Here's Doom Being Played On A Game Console From 1982

We've had Doom on the Raspberry Pi and even Doom inside Doom, so it's only fitting Doom makes an appearance on the most retro of gaming devices — the humble Vectrex.

The what? Can't blame you if the name "Vectrex" doesn't ring a bell. It was a gaming computer released in the early 1980s that featured vector graphics (lines and geometric shapes). It wasn't exactly the most colourful of systems — in fact, you had to use special overlays to get anything other than black and white — however, it was considered rather neat for its time.

Anyway, Doom. There's a video on a YouTube channel by the name "Sprite_tm" that shows a Vectrex playing "Voom", an extremely lean version of id's opus. If you've played Doom, you'll recognise the geometry of the first level, even if it's missing, well, everything else. There's also no collision — you'll notice the player clips through a wall early on in the demonstration.

It may lack imps and shotguns and be barely playable, but it's still a cool little project.

Doom on a Vectrex [YouTube, via Retro Gaming Mag]


    I think that uses the same tech found in AC unity.

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    Look, I've been told I'm extremely accepting, (I actually liked Watchdogs), but that is a desperate attempt at DOOM

    It's not Doom, it's merely the first level inside a vector graphics editor.
    People have put that first level inside lots of games and programs, such as Killing Floor.

    Damn, I just sold my vectrex to pay for more HDDs :(

    Though to be fair, here is Wolfenstein 3D almost running on a 1979 Atari computer...

    That's some serious black-voodoo coding man, the Vectrex (and Atari) both run these engines extremely well for their respective ages. Bullshot?

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