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    Blaghman, the real Blaghman, awakens in a coffin. He begins to panic immediately.

    Voiceover, Nova: We only have three hours left! We’ll never make it!

    Blaghman scratching at the coffin lid.

    Faction is concentrating fiercely as he works to dismantle a bomb. Pants speaks to him via headset in a surveillance van.

    Pants: We’re running out of time! Cut the blue wire!
    Faction: There aren’t any wires!

    Pants: 10 seconds left!

    A bead of sweat rolls down Faction’s forehead as that ticking sound from 24 plays yes we steal sound effects.

    Shane laughs dramatically from the parapet of a castle made entirely of his books.

    Nobs walking through the departure gate at an airport.

    Nobs: I just need some time to discover me. I’ll be back some day.

    A plane crashes in the middle of the ocean.

    Police guy: We’ve checked the wreckage. We couldn’t find your friend.

    Shots of Nobs surviving alone on a deserted island.

    Scree in a pinstripe suit and sunglasses, smoking a cigar, firing a semi-automatic wildly into the air.

    Liondrive stands before a group of TAYbies on a trendy beach.

    So you see, the shark scaring people away from the waters wasn’t a shark at all, it was-

    He pulls a sheet off a figure beside him.

    All: Old man Jimu?!

    Cakesmith stands over a desk, reading an open file with a shocked expression. He is startled by the sound of a gun being pointed to the back of his head.

    Mashaa: Now that you know the truth, I can’t let you leave.

    Rize playing the trombone in a jazz ensemble.

    Freeze and Gingerchris are having a dramatic standoff at an otherwise non-dramatic public fête.

    Freeze: I won’t let you ruin this. I’ve put everything I am into this bake sale.

    Gingerchris: Then I will burn everything you are to the ground.

    Freyjr is performing a complicated surgery, with nurse Transient at her side.

    Freyjr: Oh god. Oh god no.

    Nurse Transient: What is it?

    Freyjr: This can’t be. It’s –


      Alex frantically searches his local Target for new pants. In a panic, he races around the store, searching, yearning..... but no pants were to be found. Anywhere. What fresh hell is this? Is he dead? Is this purgatory - an eternal punishment for a lifetime of disregard for societal conventions requiring pantaloons?


      It is only a dream.

      Alex wakes in a cold sweat. A single tear rolls down his cheek as he reflects on a wasted life.

      So that's why GingerChris is coming up here.

      Also, what happened to myself and Nob? Last we saw we had just discovered our love and now he's gone already? WWWWHHHHYYYYYYYY! *rips shirt*

        These stories have to move fast, but they cycle through the same events ad nauseum so we'll probably get to that another week.

      I may have just searched for sound effects from Trauma Center for the "Doctor!" exclamation that's burned into my skull.

      Alice was confused but now I can randomly play it to annoy @freya.

      Please pitch this to HBO so they can make a television series about it.

      "So, did you guess the theme for this week?

      Blaghman was scratching
      Faction was cutting
      Nob was crashing
      Jimu was scaring
      and Freeze and Gingerchris were fighting

      Do you see it? Yes, that's right! The theme for this week was...

      Boredom. The author was bored enough to write this!"

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    I was waiting for the new TAY to come up so I could ask something. I've now forgotten what that something is.

    So... um... there's a puppy sleeping on me. How good are puppy cuddles? Pretty great, right?

      Apart from when they lick your face after they have been licking their bum.

        She's almost always licking her bum, so we discourage face licking. It doesn't stop her but we try.

      ...did I miss the conclusion of Puppy War? Has there been an outcome yet? Can you keep her without moving?

        We got to put a submission to the body corporate. If they approve her, we get to stay and have to meet with the owner to set conditions. If they say no, then we have to fight the body corporate or move.

    Woke up on Saturday, downloaded splatoon, and now I'm at work.

    It's good y'all, it's very good.

    I'm trying to organise all of the random notes and ramblings that I've made over the years. For the longest time, I've just been dumping them into separate SimpleNote entries. I never realised how dumb that was because I was always too lazy to go back to them. Now that I'm trying to organise them, I wish that I'd done basically anything else.

    Now I'm putting everything into Scrivener. The basic plan is to group things into their relevant subject and then break those subjects down into more coherent things. Things are good, right?

    How the hell does everyone else keep writing organised? Notebooks scattered about with reckless abandon? Evernote or other similar apps? Separate documents kept in well organised folders? Whiteboard marker on the nearest blank surface?

      I think of things and then forget about them shortly after.

        My personal favourite method. Prime thinking time, like walking the dog or taking a shower, normally doesn't line up with situations I can carry a notebook or laptop to jot things down.

      I've developed what is probably a pretty terrible system over the years.

      I keep text files and word documents on my desktop until I'm done with them, and then I file them into relevant folders, depending upon the project they refer to. That sounds good, though there is no rhyme or reason to the actual folder structure beyond disaggregation by project.

      Each document contains at least one keyword that makes searching for it easier should I need it again in the future. Windows search isn't the best content organiser, but it could be a lot worse.

        I loathe using my desktop to store files. Unless it's a physical desktop, then it's absolutely perfect for that sort of thing.

          Sorry, I mean my computer desktop. I hate storing things there too - it's so messy. But that forces me to DEAL with the files and get them processed ASAP :P

            I rarely see my desktop. Whenever a file is accidentally saved there, it's essentially lost to the ages.


          My actual desk's top is covered with all sorts of little piece of paper with all kinds of notes scrawled on them. Buggered if I know what any of them mean any more.

      I have (hang on quick count here)...8 notepads, sorted by story ideas, here beside the computer.
      Heck, one notepad I typed up and had 25,000 words in it. The others are between a page and 10 odd pages.

      I sometimes flick through them to remind myself what I was writing because holy heck, I forget and sometimes can't even read my own handwriting.
      Would not recommend doing this - I swear I've written some pages three or four times in my notepads not realising I've already written them before.

        While I like writing things down, I also suffer from the case of forgetting what the hell I had written. And then the games begin when I try and sort out my own contradictions in what I've scribbled.

    Morning people :-)

    I swam at Manly on the weekend and the air temperature was 10 degrees. Water was somewhere between about 14 and 18.

      Ha, my girlfriend and I were at Manly on the weekend too looking at the crazy swimmers!

        Lol, yeah, we wear pink caps :-) I don't go often but it's a great swim over to Shelly Beach and back. I'll probably borrow a half wetsuit next time as I could almost feel my face freezing off...

      Did you go to the food and wine festival?

        There was a food and wine festival!? Oh well, maybe next time. I had to get back home straight after so my wife could take our daughter to ice skating class.

          Yes, I had a friend who lives in Manly note that it was the first one in a few years that wasn't rained on.

          Have you swum the Cole Classic?

            Not yet, but my mate is an ocean-swimming aficionado and I have no doubt I'll be roped into it at some point :-)

    Anton and I are coming to your fair city this long weekend.
    We arrive on Saturday and Depart Monday Night
    We would love to see you guys!

    Through some planning yesterday we are thinking of doing a Meat on Saturday Night 7/7:30 at New Shanghai followed by drinks somewhere nearby

    Anton and I are thinking of doing Movie World on (edit: oops not Saturday![hi @saturday!]) Sunday! also if anyone is interested.

    Last edited 01/06/15 9:04 am

      The Go Lounge in Stones Corner is worth checking out and just so happens to be around the corner from my favourite brunch spot in Brisbane: Lady Marmalade.

      Just something you might want to consider.

        Ooh I likes!

          I'm all for Stones Corner! Easy to get to, and relatively easy to park most of the time. Hopefully I wont have to walk a mile from where I park, though I do have crutches still, so I could use them if I need to! (Trying to ween myself off them on to a walking stick atm)

      Have to see what my plans are (my best friend just flew in from London), but I'm a tentative maybe.

      Tentative strong maybe, depending on what gets locked down. I might even be persuaded to go theme porking.

      Will try my bestest

        Yeah... like last time... :p

          Huh? Last time I said no?

            i meant last time you said you were going to come, then didn't ;) not bein mean.. just pokin fun! Would be great to see you again! :)

              Yeah nah. Shit happens :p

              Trying to tent the Mrs to come for dinner but she works early on Sundays, so it's doubtful.

              If we stick with New Shanghai, I am keen!

      Cannae do the Saturday night sorry Chris. It's Mum's birthday, so we'll be out celebrating with her. Hope you guys have an awesome time though :)

        Booourns! I mean... sorry to hear that man! Also, so fucking jealous of your Asian Fusion leftovers tweet from yesterday!!!!! *shakes fist*

          ANOTHER CONVERT! :D They also do lunch :D

            hehe i wouldn't say convert exactly. It's just different to some places I go :) The good kind though!

    Attempted to try Vegemite chocolate.
    Appears I got a faulty one that just has insulting caramel instead of Vegemite.

    Now confused.

      I noted how the packaging is very similar, and they are placed closely together. That cannot be by mistake.

      Also, wtf, 'insulting caramel'.

        It's my own little joke, regular caramel never seems to be good enough any more these days, and everything has to be salted caramel.

      It's all in the aftertaste. *barf*

        And here I just expected it to actually contain Vegemite. Which probably would have been as horrible as it sounds, but I wanted to try horrible, dammit.

      Yeah, basically the chocolate is mostly caramel with a Vegemite aftertaste. It's weird but not quite as terrible as what I was expecting.

      I tried it and remembered that I don't eat Dairy Milk because you can barely call it chocolate.

    Watched total biscuit's first impressions video on hatred, the game ended up beinga substanderd game with good destruction physics, but everything else was bland, this website hyped the game to be the "antichrist", i was amongst the readers who criticised it, but after watching tb's vid, i am going to say that the makers of the game wanted bad publicity (watch game theory's vid on this topic to get some understanding) the only sane person who was there during this fiasco was gabe newell, who let the game back on steam, possibly after playing the alpha of it, i think that kotaku should do a revist article on hatred & see what has come out of this debacle

      Why bother revisiting? Kotaku certainly don't owe them an apology, why give them more free publicity?

    Splatoon 3DS cover plates look kind of cool.

    Edit: Have the feeling it would look even better on a black model.

    Last edited 01/06/15 9:31 am

    So, for this weeks D&D adventure we walked through a swamp and got captured by frogs. They took all our gold, gave back our stuff, then tried to lure us into a trap of blights that we easily killed. The dwarf wanted to go back to the dwarven capital to mount a crusade to stomp the entire swamp out of existence. On our way back we kept getting sick and throwing up, eventually leaving and watching the dwarf slaughter 10 frogs on his celestial boar mount.

    We enter a cabin we visited before and find the mutilated corpse of a dwarf slayer friend and our dwarf received a visit from Moradin to blow the horn of war against the red mages who killed and tortured him, preventing him from dying in battle.

    Meanwhile, our asshole bard finds some poison berries that gets him high off his ass and proceeds to spend the rest of the night interrupting everybody else with his eating ("I'm just playing in character lololololz").

    Getting back to the capital the arbiter takes the dwarf down to an area he has never accessed before as it was built by Moradin and only allowed when the time was right to find a large horn, also made by Moradin, for the dwarf to blow. Upon doing so, Bahamut appears in front of him to give his blessing of war. I'm not sure if I would be interested in the rest of the story because it seems pretty much automatic from here on out. Didn't really want to escalate to war.

    We're also wondering what to do with our asshole bard, played by an asshole who keeps interrupting the other players, and apparently has plans to murder every other character in the group.

      I'm sorry but the horn thing became such an innuendo in my mind. I'm a mature person I swear. >.>

      An asshole player is probably one of the worst things you can get in a group. Maybe the gods can intervene to knock some sense into the character or you might have to go the whole hog and boot he/she out of the group. No sense having a leech that just sucks the fun out of playing.

        Maybe it's just a bard thing? All bards are assholes? I mean... wait.

          :P You're pretty good. If I was a more serious GM I might get annoyed but I think it all comes down to how the game/campaign is set out. If you expect an evil/players working with each other involuntarily (Suicide Squad style) sort of game, then yeah, asshole characters are to be expected. A more heroic or high fantasy style of game encourages more noble and generally good characters but it all depends on how the players and the GM want to interpret things. I'm generally cool with the Monday Knights doing whatever as long as everyone is having fun.

            I play to the energy of the group. It's just a coincidence that I tend to gravitate to groups that are less than serious. :P

          While the bard is an asshole the problem is with the player. He thinks everything has to be about him and will insert himself into characters story plot points, even if they don't involve him at all.

            Yeah, sorry I was more interjecting that people who play bards are assholes, since I'm currently playing a bard in Popdart's game. Wait. I shouldn't apologise, I'm an asshole!

            I regret nothing!

        We did boot them out. Once the majority of characters had died or been replaced he inserted himself back in.

        At the moment everybody agrees that he shouldn't be in the group anymore. The only reason why we haven't is because he recently broke up with his girlfriend and moved into another players house. He says the second he moves out they might just kick him out.

    Hype contained within:



        I want a new Front Mission! SRPG with Mechs = Amaze-balls!

          Oh man. I have a copy of Front Mission 3 on PSX. I put an unhealthy amount of time into that game. Incredible.

    Morning TAYBES! Went for a lovely group moto ride out to Samford on Saturday, and got lots of waves and nods and peace signs from other riders. I AM ONE OF THEM NOW :D

    Also, we went and saw Tomorrowland. Didn't give me the warm fuzzies (I was hoping for a fun National Treasure style adventure), but it was okay. Hoping Jurassic World will fill that void and have already been warned that Inside Out is going to make me cry faster than Up did.

      I must be having an off day. Can't think of a bikie joke. =(

    Hola Tay

    Busy weekend, or busy Saturday at least. Went and gave blood in the morning, and saw Lady Friend for an afternoon coffee before going out to a friend's birthday at a pub that culminated in 2am maccas. Success!

    Sunday, went on a journey to retrieve my car, for which you can see the epic journey here: as @freezespreston can attest, thrilling stuff.

    I did something I've never really done before- took a whole bunch of games into eb to trade. Figured now that I've jumped generations, I could pare the PS3 collection down a bit. Was actually quite pleased at how much $$ I got back in trade value- took 9 games, some as old as the original resistance, and got like $40 back, which went back into a copy of infamous second son.

    Game wise, played a chunk of Witcher 3, which is great. The world is so pretty. Last night I decided to change it up a bit and started Bloodborne, which I like more than Dark Souls already- something about the speed of combat and the mechanics has just clicked a lot better with me. Looking forward to playing a bit more of that.

    A Monday Morning Question: From Software has taken on fantasy and gothic horror with their games. What genre should they look at next?

      Goddamn sci-fi. Go all Event Horizon style but give you laser swords or super crude machining tools like in Dead Space.

      I reckon they could provide enough innovation to make a really good Lost Planet game. I would also be interested to seeing how they would approach making a 3D platformer.

    So the GT980Ti with 6GB of RAM and TitanX performance has been announced. Who is buying a pair of them :)

    AMD surely must make an announcement soon?

      The extra 2GB of RAM from the 980, plus all the other improvements make this a very compelling upgrade for me, coming from 2x 580s. Could see myself upgrading to a single card and keeping room for an SLI in the future, yep.

        With 6GB I feel this card is a lot more future proof than the original 980. Still waiting to see if the 390 or 390x from AMD does anything special though

          Yeah, totally agree. I think RAM is going to be the biggest bottleneck in the future so it's good to see higher inclusions as "standard" now instead of just special edition versions.

          Plus the massive uplift of CUDA cores over the standard 980.

      At likely $1000 per card probably not.

        USD$650, so yeah, close to a grand I guess. Cheap for compute, which is my main interest.

        AUD$1049 at pccasegear

          The Titan X's range from $1549 to $1649.

          If they're in the sub $1000 range when I finally get around to building a gaming rig I'll probably consider grabbing one.

          $999 for the EVGA Superclocked. Mighty tempted to plonk for a preorder.

          Considering I was looking at an $800 card before this news came out, I'm now in a dangerous position.

      Been burnt by Nvidia before. Dropped around $2600 on a pair of original Titans (with XSPC blocks and plates), only to have Nvidia release the 980s for about $400 less that beat them less than 6 months after release. Their releases have followed a similar pattern since. Don't ever buy bleeding edge, especially from Nvidia. You'll pay an exorbitant premium, only to watch your top end card get destroyed by a cheaper product within 6 months. Way to shit on your top end users Nvidia.

      Don't get me wrong, they were amazing cards, but not $2600 worth of amazing, not even remotely so.

      Luckily I sold my Titans for about 50% of what I paid for them before I lost too much money. Went to a 290X that I spent around $550 on, and I've benched it and watched it get very close figures to a single Titan with some mild overclocking - and it cost me $700 less than a Titan.

      Will never buy Nvidia again.

      EDIT: Wait and see what AMD's 300 series offerings are. If they're anything near the bang for buck value of the 200s, I'll be all over it.

      Last edited 01/06/15 10:01 am

        As long as the 300 series has some huge power efficiencies as well. That's a massive drawcard for the NVIDIA offerings, a far lower TPD.

      I intend on getting one probably next year. Price will have dropped and be picking up a rift at some point then too.

    Texas: Solving gun problems with MORE GUNS!

    They just made concealed carry legal on college campuses. Because of course they did.

      If they didn't have a gun, the king of England could walk right in and start pushing them around. D'you want that? Huh? Do ya?

      Texans have also been the pioneers of the back end of the American legal system. Just think of them as the missing link between humans and monkeys!

    Morning, TAY.

    Splatoon is a pretty cool guy. I'm really enjoying it. Some minor annoyances with not being able to skip the news-flash cutscenes and a few interface things but overall it's great. I'm really liking the motion controlled aiming too. Feels totally natural after playing for a bit.

    I played for a little bit on Saturday before I had to leave to travel back home for my birthday dinner with the family. When I came back on Sunday afternoon, my WiiU's external HDD had stopped working. Tried to recover data via my PC, nope, completely wiped. Lost all of my game saves... Damn, it sucks. I really wanted to return to Hyrule Warriors at some point as well. Plus all my Mario Kart progress. Ugh. At least I hadn't got very far in Splatoon yet, but it's still not great having to start over.

    Last edited 01/06/15 9:44 am

      I lost my MK8 progress and have never touched it since. the pain and misery of getting 3 stars on all things again makes me feel physically ill.

      I picked up Splatoon on Saturday and returned it shortly after finding that it wasn't possible to play true split screen even for just local multiplayer. I'd rather play on a big screen TV splitscreen than play on that tiny gamepad screen. One players game audio and sound effects were coming from my sound system and the other players comes from the gamepads tiny little speakers. :(

      It also wasn't possible at all to play 2 players on single console & online at the same time, which is ultimately the reason i decided to return it.

      I specifically bought it to play with my wife, and the online component which is the majority of the games substance wasn't available for us to play together. If this game was designed for N64 of GCN it would have had guaranteed 4-player local split screen. :/

      Last edited 01/06/15 10:16 am

        Yeah, the local multiplayer/2 player online options are pretty lacking. I guess I can see why they limited it because some weapons require the touchscreen to be used, plus the launching-to-teammates wouldn't work. But it would've been good to have some sort of workaround.

        Last edited 01/06/15 10:33 am

      Also that really sucks about your game saves. :(
      I only have the 8GB Wii U, but i try to store all of my critical game saves on the Wii U's internal storage. The HDD i'm using with it is 5 years old, so i simply don't trust it at all.
      The hard thing is that their OS doesn't let you separate game data or DLC or save files over two different storage devices. So it means all of the MK8 DLC and update data also has to be on the internal storage along with the save data.

    Katamari bookmarks done

    Question, should I make backs for these ones like the LOZ ones?

      I think backs would be good, yeah. They add some interest to the other side and also give you something to leave peeking out of the top of the book when in use.

        Man, I so want another Katamari game.

        Will work on that later today then

          The good thing is a "blank" katamari is already pretty minimalist. Could just do a dark curve implying the round shape and then some rainbow bumps at appropriate places and angles to flesh out the shape of it.

          Also. Royallllllll raaaaainbowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

            I was going to make it similar to the front and then add the name of the character at the bottom. I'm thinking that the back should be white though

    So after playing Witcher 3 over the last couple of days and completing the Baron and the Crones quest chains in Velen, I've come to the conclusion that this game is eventually going to make me actually cry.

    But god DAMN it's good.

      It's pretty great. I need to catch up to where you're at with it again so we can discuss as we play.

      Oooh, i just finished those quest chains too. So many feels.

      Did you save the children from Crookback bog?

        I couldn't bring myself to trust the druidess so I stabbed the heart, and they got eaten. So, feeling a bit shit after it all played out I looked up how the other solution plays out. can't win. At all.

        Last edited 01/06/15 10:34 am

          Yeah i intentionally freed the druidess. Because i knew it would meant shit would hit the fan later and would probably make for an interesting story.

        Not gonna lie, I decided to trust the druidess purely because the devs said she was "obviously evil." :P Still need to go back and speak with the Baron, tho.

      Yeah, I finished that one and was like, "What the SHIT, Lana?"
      So I looked up some wikis to see what my alternatives were, and was just jaw-dropped. There are NO good options there. Everything you do results in fuckery.

      I am so loving this game, though. It's easily my GOTY. The landscapes are phenomenal. The story-telling so different from what you expect in an open-world game... so much better. It's an interconnected world with so much attention invested in minor details.

      This is making Cyberpunk look like a must-have preorder for me.

        I'm pretty sure Cyberpunk was a must have for me the day they announced it

          I was keen to see how it went, but now it'll probably be a preorder.

          I have never had less regret about an expensive CE as I have with Witcher 3. So very worth it. Starting to think I'll end up the same way with Cyberpunk.

            Yeah CDPR have really won me over with this game and their communication to fans throughout all the whinging they've come up with since release. Once Cyberpunk pre-orders go out I'll be grabbing myself a CE as well.

        Was this the game that we convinced you to get because FFXV wasn't going to come out?

        Anyway, the whole deciding between two shit outcomes thing is a hallmark of The Witcher games. Decisions can have massive unforeseen consequences too.

    Despite the fact that nearly everyone in this company knows that I should be next in line for a promotion in my team, with several people (including other seniors on the team) telling my manager it's a bad idea, the law degree holder who's technically incompetent and constantly looks for ways to make others look bad to prop herself up is still being groomed to be moved up. She's manipulative and uses people, as well as a hypocrite (for instance she'll casually remark to the manager that someone was late a couple of times to give the manager a negative impression of that person, but regularly gets in at 9:15 - and no one says anything because we're not fucking assholes).

    Her toxic influence is also spreading to a junior team member who's good mates with the manager outside of work and walks around like he's in charge whenever the manager is away. Last week he tried to make a senior team member who is his direct supervisor look bad by "casually" remarking to the manager that she was absent from the office when she was needed even though it was the day of the week she regularly works from home and she had told him that she was available via phone/sametime if he needed her. When word got back to her he was mouthing off about her not being in the office she called him to see what he needed her for - and it was nothing. Literally nothing. He was making a fuss about her not being around just to make her look bad. She told him not to do that again and the next day he asked her into a meeting room for a private chat. she went along assuming he might apologise for his rudeness but instead he demanded an explanation for her behaviour.

    I don't want to say it's bad management because I think my new boss is still getting to grips with the role and he's generally a good guy, but these people in the team are just kind of turning everything to shit and I don't see the point in being here and nor does the senior, who's been sticking up for me and we're both looking for new roles. Before last week I would have said "if I find a new role I'll only stay if they promote me". Now I'm of the view that that this is not a company I want to remain a part of, especially not at a senior level.

      Man, I hope you get this all sorted to your satisfaction soon.

      I don't know whether a promotion would allow you to start actively performance managing these less-than-desirable employees. In some cases (not all, obviously, in the case of true corporate psychopaths) it's better to deal with a problem than to allow it to fester and destroy company morale.

      Re: jumping ship, I hope that goes well, if you go that way. I guess it's theoretically possible that you might land in a new place without assholes around, but I think those places are very few and far between.

        Yeah, I'm in a fairly comfortable groove here. I really don't want to leave. It's a good company. I just think our team has a lot of shit to sort out.

      In very rare instances in the past, where warranted, I've made time for a brutally candid private sit-down chat with someone sufficiently high-up, to lay out the facts, distinguish them from my interpretation, and point out that 'at face value, you realize this is fucked, right?'

      On one occasion I was asked not to point these things out on the record because it means that management doesn't have plausible deniability.
      On another occasion, directions changed, key people were spoken to, and kept their heads down (and their ambitions were torpedoed, inspiring eternal resentment).

        Interestingly my manager's manager pulled me into a meeting this morning to have a discussion about friction in the team and I laid it all out for him, seperating my observations from what I've been told second or third hand. I got quite a lot of information in return which I'm now trying to process.

        Because I'm extremely apolitical in the workplace I've apparently been oblivious to a rather complex matrix of undermining, sniping and gossiping.

        Surprisingly, I actually found the discussion rather comforting.

          "Well, that's all very interesting and certainly sheds light on the interactions I've been witnessing... so, with that mind... what's being done about the part where I'm getting fucked over in favour of this shit-heel?"

            A direct conversation with my manager (that just ended five minutes ago) suggests that the indications that she's being groomed to be promoted ahead of me are hearsay combined with unfortunate timing/coincidences that make it seem like that. While she'd be able to apply for a position, if one existed, I would as well and based on current performance likely be the front runner.

            We'll see. There's a lot of discussions/investigations/damage control going on at the moment.

      Wow, those are some office politics alright. It's awful when people are more worried about protecting their position or getting ahead at the expense of others than they are about doing the job that they were hired to do. My only real experience with something like that was when I was hired on to replace the star international recruiter in a recruitment firm, and I was immediately sidelined by a crusty senior guy who proceeded to take all the good clients (and thus commissions) leaving me with little to do but drudge work until he got me fired by constantly badmouthing me to management. Fun times. But I'm in a small firm now with a lot more independence and freedom from crap like that :-)

        You'd think if people went around badmouthing one particular individual you'd try and see if those remarks held up to scrutiny.

      Yeah definitely sounds like a deteriorating situation and it doesn't seem like your management have any idea how to mitigate office politics from brewing. Unless they nip this toxic behaviour in the bud it's likely to spread and bring the whole office down, driving out employees who genuinely want to be productive and do something for the company.

      On a separate note I don't believe anyone should take a promotion into a managerial position just because it has better pay and benefits; leadership positions like that have a way of flowing out into the rest of the company especially in SME's. Larger companies have the benefit of HR driven infrastructure that makes sure all managers adhere to a certain degree of performance mitigating risk of the fallout bad leadership can cause. In SME's there's no buffer for that kind of damage and having worked in a workplace with poor leadership myself previously I can safely say employee behaviour like that starts to spread like wildfire exponentially growing if it isn't taken care of from the get-go.

    Hey everybody

    Witcher 3, amazing
    Destiny, still awesome
    Rick and Morty, still awesome

    Day off work, awesome!

    Happy Monday everyone! Weekend was pretty relaxed with a 40K painting session on Saturday and 40K RPG on the Sunday. I'm expecting to spend a lot of money on new models as I grow my Eldar army but the new jetbikes look really good. Also had a cousin's birthday on the Saturday which was fun. She showed off her young chickens which were adorable. One of them is sick and I discovered that chickens can actually sneeze (which is also adorable).

    40K RPG funtimes on the Sunday playing Deathwatch:

    The squad has been enlarged by the addition of a new player, a Salamander Techmarine, who has pretty much all of the flame weapons. The squad now comprises him, myself as a Crimson Fists assault marine, a Knights Tempest (custom Ultramarines successor) apothecary, and a Shadowed Sons (custom Thousand Sons successor) librarian. After a good old bonding session with the other Deathwatch marines in the Watch Fortress, we formed a squad with a Black Shield tactical marine who had not yet been on a mission yet. Our mission: assault a space hulk and defeat the Ork Warboss within.

    As a character whose chapter has a long history of fighting Orks, I was chosen to lead this mission. That may have proved to be a mistake as I am an extremely straightforward individual when it comes to tactics and I opted to strike straight at the bridge of the space hulk. In a boarding torpedo. The boarding torpedo came under heavy fire as we were shot out of a Deathwatch destroyer and it got to the point that the back half of the boarding torpedo was destroyed when we were fired on by a macrocannon. Fortunately I was able to stop the torpedo careening out of control and we penetrated the hulk only a short distance away from where the scans indicated the bridge was.

    Thanks to our brazen insertion, the Orks clearly knew we were there and stealth was out the window (much to the dismay of the apothecary and the librarian but the techmarine was more than happy). Thankfully, the Orks were preparing defences against us rather than massing a horde and charging us which was handy. The first mob we came against was after the techmarine opened a bulkhead and about 15 Ork boyz were on the other side. I charged in with bulkhead breaching shears (basically massive jaws of life that I was preparing to use to go through the bulkhead if the techmarine couldn't get through) and cut through one of them cleanly. Next up was the Salamander who fired his heavy flamer. Good thing I rolled a natural 1 on Agility to wrench the Ork up as a fire shield. Needless to say, the Ork boyz were toasted good.

    We continued the assault towards the bridge and we could hear the Orks setting up a defensive line in the next room. We figured we'd get the jump on them and prepared frag grenades. The techmarine hacked open the door and we went in tossing explosives. There were about 35 Orks in this room, including a few Nobs, that were setting up big shootas and deffguns. After one round of combat of 5 seconds, there was only one Nob still capable of fighting. In the space of that one surprise round of combat (and thanks to a Marine Squad special ability), the techmarine fired the heavy flamer twice and the rest of the squad threw a total of 8 frag grenades. Needless to say, the GM was a little surprised that we tore through that many Orks so effectively. We ended the session there with us advancing on the bridge where we plan to fight the Warboss and his lieutenants. From time of insertion via boarding torpedo to the end of that last fight, it had only been a few minutes. :P

    It was the most SPESH MAUREEN-iest plan ever and it was glorious.

      I've got an Eldar army to assemble and paint but have yet to pull the trigger. Probably waiting for my daughters to get a bit older so that I can leave painting and minis around without the risk of 5-year-old fingers destroying stuff :-) My Eldar are mainly aspect warriors with some wraith guard, a wraith lord, some harlequins and some falcons. I got Shining Spears instead of jet bikes because they are awesome (at least they were a few years ago according to my probably out of date codex).

        Shining Spears are still awesome. I mostly got jet bikes because they've buffed them up and you can now give them scatter lasers (basically converts them into a heavy weapons platform that can still turbo-boost around the battlefield if required).

        I don't know where I'm going with my army. Mostly bikes, bikes, and more bikes with Farseers and Warlocks on more bikes. That said, I kinda want to get some wraith stuff as well but I might wait until I get some more money.

          Yeah, Eldar are so flexible it is easy to put together very different armies from the same codex. I just love the specialisation of the aspect warriors (even Dire Avengers). My mate and I were playing way back in 2nd edition when Eldar were broken. His Avatar, Warp Spiders and Howling Banshees would skip across the table and tear my marines apart while Maugan Ra and his Dark Reapers would just blow up anything that poked its head up. Good times...

      Nice =] I really need to set up a work-desk where I can paint in peace without having to worry about tripping over nearby electronics [email protected] Show us your finished armies! Love learning new painting techniques from fellow W40k painters =]

    Good morning TAY. I went and bought Splatoon on Saturday morning and played it a whole bunch, am currently level 14. I am absolutely in love with the game. I do have a few minor issues that several people have already mentioned (can't guarantee teams with friends, small number of maps), but I can overlook those because the experience I have in a match is just so fantastic. I'm a fan of how the motion controls work, since I was never big on console shooters so I never got used to twin-stick controls.

    Anyway, my NNID is also eRonin if anybody wants to play together!

      I really like the single player content too. So many gameplay mechanics that don't show up outside of the story mode (the level with the invisible platforms/walls was great).

      I'm pretty sure the big update that is coming in August includes friends-only matches too, so you'll be able to do that eventually! There's also a bunch of free maps being trickled out too (I think they're trying to keep people playing by drip-feeding new maps, weapons, etc)

        Yep, I'm looking forward to teaming up with my friends and maybe some people from TAY as well! Also, it was just announced around midnight last night that one new map, one new weapon and ranked mode will be released later today, so looks like another night of Splatoon for me!

    Urgh. Exam prep for tomorrow, coupled with trying to find a new house for the family to live in.
    We're renters, and it's terrible down here in Tas. So much crap - houses not updated since the 1970s, full of poorly disguised mold, crappy curtains and bathrooms that look like they pre-date the cretaceous period.

    Is it so hard to buy and investment property, and...well, call me crazy here, but look after it so it can return a decent investment for a number of years, as opposed to letting it run into ruin?

    Do you want crappy tenets? Because leaving your property alone for a number of years is how you get crappy tenets.

    Still not as bad as the unit the wife and I lived in first go - expensive, cold, literally the size of a restaurant kitchen. If I sat in the lounge room on the couch, I could stick one foot into the kitchen and another into the entrance hallway.

    Whats the worse place you've lived in? Gimmie horror stories so I fell better about looking at all this outdated crap on the Internet.

      First house I lived in out of uni we're pretty sure was subsiding. Was advertised as a 5 bedroom place, which was generous (one of the rooms barely fit a single bed, and it had no proper loungeroom- we used one of the bedrooms as a lounge).

      My room was on the eastern side of the house, with a big tree out the front. This tree used to clog up the drains and cause water to come spilling over parts of the external ceiling- we're pretty sure that this had been ongoing for years. The root structure of the thing must have been massive, all through the foundation Over time, we noticed a deeper effect- it used to cause water to come through the back of my built-in cupboard space (that was a fun weekday morning when I realised that). This realisation lead us to notice that the whole eastern side of the house was...slightly...tilted. My bed was on castors- we noticed it migrated. Other things with rollers, glasses placed on the ground- we noticed the place had a tilt.

      In the end, we lived there for a year, leaving for unrelated reasons, but I always wonder how long until the owner of that place realises what's going on and has that tree removed.

      I drive past that house occasionally. The tree is still there.

    I called the real estate and asked about breaking the lease. they were all too happy to inform me that i will be fiscally responsible for the rent until the find someone to take over the lease and that it wasn't likely to find anyone soon. Then we have to pay a bunch of fees and get the house cleaned proffesionally despite it not being cleaned when we arrived in the property. I tells ya, it makes me just want to cry, my entire savings from 7 years of hard work is going to disappear and i have no prospects in the near future to make any of this back. Being young and naive is so enjoyable. Now to call telstra for a similar conversation.

      This might be worth a look, if you can massage the facts of the case to fit.

        Its not excessive hardship, im just really stingy and its a little overwhelming, thanks for the heads up though.

          I'd be happy to take all your money*. Then you could make a strong case for excessive hardship.

          *probably to be returned at a later date

      Have you asked for a copy of your lease agreement? I would definitely review it as opposed to taking the rental agents word for it. As a rule of thumb anyone working in real estate starts at the bottom of the humanity scale, so it wouldn't surprise me that their looking to cover their ass with the owner (i.e. having income streaming in to them even though there's no tenant) even if it risks breaching a lease agreement.

      I would request a signed copy (which they should have on file) and go over it to make sure there's no bullshit going on there.

      Nah dawg, you're being lied to.

      As long as you give them enough notice (which is two weeks) you don't have to pay shit.

      Chickity check your rights.

        Wait up, apparently I've been lied to.

        You could always just find tenants yourself before you leave.

        That's what most of my friends have done when they've broken a lease.

        Things must have changed a lot. I haven't rented for about 11 years, but every rental agreement I signed stated that if you terminate the lease early you have to pay rent up until they find a new tenant as well as advertising costs.

        Although, iirc it also said that you could find someone to take over the lease for you.

      Check your lease agreement. Often professional cleaning isn't something that's in the agreement, it's something that the agents extort out of you.


      Ask the agent to give you the number of *their* cleaner, and use them. It will prevent the agents from turning around and trying to extort more money by claiming the cleaning job wasn't good enough.

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