Some People Are Ridiculously Good At Dishonored

So it's at that point really — some people are taking Dishonored playthroughs to the level of pure art. This is unreal.

The video above is StealthGamerBR playing through what, I would argue, is Dishonored's best mission: the Lady Boyle assassination. There's just so much freedom for different modes of approach and this particular playthrough is super violent, chaotic and endlessly, endlessly inventive.

I don't want to spoil it too much, so just watch it.

I've seen a bunch of Dishonoured highlight reels, and they were plenty cool, but this? Watching someone play through a full mission in spectacular style is compelling.


    Dishonoured must have the most play life of any recent game.

    I can't think of another that is still being played like this so many years later.

    My personally? I still have Splinter Cell Blacklist installed. I thought it was great!

    That was impressive - by comparison I completely suck at that game - if it let me have unlimited Magic Juice (or whatever the blue one was) I'd be excellent - but the resource management brings me undone!

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