Stop Playing Gwent In The Witcher 3, Play It In Real Life

CD Projekt RED is crazy. They're literally ignoring a pile of money sitting in front of them. Money in the form of Gwent. Imagine: an official Gwent card set. A real life one. Who wouldn't buy that? Everyone would buy that. In my opinion that card set should look exactly like this.

These were designed, printed and cut by Reddit user Adef25.

I don't play Gwent in The Witcher 3, because I'm usually to busy trying to complete a number of weird arse missions, but I think I'd consider playing the game with like-minded friends in real life, with a sexy set of cards like this.

Honestly — I think CD Projekt RED should get in contact with this guy. Just use these. They look amazing.

You can check out more pics of the set here


    Call me a heathen, but I think that Gwent is the best part of The Witcher 3. I love the whole game, but something about Gwent is just so enthralling.

      I thoroughly enjoyed it but it could be made to be a bit more complex for a separate game. It became too much of a rock-paper-scissors game once I got used to it in the first few hours.. for longevity, there needs to be more complexity.

        I think complexity would come when versing like minded players, your current strategies against the cpu won't work in the same way. Players would sniff out what you're trying to do, scorch your build up cards, throw down weather cards etc.

        Yeah I agree that it could be more complex, it's pretty much just a numbers game.
        The first time I played I thought it would be more like Yuuuuuu......Gi-Oh ;)

        I still play Gwent with anyone and everyone in the game, but yeah, it could be a little more complex than just 'who has the highest number'

      You are perfectly normal. Mark is the weird one. Gwent is arguably at least as good as, if not better than, The Witcher 3.

        Strongly disagree. It might be cool in addition to the game but having regularly played a shitload of TCGs, it really doesn't hold up that well. You might enjoy trying a fully fledged one like Magic or Dice Masters.

        That being said, if it were released physically I'd still give gwent some play every so often.

      The only issue, not to be negative, is that gwent heavily relies off bonus' and increasing strength cards, aswell as weather. Making this in an actual card game will require some knowing and memory of what has happened, otherwise I'd love to play a gwent game with my mates in person

    you are not wrong, the moment i started playing it i started wanting a real tabletop version of Gwent. Fantasy Flight seem to have the licence... so who knows they may do it eventually

    There was a real Gwent set that CD Projekt RED made.

    It was an additional item in the Collector's Edition that was platform exclusive to the XBone.

    And it's why I cancelled my CE order.

    They’re literally ignoring a pile of money sitting in front of them.
    No, they really didn't ignore the pile of money sitting in front of them, put there by Microsoft.

    Last edited 30/07/15 9:37 am

      Exactly what I was going to say, they DID make a card set, but then MS had to be fuckwits and make it xbox exclusive.
      I didn't cancel my Ce cause that statue is soo sexy, but man I was tempted to over the card set, really pissed me off.
      And I bet there are eBay scalpers selling the cards on their own for 1000% profit.

      Just came here to post this; there is an official Gwent card set but it's exclusive to Xbone.

      Makes me feel better that there were only two factions in the CE card set, and I think the cards may be a bit different to the ones in the game.

    The XB1 card set is different from the in-game one though - only two factions and the cards have different values.

    People have been making IRL sets since the game came out though, you can get a pretty professional looking set of cards done for around $60 from online card makers.

    BOOOO, Gwent! BOOOOO!! Bring back dice poker.

    Seriously though, I've done maybe 2 quests involving Gwent. It just ain't my cuppa tea ...

    Remember dice poker? dice poker was simple. I liked Dice poker ...

    They should make a Hearthstone-like Gwent app. I would play the shit out of that.

    PSA: if you buy the hardcopy of Hearts of Stone it comes with two decks! Scoiatel and Monsters, in a nice little collector's box, and holy crap they're gorgeous.

    I'd bet everything in my savings that Blood and Wine will come with the Northern Realms and Nilfgaard decks too.

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