADV went bankrupt and had to clear out old inventory, so they don't have a lot of sentimental value to me.

    If I've marked something as 'incomplete' then it means I don't have all of the series or season it belongs to. Anything else is a complete series or season of a series. 'Loose' means they're just loose DVDs. 'Box' means one volume came with a box to fill in with the rest of the volumes (which was the way stuff was done back in the day). 'Box Set' means it was sold in one or two packages rather than spread over like 4+ releases.

    Region 4 / Australian

    - .hack//SIGN Vol. 1-6, Box
    - Ah! My Goddess the Movie
    - Azumanga Daioh Vol. 1-6, Box*
    - Berserk Vol. 1-6, Loose
    - Boogiepop Phantom Vol. 1-4, Loose*
    - Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Vol. 1-2, Loose, Incomplete
    - Cowboy Bebop The Movie
    - Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1-6, Loose
    - Escaflowne Vol. 1-8, Box
    - Excel Saga Vol. 1-6 Loose
    - FLCL Vol. 1-3, Box*
    - Fruits Basket Box Set
    - Full Metal Panic Vol. 1-7, Box
    - Galaxy Angel Season 1 Vol. 1-4, Box*
    - Gasaraki Vol. 1-2 Loose, Incomplete
    - Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
    - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 1-7, Box
    - Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Vol. 1, Loose, Incomplete
    - Gundam Wing Vol. 1-10, Loose
    - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Loose
    - Haibane Renmei, Vol. 1-4, Box*
    - Last Exile Vol. 1-7, Box
    - Love Hina Spring Special, Loose
    - Love Hina Vol. 1-6 Loose
    - Love Hina Xmas Special, Loose
    - Rahxephon Vol. 1-7, Box
    - Read or Die OVA
    - Rurouni Kenshin 1-14, Loose, Incomplete (but all of season 1 & 2 and S3 is a steaming pile of Naruto Filler-tier shit and sank the series and I'm still angry about that)*
    - Rurouni Kenshin The Movie
    - Serial Experiments Lain Vol. 1-4, Loose*
    - Steel Angel Kurumi Vol. 1-4, Loose
    - Spirited Away, LE Digipack
    - The End of Evangelion*
    - The Slayers Box Set*
    - The Place Promised In Our Early Days*
    - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
    - Vampire Princess Miyu TV Vol. 1-6, Loose
    - Voices of a Distant Star*

    Region 1 / US

    - 2x2=Shinobuden Vol. 1-4, Loose*
    - Area 88 Vol. 1-4, Box
    - Aria: The Animation, Box Set*
    - Aria: The Natural Part 1, Box Set*
    - Aria: The Natural Part 2, Box Set*
    - Aria: The Origination, Box Set*
    - Ayashi no Ceres, 2 Box Sets*
    - Black Lagoon Season 1, Steelbook
    - Black Lagoon Season 2, Steelbook
    - Bottle Fairy Vol. 1-2, Loose*
    - Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 1-18, Loose
    - Code Geass Vol. 1-6, Box
    - Cromartie High School Vol. 1-4, Box
    - Eureka Seven Vol. 1-12, Boxes (two boxes with 6 volumes each)
    - Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu! Vol. 1-3, Box*
    - Ghost in the Shell: SAC Solid State Society, Steelbook
    - Gunbuster Box Set*
    - Gurren Lagann Vol. 1-3, Loose*
    - Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 1-4, Steelbooks, Incomplete
    - Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA, LE Box Set*
    - Kamichu Vol. 1-4, Box
    - Kannagi Vol. 1-2, Loose
    - Kino's Journey, Vol. 1-4, Box
    - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vol. 1-3, Box*
    - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Box Set*
    - Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden Vol. 1-3, Box*
    - Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful Vol. 1-3, Loose*
    - Mahoromatic Summer Special, Loose*
    - Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 1, Box Set*
    - Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 2, Box Set*
    - Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 3, Box Set*
    - Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4, Box Set*
    - Mezzo DSA Vol. 1-3, Box
    - Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS team, Box Set*
    - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Vol. 1-10, Box (Box got stuck to the bottom of the cardboard box it was in and is pretty much ruined :( )
    - Mushishi Vol. 1-6, Box
    - My-HiME Vol. 1-7, Loose
    - Neia_7 Vol 1-4, Loose
    - Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Vol. 1-2, Loose*
    - Ouran High School Host Club Part 1 Box Set, Incomplete
    - Paranoia Agent Vol. 1-4, Loose
    - Petite Princess Yucie Vol. 1-6, Loose
    - Popotan Vol. 1-3, Loose*
    - Rozen Maiden Vol. 1-3 & Rozen Maiden Traumend Vol. 1-3, Box (this one's box is really nice, covered in red velvet-like fabric)
    - Scrapped Princess, Box Set ('Anime Legends' imprint)
    - Simoun Vol. 1-5, Loose*
    - Snow Fairy Sugar OVA, Loose
    - Snow Fairy Sugar Vol. 1-6, Box
    - Strawberry Marshmallow Vol. 1-3, Box*
    - Story of Saiunkoku, Vol 1-3, Box, Box Sets 2-3* (they started releasing individual discs then swapped to 3-disc sets halfway in)
    - The Big O Season 2, Box Set
    - The Big O, Box Set
    - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 1-4, LE Box (includes several Audio CDs)
    - The Melody of Oblivion Vol. 1-6, Box
    - This Ugly and Beautiful World Vol. 1-3, Box*
    - Trigun Vol. 1-8 Box (Box has damaged corners)
    - X, Box Set (Improved 'Remix' re-release set)
    - Yawara Part 1, Box Set, Incomplete (Limited release, Animeigo never did the second half)*
    - Zipang Vol. 1-7, Box

    Last edited 25/05/15 11:07 pm

      Note also: I can give summaries / recommendations about anything in this list since I'm sure that there's a fair bit in there that are old and obscure enough that no one remembers / cares any more.

        I have never seen all of azumanga daioh.

          Would you like to?

            I would, but I don't want to take it if someone else hasn't seen any of it

          I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. By the end of the first disc I was really caught up in it.

            The point that I knew I was hooked was the scene early in the first episode or two where Osaka starts staring at a fly as it moves around the room. But the real point you realize you're experiencing greatness is probably the weird dream sequence with Chiyo's 'Father'.

      Still keen to buy those PS2 ATLUS games :D

        Yeah sorry, I'll aim to get them posted to you ASAP.

        Will be putting up a big list of vidya games soon too.

          Oh, well maybe wait?

          In case I see something else.

            Sure. My collection's fairly big and I'll be squeezing it down a fair bit.

          I'm interested in wii ones =P

            My Wii collection is half US, half AU - I use Homebrew Channel to break regioning.

      No Now & Then, Here & There?

        I own all the ones what I like :-s

        I never got more than a couple of episodes into that. It was absolutely harrowing. The most bleak and depressing thing I think I've ever watched.

          Unsurprisingly, it all works out in the end.

          That protagonist is an absolute champ.


            I couldn't see any hope at all in it from what I watched. I think I ditched it when the chick he ends up in a cell with gets dragged out and raped. Way too dark and dreary for me. I watch anime for entertainment. I mean, I don't mind dark stuff, but NTHT is just bleak.

            Might also be a reflection of where I was personally back when I tried to watch it as well, I guess?

              Yeah, my wife sat through & enjoyed the whole thing. Something she won't do unless she thinks it's well made.

              She watched that film Once Upon a Time in America a few times & that goes some dark an d horrible places.

              I know what you mean though, there's times when I can't stomach that shit at all.

                & I meant to mention she hates horror etc, but someone asked me a question & work happened *gasp*

                I've gone through periods where I simply don't want things that are ultra depressing or have all the feels etc. It's stopped me watching multiple shows before, actually. Several really good ones too.

                  There are SO MANY good films and TV series - Western and anime - which I haven't seen yet because I really don't feel like spending my time bummed out or wrenched with pesky human 'feelings'.

      If no one's called dibs wouldnt mind the Gundam Seed and Trigun boxes

        @shane expressed interest in Trigun already but Gundam Seed is yours provided you don't mind that the box is ruined.

          Ruined box is no drama how much you want


              Too much! 2hugs and a handshake with shoulder pat

                1 hug but you look deep into each other's eyes after

                  THIS IS A TRICK. Eye contact after a hug is easily worth more than 3