Watch A Bloodborne Troll Trick A Ton Of People Into A Nightmare Pit

Video: Talk about a devilish prank. Watch as Corps Peau Rate tricks a ton of people into being thrown into a trap in the Nightmare Frontier portion of Bloodborne. First, he gets people to trust him. Then, he deceives them into being pushed off a cliff by Patches the Spider. Below, unexpected terrors await all these poor saps, who almost always get immediately killed.

Aside from that, this montage shows how Corps Peau Rate tricks people into being hit by giant rocks, along with some other amusing tomfoolery. Worth a watch!


    I would have found that amusing if I was 20yrs younger.

    That was hilarious! I love it when people do weird stuff in Bloodborne - just pushing the boundaries of the game. Nightmare frontier has a few areas with cheap shots in it. Taking on an invader anywhere near a Winter Garden is suicide.

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