Our First Official Look At Suicide Squad

We've already gotten a terrible leaked version of the first Suicide Squad trailer, but if you were sensible you might have been waiting for this: the official, less rubbish version of the trailer.

It's here now. Now's your chance to see Jared Leto's Joker in action.



    I'm mild about this. I mean, yeah I'll go see it, but I'm not super hyped or anything....

    Not sure how anyone can not be excited after seeing that. Looks really good.

    Looks ok. Don't think I'll rush to see it at the cinema.

    Loving it. Deadshots on point. Anyone who has an issue with Floyd Lawton doesn't know the character at all, he's meant to be bombastic, over the top and flamboyant in his style. Smith will bring that to the character easily. Leto's going to do fine. The Jokers had a hundred different interpretations, some great (Nicholson, Ledger, Romero, Hamill) some terrible (New 52 Joker, The Batman (cartoon, where he looked like an animal?)). Ayers style is all over this, the Panda masks made my kid giggle and even myself laugh a little, the imposing of humor over seriousness, giving it a great look. Can't wait.

      Really? If we're getting that, then I should be thinking Will Smith from Independance Day, not Will Smith from iRobot that I currently do while viewing this trailer.

        The whole thing looks it could use a good injection of bombast and over the top flamboyance

        Two lines do not a final impression make though from a teaser, there's more to come so just wait til more come out. We've got another 11 months :)

      What are your thoughts on Harley Quinn? Although I like the aesthetic, but she doesn't scream 'deranged psychiatrist' in that trailer. I'll reserve judgment until I see it though.

        No idea, they didn't show enough yet. However, going by the behind the scenes stuff, she's got the voice down pat that Tara Strong did.

          Yeah, I was actually thinking it was pretty close to the original voice that Arleen Sorkin did.

      You didn't like New 52 Joker?! True, I haven't read them all and the only exposure I've gotten to him was Death of the Family, buti thought that was brilliant. That particular book is a close second to Killing Joke as my favourite Batman book (again, I haven't read them all, but I still don't make the statement lightly).

      That "look him in the eyes and tell yourself he's just a man" part gave me chills.

        Depends on which part. The one with the skinned face? Not particularly. He wasn't written too well, but when he returned as the 'laughing man of gotham' I felt he was written far better.

          WTF Death of the family was probably one of his best arcs in recent years. Like a child vying for his fathers attention he needs the Batman and he couldn't get it, which made Endgame all the better.

            It's all personal opinion. Just because you think so doesn't mean I have to, that's how the world works dude.

              But I mean, it got amazing ratings and its sales were top notch. I am not saying you can't like it, but the only people I have seen that don't like normally fit the line "I was reading Batman before Jason Todd was dead and then punched back to life" somewhere into the same sentence.

                And if I was? Im open to new interpretations of the Joker, as I said, I loved the Jokers further incarnation, just that one didn't do much for me.

                And the 'punching back to life' is really, universally held to be one of the dumbest ways to bring back a character ever lol

                  But reality needed a good punch and Superboy was only too happy to oblige if it meant escaping another dimension. I just think its a better one and would rather see this than say Brian Azzerello's Joker (which is what ledgers was based off) or the pimp daddy dark knight one.

                  @vaegrand Heaths Joker wasn't based on Brians Joker, that comic was released October 2008. TDK which was in production since late 2006, was filmed mid 2007 and released July 16, 2008. Heath took his inspiration from many places and did the makeup himself for the Joker after seeing a few designs he wasn't happy with apparently.

                  The designs primarily utilised for the Joker include inspiration from A Death in the Family, The Killing Joke and even the Dark Knight Returns which he mentioned he had read as well as a bunch of obscure places. However he went further, taking inspiration from a Clockwork Oranges makeup on Malcolm McDowell of all places, Sid Vicious's look and a few other actors such as James Cagney.

                  His voice and motion performance itself was taken from singer Tom Waits, especially from his Don Lane interview seen here: https://youtu.be/gCSc6E4yG9s and damn that's eery how close it was...

                  But I digress, it was a lot more creative than Azzarellos derivative copycat Joker indeed.

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          That's fair enough. I haven't read his return, but the skinned face I found gave a level of horror to the character on top of his creepiness. I dunno, I thought his entrance into the GCPD, taunting Harley into cutting her face as well as what others say about him (like what I mentioned above) made for a great exploration of both him and Batman.

            A more than fair point, it didn't just gel with me personally. I know people who loved it, I know people who hated it. It just didn't appeal to me much.

              All good man, wasn't having a go.

                In other news, saw Antman tonight, what a refreshing movie. Felt like just what the MCU needed. Relied more on building characters and telling an interesting story rather than setting up building blocks for other movies.

                  Excellent! I'm pumped to see that, mainly because I haven't been exposed to Ant-man before so I'm intrigued.

      I hope the humor is really twisted, though. If it is a lot more dark than the humor you would find in a Marvel film, it'll be great.

    Between Wolf of Wall Street and this, kind of neat to see Margot Robbie out there as another Australian actress going places. She's kind of the centre of the vid and seems to be doing a mighty fine job with the character. Long way from Neighbours.

      She was fantastic in Focus.

        She was even better in Neighbours.

        Oh nice! Yeah, havent seen ^^ but still, awesome to see local talent doing so well. She steals the trailer for me easily, not sure why the attention always has to be on Leto, particularly when hes in it for like 3 seconds.

      And Jai Courtney who is making a bit of a name for himself too though I keeping seeing his Cptn Boomerang and thinking of Tom Hardy

        Oh thats cool! I didnt realise he was in there too... I see what you mean. Yeah go Australian actors, woo

        Heh luckily, they're letting Jai use his aussie accent in this. He's like Sam Worthington, when faking an American accent, he's not that good, but when utilising his natural accent, he's actually not too bad. Plus he's playing the sleazy, Captain Boomerang, so he's really playing it up.

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          Except Sam Worthington also isn't particularly good with his natural accent either...?

    Will Smith is looking good as usual. Everyone else is pretty sweet too. I wish they showed more of Jared Leto's acting :(

      I think they're hiding him and Afleck a bit atm for marketing/suspense reasons

        Possibly, Batman and the Joker are a bit played out in terms of having been done a few times before, so they're letting others take center stage.

          Yeah have to agree here @weresmurf, I do think they will let oethers take more of the center stage but i think they're hiding Afleck and Leto to keep people guessing about it.

          Leto is a very capable actor if you look into his other things so i'd like to see him do the joker well but I've heard rumors that the director asked him to replicate Heath Ledger rather than give him free reign over the character

            Its the opposite. DC after seeing Marvels success in embracing comics is heavily pushing embracing them too. Ayer has been telling Leto to study comics like Killing Joke and Death in the family etc.

    Is that Cara Delevingne in the trailer? If it is, I am in.

    Edit: It is. I am now officially pumped for this film.

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    Now that I can see what's actually going on in the trailer...yep, keen.

    I dunno, kind of looks like a bad version of 'The Warriors',
    or lollipop chainsaw.

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    Really looking forward to this. For me it's the villains that make DC

    I wish people would stop freaking out about the Joker. He's kind of a lame villain. I get that Heath Ledger's joker was a home run, but that's not because the joker is come awesome villain, but because a combination of the actor, director, script, makeup, costume and especially the musical score all came together to make this awesome character so damn iconic. But literally any batman villain could be given that same incredible treatment and become as iconic.

    But no, WB seems intent on using Nolan's film as the roadmap and not straying too far from what he made iconic.

    In the voice of the Joker "it's like, one cinematic home run ... and everyone loses their mind"

      The joker is rated as Batmans most iconic and troublesome villain, not only in movie but in comic as well.

      So i have to disagree, he's a diverse and great character. I do wish they'd bring in some of batmans other lesser known villains but i don't believe joker plays a big role in this movie ?

    Not liking the look of it aesthetically, at all. The whole colour palette is WAY too dark. Between Nolan's Batman (undoubtedly excellent), Man of Steel and what we've seen of BvS, the dark colour palette is seeing far too much use. I was hoping that this would be lighter, more comic-esque and also included some good humour in it, however it just seems like another run-of-the-mill gloomy action movie that takes itself a bit too seriously.

    Awwwwww, they should have used Lucy Liu instead of Karen Fukuhara :(

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    I've got no idea what i just watched. The trailer is clearly for people who already know the characters, backstory, etc. For the movie's sake, I hope it goes into some detail, otherwise the peripheral characters will get lost.

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      For a quick idea of what the Suicide Squad is a about all you need to know is that in the comics they are a bunch of incarcerated villains that are "Volunteered" to do missions for a woman called Amanda Waller (also called "The Wall" or "Fat Wall(er)/Skinny Wall(er)"). These missions tend to be ones that blur the lines on most peoples morale compasses and have a VERY low survival rate (unless you read the current run, where for some reason no one has died).

      In order to control the squad, Waller normally uses a variety of black mail and implants (read as "neck bombs"); the former is Wallers speciality as she tends to be a cold bitch in most versions. There have been times when Waller will side with her captives (she seems especially fond of Harley), but has absolutely no issue with putting them down if they step out of lines and that happens to be where the real fandom comes from. The series can be incredibly brutal at times and the writers have no issue with scrubbing out members to be replaced with ones that are more interesting.

      The members that tend to get the most screen times (especially in the new 52 runs) are Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and Harley Quinn.

      Captain Boomerang (George "Digger" Harkness) was a performer but later turned to a life of crime after people hurt his feelings; his early abilities were purely that he could accurately throw and make boomerangs, but at certain times he has been able to manifest exploding boomerangs out of pure energy.

      Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) is an Assassin, which has coined himself as the worlds most dangerous marksman. He tends to be the squads leading figure in the newer comics as he is more of a tactical soldier than his direct rival (Boomerang). Deadshot has no powers, but is an incredibly accurate marksman (unless shooting at heroes). In the recent comics he has an off again - on again relationship with Harley Quinn.

      Finally we get to Harley Quinn... blah blah blah delusional "girl friend" of the Joker blah blah blah has moments where she can destroy armies and then in the next page will struggle to even kill some new no name character that serves as nothing more than friction through out the group. But in all seriousness she is the wild card in the group, normal falling somewhere between getting them all killed and destroying their enemies by accident.

      EDIT: Heh, quick >.>

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    After the guy who played Deadshot on Arrow nailed it Will Smith will be more like warm pee running down your inside leg.

      Then I guess I must like warm pee as the actor who played Deadshot on Arrow was abysmal.

    I dunno, I want to like it - but I'm just burnt out on superhero movies. To be honest I didn't even think Avengers 1 or 2 were that special.

    The problem probably isn't even with the content/movies themselves, its just that every time you see a trailer/teaser for something (I'm looking at you Ant-Man) you just think, "great, another one, another cash grab, only green-lit-because-its-a-comic, that will probably be rushed and half-arsed to just make money asap."

    This genre is making the movies become the equivalent of shovel-ware.

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