What Are You Playing This Weekend?

After two weeks on holiday, completely away from video games, I feel like I have catching up to do. Time to play the crap out of The Witcher 3 and Splatoon.

What's everyone's thoughts on Splatoon? I've been super keen for it ever since it was announced, but worry if it's worth sucking up my Witcher 3/Bloodborne time? What are your thoughts?

And what are you playing these days? Is everyone still glued to The Witcher 3?

Man this is a lot of questions. This post is basically a long list of questions.

What are you playing this weekend?


    From what I've heard, a weekend is simply not enough time for W3. As for Splatoon, you can reach the cap (lvl 20) in that same amount of time and see the majority - if not all of what the game has to offer. Splatoon is also a lot more family friendly.

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      Yeah. You could play the Witcher 3 non-stop for all 48 hours of the weekend and still be only about halfway done.

    Ep 2 of Tales From The Borderlands. More AC: Unity but I'd almost rather play MKX and DMC over it at the moment.

    Witcher 3... I can't be happy though, I'll complain if a games choices don't mean anything but in Witcher they mean so much I can't make any!!!

    After 50 hours play time and I feel like I have to start again because I thought I was doing something right but it was super evil!!! ... f%#k it I am just going to be an asshole this play through.

      Uh oh... MY choices are really going to bite my ass arent they

    4 days played in Witcher. Still havent found Ciri.

      Coming up to that amount of time myself, and I'm about to go and meet the Bloody Baron for the first time (after I go to some place called Crookback Bog or something). Of course, it helps that I refuse to fast-travel at all. Some of those quest points are a fair way from each other!

        lol wow, you have SO much ahead of you.

          hahaha! No shit - Just been through the bog and sorted them... ... not spoiling shit

          But I have no idea how much Ive played and im just trying to do every quest I can find so its slow going! Still - havent found Ciri though...
          Found Anna finally last night lol...
          What did you do with the beast on the tree? I killed its heart... feel like i shoulda let it go...

    I'm taking Splatoon to a good friends house. He needs cheering up. I figure this game will do it.

    Hard story to type, but his wifes brother died, a guy we all adored. Top bloke and they're all doing well enough but I figure some genuine fun and 'niceness' is needed. So my boy got Splatoon the other day, and with the fun that it's brought Liam and I this week, I think it might do the same for the evening over there. Worth a shot :)


    Also, I picked up Anubis 2 a few days ago, and I'm about to find out how terrible it actually is.

    I might be playing some Density with friends. Outside of that I'll be playing Suikoden II and the first Ratchet and Clank trilogy. There may also be some GG Xrd Sign here and there too.

    I thought Splatoon was awesome fun when i was playing, decided to push it aside for the moment for backlog reasons, the next few months seem to be the best opportunity to take a stab at it.

    This weekend ill start and try to finish the dead kings dlc for unity.. only just finished single player/open world stuff if I have extra time than maybe Witcher 3


    40 hours and counting... I haven't had a chance to check out Kelp Dome yet, so that'll be good.

      Kelp dome is great, it's the first map which really makes you aware of 3d gameplay. There is a lot going on because of the grates, it's pretty awesome!

      Our first splat-fest is in two weeks, I'm looking forward to the visual flair of the night mode.

      Edit: I'm still finding it INKREDIBLY hard to find local players though. I've been playing at peak Aussie time but I've probably only encountered a handful of non-japanese/german/spanish people. This is across two consoles at two locations.

      I've never had a non-laggy match since the first testfire event, and that isn't hyperbole.

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        It's nice to hear Kelp Dome is great, I mean, I have played it in single player, but it doesn't really count, if you know what I mean.

        I can't say I've really been able to find Aussie players, either.

        Also: SPLAT FEST YAY.

        Kelp dome is great, it's the first map which really makes you aware of 3d gameplay. There is a lot going on because of the grates, it's pretty awesome!This really does my head in, if only because I find it so hard to aim down at people through the grates with how they obscure your view. Also I keep ending up with handrails and stuff getting in the way, far more camera problems than I've had anywhere else. Would be nice if any piece of map between the camera and your character could turn transparent...

        Still, loving the new map. Even if it's only so chaotic because nobody quite knows how to tackle it yet.

    Hmm, still playing some Mortal Kombet X. Still want to finish off Witcher 2 (that's like, the poster child game for backlog gamers). Some Fire Emblem on 3DS, need to finish that off.

    Was also thinking about starting to write my Halo 3 retrospective review.

    Have D&D on Sunday, which is probably needed since last week it was canceled.

    Been getting back into painting for Warmachine too.

    Dark Souls. Just the first one.

    What of it?

      It's really awesome and I love it and wish I could play it for the first time again?

        I played it once two years ago, got to the gargoyle bosses, and rage quit.

        Picked up the Prepare to Die edition a few days ago, already killed it and three other bosses as well.

        So much fun.

          Almost exactly what happened to me, and why I say it's a game that takes a few attempts to stick.

          Bought it at launch in 2011 or whatever, got nowhere. A year or so later, my brother coached me on how to play, got a bit further, hit a wall at the gargoyles and rage quit. Another year or so later, more coaching from my brother, worked out how to equip, level and actually play to beat the boss, and then it all clicked. A couple of months later, I had 1000G'd the game.

          Still suck at PvP though :)

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            I just summoned Solaire. He took all the attention, while I just blindly hacked at the gargoyles from behind.

              Yes Summoning is the key with Dark Souls, it's the difference between survive a boss fight and doing it 20 times

                agree with this overall, it makes most boss fights more palatable as a fire-drawing exercise, but didn't do much to help with Ornstein and Smough.

    Witcher 3, really gotta buckle down and make some good progress, its just keep doing random stuff

    Maybe check out Massive Chalice too, looks cool

    Well, my PS4 is still making its way back from the giant Sony conclave/repair centre in the sky, so I'm stuck with the Xbone. Either finishing Halo 2 on MCC or giving State of Decay a go.

    Damn I miss you, Witcher 3 *sniff*

      What happened with your PS4?

      I've been having the disc eject issue for pretty much the past year and im starting to get over it. Very intermittent and usually only when the system is in rest it turns itself back on and ejects the disc so its not affecting gameplay but BLOODY ANNOYING

        Mine used to be intermittent. Then it began ejecting and beeping constantly. Tried the eject screw and power cycling a dozen times before I bit the bullet and sent it back to Sony. Am now anxiously watching the AU Tracking app for updates.

        Still, at least I have the bone. It's been remarkably issue-free considering I went through three 360's over a six year period.

        Is yours under warranty?

          Nope 18 months old but I contacted the ACCC and talked about the Consumer law guarantee - They said contact the retailer not Sony as sony were being pricks about it as usual

          So I called EB on Saturday and customer service just called my local store to see if they had "replacement units" and they put my name on one - Just gotta pop in and swap mine out! Thanks EB!
          But then i guess ive got the issue of backing everything up and im not bothering picking it up till i buy a 1TB SSHD - found one for $110 just gotta wait a day or two for pay ;)
          I filled my 500GB with PS Plus downloaded games and the first few AAA titles I got - Been deleting installs for the past year every time I get a new game! I'm also hoping the SSHD will increase the transfer speed in backing up videos and screens for them PS4. They are so painfully slow to back up!

            Ah well, man. Sounds like you're all over it :)

            Mine comes back today! Back to Witcher/happiness!!!

              Ah aty least it's timely enough - All the best and here's hoping we dont have to swap these out as well! Once one of my PS3s went, I ended up swapping it out three times!

    Witcher 3 - I'm 41 hours in after two weekend marathons, and have recently finished the first main non-prologue quest. Progress! \o/

    Destiny - killed Skolas for the first time last night, got two elder ciphers for some reason. Forgot to bring a key, tho, so will likely spend some of the weekend farming keys then lfg-ing another go for that sweet emblem. Plus, I find myself in need of keys for those ciphers. Also have another 32 prison to take care of... darnit, why can't we have long weekends every weekend?

    Demons Souls or Bloodborne

    Looking at my pre-install of DMC4 special edition and hoping that with enough willpower it will unlock and allow me to play it. Other than that, just my normal staple of destiny. I finally got a gallahorn this week ... then I got a second one about 20 minutes later

    More than likely some more AdVenture Capitalist and Clicker Heroes. Also, when I'm not working and Green Man Gaming decides to finally send me my Steam key and I can get it downloaded I'll be starting on Lego Jurassic World.

    Witcher 3 for sure. 100 hours in now and still messing around in Act 2. Once I got bitten by the Gwent bug, Geralt quit slaying monsters for a good 20+ hours...

    Might also play some Destiny to mix things up a little (if I can stop playing Witcher)

    After the fallout 4 announcement I've had an itch and the only way to cure this itch was to play fallout 3. So I will continue scratching this weekend :P

    I just found out I can play FF 14 free for a couple of weeks, so I'm gonna give that a go.

    Maybe some Witcher 3 and whatever I pick up in the Steam sales.

    I'll be playing some older games. The Sims 2 (the best one in the series, imo), Super Smash Bros Melee, maybe some GTA San Andreas if i every get around to it.

    I'll be playing payday 2 on the xbone with two good friends of mine and also some farm simulator and Arkham City in prep for new batman

    I've been switching between W3 and Splatoon the past week, will probably continue to do so..

    I love that Nintendo are slowly releasing new weapons, maps, and modes for Splatoon. It makes it feel fresh every time you play. Smart move.

    As for W3, I am done with the story but I can't seem to stop playing it.. Feels good being overpowered and chopping bandits in half from horse back.

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