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    Freyjr is rushing through the emergency ward.

    Frejyr: Everyone, this ward has been placed under quarantine! Nobody will be allowed to leave until we have verified that it is safe.

    Pants: But…my quinceañera…

    Freya: Nuts to your quinceañera!

    Freeze and Nobs have sequestered themselves in an empty hospital room.

    Nobs: We…might not make it out of here, Freeze. I just wanted to say -

    Freeze: Don’t say anything, Nobs.

    Nobs: But I –

    A finger is held to his lips as the two lock eyes why the hell am I writing this.

    In a darkened room, Strange secrets a knife from a nearby uneaten meal.

    Strange: I’m getting out of here tonight if it’s the last thing I do…

    Everyone sits around looking super bored.

    Red: What are we going to do to pass the time?

    Trjn descends from the ceiling.

    Trjn: Did someone say BOARD GAMES?

    He opens his magical bag of holding. An endless cascade of board games burst out from within. Several people are crushed against the back wall from their forceful ejection.

    Trjn sips tea.

    Rize plays an IV drip in a cafeteria jazz ensemble.

    A hysterical Cakesmith runs rampant around the ward, screaming.

    Cakesmith: LET ME OUT LET ME OUT LET ME OUT LET ME OUT (and so on)

    He attempts to open one of the sealed doors. Freya points a finger.

    Freyjr: Restrain him! He can’t be allowed to leave!

    Cut to Cakesmith tied to a radiator, sobbing.

    Meanwhile, at their home, Beavwa and Pip have adopted a cute puppy. Everything is sunshine and rainbows.

    Pip: I wonder how everyone else is doing.

    A throng of TAYbies circle the cafeteria staff, makeshift weapons in hand.

    Powalen: Hand over the food!

    For some reason Greenius is standing with the staff.

    Greenius: No! It’s all mine!

    He begins eating everything in sight. The mob rushes him.

    Nurse Transient paces back and forth, worried.

    Transient: We need to operate but we’re hideously understaffed oh what will we ever do.

    ???: Maybe…I can help.

    Pixel steps out from the shadows.

    Transient: Do you have any experience operating?

    Pixel: I’ve played Surgeon Simulator.

    Transient: Perfect.

    Smash cut to Pixel performing surgery, tearing bone and organs from a man’s chest with a pizza cutter.

    Transient: We’re meant to be operating on his leg!


    Freyjr studies a report, her brow furrowing further with each line.

    Freya: My god…

    She looks directly into the camera.

    Frejyr: None of us are leaving here alive.


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      I hope someone is collating all of these for a leather-bound tome to be produced at its conclusion.

      I love the surgeon simulator one. They didn't cover legs in the game!

      None of us are leaving here alive.

      I choose to read this as a threat.

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        She's a fighty drunk.

          She'll also try to push you out of a moving taxi when sober.


        I swear @rize can jazz anything. The man is a maestro.

        Accidentally replied to you Pixel, my bad. But still, SOMEONE STOP THIS CRAZY MAN!

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      Wait, am I at the hospital too?

      I can't see this ending well.

        Only pip and beavwa are not in the hospital as fair as I can tell.

    Splatoon's maps keep getting better and better, and it's becoming obvious that they're being released on a difficulty curve. Camp triggerfish is particularly great in splat zones!

    Also, that new ad showing off the splatling gun and paint bucket is pretty rad:

    So, that's how I spent my weekend, collecting hats.

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      I find that I often Main the 52. Gal. It took me 3 goes on camp triggerfish before I was able to get it. There is supposed to be a good update in August dropping.

        One of the directors hinted that we'd see things like the ink rails make it into multiplayer. That's going to be pretty epic.

        The August update will let team ranked battles happen, which will be when splatoon turns into serious bismuth. I was playing games full of my friends list yesterday, we were all on voice chat and it was stupid fun. Private matches would make it way better though.

          I always get stuck on the opposite team of my friends D=

            With seven friends online in the same game that is never a problem! :p

              Most I've had is 3 (including me) and for some reason, I am almost always on the other team.

    So I decided to test out Rocket League and I immediately became addicted. I was having so much fun I didn't set up my recording equipment properly.

    I made a playlist

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend had Highs and Lows and those Highs and Lows had Highs and Lows so let the ramblings begin!

    Friday: Friday I had a Job interview, I thinkit went well otherwise the lady was patronizing me and in which case boo, either way I was invited to their careers night on tuesday and now I have to decide if I want to suit it or not decisions decisions. Also on Friday I had no work which is terrible for my paycheck but I got to play vidya games which is good for other things. I platinumed Rocket League as well as hit Pro rank level 20 so we went out to dinner at Captain Americas Hamburger Heaven, it was delicious and stupidely filling. When we got home Cathryn was tired so she went to bed and I stayed up watching Blue Exorcist not a bad anime.

    Saturday: I slept till 11:30, then we took the dogs for a walk to the dog park so they could meet new people and just generally have fun, after that we went to the shops and had Schnitz for lunch, it was alright. Also I brought a new wallet, and a doggy tshirt for moni. I cooked fajitas for dinner which was delicious and cathryn and I stayed up watching Shameless and Upper Middle Bogan, not bad shows.

    Sunday: It was on off raining and we didn't get uptil 10:30, the dogs were sleepy so didnt take them for a walk. I made Cathryn bacon and eggs for brekkie, we had hot dogs for lunch, I got my phone screen fixed AND I started lego jurassic park. That night was the low part of the weekend, shadow whos blind fell in the pool and moni burst into the house starts agressive barking at mum, mum goes outside sees shadow freaking out in the deep end of the pool moni by this point was beside him tryna bite his collar to keep him above water, mums sprinted for him and because it was wet has fallen down the stairs and cut her arm open, got up and grabbed shadow as I've ran outside with a towel to dry him and the entire time moni didnt leave his side when he was out of the water to make sure he was ok.

    I have no monday morning question.

      Career night? Formal casual! Shirt, dress pants, and a tie! (shoes are optional)

      Hectic man. Scary shit with dark and pool and stuff.

    Long day Saturday, helped a friend move into a unit at Hornsby which is a million times better than our current place and a mere 90% more rent than we're currently paying, which has started my wife talking about us moving again. I think she really means it this time, so we're going to start pinching pennies to save a deposit and see what kind of rent we can really afford. I was hoping to not move until I'd been promoted and paying the rent was easy, but I also expected to be promoted sometime this year which seems less and less likely especially with the company being bought out. Maybe next year, maybe I'll be lucky just to not be made redundant. Who knows.

    My boss is back today after a month of annual leave. The team racked our brains for pranks on Friday and came up blank. The trials of being an adult I guess, we were genuinely concerned that the undoing of the prank would result in a loss of productivity. Like everyone just unilaterally agreed not to bother. Adulthood. \o/

    Did nothing for our anniversary yesterday, we're not particualrly sentimental about any particular day, but it was kind of cool to be like "oh hey we've been married 7 years". We went to dinner at the local club and arrived 3 minutes too late to buy tickets for the end-of-month raffle which included some whitegoods, because for some reason that raffle starts half an hour earlier than all the other raffles, which I think is some bullshit they cooked up to cut off the non-regulars like us, who sometimes turn up for one raffle and win four meat trays on one ticket, a situation they feel very bad for despite having no control over it.

    I didn't play any goddamn video games again this weekend seriously what the hell. My back hurts. This coffee sucks. I'm tired.

    Only 2 months, 22 days, 7 hours and 45 minutes until Oktoberfest Brisbane! That is all!

      That's an odd way to spell AUS PAX. Also you're off by two weeks.

        PAX is old news, friend. Oktoberfest is where it's at! :P

    Morning TAY!

    It was my birthday on Saturday when I was working (damn you recruitment season!), embarrassingly my co-worker told the event organizers and they made an announcement over the P.A system at the Melbourne Exhibition center that it was my birthday lol. On Saturday night I ate all of the Greek food with my family which was cool.

    I also got my tickets changed for some flights I've been saving up for to Europe from Saturday (I left it REALLY late lol) to next year in May \o/ I also played life is Strange, and and man it's a Strange game (Hi @strange!)

      Happy birthday, fitness bud!

        Cheers Mang! I played Life is Strange from 9.30-11.15pm (when I'm normally in bed, so I think it's a good game to keep me awake! XD)

          New episode tomorrow! Best spend all your waking hours catching up, home slice! :D

            Wait, that's tomorrow? I'm so behind.

              Best spend all your waking hours playing too! For me, Red. For me!

                But mah moneys! I spent many hours gaming while unemployed last year and just played Skyrim and Destiny, barely made a dent in the backlog.

            Right now I'm in Chloe's room after Warren got wailed on by Nathan. Nathan's are such dicks! Looking forward to moseying about Chloe's room and finding some clues as to why she's putting up Rachel Amber posters everywhere!!!

              Ooooh! Snooping about places is the best! Lots of stuff to explore! I'm kind of jealous you get to play these eps back-to-back to. Poor Warren! :'(

    So Inflatable World is pretty damn rad!

    It's an indoor sports centre that has heaps of inflatable play equipment - slides, jousting, obstacle course etc.

    Of course, my daughter is to little to got by herself so I just had to go with her and her little friend to make sure they didn't get stuck. Perfect excuse to act like a child again.

    Otherwise made a vain attempt to catch up on some study, gave up an repaired a nendoroid instead. Sorted out some external lights. Cleaned up the vegetable patch and got it looking somewhat reasonable ready for spring.

    Watched first episode of Sense8 last night and it seriously tripped me the hell out... or I was a bit too tired to follow it. Will give it another crack later in the week and see how it goes!

      They need to make a sports centre like that for adults!

    Had a Monopoly extravaganza on Friday night with some mates and played some Warhammer 40K Kill Team.

    Saturday was lazy day at home with kids. They played some Kirby/Tokyo Jungle Mobile/Vita Pets and I played some Rocket League (platinum woohoo!) Saturday night went with my 7-year-old daughter to watch Inside Out (well worth watching - more for adult parents than kids though) and had a roast chicken and champagne takeaway dinner (mmmm...) followed by some more Witcher 3 (I'm seriously up to about 300 hours on that now).

    Sunday took my 5-year-old daughter to a party and then took wife and number 1 daughter to morning tea. Had what I thought was going to be a chocolate-coated scroll pastry which turned out to be drowned in Nutella (gak!) Then went home with number 1 daughter and played Monopoly on PS4. Picked up number 2 daughter and slept for half the afternoon before youth service at night when I was on singing duty - damn hillsong stuff stuck in my head! Now I just need to listen to Isaac 365 to get over it...

    EDIT: Anyone going to Insert Coin(s) at the Oxford Art Factory on 6 August? I have my ticket but no lovely boys/girls to go with me :-(

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    A Monday Morning Question

    Today do I go see:
    Terrmyneighter Jennycis
    Mr Holmes
    The Gallows

      Have not seen any of those but based on the recommendations I've been given, Ant-Man is high up on the list and is is Minions.

      Trainwreck if you like Amy Schumer!

        Look at me, giving the contrarian answer that's not on the list. *flicks fringe* :P

        Only if you like Amy Schumer.
        Otherwise, avoid it like the plague

          Yeah, I think that's fair. Her comedy will either appeal or won't and if it doesn't... you won't like it! XD

        Who's Amy Schumer?

        Seriously, all I know is she's got a show in the US and Lucasfilm doesn't like her atm.

          Comedian with a show on Comedy Central called Inside Amy Schumer. She's a feminist and all body positive and sex positive. Her and Judd Apatow collaborated on new film Trainwreck.

          Last edited 27/07/15 10:02 am

            Does this film have a point? Last Apatow film I saw was funny people and it kinda petered out. Still the best thing Sandler's done in ages.

              First film he's directed that he hasn't written. This is all Schumer. :)

          I know who she is now, but literally had never heard of her till she started hitting the papers with "controversial" magazine covers and so forth. Then she's been on shows like the Weekly and so on since, and now I do know who she is. Her marketing team are earning their money! Not sure if I can be bothered going to watch her movie at the cinema though... so I guess they still need to work at making me actually spend money.

          It bothers me how names seem to pop up out of nowhere and suddenly be *everywhere* so frequently these days. I still have no idea who she is, beyond being some name that popped up a couple of weeks back (comedy friend linking crap at us again) for apparently being racist or something.

        Urgh, relationship drama.

          It's a Judd Apatow film, though. Not a fan?

          But yeah, I know how you feel about relationship movies after the Her debacle! :P

          Last edited 27/07/15 10:02 am

            He's all over the place. Knocked Up was brilliant. This Is 40 and Funny People are amongst the worst films I've seen.

              I didn't mind those last two! Funny People was the last Adam Sandler movie I could stand! XD

                Outside of Eric Bana though, that film just kinda waffled along with no real point.

                I felt like it was a nasty film without having anything to say about it.

                  I do agree that none of them have been as great as Knocked Up, though.

      Ant-Man, if you want typical Marvel.
      Mr Holmes, if you want a nice little drama
      Minions, if you feel like turning your brain off and just want to have fun (unless you hated the Minion parts of Despicable Me 2, in which case avoid at all costs)

      @dc suggested Trainwreck, which is meant to be pretty good (haven't seen it), but it's a typical Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin) in that it's a drama/comedy that is about 30mins too long.

      Avoid the rest.

      EDIT: If a cinema near you is showing Love & Mercy, I highly recommend it, it you're after a drama.

      Last edited 27/07/15 10:19 am

      Antman is the only one of those I've seen, but I loved it sooooooooooo.

      Saw minions Sunday, pretty good. I really want to Antman, maybe Tuesday, unless I Jurassic a world, or even more likely, go home tired.

      I've seen Minions and Antman so far. If you want a silly kids movie, go see Minions. If you want a Marvel movie that's similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman is what you want.

      Terminator for your Arnie fix or Mr Holmes if you feel like having a thinking movie. Hope whatever you see is a good one.

      Go and see Inside Out if you haven't already. It's not a kids' film, despite appearances to the contrary. Bonus feels if you are a parent.

      Antman - Ive heard good things
      Terminator - I actually left the cinema part way through to vomit and then came back (im not even kidding)
      Mr Holmes - is a good drama
      The gallows - reviewed spectacularly poorly so I think its a pirates life for that movie
      Self/less - the only movie to fail worse than the gallows AND it has Ryan Reynold, stupid smug Ryan Reynolds
      Minions - is literally a movie you shut your brain off to watch its cute and funny but I feltit dragged.
      Trainwreck - comedy drama really well recieved apparently lebron james is amazing in it and speaking for myself im a fan of all the major actors so thats my pick

    Hola Tay.

    Weekend was a bit of a mess. Well, Saturday was.

    Had a plan: Give blood in the morning, go out to lunch, tool around home for a bit, then go see Ant Man.

    Well. That plan lasted up to step one.


    I was back on platelets for the first time in months, which is an interesting process- they take blood out, spin it, then return it about 100ml at a time. I'd started OK, though the nurse has said the needle was giving her trouble as the vein was a bit too tapped from all the donations I do, but it should work fine. About 80% through though, the machine started yelling, apparently not finding the right pressure (which happens, sometimes). She fiddled with the machine, and it went through another cycle, but it started stinging a bit in my arm, which is not usual. I told the nurse and she just said "right, let's cut this short," stopping the machine, and she pulled the needle out in the usual way and gave me the usual swabs to hold on it pre-bandaging.

    So I'm lying there, arm elevated, when I notice the room start to swim.

    "Um, I think I'm fainting"

    So suddenly I'm laying horizontal, and I have a blood pressure cuff on, and I'm getting questions and nurses (nurses? I dunno if all the red cross people are nurses) all around. After a couple minutes I come good, didn't faint, but a close call means I now have to lie there for a half hour for observation and get my blood pressure read a bunch of times... And I'm not allowed to drive for six hours. Which throws out my other plans.

    So they ask how I'm getting home, and I tell them I'm meeting friends for lunch. So they give me a cabcharge to get to where I'm having lunch with people, and I have to rock up with "I need a favour." Because friends are awesome, they managed to get me and my car back home. Meant I couldn't go to the movies though, so Ant Man shall have to wait.

    Sunday, cleaned up more of my house, then went to a planning meeting for the Terry Pratchett Fan Club's Quiz Night. This is their third one, and it's always science fiction and fantasy themed, so the guy who runs the club asked me to help out because I know video games as well as the rest of the material. Gonna be fun, If any of you are in Adelaide in October you should come along,

    A Monday Morning Question: Science fiction quiz time! What's a Science fiction/fantasy property you think should be included in a quiz? What game would be ripe for quiz questions? There's guaranteed one Mass Effect question.

      The last time I had to give a bunch of blood I nearly took a swing at a nurse. Coming in and out of consciousness is fun! (at a minimum I get dizzy and nauseous every time)

        I'm usually fine. This is my... 30 somethingth donation? and it's the only major issue I've had.

        Booked again in two weeks, gonna get back on the horse... and switch arms to give my left arm vein a break.

      I think Star Wars movie trivia is a given for anyone and sci-fi enthusiasts should be able to comfortably answer questions about Star Trek. Video game questions should probably be reserved for gaming enthusiasts even if Mass Effect is one of the best sci-fi things ever.

      Other TV properties such as Stargate, Farscape, Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond, Babylon-5, Battlestar Galactica and so on might be a bit obscure for casual sci-fi fans. I mean if you haven't seen the shows, that knowledge jsut isn't culturally pervasive. I consider myself pretty geeky but I don't know anything about Babylon-5 since I never saw it when it was on TP when I was a kid, and it's anathema in our house since my wife considers it a shoddy DS9 knockoff and refuses to watch it so I never got caught up later in life (whereas she was all too eager to show me Buffy and Angel).

        Previous years they've had one or two questions about each of those, so if you know it you feel good but if you don't know it you can make it up in other areas.

        Star Wars, Pratchett, Star Trek, and Potter all get multiple questions because they're a bit more pervasive.

      I feel like the Hitchhikers trilogy (in 5 books) is full of non-sequiturs and one shot gags that would be perfect for trivia.

      E.g. who is Zaphod's therapist?
      Gag Halfrunt

      Where would you find a Fuolornis Fire Dragon?
      Brequinda, in the Foth of Avalars

      What sector is Earth located in?
      Sector ZZ9 Plural Z-Alpha

      Where is God's final message to his creation located?
      The Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the planet Preliumtarn, third out from the sun Zarss in Galactic Sector QQ7 Active J Gamma

        Other than the sector one, they're all probably too specific.

          I threw the last one in as an "EXPERT LEVEL" (I had to look up the answer) but the others came to me unaided.

          But yes. They're specific. I thought it was nerd trivia? :P

            There's "nerd trivia" and then there's "crazy specific stuff that you'll never remember."

            We already had to tell someone that no, not everyone has read The Wheel of Time multiple times.

              I'm great at "crazy specific stuff that you'll never remember and is only important to me me me". Isn't everybody?

                I did actually know Gag Halfrunt and the sector.

                  Those are the ones I knew. I didn't even remember anything about Fuolornis Fire Dragons.

                  Easy to moderate HHGTTGH trivia to me would be stuff like:

                  - How do you learn to fly?
                  - What's the best way to get a drink from a Vogon?
                  - What award-winning feature did Slartibartfast contribute to Earth Mk1?
                  - What is Trillian's real name?
                  - After Arthur, who was next on Bowerick Wowbagger's insult list?
                  - What was the final message from the creator of the universe?
                  - What alcoholic beverage is known for it's tendency to nullify a person's telekinetic abilities?
                  - Who lives outside the asylum?

                  @kermitron Those are good questions.

                  Fuolornis Fire Dragons was one of my favourite one-shot guide entries (from So Long & Thanks...). See:

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      I would personally say the black jewel trilogy because I love it but probably doesn't have wide appeal
      LOTR novels
      Assassin's Creed (list all AC games released in the order they were released)

      So did something go wrong with the blood thing? Or is that just a thing that can happen sometimes?

        It's an issue with me, not the process. You can pass out giving blood if you've not eaten and hydrated properly beforehand (I had only had a light breakfast) but the nurse's guess was that my vein was the issue, and when the return pressure stuff didn't work the pain had triggered something.

        Every other time I've done either platelets or plasma I've been golden.

    Urgh, up since 7am...
    *shoots self*

      Welcome to my world, but earlier then that! :D

      Last edited 27/07/15 9:44 am

        This & every weekday

        Coming off of uni holidays, waking up at 7am was excruciating! :'O

    Not so good morning TAY,

    Mondays hey!.... what's up with that guy anyway?

    Weekend was good. Finally received all my hardware for my new PC build on Friday arvo. Went home Friday all excited to start the build, then the GF tells me we are going out for dinner at the local for her dads Bday. No biggie I thought that'll only take a couple of hours and then I can start building. Until we saw some friends in the front bar and decided to stay for "just a couple of drinks".... I think it was 4 am by the time we got home.

    Woke up very late and very slow on Saturday and had my nephews 6th birthday to go to (which we were late for), It was good with magicians, fairybread (love it) and other stuff. On the way home the GF convinced me to call into a mates house and see what they were up to. "ok" I said but only for a hour or so as I wanted to get home to start the build. Long storey short we ended up staying there over night and was up until god knows what time.

    so after finally getting home on Sunday around 10:30 started the build, all went pretty well, had a little trouble with getting the Cooler on the GPU and then with cable/tube management for all the cooling tubes (probably due to my massive 2 day hangover muddling my brain) but worked through it without to much hassle. was a late night again last night getting it all together and set up, ran burn in and benchmarks and all seems good ATM. Set to download Witcher 3 while I am at work

    So after having only a total of around 10-15 hours sleep all weekend (I usually use the weekend to catch up on sleep). I am now stuck at work red eyed and sleep working, dreaming of knock off time when I can get home and finally get stuck into Witcher, oh and some sleep if there is time.

    no worky worky for steed, wanna sleepy sleepy and gamey gamey instead.

      Sounds like you spent most of the weekend horsing around.


      Witcher though. So good.

      FInally got back into it yesterday (took a Batman break from it, and Bloodborne was occupying my time) when I was supposed to be cleaning my house. What a great game.

        Yeah I had played a couple of hours on my old PC, but wanted to wait for the new build to appreciate it in all its hairworks glory, I cant wait

        I am almost thinking of removing myself from the equation today to allow better productivity in the work force. AKA pulling a sickie/getting the f**k outta here !

    Mornin, TAY.

    My weekend wasn't too bad. Watched a cool movie (Dumplings) and finished a cool game (Bloodborne).

    Did end up going to the optometrist for the first time ever though. Turns out I need glasses...

    I honestly didn't realise how bad my long-distance vision was until they sat me in the chair to do the eye test. I guess I kinda just assumed that everybody couldn't make out much detail from a distance? I dunno. Never really thought about it much because I can read perfectly fine (even if I get a bit squinty at a distance).

    Just quietly between us, TAY, I'm kinda freaking out over it just a little bit.

    Last edited 27/07/15 10:02 am

      Four eyes.

        Heh. I actually have a noticable divot behind each ear and on my nose from wearing glasses since I was four years old....

        And now thanks to the POWER OF LASERS I am not wearing glasses. It's really weird. :) 6 weeks tomorrow since the op. :)

      Glasses will suit you, buddy. *swoon*

      You'll be all 'meh' about it in a few months years.

      I didn't want them but knew I needed them when I was having trouble reading the route numbers on the buses in time for them to stop for me.

      Even better, get some prescription sunglasses and then no-one will borrow them!

        Prescription sunglasses are the best. For some reason I feel all vain and self-conscious wearing my glasses in public, but I don't have that problem with sun glasses.

          I never wear my (non-prescription) sunglasses because I feel like they make me look too unapproachable :P

          So yeah, didn't get prescription ones.

            Yeah, I thought the same thing for a while but now I just prefer to see the world clearly. And plus, who wants to be approached any way? :P

              See clearly and save your eye balls from excessive UV bombardment!

      Working for an optometry chain I can tell you there's nothing to fear... Plus get some hornwood glasses and you can be totally hipster!

        Oh the test and such was fine! Already ordered everything, just waiting to pick them up. I'm more worried about the thought of actually having to wear glasses now :P

        Last edited 27/07/15 12:34 pm

          First little while you'll get a bit of a sore nose bridge but you'll quickly get used to it and then you'll be surprised just how much you can see now :-P
          Also I should actually get my eyes checked

            Also behind the ears will probably hurt for a couple of days.

      You're gonna find that you'll be forever pushing them up the bridge of your nose. I haven't worn glasses for about 5 years now and still feel the compulsive need to do it all the time.

      Depending on how air-conditioned your work/house are, contact lenses are a surprisingly cheap and easy option if you find that you hate wearing glasses during the day.

    Hi how is everyone?

    Sith Lords update:

    Got the ship back, raised my dark side, recruited some ladies.
    Craptop is still crap, but what am I gonna do. (Rhetorical, no question mark).

    Still a great game.

      Got the ship back, raised my dark side, recruited some ladies.


    @kermitron & anyone else who has read all of Game of Thrones so far:

    kinda dawned on my during my train ride today that John Snow really is dead & just like Robb it seemed to be leading somewhere & wasn't really.

    This probably means everyone else is for the chip too & the last stark standing will be the youngest , feral one that I forget the name of.

    It'll all build up to him being the last hope but he won't give two shits & disappear in the forest with a few wildling women he's been shagging & the world will freeze over.

      I've always like the theory that all of the starks, who start as heroes, will end the series as the villains. Snow will be an undead warlord, Bran a crazy mystic who cares not for people, Arya an emotionless assassin, Sansa a puppetmaster playing the game, and Rickon a feral savage

        yeah, before they all die.

        Seriously though:

        It'll be nice if they do give up on "The Game" as a message that all that shit is shit.


      GRRM might love piling misery on the only good characters he's got but he didn't orchestrate Jon's ressurrection at the hands of Melisandre just to pull the rug out and say "psyche". The fact is from a storytelling perspective if Jon isn't who we think he is and doesn't get ressurrected and all that, the story really just falls apart. It's rubbish. Sure, the story so far has been built on fakeouts like Ned being noble and honest and losing his head; Robb screwing over the Freys for his honour and being murdered at the Red Wedding, etc. But Jon being actually legitimately dead will bring most of the plot to a screeching halt. Maybe his death will be the last nail in the coffin of the Night's Watch when the white walkers come marching through the wall and take Westeros, only to be met headlong by Dany's dragons when she pulls her finger out and gets on a goddamn boat, but I just don't feel it.

      I don't know what Rickon's deal is but he'll probably turn up as a feral wolf-boy when the plot needs him. I assume the fact Arya has occasional flashes of Nymeria is also relevant even though she seems to no longer be part of "the game" what with her story shifting over to Braavos and all. The way Sansa was married to Ramsay makes so much more sense than the fake Arya/Jeyne Poole nonsense that I can't bloody remember what's going on with her in the books. She's still hiding in the vale pretending to be Littlefinger's bastard, isn't she?

      All that said, only one thing is certain.


        always presumed Aryan would comeback as a total badass & kill whoever's left alive on her daily litany.

        There's so much more going on in the books with that royal boy (thought Tyrion would help raise him up rather than Dany like in the show. But DoD they go their different ways before he joined the second sons? Was it the second son's?)

        All that shit with the pirates is much more involved in the book too, wasn't there 3 narratives going? The guy on the ship, the priest & the sister of reeeeek?

        As well as the resurrected Cat & friends. Did they pop up in the show beside the scenes with Arya?

        There's so much more going on that it could really go any direction. Doesn't seem like the ice zombies are quite as fast in the book as the show. Are they even making a move really? Or did they just wake up for winter & the crows & wildlings realise they'd been playing on their lawn all these years?

          The "ice zombies" are kinda what the books are about. About the Game getting in the way of preparing for Winter. By the looks of the show, they'll be featuring more in the next book.

            Of course, Song of Ice & Fire, I get it.

            I'm just wondering if they're really on the move yet, you know?

            The tv show they're in a swift sprint, the book seems like they're stil scoping out the new blood, maybe sent some scouts out. Certainly not a full scale invasion just yet.

              Like I said, because the show's already gone into nextbook territory, it appears as though in the next book we'll see them making moves.

              Also "Ice and Fire"...Jon and Dany. Which is also why I think he'll still be around in some form or other.

                Dany & the little bro

                Dany & Cersei

                Hmmm? Maybe?

                I didn't read Snow as being as dead as the show made out. I can't remember specifics.

                It's just a thought that crossed me mind, any other series he'd be alive for sure, but this series just has me questioning different outcomes.

                Just throwing ideas out there, I'm certainly no authority :-)

                Remember, I named my son Tyler, not my daughter Arya. I probably don't know what I'm talking about ;-p

                  Yeah, but that was 15 years ago! I think only two books were out at the time. I only just got around to reading the last book at the start of this year. :P

                  I think all of us are just throwing ideas around, anyway!

      There's no way that's the last of Jon Snow. Robb NEVER seemed to be leading anywhere. He couldn't even lead an army properly. :P He was always going to die badly. The clues and lead-up for Jon's mother mean that there's something more to Jon than there was to Robb. It's always felt like the series' leads were Jon and Daenerys.

        Robb was just the first that came to mind. Wasn't there a few others that went bye byes when it seemed to be building to something? Maybe not?

      Jon Snow still has long hair IRL...

      So for me Jon Snow confirmed season 6

        that's just because he realised having badass heavy metal hair is da kewlist!

      I can't remember exactly but

      A few chapters before Jon Snow gets ganked there's some kind of forewarning from the fire lady, it kind of implies she knows its coming, she needs his blood following that train of though might end up bringing him back to life. I'll have to go back to (I want to say Dance of Dragons?) and check but it was definitely in the final few Snow chapters GRRM hints at this.

        were the others that were resurrected all that good?

        I remember them being a bit shit or kinda evil.

        Or was that because the guy that resurrected them was a bit shit & melisandre will do better work?

          She's meant to be the most powerful of the fire priests so you'd imagine she could do a better job. Also if I'm remembering right the other priest did bring that one knight back to life repeatedly however each ressurection left scars and made it harder until finally he passes his "light" on to that Stark lady. I would imagine if Melisandre needs Snow's blood she would be willing to bring him back but probably with some kind of catch (especially since he swapt out the babies meaning she technically doesn't have a royal bloodline anymore). Anyone else curious as to whether the Iron Islands raiding party is going to end stealing a dragon?

            Man, is that what they were up to? I'd forgotten. All I remember is the woman with no tongue who is obviously up to something

              Yeah that's lady stark from the red wedding; they find her corpse in a river and something takes hold of the resurrecting Knight (I feel his name was Dondarion or something?) and he feels compelled to pass on his "light". She in turn becomes the stone lady or grey lady and takes control of that little band of bandits who eventually capture Brienne and Tyrion's handmaiden/squire. I believe the last book left them in a situation where they were about to be hanged? It's hard to keep track once you reach the last 2 books cos there's so many new arcs and characters and they're all taking place worlds apart. E.g. I can't even remember what's going on with Tyrion anymore?? Is he still with the Spider?? And wasn't there some dude from Dorne who wanted to tame a dragon?

      Here are my thoughts on how the final end game will play out:

      I imagine it'll be very Five Armies-esque, all of Westeros and Danaery's armies will all be warring somewhere near Kings Landing with tonnes of death on every side. Then all of a sudden the ?White Walkers will have descended crushing Winterfell and killing everything in their path until they come upon the battlefield with all of the warring factions. They will all need to band together to fight off the ?White Walkers with the help of the Stark children and their Direwolves. Danarys and Jon make babies and take the Iron Throne

      Last edited 27/07/15 11:28 am

        Too cliche for GRRM =P Much more likely the white walkers wipe out all life on the continent and Daenerys's 2nd generation of kids lead an invasion =P

          this is all before the laser weapon wielding aliens are introduced? :p

            If that happened I'd find every GGRM book I could find, and start a book burning. Absolute heresy.

              I hear the 50 ft Bikini Bimbo from Venus will make a cameo in book 36

      Late to the party, I know, but there's a long-standing prevailing fan theory that there are five characters that are protected by absolutely impenetrable plot armour:

      1. Dany
      2. Tyrion
      3. Arya
      4. Bran
      5. Jon Snow

      Everyone else, including Sansa, is apparently fair game. I also read some really detailed fan analysis of Jon Snow's story recently, and it's suspected that his mother (whose identity we don't know) is Targaryen linked, which would be the source of the king's blood Melisandre can smell on him.

        Yeah, I read that last one. I'm suggesting otherwise on the first.
        No concrete evidence, just a thought (yes, sometimes I have them).

          I'd like that theory to be proved wrong, but (somewhat) sadly, I don't think that will be the case this time.

          Last edited 27/07/15 10:29 pm

    So my weekend was swell. Saw Antman on Saturday and hung out at the arcade afterwards where I played DDR for the first time in forever. It was good fun and reminded me of how much I enjoy DDR. I actually ended up really enjoying Antman, more so than Thor 2 and Avengers 2. I put it at around the GotG level of mixing action and deep plot which I'm totally okay with.

    Sunday was RPG stuff, 40K Space Marine stuff to be exact. The highlight was when one of the squad leaped out of a building that was being shot to pieces and ended up tackling a Chaos Hell Talon (a fighter bomber). Needless to say the Hell Talon won that fight.

      *narrows eyes*

      In another life I used to play DDR a lot. Like, "a lot" a lot.

        I too used to play "a lot". If they had DDR machines at gyms, that would be my workout routine.

          One of my friends in HS had a boyfriend who actually got ordered to stop playing DDR by a doctor because of what it was doing to his ankles.

            I suppose some of the mats/pads are not very receptive to button presses so I can imagine that happening a fair bit. Some people get a little bit too into the whole thing as well which doesn't help either.

              I think it must be most likely due to excessive play of the arcade version, which are solid surfaces to step on, at least if you used mats it'd help soften the strain (Or at least I think it would anyway)

                Depends on your style of play though. I exclusively played the arcade versions and the pads are actually quite sensitive (having taken them apart and seeing how they work). Most people use waaaaaay too much force to activate the pad, which leads to excessive fatigue and possibly injury.

      I stopped playing DDR because it cost too much to play all the time. Also, a lot of the awesome songs I loved where removed in the pal versions of the home game.
      I have Mario DDR though. I can't play it though because Sid gets too excited and wants to bite my feet

    It's one of those mornings where I've got loads of housework to do, a growing pile of quilting projects with deadlines, late library books that need to go back, and games I really want to be playing, but I'm just sitting here avoiding everything and wasting time on my laptop. This never ends well. :P

      This time it will be different, though. THIS TIME.

      Hah, I procrastigamed Saturday arvo in lieu of cleaning my house for an inspection tomorrow. Managed to get up to a boss in Bloodborne while ostensibly "taking a little break"

    In case anyone is interested, I'm selling a 3-day pass for PAX. Apparently you can only cancel it if you're either sick or dead.

    Hey, if anybody out there wants to work on games in Sydney (with me!), Wargaming has a whole bunch of positions going:

    Apart from the boring work stuff they mention, we also have table tennis and a Wii U with lunchtime Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Pretty sure that should seal the deal for anybody here.

      Can I come for the Mario Kart and getting-paid parts but not the working part?

      I want to work on games! I keep having ideas and it's driving me crazy.
      I can't move though.

      Do you need an office prick?

      I can't program or nuthin but I can lay about blaming others.

      If I was keen on moving to Sydney I'd apply for the SysAd job (after remembering how to poke the keyboard in a way that makes LDAP work good).

      EDIT: Also, I do not envy the person that has to sift through the Game Designer applications.

      Last edited 27/07/15 11:04 am

        I think it would be great fun sifting through applications that include 200 page illustrated descriptions of tanks fighting, in space, against a race of aliens called the Ja'Ga'Huuuul, using the following range of outlandish weapons...

        I wrote a script a few years back that extracts user information from LDAP to automate Outlook email signatures to a set standard. Just set it to run upon terminal server login and then sit back and watch everyone give up trying to change their signatures as they reset every morning anyway. Pretty geeky huh. Ultimately we dropped the feature when we migrated from Outlook to Google Mail.

    Decided on Antman now and Mr. Holmes after lunch.

    There's four people in the entire VMax cinema for Antman and one of them is sitting in my seat.

      And if you physically lift them out of your seat, somehow you're the bad guy.

      Which one is your seat? One of the best things about my seat (third row from the front, in the centre) is that most people don't like it.

        How do you sleep at night knowing that your seating choice is so offensive.

        Doesn't your neck start to hurt after a bit?

          A: I'm kinda slightly on the short side, and B: I use my handbag or hoodie as a cushion for my back and kind of slide down, putting my feet up between the seats in front of me because there's never anyone in front of me.

          Err..I mean...YES! Yes,my neck hurts, and it's the worst seat ever and nobody should ever sit in it!

        I like fourth row centre, myself. Third's a bit too close for my neck.

    So from not going to PAX at all, I'm now going both Friday and Saturday :-P
    My brother in law bought 2 passes for Friday and gave one to me...

    Aaaaaaand i promised i wouldn't do this but @scree had been an absolute champion and bought me a pass yesterday... So shout out to @scree for being incredibly generous, I am insanely grateful! Did I mention it was @scree?


    Last edited 27/07/15 11:48 am

      bought me a pad

      Look at me, I'm Doctor Pixel: Home owner!

      Last edited 27/07/15 11:48 am

        He may be a doctor but he only deals in issues of the chest cavity. That's all surgeon simulator teaches!

      Was that really necessary? 4 mentions? What happens if someone buys you a sunday pass? Will they get ALL the mentions?

    In the distance, thunder booms. Wait, no. It's something far more ominous. The echo of a cash register closing its drawer. A text from my sister proves my suspicions correct.

    "Saturday what is this animal crossing sequel i'm reading about"

    "it's not a sequel it's just a side game where you design homes"

    "and theres cards you can buy?"

    "yeah it unlocks stuff in-game"

    "I will buy them all."

    Out of dreadful curiosity, I pick up my sister's 3DS, it's activity log reading approximately 1326 hours clocked into New Leaf. That number will continue to rise even into the distant future, I think to myself.


        All my villagers have moved out except for the ones that I hate!

        Move out, Gloria! Damn.

      I want to grab the game, but not just for me. I think Mum will also enjoy it.

    So. My weekend, Friday I was doing An out of hours server change, for the third week in a row.
    Got home at 3am Hooray!

    Saturday, we cleaned the house a bit, picked up groceries and then cleaned up some more.
    Then we went out to dinner for Date Night, because we havent seen much of eachother lately.
    So while sitting at an expensive restaurant having excellent food ( I got a call from a friend saying she'd been given tickets to Blur.
    Anton is british and a child of the 90's so you can pretty much hear the squeals of joy already.
    Needless to say, we had a pretty excellent date night. :D

    Sunday we cleaned the house a bit more in preparation for @trjn staying over.
    then we went to a friends Birthday yumcha lunch (spring rolls omnomnom)
    Once we got home I made Brownies and then it was time for BOARD GAMES!

    @cj @cookingmama and @novacascade all came around and we had some fun games

    Cosmic encounter
    I was all set to win with Bunny and Nova, but then Bunny had to make me lose 3 colonys didnt he. Which took me from 4 points to 1.

    Betrayal at house on the hill
    Anton ended up being the Traitor and that was a lot of fun
    Such a fluke win! Hooray for finding a secret staircase at the exact right time.
    But poor CJ, pretty sure he died, technically he didnt, but pretty sure he did.

    So much fun, after two games we ended up playing blind (put a tile down without seeing it) Just soooo much fun.

    Thank you all for coming, we had so much fun.

    Last edited 27/07/15 11:45 am

      Cosmic! I think that's my next big purchase.

      Betrayal... I dunno, it's always left me cold. It's a deeply weird game, from the dice on up.

        Cosmic is amazing. Definitely worth a look in.

        Betrayal is a mechanically poor game that can tell some great stories.

          I know, I played Cosmic with you :)

            I remember. I don't know if, after two plays, I'm at the point where I'd buy it though. A few games with the more advanced aliens would have to happen to get me across the line.

            Admittedly, if I'm going to spend some time in Sydney, that's going to happen.

      I had a great time! Cosmic Encounters was fun, I'd definitely play that again, and I think I'll track down Tsuro, that's a good one to play with kids :)

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