Gone Home Dev's Next Game, Tacoma, Uses One Of System Shock 2's Best Bits

People seemed to enjoy Fullbright's Gone Home, enough so that the developer's new game, Tacoma, serves as a strong influence. Of course, it helps to mix things up and along with a sci-fi theme, an important component of Tacoma involves observing the electronic "ghosts" — very reminiscent of those from System Shock 2.

The video above reveals some of Tacoma's gameplay, unfortunately, it's disrupted somewhat by the commentary provided by Game Informer. Still, there's sufficient content in there to assess the player's role in it all — in this case, exploring an abandoned moon base and figuring out what happened to everyone.

The ghosts aren't supernatural in origin, instead, the conceit is that base records the movements and conversations of every inhabitant, allowing visual playback. System Shock 2 featured a similar mechanic, though it wasn't as core to the game as it appears to be here and if memory serves, they were described as "psychic remnants" of the dead.

It's part creepy, part cool, and if Fullbright does a good job with the execution, it'll be well worth experiencing.

5 Minutes of New Tacoma Gameplay [YouTube, via RPS]


    This game looks fairly interesting until you realize that it will probably be exactly like gone home - disappointing ending and all.

    I theorize that either A) the crew will meet aliens and fall in love with them and run away because humanity won't accept their love or B) the crew had to go back to earth because their year before permanent bone damage was up and Amy is really there to greet and train the new crew.

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