Bethesda E3 Conference Liveblog: E3 Starts Early This Year!

Bethesda E3 Conference Liveblog: E3 Starts Early This Year!

Yes we’re still live blogging in 2015! Why? Because it’s fun for me and you all keep reading it!

We’re keeping it simple here at Kotaku Australia, just refresh the page every five minutes or so and we’ll probably have a new snarky/informative/interesting thing written. You can watch a livestream of the Bethesda conference here!

11:14: What’s up friends, just getting in early. As I’ve said almost everywhere (on Kotaku, on Twitter) it feels really strange getting ready for E3 at 11am on a Monday morning. We usually get a breezy day of prep for this. NOT THIS YEAR MY FRIENDS.

[sips 10th can of Red Bull]

11:24: What’s everyone expecting to see? Pretty obs at this point. Are we hoping for like a walkthrough on Fallout? I guess that’s what we’ll get. Oh god, who knows really? We’ll find out soon enough. I’m just typing words.

11:29: Argh it’s happening!

11:30: Oh wait, it’s not happening. That’s cool. I’ll just chill here for a bit. Should I go for a pee? Man, I drink way too much water. Waaaaay too much.

11:35: Hahaha! I just read in the comments:

I’m going to get a coffee and praise the overseer that my boss is worknig from home today.

You lucky bastard. You lucky, lucky bastard.

11:39: OMG.

Kojima and Del Toro walk out on stage and announce Silent HIlls is now being developed by Bethesda.

The internet would… be no more.

11:42: Okay, so at least they have a wee ‘stand by’ thing up now. PHEW. Old timey music and whatnot. Brilliant.

11:45: ALRIGHT. Now it’s happening.

11:50: I think it’s easy to joke about hosts and whatnot. So I’m going to try really hard to be nice. Really hard.

11:52: Actually, you know what? They’re not that bad. Good on them. GO TEAM.

11:54: A man after my own heart.

No uni and a midday bowl of cereal. i’m ready!

Would kill for a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes right now.

11:57: Also: there’s nothing like an E3 press conference to remind you that you pee too much. BRB.

12:04: URRRRRRGHH. Okay let’s get this show on the road. This stalling for time is lllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

12:05: Awww yeah.

That moment of terror when the IT guys message you on internal comms asking if you’re streaming E3…

…and say “nice” when you say yes.

12:06: Alright starting for real. FINALLY.

That intro was cute.

12:08: Oh christ, how good was the Skyrim soundtrack. Still get chills.

12:11: Kicking things off with Doom. Not too keen for this. Dunno why.

12:17: Okay, I’m going to wait until this trailer finishes, but this looks a bit average.

12:19: The one guy in the crowd who went YEAH when they guy ripped the arm off. lol.

12:21: Alright, I thought that was — to quote Immortan Joe — a little mediocre. The shotgun felt glib, the enemies seemed a bit boring. It sort of makes me feel like Doom’s time has really passed it by. The chainsaw looked interesting but asides from that I’m not sold to be brutally honest. I think there was a chance to reinvent what Doom meant in a modern video game and make it super ‘visceral’ (sorry). It all feels a little flat to me. And super, super generic. I hope I’m wrong.

12:25: Yep, this is falling a bit flat for me. A missed opportunity in my opinion. When you’re watching and you’re not sure if your bullet hit the enemy or not — that’s a problem. A game like this needs some seriously good, visual feedback.

12:33: Okay, let’s see the next game. Hey Battlecry! Shout out to Australia and NZ! WHOO! THAT’S WHERE WE COME FROM!

12:34: Also, Bethesda really doesn’t need to be creating a new uPlay. Please God no…

12:35: Okay, Dishonored. I loved that game. Come on Bethesda. Let’s get this cracking.

12:39: Not sure how much of this translates to actual gameplay, but Dishonored 2 is a game I’m excited about. I like the direction the story is going and I’m confident in where the team is taking the series. I can’t wait to see more of this. Not really much more to say.

12:42: Anyone playing Elder Scrolls Online? I actually don’t know anyone who plays…

12:43: Christ I really need another pee.

12:45: The Elder Scrolls Legends is a card like Hearthstone and urgh. Hard not to be cynical about this.

12:47: Alright Fallout 4 time. Todd Howard has great bone structure. Sorry, he just does.

12:55: This is a great presentation. Can’t lie.

1:01: Well, I’m sold on this game. Man, it looks great. I don’t know what else to say. It will devour lives.

1:07: Oh man, I’m really down with this iPhone Fallout game. I am down. This might destroy my life harder than Fallout 4.


1:13: Okay, all of this stuff. The upgrading houses, building stuff, all of that. Personally, this is the kind of stuff I will never, ever touch.

1:19: Overall: how can you argue with this shit. It’s fairly insane. The scope of this game seems pretty incredible. This is also such a good E3 presentation. Just really going into the nitty gritty of multiple different aspects of the game and how it works. As E3 presentations go, this is up there with some of the best I’ve ever seen.

1:20: And Jesus Christ. November this year. Great. Absolutely brilliant. What a finish.

1:24: Alright, that’s that. Thanks for watching with me. I had a blast. See you for Microsoft at [GULP] 2:30am.


  • I’m going to get a coffee and praise the overseer that my boss is working from home today.

    Obviously we’ll see more of Fallout 4, but I hope they shed some light on Doom as well.

    I’ve been quoted in the article. MY TYOP WILL LIVE IN INFAMY.

    Not keen for Doom Mark? I’m not watching the stream so I’m keen to see what they show/offer when I get home from work this evening, but I personally feel like the time is right for a new doom done well. Maybe it’s because the last old FPS franchise to get the revive treatment was a disgrace (Duke Nukem Forever) but Wolfenstein has been a hit, so… I dunno.

    Do not give a toss about TES Online. Destiny is the closest thing to an MMO that I intend to tolerate.

    They’re going to give us a release date for Fallout, right?





    • I just got a coffee and am safe in the fact that my boss got walked out the door last Thursday morning by some head honcho from the overseas office.


    • Haha, I’m supervising a few people at the moment and Im allowing one of them to stream it to keep us updated while we work. Seems fair rather than everyone checking in every five minutes.

    • This is better than Mark’s blog – the suspense is riveting!

      that’s getting a run

      • I’m not even watching the stream, I am completely reliant on Mark. What iPhone game is he talking about?!

  • Hell yeah. I need to experience it vicariously through everyone else since I can’t watch it from work.

    • I have almost no data, so I’m in the same boat. Well, a different boat, but it has the same effects.

  • What’s everyone expecting to see?

    It’s unlikely, but I reeeeeeally hope we get to hear something about The Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Kojima and Del Toro walk out on stage and announce Silent HIlls is now being developed by Bethesda.

    Actually I just want anyone to announce that they’re reviving Silent Hills :'(

  • Im hoping they are going to announce something brand new. I doubt it but, you know….just a new experience.

  • Right, coffee and constant refreshing of the live blog, because damn that twitch not working (also keeping toddler entertained with Bob the Builder on Netflix)

  • So I’ve got the YouTube stream up but it’s just a black screen saying “Please stand by.” – Is mine working as intended, or has it started and I just can’t stream it?

  • That moment of terror when the IT guys message you on internal comms asking if you’re streaming E3…

    …and say “nice” when you say yes.

  • Anyone else notice the female host announced the stream was 5994 frames per second?

  • Working from home today. Just need to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit, put my pants on and I am ready!

  • Starting with the F4 trailer?! Are we going to get some gameplay too still 7 minutes till start time…

  • Should really be studying for my test on Wednesday, even more so because I’m going to EA’s E3 celebration in Sydney tomorrow evening, but I’ve got no Uni today and I DID have Crunchy Nut for breakfast!

  • Avoiding work and hitting refresh… also now emotionally invested in Mark’s toilet breaks :-/

  • Would kill for a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes right now.
    Me to. Stupid nutritious vita brits.

  • Doom: shotgun, massive crosshair, DOUBLE JUMP, imps, melee murder, gore, ludicrous gibs, that door opening noise, exploding barrels, quicktime event for doors, super shotgun, powerups, more gibs, slow-mo, this is absolutely being played on a console, kicking melee, more gibs, machine gun, NFC hologram robot, ripped off arm touchscreen, armor shards, heavy machine gun, CHAINSAAAWWW, chainsaw gibs, FLYING DEMON ROBOT MURDER et fin

  • That DOOM trailer was awesome, but I did have a problem with it not really showing anything new.

  • I am at work, so no video for me, but I am so keen for Doom. I’ve been hitting the latest Brutal Doom build, and I want moooooooore!!!

  • Doom is good and all but I’m waiting for updates on Mark’s next toilet break, what has my life become

  • Hope they use a bigger colour range in the other levels of doom, so far black, brown, red and yellow are dominating the visuals

  • Doom seems fine but it is nothing new. Just a revamped old school FPS. Not my cup of tea.

  • Am I the only one who wanted a new DOOM along the lines of DOOM 3? I love the arcade shooter style games, but the horror FPS narrative was a huge favourite of mine a decade ago!

  • Has the whole internet stopped just to watch this and then done a collective yawn over doom?

      • LOL actually that might give you something new and freshen both franchises at the same time… You should go pitch this to Bethesda and Infinity Ward / Zenimax and Activision. Haha

  • So, when they started the hell section, I totally called the BFG being charged but not fired and then hard cutting to the logo at the end.

  • Battlecry: Why are these people chopping each other apart with giant placards? Why is that man running around with plus signs falling off him? Is that a go-go-gadget sledgehammer? Isn’t the Enforcer that guy from the Super Cheap Auto ads? Infiltrator and Ranger are probably guys from Diablo, idk. This looks like Ye Olde Teame Fortresse.

  • Are they only showing some of the frames from battlecry? Maybe the missing frames are DLC

  • so, Bethesda really doesn’t need to be creating a new uPlay. Please God no…
    What are they doing? WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!

  • Dishonoured 2: Martial law! PARKOUR! ew gross was that a bird in pus? looking glass, lady assassin, Blink, crossbow, Emily Kaldwin! Whoa what are these giant scythe robots? Crazy that she can turn into the black smoke from LOST.

  • What the hell do you people want from Doom? People moaned when it was said it was too much like Call of Duty and less Doom now it’s more Doom and people are still moaning it looks too “brown” or “generic”

    There is no pleasing people.

  • Dishonoured HD for PS4. That means Dishonoured 2 not for another year most likely…

  • Dishonoured will be a must buy. I should get back into elder scrolls online, played on PC at launch

  • I think Bethesda have the strongest upcoming games out of any publisher right now. Other than Battlecry, not one thing I wouldn’t consider a ‘must buy’

  • “Urgh! Hate modern shooters, want more better designed games from the 90s!”
    *DOOM 4 reveal*
    “Urgh! It looks so old! Why can’t they be more modern!?”

  • Soooo. Bethesda and Mojang get in to a dispute about using “Scrolls” in a CCG video game. Bethesda then go and make a CCG about The Elder Scrolls.


    • Mojang won that one but apparently Bethesday bought the license (back?). Doesn’t seem worth it at all.

    • I wouldn’t say irony…I’d argue that was the exact reason why there was a dispute in the first place.

  • I hope the woman is removed, it’s going to be awkward changing sex and race with no reaction.

  • Pity that they decided to do the conference at the same time as the season final of GoT.

  • Hope someone uploads Fallout 4 conference for later viewing soon, in class and don’t have headphones. 🙁

  • Fallout Shelter existing and being out TONIGHT literally gave me heart palpitations just then.

  • God damn it why did my works owner have to destroy his own business and leave me without work!?

  • That was a great presentation, only really looking forward to Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4. I do hope they announce PC specs soon for Fallout 4

    Now I can finally pee (because I can hold mine).

  • 1:27PM: Serrels has gone to the toilet for the fifth and hopefully final time.

    • I know that the presentation is over….but please keep us up to date on his on-going and weirdly frequent bowel movements.

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