The Mad Max Game Has Me Less Excited Than The Movie

It’d take one hell of a video game to live up to the brilliant, relentless action of Mad Max: Fury Road. This does not appear to be that video game.

I got to play the Mad Max game during a brief hands-on session in Los Angeles last week, and although the upcoming game does a good job recreating some of Fury Road‘s vicious car battles, it also feels empty and shallow, the result of too open a world and too many lessons from gamification. As I played, the game barraged me with notifications, achievements, and arbitrary objectives that felt more like a to-do list than a grand open-world adventure.

As an example: when I used my harpoon to rip off an enemy’s tires, metal screeching, the game immediately greeted me with a prompt saying that I yanked 1/5 tires and that I should go do it some more to get the achievement (or trophy, or whatever). When I destroyed an enemy watchtower, the game said GOOD JOB and told me to rinse and repeat. Every accomplishment came coupled with an endless reminder that I was just filling boxes on a checklist — it felt like the worst parts of a Ubisoft game or, to some extent, like the dreaded Farmville.

This is all too bad, because the hand-to-hand combat is really fun — basically the Arkham games with more brutal weapons and guns — and it’s quite satisfying to drive around smashing into enemy Warboys (who are way less entertaining when they’re mindless NPCs). There’s a ton of stuff to do, from chasing down enemy convoys to sniping baddies out of the back of Max’s car, but so much of it feels like it’s in the game to hit some sort of arbitrary list of features — look what you can do! — rather than to create a meaningful experience. Objectives are there just for the sake of having objectives.

I should also mention the framerate, which got really bad during some car fights as I played. Pop-in was also a problem: as I drove around the wasteland, shrubs and rocks would appear out of nowhere as if conjured from Valhalla, shiny and chrome. Of course, they have got a few months left to polish and optimise before the game actually comes out.

Mad Max comes out September 1 for PS4, XB1 and PC. New trailer above, if you’re so inclined. The one advantage the video game has over the movie? The steering wheels are on the right.


  • If the actual gameplay is awesome and it’s just the “immersion” that’s ruined with pop ups then I’m totally fine with that. It’s obviously not desirable but if that’s the worst thing that was noticed then the game is still scrubbing up to be awesome !

    • I agree the only concerning thing I read was the framerate issue that breaks immersion more than anything in my book

  • Looks like a hell of a lot fun to me, and being developed by the Just Cause guys makes me pretty optimistic.

    it felt like the worst parts of a Ubisoft game or, to some extent, like the dreaded Farmville

    Pretty extreme comparison there.

    Objectives are there just for the sake of having objectives.

    Much like this article feels contrary for the sake of being contrary. You played a brief session on a preview version, maybe wait a bit longer before trying to convince people why you think it’s shit.

    I feel dirty saying this, but polygon actually did a decent write-up of their experience and actually talk about the game mechanics:

  • They’ve already made a Mad Max movie.. the original Borderlands and its expansions… sure it’s a bit scifi.. but many elements in the game remind me of Mad Max.

  • I thought most of the cars except Immorten Joes and the War Rig were right hand drive in the movie

  • The most disappointing thing for me looking at it is just that they haven’t reproduced the color palette of the film. That really bright orange sand and everything. The color in the film really popped. This just looks dirty and brown.

  • I hope the feedback re the chievo popups was given to the developers, hopefully they could implement a way to just turn those off.

  • That just completely killed any excitement I had for the game. Fucking check list side quests, the need to label everything in the world and rinse and repeat gameplay objectives……..just about everything I despise about modern games rolled into one.

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