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    Freyjr is rushing through the emergency ward.

    Frejyr: Everyone, this ward has been placed under quarantine! Nobody will be allowed to leave until we have verified that it is safe.

    Pants: But…my quinceañera…

    Freya: Nuts to your quinceañera!

    Freeze and Nobs have sequestered themselves in an empty hospital room.

    Nobs: We…might not make it out of here, Freeze. I just wanted to say –

    Freeze: Don’t say anything, Nobs.

    Nobs: But I –

    A finger is held to his lips as the two lock eyes why the hell am I writing this.

    In a darkened room, Strange secrets a knife from a nearby uneaten meal.

    Strange: I’m getting out of here tonight if it’s the last thing I do…

    Everyone sits around looking super bored.

    Red: What are we going to do to pass the time?

    Trjn descends from the ceiling.

    Trjn: Did someone say BOARD GAMES?

    He opens his magical bag of holding. An endless cascade of board games burst out from within. Several people are crushed against the back wall from their forceful ejection.

    Trjn sips tea.

    Rize plays an IV drip in a cafeteria jazz ensemble.

    A hysterical Cakesmith runs rampant around the ward, screaming.

    Cakesmith: LET ME OUT LET ME OUT LET ME OUT LET ME OUT (and so on)

    He attempts to open one of the sealed doors. Freya points a finger.

    Freyjr: Restrain him! He can’t be allowed to leave!

    Cut to Cakesmith tied to a radiator, sobbing.

    Meanwhile, at their home, Beavwa and Pip have adopted a cute puppy. Everything is sunshine and rainbows.

    Pip: I wonder how everyone else is doing.

    A throng of TAYbies circle the cafeteria staff, makeshift weapons in hand.

    Powalen: Hand over the food!

    For some reason Greenius is standing with the staff.

    Greenius: No! It’s all mine!

    He begins eating everything in sight. The mob rushes him.

    Nurse Transient paces back and forth, worried.

    Transient: We need to operate but we’re hideously understaffed oh what will we ever do.

    ???: Maybe…I can help.

    Pixel steps out from the shadows.

    Transient: Do you have any experience operating?

    Pixel: I’ve played Surgeon Simulator.

    Transient: Perfect.

    Smash cut to Pixel performing surgery, tearing bone and organs from a man’s chest with a pizza cutter.

    Transient: We’re meant to be operating on his leg!


    Freyjr studies a report, her brow furrowing further with each line.

    Freya: My god…

    She looks directly into the camera.

    Frejyr: None of us are leaving here alive.


  • Splatoon’s maps keep getting better and better, and it’s becoming obvious that they’re being released on a difficulty curve. Camp triggerfish is particularly great in splat zones!

    Also, that new ad showing off the splatling gun and paint bucket is pretty rad:

    So, that’s how I spent my weekend, collecting hats.

    • I find that I often Main the 52. Gal. It took me 3 goes on camp triggerfish before I was able to get it. There is supposed to be a good update in August dropping.

      • One of the directors hinted that we’d see things like the ink rails make it into multiplayer. That’s going to be pretty epic.

        The August update will let team ranked battles happen, which will be when splatoon turns into serious bismuth. I was playing games full of my friends list yesterday, we were all on voice chat and it was stupid fun. Private matches would make it way better though.

  • Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend had Highs and Lows and those Highs and Lows had Highs and Lows so let the ramblings begin!

    Friday: Friday I had a Job interview, I thinkit went well otherwise the lady was patronizing me and in which case boo, either way I was invited to their careers night on tuesday and now I have to decide if I want to suit it or not decisions decisions. Also on Friday I had no work which is terrible for my paycheck but I got to play vidya games which is good for other things. I platinumed Rocket League as well as hit Pro rank level 20 so we went out to dinner at Captain Americas Hamburger Heaven, it was delicious and stupidely filling. When we got home Cathryn was tired so she went to bed and I stayed up watching Blue Exorcist not a bad anime.

    Saturday: I slept till 11:30, then we took the dogs for a walk to the dog park so they could meet new people and just generally have fun, after that we went to the shops and had Schnitz for lunch, it was alright. Also I brought a new wallet, and a doggy tshirt for moni. I cooked fajitas for dinner which was delicious and cathryn and I stayed up watching Shameless and Upper Middle Bogan, not bad shows.

    Sunday: It was on off raining and we didn’t get uptil 10:30, the dogs were sleepy so didnt take them for a walk. I made Cathryn bacon and eggs for brekkie, we had hot dogs for lunch, I got my phone screen fixed AND I started lego jurassic park. That night was the low part of the weekend, shadow whos blind fell in the pool and moni burst into the house starts agressive barking at mum, mum goes outside sees shadow freaking out in the deep end of the pool moni by this point was beside him tryna bite his collar to keep him above water, mums sprinted for him and because it was wet has fallen down the stairs and cut her arm open, got up and grabbed shadow as I’ve ran outside with a towel to dry him and the entire time moni didnt leave his side when he was out of the water to make sure he was ok.

    I have no monday morning question.

  • Long day Saturday, helped a friend move into a unit at Hornsby which is a million times better than our current place and a mere 90% more rent than we’re currently paying, which has started my wife talking about us moving again. I think she really means it this time, so we’re going to start pinching pennies to save a deposit and see what kind of rent we can really afford. I was hoping to not move until I’d been promoted and paying the rent was easy, but I also expected to be promoted sometime this year which seems less and less likely especially with the company being bought out. Maybe next year, maybe I’ll be lucky just to not be made redundant. Who knows.

    My boss is back today after a month of annual leave. The team racked our brains for pranks on Friday and came up blank. The trials of being an adult I guess, we were genuinely concerned that the undoing of the prank would result in a loss of productivity. Like everyone just unilaterally agreed not to bother. Adulthood. \o/

    Did nothing for our anniversary yesterday, we’re not particualrly sentimental about any particular day, but it was kind of cool to be like “oh hey we’ve been married 7 years”. We went to dinner at the local club and arrived 3 minutes too late to buy tickets for the end-of-month raffle which included some whitegoods, because for some reason that raffle starts half an hour earlier than all the other raffles, which I think is some bullshit they cooked up to cut off the non-regulars like us, who sometimes turn up for one raffle and win four meat trays on one ticket, a situation they feel very bad for despite having no control over it.

    I didn’t play any goddamn video games again this weekend seriously what the hell. My back hurts. This coffee sucks. I’m tired.

  • Morning TAY!

    It was my birthday on Saturday when I was working (damn you recruitment season!), embarrassingly my co-worker told the event organizers and they made an announcement over the P.A system at the Melbourne Exhibition center that it was my birthday lol. On Saturday night I ate all of the Greek food with my family which was cool.

    I also got my tickets changed for some flights I’ve been saving up for to Europe from Saturday (I left it REALLY late lol) to next year in May \o/ I also played life is Strange, and and man it’s a Strange game (Hi @strange!)

  • So Inflatable World is pretty damn rad!

    It’s an indoor sports centre that has heaps of inflatable play equipment – slides, jousting, obstacle course etc.

    Of course, my daughter is to little to got by herself so I just had to go with her and her little friend to make sure they didn’t get stuck. Perfect excuse to act like a child again.

    Otherwise made a vain attempt to catch up on some study, gave up an repaired a nendoroid instead. Sorted out some external lights. Cleaned up the vegetable patch and got it looking somewhat reasonable ready for spring.

    Watched first episode of Sense8 last night and it seriously tripped me the hell out… or I was a bit too tired to follow it. Will give it another crack later in the week and see how it goes!

  • Had a Monopoly extravaganza on Friday night with some mates and played some Warhammer 40K Kill Team.

    Saturday was lazy day at home with kids. They played some Kirby/Tokyo Jungle Mobile/Vita Pets and I played some Rocket League (platinum woohoo!) Saturday night went with my 7-year-old daughter to watch Inside Out (well worth watching – more for adult parents than kids though) and had a roast chicken and champagne takeaway dinner (mmmm…) followed by some more Witcher 3 (I’m seriously up to about 300 hours on that now).

    Sunday took my 5-year-old daughter to a party and then took wife and number 1 daughter to morning tea. Had what I thought was going to be a chocolate-coated scroll pastry which turned out to be drowned in Nutella (gak!) Then went home with number 1 daughter and played Monopoly on PS4. Picked up number 2 daughter and slept for half the afternoon before youth service at night when I was on singing duty – damn hillsong stuff stuck in my head! Now I just need to listen to Isaac 365 to get over it…

    EDIT: Anyone going to Insert Coin(s) at the Oxford Art Factory on 6 August? I have my ticket but no lovely boys/girls to go with me 🙁

  • A Monday Morning Question

    Today do I go see:
    Terrmyneighter Jennycis
    Mr Holmes
    The Gallows

    • Have not seen any of those but based on the recommendations I’ve been given, Ant-Man is high up on the list and is is Minions.

      • Who’s Amy Schumer?

        Seriously, all I know is she’s got a show in the US and Lucasfilm doesn’t like her atm.

          • Does this film have a point? Last Apatow film I saw was funny people and it kinda petered out. Still the best thing Sandler’s done in ages.

        • I know who she is now, but literally had never heard of her till she started hitting the papers with “controversial” magazine covers and so forth. Then she’s been on shows like the Weekly and so on since, and now I do know who she is. Her marketing team are earning their money! Not sure if I can be bothered going to watch her movie at the cinema though… so I guess they still need to work at making me actually spend money.

        • It bothers me how names seem to pop up out of nowhere and suddenly be *everywhere* so frequently these days. I still have no idea who she is, beyond being some name that popped up a couple of weeks back (comedy friend linking crap at us again) for apparently being racist or something.

    • Ant-Man, if you want typical Marvel.
      Mr Holmes, if you want a nice little drama
      Minions, if you feel like turning your brain off and just want to have fun (unless you hated the Minion parts of Despicable Me 2, in which case avoid at all costs)

      @dc suggested Trainwreck, which is meant to be pretty good (haven’t seen it), but it’s a typical Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin) in that it’s a drama/comedy that is about 30mins too long.

      Avoid the rest.

      EDIT: If a cinema near you is showing Love & Mercy, I highly recommend it, it you’re after a drama.

    • Saw minions Sunday, pretty good. I really want to Antman, maybe Tuesday, unless I Jurassic a world, or even more likely, go home tired.

    • I’ve seen Minions and Antman so far. If you want a silly kids movie, go see Minions. If you want a Marvel movie that’s similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman is what you want.

      Terminator for your Arnie fix or Mr Holmes if you feel like having a thinking movie. Hope whatever you see is a good one.

    • Go and see Inside Out if you haven’t already. It’s not a kids’ film, despite appearances to the contrary. Bonus feels if you are a parent.

    • Antman – Ive heard good things
      Terminator – I actually left the cinema part way through to vomit and then came back (im not even kidding)
      Mr Holmes – is a good drama
      The gallows – reviewed spectacularly poorly so I think its a pirates life for that movie
      Self/less – the only movie to fail worse than the gallows AND it has Ryan Reynold, stupid smug Ryan Reynolds
      Minions – is literally a movie you shut your brain off to watch its cute and funny but I feltit dragged.
      Trainwreck – comedy drama really well recieved apparently lebron james is amazing in it and speaking for myself im a fan of all the major actors so thats my pick

  • Hola Tay.

    Weekend was a bit of a mess. Well, Saturday was.

    Had a plan: Give blood in the morning, go out to lunch, tool around home for a bit, then go see Ant Man.

    Well. That plan lasted up to step one.


    I was back on platelets for the first time in months, which is an interesting process- they take blood out, spin it, then return it about 100ml at a time. I’d started OK, though the nurse has said the needle was giving her trouble as the vein was a bit too tapped from all the donations I do, but it should work fine. About 80% through though, the machine started yelling, apparently not finding the right pressure (which happens, sometimes). She fiddled with the machine, and it went through another cycle, but it started stinging a bit in my arm, which is not usual. I told the nurse and she just said “right, let’s cut this short,” stopping the machine, and she pulled the needle out in the usual way and gave me the usual swabs to hold on it pre-bandaging.

    So I’m lying there, arm elevated, when I notice the room start to swim.

    “Um, I think I’m fainting”

    So suddenly I’m laying horizontal, and I have a blood pressure cuff on, and I’m getting questions and nurses (nurses? I dunno if all the red cross people are nurses) all around. After a couple minutes I come good, didn’t faint, but a close call means I now have to lie there for a half hour for observation and get my blood pressure read a bunch of times… And I’m not allowed to drive for six hours. Which throws out my other plans.

    So they ask how I’m getting home, and I tell them I’m meeting friends for lunch. So they give me a cabcharge to get to where I’m having lunch with people, and I have to rock up with “I need a favour.” Because friends are awesome, they managed to get me and my car back home. Meant I couldn’t go to the movies though, so Ant Man shall have to wait.

    Sunday, cleaned up more of my house, then went to a planning meeting for the Terry Pratchett Fan Club’s Quiz Night. This is their third one, and it’s always science fiction and fantasy themed, so the guy who runs the club asked me to help out because I know video games as well as the rest of the material. Gonna be fun, If any of you are in Adelaide in October you should come along,

    A Monday Morning Question: Science fiction quiz time! What’s a Science fiction/fantasy property you think should be included in a quiz? What game would be ripe for quiz questions? There’s guaranteed one Mass Effect question.

    • The last time I had to give a bunch of blood I nearly took a swing at a nurse. Coming in and out of consciousness is fun! (at a minimum I get dizzy and nauseous every time)

      • I’m usually fine. This is my… 30 somethingth donation? and it’s the only major issue I’ve had.

        Booked again in two weeks, gonna get back on the horse… and switch arms to give my left arm vein a break.

    • I think Star Wars movie trivia is a given for anyone and sci-fi enthusiasts should be able to comfortably answer questions about Star Trek. Video game questions should probably be reserved for gaming enthusiasts even if Mass Effect is one of the best sci-fi things ever.

      Other TV properties such as Stargate, Farscape, Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond, Babylon-5, Battlestar Galactica and so on might be a bit obscure for casual sci-fi fans. I mean if you haven’t seen the shows, that knowledge jsut isn’t culturally pervasive. I consider myself pretty geeky but I don’t know anything about Babylon-5 since I never saw it when it was on TP when I was a kid, and it’s anathema in our house since my wife considers it a shoddy DS9 knockoff and refuses to watch it so I never got caught up later in life (whereas she was all too eager to show me Buffy and Angel).

      • Previous years they’ve had one or two questions about each of those, so if you know it you feel good but if you don’t know it you can make it up in other areas.

        Star Wars, Pratchett, Star Trek, and Potter all get multiple questions because they’re a bit more pervasive.

    • I feel like the Hitchhikers trilogy (in 5 books) is full of non-sequiturs and one shot gags that would be perfect for trivia.

      E.g. who is Zaphod’s therapist?
      Gag Halfrunt

      Where would you find a Fuolornis Fire Dragon?
      Brequinda, in the Foth of Avalars

      What sector is Earth located in?
      Sector ZZ9 Plural Z-Alpha

      Where is God’s final message to his creation located?
      The Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the planet Preliumtarn, third out from the sun Zarss in Galactic Sector QQ7 Active J Gamma

        • I threw the last one in as an “EXPERT LEVEL” (I had to look up the answer) but the others came to me unaided.

          But yes. They’re specific. I thought it was nerd trivia? 😛

          • There’s “nerd trivia” and then there’s “crazy specific stuff that you’ll never remember.”

            We already had to tell someone that no, not everyone has read The Wheel of Time multiple times.

          • I’m great at “crazy specific stuff that you’ll never remember and is only important to me me me”. Isn’t everybody?

          • Those are the ones I knew. I didn’t even remember anything about Fuolornis Fire Dragons.

            Easy to moderate HHGTTGH trivia to me would be stuff like:

            – How do you learn to fly?
            – What’s the best way to get a drink from a Vogon?
            – What award-winning feature did Slartibartfast contribute to Earth Mk1?
            – What is Trillian’s real name?
            – After Arthur, who was next on Bowerick Wowbagger’s insult list?
            – What was the final message from the creator of the universe?
            – What alcoholic beverage is known for it’s tendency to nullify a person’s telekinetic abilities?
            – Who lives outside the asylum?

    • Firefly
      I would personally say the black jewel trilogy because I love it but probably doesn’t have wide appeal
      LOTR novels
      Assassin’s Creed (list all AC games released in the order they were released)

      • It’s an issue with me, not the process. You can pass out giving blood if you’ve not eaten and hydrated properly beforehand (I had only had a light breakfast) but the nurse’s guess was that my vein was the issue, and when the return pressure stuff didn’t work the pain had triggered something.

        Every other time I’ve done either platelets or plasma I’ve been golden.

  • Not so good morning TAY,

    Mondays hey!…. what’s up with that guy anyway?

    Weekend was good. Finally received all my hardware for my new PC build on Friday arvo. Went home Friday all excited to start the build, then the GF tells me we are going out for dinner at the local for her dads Bday. No biggie I thought that’ll only take a couple of hours and then I can start building. Until we saw some friends in the front bar and decided to stay for “just a couple of drinks”…. I think it was 4 am by the time we got home.

    Woke up very late and very slow on Saturday and had my nephews 6th birthday to go to (which we were late for), It was good with magicians, fairybread (love it) and other stuff. On the way home the GF convinced me to call into a mates house and see what they were up to. “ok” I said but only for a hour or so as I wanted to get home to start the build. Long storey short we ended up staying there over night and was up until god knows what time.

    so after finally getting home on Sunday around 10:30 started the build, all went pretty well, had a little trouble with getting the Cooler on the GPU and then with cable/tube management for all the cooling tubes (probably due to my massive 2 day hangover muddling my brain) but worked through it without to much hassle. was a late night again last night getting it all together and set up, ran burn in and benchmarks and all seems good ATM. Set to download Witcher 3 while I am at work

    So after having only a total of around 10-15 hours sleep all weekend (I usually use the weekend to catch up on sleep). I am now stuck at work red eyed and sleep working, dreaming of knock off time when I can get home and finally get stuck into Witcher, oh and some sleep if there is time.

    no worky worky for steed, wanna sleepy sleepy and gamey gamey instead.

    • Witcher though. So good.

      FInally got back into it yesterday (took a Batman break from it, and Bloodborne was occupying my time) when I was supposed to be cleaning my house. What a great game.

      • Yeah I had played a couple of hours on my old PC, but wanted to wait for the new build to appreciate it in all its hairworks glory, I cant wait

        I am almost thinking of removing myself from the equation today to allow better productivity in the work force. AKA pulling a sickie/getting the f**k outta here !

  • Mornin, TAY.

    My weekend wasn’t too bad. Watched a cool movie (Dumplings) and finished a cool game (Bloodborne).

    Did end up going to the optometrist for the first time ever though. Turns out I need glasses…

    I honestly didn’t realise how bad my long-distance vision was until they sat me in the chair to do the eye test. I guess I kinda just assumed that everybody couldn’t make out much detail from a distance? I dunno. Never really thought about it much because I can read perfectly fine (even if I get a bit squinty at a distance).

    Just quietly between us, TAY, I’m kinda freaking out over it just a little bit.

      • Heh. I actually have a noticable divot behind each ear and on my nose from wearing glasses since I was four years old….

        And now thanks to the POWER OF LASERS I am not wearing glasses. It’s really weird. 🙂 6 weeks tomorrow since the op. 🙂

    • You’ll be all ‘meh’ about it in a few months years.

      I didn’t want them but knew I needed them when I was having trouble reading the route numbers on the buses in time for them to stop for me.

      Even better, get some prescription sunglasses and then no-one will borrow them!

      • Prescription sunglasses are the best. For some reason I feel all vain and self-conscious wearing my glasses in public, but I don’t have that problem with sun glasses.

        • I never wear my (non-prescription) sunglasses because I feel like they make me look too unapproachable 😛

          So yeah, didn’t get prescription ones.

          • Yeah, I thought the same thing for a while but now I just prefer to see the world clearly. And plus, who wants to be approached any way? 😛

    • Working for an optometry chain I can tell you there’s nothing to fear… Plus get some hornwood glasses and you can be totally hipster!

      • Oh the test and such was fine! Already ordered everything, just waiting to pick them up. I’m more worried about the thought of actually having to wear glasses now 😛

        • First little while you’ll get a bit of a sore nose bridge but you’ll quickly get used to it and then you’ll be surprised just how much you can see now 😛
          Also I should actually get my eyes checked

    • You’re gonna find that you’ll be forever pushing them up the bridge of your nose. I haven’t worn glasses for about 5 years now and still feel the compulsive need to do it all the time.

      Depending on how air-conditioned your work/house are, contact lenses are a surprisingly cheap and easy option if you find that you hate wearing glasses during the day.

  • Hi how is everyone?

    Sith Lords update:

    Got the ship back, raised my dark side, recruited some ladies.
    Craptop is still crap, but what am I gonna do. (Rhetorical, no question mark).

    Still a great game.

  • @kermitron & anyone else who has read all of Game of Thrones so far:

    kinda dawned on my during my train ride today that John Snow really is dead & just like Robb it seemed to be leading somewhere & wasn’t really.

    This probably means everyone else is for the chip too & the last stark standing will be the youngest , feral one that I forget the name of.

    It’ll all build up to him being the last hope but he won’t give two shits & disappear in the forest with a few wildling women he’s been shagging & the world will freeze over.

    • I’ve always like the theory that all of the starks, who start as heroes, will end the series as the villains. Snow will be an undead warlord, Bran a crazy mystic who cares not for people, Arya an emotionless assassin, Sansa a puppetmaster playing the game, and Rickon a feral savage

    • Nah.

      GRRM might love piling misery on the only good characters he’s got but he didn’t orchestrate Jon’s ressurrection at the hands of Melisandre just to pull the rug out and say “psyche”. The fact is from a storytelling perspective if Jon isn’t who we think he is and doesn’t get ressurrected and all that, the story really just falls apart. It’s rubbish. Sure, the story so far has been built on fakeouts like Ned being noble and honest and losing his head; Robb screwing over the Freys for his honour and being murdered at the Red Wedding, etc. But Jon being actually legitimately dead will bring most of the plot to a screeching halt. Maybe his death will be the last nail in the coffin of the Night’s Watch when the white walkers come marching through the wall and take Westeros, only to be met headlong by Dany’s dragons when she pulls her finger out and gets on a goddamn boat, but I just don’t feel it.

      I don’t know what Rickon’s deal is but he’ll probably turn up as a feral wolf-boy when the plot needs him. I assume the fact Arya has occasional flashes of Nymeria is also relevant even though she seems to no longer be part of “the game” what with her story shifting over to Braavos and all. The way Sansa was married to Ramsay makes so much more sense than the fake Arya/Jeyne Poole nonsense that I can’t bloody remember what’s going on with her in the books. She’s still hiding in the vale pretending to be Littlefinger’s bastard, isn’t she?

      All that said, only one thing is certain.


      • always presumed Aryan would comeback as a total badass & kill whoever’s left alive on her daily litany.

        There’s so much more going on in the books with that royal boy (thought Tyrion would help raise him up rather than Dany like in the show. But DoD they go their different ways before he joined the second sons? Was it the second son’s?)

        All that shit with the pirates is much more involved in the book too, wasn’t there 3 narratives going? The guy on the ship, the priest & the sister of reeeeek?

        As well as the resurrected Cat & friends. Did they pop up in the show beside the scenes with Arya?

        There’s so much more going on that it could really go any direction. Doesn’t seem like the ice zombies are quite as fast in the book as the show. Are they even making a move really? Or did they just wake up for winter & the crows & wildlings realise they’d been playing on their lawn all these years?

        • The “ice zombies” are kinda what the books are about. About the Game getting in the way of preparing for Winter. By the looks of the show, they’ll be featuring more in the next book.

          • Of course, Song of Ice & Fire, I get it.

            I’m just wondering if they’re really on the move yet, you know?

            The tv show they’re in a swift sprint, the book seems like they’re stil scoping out the new blood, maybe sent some scouts out. Certainly not a full scale invasion just yet.

          • Like I said, because the show’s already gone into nextbook territory, it appears as though in the next book we’ll see them making moves.

            Also “Ice and Fire”…Jon and Dany. Which is also why I think he’ll still be around in some form or other.

          • Dany & the little bro

            Dany & Cersei

            Hmmm? Maybe?

            I didn’t read Snow as being as dead as the show made out. I can’t remember specifics.

            It’s just a thought that crossed me mind, any other series he’d be alive for sure, but this series just has me questioning different outcomes.

            Just throwing ideas out there, I’m certainly no authority 🙂

          • Remember, I named my son Tyler, not my daughter Arya. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about ;-p

          • Yeah, but that was 15 years ago! I think only two books were out at the time. I only just got around to reading the last book at the start of this year. 😛

            I think all of us are just throwing ideas around, anyway!

    • There’s no way that’s the last of Jon Snow. Robb NEVER seemed to be leading anywhere. He couldn’t even lead an army properly. 😛 He was always going to die badly. The clues and lead-up for Jon’s mother mean that there’s something more to Jon than there was to Robb. It’s always felt like the series’ leads were Jon and Daenerys.

    • I can’t remember exactly but

      A few chapters before Jon Snow gets ganked there’s some kind of forewarning from the fire lady, it kind of implies she knows its coming, she needs his blood following that train of though might end up bringing him back to life. I’ll have to go back to (I want to say Dance of Dragons?) and check but it was definitely in the final few Snow chapters GRRM hints at this.

      • were the others that were resurrected all that good?

        I remember them being a bit shit or kinda evil.

        Or was that because the guy that resurrected them was a bit shit & melisandre will do better work?

        • She’s meant to be the most powerful of the fire priests so you’d imagine she could do a better job. Also if I’m remembering right the other priest did bring that one knight back to life repeatedly however each ressurection left scars and made it harder until finally he passes his “light” on to that Stark lady. I would imagine if Melisandre needs Snow’s blood she would be willing to bring him back but probably with some kind of catch (especially since he swapt out the babies meaning she technically doesn’t have a royal bloodline anymore). Anyone else curious as to whether the Iron Islands raiding party is going to end stealing a dragon?

          • Man, is that what they were up to? I’d forgotten. All I remember is the woman with no tongue who is obviously up to something

          • Yeah that’s lady stark from the red wedding; they find her corpse in a river and something takes hold of the resurrecting Knight (I feel his name was Dondarion or something?) and he feels compelled to pass on his “light”. She in turn becomes the stone lady or grey lady and takes control of that little band of bandits who eventually capture Brienne and Tyrion’s handmaiden/squire. I believe the last book left them in a situation where they were about to be hanged? It’s hard to keep track once you reach the last 2 books cos there’s so many new arcs and characters and they’re all taking place worlds apart. E.g. I can’t even remember what’s going on with Tyrion anymore?? Is he still with the Spider?? And wasn’t there some dude from Dorne who wanted to tame a dragon?

    • Here are my thoughts on how the final end game will play out:

      I imagine it’ll be very Five Armies-esque, all of Westeros and Danaery’s armies will all be warring somewhere near Kings Landing with tonnes of death on every side. Then all of a sudden the ?White Walkers will have descended crushing Winterfell and killing everything in their path until they come upon the battlefield with all of the warring factions. They will all need to band together to fight off the ?White Walkers with the help of the Stark children and their Direwolves. Danarys and Jon make babies and take the Iron Throne

    • Late to the party, I know, but there’s a long-standing prevailing fan theory that there are five characters that are protected by absolutely impenetrable plot armour:

      1. Dany
      2. Tyrion
      3. Arya
      4. Bran
      5. Jon Snow

      Everyone else, including Sansa, is apparently fair game. I also read some really detailed fan analysis of Jon Snow’s story recently, and it’s suspected that his mother (whose identity we don’t know) is Targaryen linked, which would be the source of the king’s blood Melisandre can smell on him.

      • Yeah, I read that last one. I’m suggesting otherwise on the first.
        No concrete evidence, just a thought (yes, sometimes I have them).

  • So my weekend was swell. Saw Antman on Saturday and hung out at the arcade afterwards where I played DDR for the first time in forever. It was good fun and reminded me of how much I enjoy DDR. I actually ended up really enjoying Antman, more so than Thor 2 and Avengers 2. I put it at around the GotG level of mixing action and deep plot which I’m totally okay with.

    Sunday was RPG stuff, 40K Space Marine stuff to be exact. The highlight was when one of the squad leaped out of a building that was being shot to pieces and ended up tackling a Chaos Hell Talon (a fighter bomber). Needless to say the Hell Talon won that fight.

        • One of my friends in HS had a boyfriend who actually got ordered to stop playing DDR by a doctor because of what it was doing to his ankles.

          • I suppose some of the mats/pads are not very receptive to button presses so I can imagine that happening a fair bit. Some people get a little bit too into the whole thing as well which doesn’t help either.

          • I think it must be most likely due to excessive play of the arcade version, which are solid surfaces to step on, at least if you used mats it’d help soften the strain (Or at least I think it would anyway)

          • Depends on your style of play though. I exclusively played the arcade versions and the pads are actually quite sensitive (having taken them apart and seeing how they work). Most people use waaaaaay too much force to activate the pad, which leads to excessive fatigue and possibly injury.

    • I stopped playing DDR because it cost too much to play all the time. Also, a lot of the awesome songs I loved where removed in the pal versions of the home game.
      I have Mario DDR though. I can’t play it though because Sid gets too excited and wants to bite my feet

  • It’s one of those mornings where I’ve got loads of housework to do, a growing pile of quilting projects with deadlines, late library books that need to go back, and games I really want to be playing, but I’m just sitting here avoiding everything and wasting time on my laptop. This never ends well. 😛

    • Hah, I procrastigamed Saturday arvo in lieu of cleaning my house for an inspection tomorrow. Managed to get up to a boss in Bloodborne while ostensibly “taking a little break”

  • In case anyone is interested, I’m selling a 3-day pass for PAX. Apparently you can only cancel it if you’re either sick or dead.

  • Hey, if anybody out there wants to work on games in Sydney (with me!), Wargaming has a whole bunch of positions going:

    Apart from the boring work stuff they mention, we also have table tennis and a Wii U with lunchtime Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Pretty sure that should seal the deal for anybody here.

    • If I was keen on moving to Sydney I’d apply for the SysAd job (after remembering how to poke the keyboard in a way that makes LDAP work good).

      EDIT: Also, I do not envy the person that has to sift through the Game Designer applications.

      • I think it would be great fun sifting through applications that include 200 page illustrated descriptions of tanks fighting, in space, against a race of aliens called the Ja’Ga’Huuuul, using the following range of outlandish weapons…

      • I wrote a script a few years back that extracts user information from LDAP to automate Outlook email signatures to a set standard. Just set it to run upon terminal server login and then sit back and watch everyone give up trying to change their signatures as they reset every morning anyway. Pretty geeky huh. Ultimately we dropped the feature when we migrated from Outlook to Google Mail.

  • Decided on Antman now and Mr. Holmes after lunch.

    There’s four people in the entire VMax cinema for Antman and one of them is sitting in my seat.

  • So from not going to PAX at all, I’m now going both Friday and Saturday 😛
    My brother in law bought 2 passes for Friday and gave one to me…

    Aaaaaaand i promised i wouldn’t do this but @scree had been an absolute champion and bought me a pass yesterday… So shout out to @scree for being incredibly generous, I am insanely grateful! Did I mention it was @scree?


  • In the distance, thunder booms. Wait, no. It’s something far more ominous. The echo of a cash register closing its drawer. A text from my sister proves my suspicions correct.

    “Saturday what is this animal crossing sequel i’m reading about”

    “it’s not a sequel it’s just a side game where you design homes”

    “and theres cards you can buy?”

    “yeah it unlocks stuff in-game”

    “I will buy them all.”

    Out of dreadful curiosity, I pick up my sister’s 3DS, it’s activity log reading approximately 1326 hours clocked into New Leaf. That number will continue to rise even into the distant future, I think to myself.

  • So. My weekend, Friday I was doing An out of hours server change, for the third week in a row.
    Got home at 3am Hooray!

    Saturday, we cleaned the house a bit, picked up groceries and then cleaned up some more.
    Then we went out to dinner for Date Night, because we havent seen much of eachother lately.
    So while sitting at an expensive restaurant having excellent food ( I got a call from a friend saying she’d been given tickets to Blur.
    Anton is british and a child of the 90’s so you can pretty much hear the squeals of joy already.
    Needless to say, we had a pretty excellent date night. 😀

    Sunday we cleaned the house a bit more in preparation for @trjn staying over.
    then we went to a friends Birthday yumcha lunch (spring rolls omnomnom)
    Once we got home I made Brownies and then it was time for BOARD GAMES!

    @cj @cookingmama and @novacascade all came around and we had some fun games

    Cosmic encounter
    I was all set to win with Bunny and Nova, but then Bunny had to make me lose 3 colonys didnt he. Which took me from 4 points to 1.

    Betrayal at house on the hill
    Anton ended up being the Traitor and that was a lot of fun
    Such a fluke win! Hooray for finding a secret staircase at the exact right time.
    But poor CJ, pretty sure he died, technically he didnt, but pretty sure he did.

    So much fun, after two games we ended up playing blind (put a tile down without seeing it) Just soooo much fun.

    Thank you all for coming, we had so much fun.

    • Cosmic! I think that’s my next big purchase.

      Betrayal… I dunno, it’s always left me cold. It’s a deeply weird game, from the dice on up.

      • Cosmic is amazing. Definitely worth a look in.

        Betrayal is a mechanically poor game that can tell some great stories.

          • I remember. I don’t know if, after two plays, I’m at the point where I’d buy it though. A few games with the more advanced aliens would have to happen to get me across the line.

            Admittedly, if I’m going to spend some time in Sydney, that’s going to happen.

    • I had a great time! Cosmic Encounters was fun, I’d definitely play that again, and I think I’ll track down Tsuro, that’s a good one to play with kids 🙂

  • Wait, it’s Monday already? … Freaking Anno. /._.\

    Had a great weekend. Got out of the house on a Saturday morning for the first time in months, as I had to take a trip to Hornsby to pick up a guitar – I’d been considering upgrading from my Les Paul Jr since around November-ish, and found a great price on a second-hand-in-name-only Les Paul Custom – still in the original wrappings (mostly). Thank god for uni students buying expensive guitars, only to realise they prefer playing drums. :3 Spent an hour or two just noodling about in Rocksmith, rediscovering Session mode… strings needed a good clean, and likely a replacement soon, but an absolute pleasure to play once I’d cleaned the strings and stretched them a bit.

    After that, I didn’t feel like jumping into an RPG, so I played through Journey a couple of times. White robe achieved! …with a scarf that doesn’t even reach the ground, as I’d only missed two glyphs on my first run… need to go gather the rest for this playthrough, I guess.

    Still had a few hours before I expected to see anyone on Destiny, so I started a game of Anno. Was just getting back into the swing of things – remembering my production layouts and supply chains – when i realised it was way later than I’d thought. Jumped onto Destiny (apparently missing a huge PSN outage?) for some noodling about and prisons with @trikeabout, until I was ready to collapse around 2… which I now realise means I would have been up for 20 hours straight by that point, which explains Sunday’s fatigue…

    Sunday was spent realising how badly everything was actually going in Anno, and scrapping everything I’d built and starting from scratch – grabbed as many islands as I could as quickly as I could – got three of the four major islands before the AI, and did a better job of anticipating needs. Got up to 1200 engineers, and had the start of a good tech base on my third island, with all needs taken care of… and then it was 7 o’clock. Jumped onto Destiny long enough to realise I was too tired to play, so moved to Rocksmith for half an hour before calling it a night.

    • Anno 2070? Or is there a new Anno I’m not aware of?

      Yes, sorry about the late night. It was fun though! And productive. Apart for “Where’s my cipher???” Grrr.

      Last night I downloaded the foxtel app for my la[ptop so streamed the Grand Prix while I Destinyed. Bit of a Nightfall and took the n00b through his 32 prison, so he’s got he first 42 light armour piece.

      Then flicked the tv on and stayed up way way too late watching a very soggy peleton arrive in Paris. 🙂 The good news: no more random cycling chatter in our Destiny fireteam for a while.

      • Well, Anno 2205 is coming out later this year… 😛 But, yea, this was 2070. Was going to play 1404, but only had 2070 installed, and didn’t want to wait for updates.

        No worries – had a great time with you guys (although dying to teleporting cabal in the 34 boss arena was a little annoying). I’m sure you’ll get a cipher, but it took me about 18 34s to get one from that, so it might take a bit of persistence.

        Aww… I was enjoying the chatter. 😛

        • I should really reinstall Anno and think about playing it again. 😉

          It was fun. Hoping the 35 roll is a little more forgiving this week so I can have a crack – running out of weeks.

          😉 Tour of Spain will be here before you know it, and you can be regaled with random strings of European names and time gaps…

  • Cosmic was so much fun, I do want to play it more often though, so that I can start playing the yellow or red powers.

  • Oh, also, forgot on my weekend list: Played Rocket League with @shane! He thrashed me, and then we both got creamed by the AI.

    Good fun.

  • Whoops! It’s lunchtime already?! The parcel guy always drops off a regular parcel for Mr. Strange on Monday mornings so I told myself I’d do something productive once he got here. But he hasn’t even been yet. Dammit parcel guy, my morning is all gone! 😛

  • I’m just watching the very first episode of Pokemon for the first time in many years. I’d forgotten that the pokedex is a smart arse. It Keeps giving Ash lip. He deserves it though. He’s seriously one of the worst trainers in the pokemon universe. Though he’s better then that bastard who abandons his charmander.

    • Ash’s ineptitude bothers me so much, and the story keeps finding colourful ways to say that it’s because he likes the challenge.

      Maybe he should stop upping the challenge because he CONSTANTLY LOSES.

      • I like how this comes across in the game too because once you win Oak is all like “hells yeah, you won because you love your pokemon” because the game was targeted at kids who had no idea of min/maxing and probably just picked whatever pokemon they thought looked cool. You read now about aggressively breeding for the best EVs or whatever, and tossing unwanted pokemon because they have the wrong nature and all of that and the game is still all like “yeah, love and bonding, not just power and competition!”

        It’s almost like the show is mocking people by making Ash such a loser whose Pokemon only learn anything because he’s constantly being hounded by Team Rocket. Then again, I wonder if Ash might have time to actually train his Pokemon once in awhile if Team Rocket weren’t constantly trying to steal Pikachu.

        • Yeah the exp he must have been getting from facing Team Rocket so many times must’ve been so minuscule… that must be why he keeps losing. Team rocket never won those battles so they never levelled up

        • Friendship is OP in any anime… only thing that annoys me in anime more than “The OP power of friendship” is fan service 😛

          • Friendship, dreams, ambition, pretty much anything you can draw out into a long flashback filled yell while throwing a punch. It wouldn’t bug me that much but they always lead up to it by explaining why using their 100% accurate undeniable power level measuring system this fight can not possibly end with the hero winning.

            That said One Piece makes me cry every damn time they start screaming about friendship…

          • The first few times it feels epic but then it gets very repetitive if they keep doing it. One Piece have done it well that there’s more than one hero that can kick the enemy’s arse, it’s not all Luffy

          • The one where Brock explains the rules and basic battling strategy ends with Red completing the Pokedex. The one where Brock chooses to follow Ash around cooking for him sees Ash leave the region with maybe a dozen Pokemon, most of which he didn’t capture himself. There’s probably a life lesson somewhere in there.

        • That’s when we find out that Ash’s Pikachu has a unique ability: this Pokemon can hurt any Pokemon, regardless of type immunity.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb

    You stand before an adult Black Dragon in a cave that’s filled with Troglodytes and Giant Lizards. What will you do?

    • I should be there and I really hope we get to rest up soon, I’m so lacking firepower if this goes south -_-

      • I think I mentioned it last time but, because everyone leveled, you can recover up to your level in spent spells ie. any six spells that you expended, regardless of spell level, come back to you. So you won’t be entirely out of power if a fight goes down.

        Plus you will have access to any new spells that you may have obtained. It doesn’t affect anyone really and I’m not about to penalise you too much for being the only prepared caster. I’ll handwave it by saying that your journey from Newfort to Aulde Phorte gave you time to recover some of your spells that only really came back to you over time.

        Or, better yet, magic happened. *waves hands*

        • Oh okay! I must’ve either missed that or misheard you, I’ll keep that in mind tonight. Thanks, oh mighty powerful GM!
          I’ll keep it fair regarding the access to spells so that I can only add to my already existing lineup for the day and not replace anything, so I should have access to very few extra spells, but it’ll be enough.
          And please for the love of the Omnissiar, don’t let this come back to bite me 😛

  • Huh. So Antman just took me by surprise by actually being fantastic. Wasn’t expecting much. Was definitely a Marvel movie though and the formula is getting a little tired.

    One question
    His ex wife and her new husband are obviously very well off, big house and a $100k BMW out the front and both are harassing the guy that can barely afford to feed himself for child support? What kind of horrendous spite monsters are these people?

    • My guess?

      Maybe just reinforces the whole “once a criminal, always a criminal” thing the movie had. Or, on a broader note, how the burdens of the past pretty much overshadowed the main characters and turned into a millstone around their necks. Once they atoned for their past, then they could move forward into a brighter future.

    • Probably reading too much in to it, but in many States in the USA child support isn’t related to the costs of raising a child, but rather the costs of raising a child in the standard previously enjoyed. So, if they lived a similar or more extravagant lifestyle before Señor Copman was on the scene Mr Thiefy might actually still be liable for some payments. Stupid, hey?

      • There’s legally entitled and there’s holding someone’s child to ransom to someone who can’t meet it. She must really hate him.

        • Now I’m enterring the realm of speculation but child support arrears also are registered against a person and don’t go away. So, if when he went to prison, she registered for child support and he accrued debt then he’s actually still liable for it and in some states would have his pre-tax wages garnished to pay towards the debt. But yeah, it’s still assholey.

    • “Scotty needs us! Ain’t nothing gonna stop us! Ain’t nothing!”
      *police everywhere*
      “…Back it up. Just back up it. Yup. Back it up”

      Michael Pena needs to become the dude who just shows up in every movie like Coulson used to.

    • This got me thinking about how I’d rank the Marvel stuff now that “phase 2” is finished.

      Guardians of the Galaxy
      Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      Iron Man
      The Avengers
      Agent Carter
      Iron Man 3
      Second half of S1 of Agents of SHIELD+
      Avengers: Age of Ultron
      Captain America: The First Avenger
      Thor 2
      The Incredible Hulk
      First half of S1 Agents of SHIELD
      Iron Man 2

      It also made me realise what bugged me so much about Age of Ultron. The comedy was very similar to Ant-Man, however the tone of the movie definitely didn’t fit all of the forced funny pieces in the middle. While Ant-Man’s comedy flowed and made sense for the source material, AoU’s comedy bits detracted from the seriousness of the situation.

      If the characters don’t take the situation seriously, why should I?

      AoU spoilers (kind of, mostly playing it safe)

      I saw Klaw’s arm ripped off and I should be horrified. But instead the movie tells me to laugh. Dozens of people are dying because of Iron Man and Hulk’s fight, but Tony is cracking jokes. Cap and Thor casually joke while taking out Hydra soldiers with a single tap of the hammer and shield.

      All this while we’re supposed to grow fear and dread over a cold, lifeless machine wanting to eradicate humanity due to its sociopathy.

      Honestly, the biggest problem with Age of Ultron was Joss Whedon’s directing style. I love him but let’s be honest: everything he does is ridiculously similar in style and tropes, so it gets jarring when trying to make the film more personal and serious.

      • For me, Winter Soldier is still far and away the best of them. It has an interesting plot with some actual twists, great characterization and character development with an interesting human angle to it, and generally well-produced all the way around. No jarring comedic elements either. Rewatched it on the weekend and it held up much better to a second viewing than Guardians did for me.

        I’d rate Daredevil very highly as well but I don’t think it’s fair to compare it to feature films. It’s a different affair.

  • Reinstalled Empire Total War because I hate myself, and I love the ludicrous scale of it all, and started a game as the Dutch (technically, it’s the United Provinces).

    I then proceeded to spend three years with one of my ports blockaded, because I didn’t realise that I had a fourth province, because I am a good leader.

    My mighty naval fleet has spent 90% of the game fleeing from pirates, because I split it up to take control of trade nodes (which will pay off in the mid game, hopefully, maybe).

    And my Army has been camped outside Amsterdam, alternating staring at the floor with staring at the sky, the trees, and occasionally little birdies.

    I am the best leader the world has ever seen.

  • Spent all day Saturday at the Eagle Park Range in Little River, just outside Werribee. Went with a mate and sighted and ran in a few rifles between us. Was my first outing with my Remington 700 Police as well. Amazing day. Nice little spot too, reasonable weather as well, if not a little windy.

    Surprised how much it took out of me too. Took several hours to run the barrel in – one shot, clean, one shot, etc. Ran about 40 rounds through it and considered it broken in. Next 20 were trying to narrow down the zero, and managed roughly 1″-1.5″ groups at 100 metres. Nothing to write home about, but will fine tune the scope as well as what ammo and projectiles my rifle prefers.

    Surprising how much your shoulder hurts after firing 60 rounds of .308 Winchester. (or 7.62mm, whichever you prefer.) Although it was fine the next day. Will be making a regular thing out of this, methinks. Maybe twice a month. Nice to get out of the house and spend a day with friends doing something we all enjoy.

    My Saturday :

    Apologies if anyone’s an anti-gunner as well, let me know if this stuff isn’t welcome – can be a tetchy subject for a lot of folks. For me it’s just a pastime I get a lot of enjoyment out of. If it’s any consolation, I’m not a hunter – I just enjoy the engineering and mechanical aspect of firearms, as well as the challenge of shooting well. Hugely rewarding.

    • If you’re not hunting (and a sane, rational and responsible person) it shouldn’t be a contentious issue any more than any other non-contact sport.

      Except for the part where 100m rifles are easy mode and you should pistol it up 😛

      • As a very strongly anti-gun person, I’d say that even hunting isn’t an issue, so long as you’re not shooting at anything endangered, and you more or less follow the law.

        It’s when you start yelling about the right to carry a gun with you at all times, to have them easily accessible in your house for protection, or if you’re arguing that a Barrett 50 cal or an assault rifle are practical weapons for hunting that I will have issues (Well, I mean they’re both very good options for killing things, but I think you get my point).

        • This. I don’t have anything against hunting – even though I’ve decided it’s not for me. As long as it’s done ethically and professionally, it’s actually necessary in some cases, and beneficial in many others. As far as vermin and population control goes. As long as hunters are skilled enough to ensure clean kills, and it’s done by the book, I don’t take issue with it. It’s dickheads that do dumb shit like trying to shoot a big animal like a roo with a .22 or something, or just shooting everything for the sake of it, or for sport/trophies. It should have some sort of agricultural or pest control benefit.

          Again, just not for me. My interest is more as a ‘gun geek’, I guess.

        • I’m not against hunting on the whole (though there a frequent public examples of how not to do it) but I’m happy to accept that it IS a very dividing subject.

      • I almost would go down the pistol path if it wasn’t expensive enough as is playing with rifles! Also a pistol license is much, much more heavily controlled. Lot of work involved. Maybe later down the track.

        But trust me, a .308 kicks like a mule. Breathing and other various techniques involved, even at 100m. Will be pushing it out further in coming visits. Was pretty happy we initially bore sighted it completely by eye and got it smack on the bullseye at 50m.

    • If you’re not insisting you need it for protection, have to carry it everywhere in public and keep it locked up when not using it I don’t see the problem?

      • Thanks for being reasonable. I’m a firm believer in doing the right thing. As far as Australia goes, gun ownership is a freedom, not a right. I do all I can to ensure I represent responsible ownership in all aspects of the sport.

    • Hunting’s come up here before (I remember getting into a spat about it with @liondrive) but I have no issue with target shooting.

      My gun issue is with guns in non sporting, urban environments.

      • Not at all. I think there’s exceptions to carry for some security licenses, but not for your average citizen. All firearm ownership is very strictly controlled in terms of storage and use. As far as rifles go, all rifles and ammo need to be stored separately in a locked safe with different compartments, bolts removed. (with different keys, obviously) Any safe under 150kg has to be bolted down, and over 150kg can be free standing. During transport by car, they rifle and ammo are to be stored separately again – ideally rifles in boot with bolts removed, and ammo inside, preferably in a locked container. Any transport of your gun is to be done to and from your destination, with no deviation. No stopping at your local shopping centre and leaving your guns in the car. If it gets stolen, it’s on you.

        Licensed owners are subject to regular inspections by the police, and any infractions will get your license revoked pronto.

        This is for Victoria, by the way. I think most states are about the same, with some variations in regulation. But all are very, very serious about enforcing regulations.

        EDIT: Also, all firearms are registered with the Police on purchase. They know each and every gun you own, and you have to be able to account for it’s whereabouts at any time as well.

        • I could be wrong, but I think NSW had some parts of gun control that are *more* restrictive than most other states.
          And yeah, in terms of carrying you can only do it as a (heavily) licensed professional, like in security, armed forces, police etc. That’s not to say whack jobs never get this right, there’s just a lot of control which helps.

          • Yeah, and nor does it stop a bad person getting a black market/illegal firearm, which all the legislation in the world won’t make any difference to, sadly. More a customs and importation issue.

          • It does remove a lot of the weaponry from circulation though providing fewer avenues for a determined individual to resort to. And they would have to commit a criminal act in just obtaining the weapon providing more situations where they could be caught.

          • Removing many of the guns from circulation does help keep them out of criminals hands to some extent by driving the price up. You’re average drugo Isn’t likely to drop a few thousand on a gun to go and hold a convenience store for $200 and change.

        • Christ sounds like a shit ton of work; I can appreciate the precautions being there though =P Does this also extend to bows?

          • Actually not sure – I know there’s some rules and regs regarding bows – just not entirely sure what they are.

          • I’m not going to lie I’ve always wanted to set off a few rounds of a hand-gun, know how to take one apart, etc, etc. Same goes for a bow, I should look into a gun-range and stuff in NSW see what the deal is =O

            On principle I’m against weaponry; but hey it’s a gun range and I’m curious =P

          • If it’s something you’re interested in, start doing some research. Get out there and have a go. Most ranges or gun clubs will be happy to advise or assist with any enquiries – most want people to start out right and know what they’re in for.

            I’ve been a little surprised by the innate distrust and sometimes distaste levelled at me from people at times regarding firearms and gun ownership. I expected it, but still surprised me. But I decided it’s something I want to do, I partake responsibly, and if that isn’t enough for someone I don’t much care. If you’re interested, don’t feel guilty about it.

          • Yeah I think I’m going to look into either a hand gun or a bow, not sure how comfortable I am keeping a hand gun in the household though so maybe just try out ones they have in a gun range.

          • @pupp3tmast3r My knowledge is a little rusty (and this may be state specific) but you’re not allowed to store a gun at your house until a certain time period has passed. It’d be stored at the range you *have* to regularly attend to justify owning owning it in the first place (as per licence restrictions).

          • Go for it. Pretty sure you can just book a session and just rock up and shoot – seemed to be the case when we did it for a work do a while back.
            Definitely one of those things it’s neat to have done.

          • I don’t think there are many rules regarding bows other then their use that applies to anything (It’s as illegal to kill someone bubble wrap as it is to kill them with a bow and arrow.)

            I think it’s because of the skill and effort required to use a bow they aren’t really used in crimes of passion very often.

            Crossbows are a different matter though. I think they might be more heavily regulated then guns. Might not even be legal at all in some states.

          • It’s a lot of work on purpose. One of the simplest ways to stop a person doing something is to make it inconvenient.
            Put it this way: how many people would eat McDonalds if it was inconvenient?

          • One time I wanted to eat McDonalds but the entrance was at the top of a flight of stairs so I went to the KFC that was on ground level instead.

      • Very summarised (simplified) answer: You can get a permit to use a specific type of gun in a controlled environment, or as a farmer for pest control

    • Nothing wrong with sport shooting on a range. Target or clay, whatever. Likewise firearms used for essential vermin control seems fine to me (much rather see foxes and rabbits shot than chased with hounds and torn to bits, or given some disease…). What you’re describing is a hobby, done in controlled conditions and handled responsibly.

      I regard it no differently to petrolheads – what’s a reasonable hobby when confined to the garage and trackdays, and mods are done carefully by people that know what they’re doing, becomes antisocial and lethal when some idiot is drifting on an open public road or does dodgy mods on the cheap that compromise a vehicle’s handling or safety.

      Basically, it takes all sorts, and if you enjoy shooting, great!

      I haven’t shot for years. Used to have a .22 air rifle in the UK and pop cans off a fence (with suitable back fence to catch stray pellets!), and I did do .22 rifle shooting and occasionally go clay shooting with a mate of my dad’s. Pretty comfortable around weapons in those circumstances.

      However, even after 10 years in Oz I still get a little creeped by cops and even more so non-cops like PSOs carrying handguns everywhere…

      • To add to the fun: if you use any air powered gun like that in Australia (and were caught, obviously) you would be arrested and be charged with a bunch of things.

      • I find it slightly unsettling when you walk past a couple of guards emptying an ATM and they’re carrying pistols. I get that they’re supposed to be a deterrent but the idea of shooting someone because they took money is…fucked.

        • Remember catching a train once and train guards were checking tickets and one of them was hyper aggressive, hand on the gun and snarling at everyone, making sure they could see she was a half second from drawing the gun. Felt really uncomfortable then and I hadn’t even done anything.

          I believe @SerNobulus was on the same train and had the same experience.

          • …wait, you have train guards with guns? Why? So they can shoot you for dodging a $4 ticket?

          • The transport officers in NSW I’m pretty sure don’t get guns and for good reason. A crowded train is really not the best place to use a gun. Probably more likely to hurt someone other then the person you are aiming at.

    • That’s the range I visit often with my brother. He hunts often too but I’m more into the target shooting stuff.

      • What sort of guns do you guys shoot? Saturday was my first visit to Eagle Park, was really pleased with the setup and the staff. Super friendly and quick to bail people up if they weren’t doing something right.

        • I’m a bit of a gun geek myself. I like looking, shooting and holding weapons, just not a fan of people using them to kill others (outside of self defence). I have a couple of books on weapons throughout history, and a couple on snipers. I keep them hidden though because I’ve had people get weird on me when they see these books on my shelf, or as currently being read on goodreads (which posts to FB as well).

          I used a basic .22, my brother has other guns too. He also has a 308 but I didn’t shoot that. My license has since lapsed since then so I just go to watch mostly now days. I have since suffered a permanent shoulder injury, so if I am to shoot again I’m going to need a gun rest, and a new license.

  • So how bout that weekend huh?
    Was super tired friday night so figured I would hit bed early. Checked the parcour for the TDF and didn’t see anybody taking time on the final climb so figured it was going to be fairly straight forward so I could skip the stage. Heading to bed a bit before 10 and just thought I would check who was in the breakaway. See Sky obliterated on the 1st climb and think bugger it, going to have to stay up now. Interesting stage but headed to bed before the final climb
    The woke up early and headed into work Saturday, and then stayed up late to watch the queen stage. Again most enjoyable but needed sleep.
    On Sunday Mrs Tigs took Tiglet to a market which gave me a glorious sleep in. Then had fights with Mrs Tigs as I was grumpy and hungry and she was switching plans about so I had no idea what was happening. Tiglet had a 20 minute sleep in the pram but still wouldn’t go down. Ended up heading around to a friends place to play board games.
    Tiglet just smashed it out and didn’t want to sleep at all and stayed up the entire time we were there, until about 8pm. Didn’t get to play to much, 7 wonders was in progress when we arrived so offered some advice there. Mrs Tigs jumped into that game and I had a drop in drop out game of apples to apples. Then I played splendor for the first time, really like the game and not just because I won.
    Started trying to setup xcom which I was going to watched but in the end they decide it was too complex to do 1st game without anybody who knew. The only people who knew the game were locked away in a big match of Tikal. Mrs Tigs had a round of San Jaun and Spendor as well while I chased Tigelt around the room and introduced her to the Puppy dog. headed home and finally put her down and then cooked up the left over meat and watched a dragon riders.

    All in all a nice weekend

  • Bought a Friday & Saturday tickets for PAX last night. Don’t know if I should cosplay again or not.
    Hopefully I’ll get to meet up with some TAY peoples this time around.

  • Where did that weekend go?

    Ended up going around to Dare Girl’s place on Friday night, watched a few movies. Then slept for most of Saturday before my friend came around, and after some screwing around trying to make computers work eventually got to playing Diablo 2 for the next fourteen or so hours, with a short pizza break in the middle. Then slept through most of Sunday. Til I got curious about Torchlight 2, and then aw crap I’ve stayed up all night again.

    I’m not sure how I feel about these games. I mean clearly they’re addictive as hell, but I’m not sure I overly enjoy them that much? Definitely prefer Torchlight though, despite being practically identical there’s a whole bunch of modern design sensibilities to it that much the overall experience so much more pleasant. But still, at the end it just feels like a constant grind for bigger numbers, with very little “actual game” behind it. Which isn’t meant to put them down at all, more just a crude way of expressing my gaming preferences – I’m not that big on menu-type games like Pokemon or whatever, I prefer something that’s more about coordination and skill (eg sniping in Splatoon) than just number crunching when I play a game, that’s where I get my fun. These ones feel like maybe a step above menu-based RPGs, just point and click on the thing you want to die next and tap a couple of other keys to occasionally switch around what abilities are getting triggered.

    Actually, it reminde me of my initial non-multiplayer time with Minecraft. I played that for hours and hours on end, but still didn’t enjoy it. It was just kind of constantly working towards some goal that was never actually met.

    • Action RPGs main draw is the “more numbers” thing that you’ve pointed out. It’s the same reason why standard RPGs like Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Witcher, etc still rely on levels, perks, and better equipment to form a base for their game while delivering a plot to go with it. Diablo, Torchlight, and other similar games often show you in loot because they’re meant to be a test of skill and praising RNGJesus. That’s the entire game.

      I admit that I enjoy ARPGs more than a lot of other games but I don’t disagree with you at all. They’re banal and simplistic compared to other games.

    • I tend to feel the same way. If a game is all about progression and getting higher numbers I can get behind it, I can even get really into it, but I’ll only enjoy myself if the core gameplay is good. Diablo is fun for a while, but once the time between milestones starts building up there’s just nothing in it for me.

    • All games can boil down to ridiculous simplicity. Splatoon you’re essentially just moving a cursor and clicking on things. It’s Windows Explorer if the files were moving around.

      • I had a feeling once I’d typed that that there would be a response like this 😛 Couldn’t think how to word it better though.

        I guess it’s the particular method of input for these games that does it for me. I mean playing Borderlands co-op with the same friend, that was still generally the same grind-for-loot-and-bigger-numbers deal, but it felt like there was more of a game around it than here.

  • Just got a call from Mum, saying Nonna’s gone. It’s like she was holding on for them to get back from their trip over the weekend.

    Kinda relieved, tbh. Though suddenly feeling it more than I was at any other point leading up to it.

  • Just got an email stating that my replacement PSU from PCCG due to be shipped today (after waiting a month for it) has an update. Thinking it was confirmation it has been sent, I opened the email.
    New shipping date.


    …give me my refund, I’m going elsewhere.

  • Just finished watching Mr Holmes. Was a unsure at the start, incredibly British, but after a bit it picked up a bit and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Can recommend.

  • Just checking out that picture of the Sombrero Galaxy…. Man looking at the multitude of galaxies in the background makes you realize how completely insignificant our little planet with life is. Maybe in another life I’ll get to physically explore each and every one of those stars *dreams the afternoon away*

    Edit: Hell most of the galaxies in the background probably don’t even look the same anymore 0,0

  • So, I bought a second wired 360 controller, and I’m thinking of trying Steam’s In Home Streaming with Rocket League.
    Has anyone on TAY tried it, and, if so, what’s it like?

    • Works fine for me over WiFi to my laptop (pc is wired to router) but I’ve only played slower paced turn based or India titles.

      No Idea how it would stand up to something moving quickly and what the input lag would be like.

  • Saw some people talking about Animal Crossing on the first page, exhaustingly copy pasted from my Facebook wall 2 months back to you today. My return to Animal Crossing New Leaf.

    Loaded up my Animal Crossing game for the first time in 2 years.

    My town was called The Ghetto, character/mayor runs around in a monocle and a do-rag. Weeds everywhere. Find a seagull passed out on the beach. “Man I’m so unconcious right now” it says to me. Check in at the office, townsfolk are upset the ghetto is under developed. Want more public works and upgrades to the town. Go home, house full of cockroaches. Run into some parrot. Wants a new catch phrase, make him yell cracker all the time. Being a parrot living in the ghetto it works on two levels. Save game and exit. Time to forget about it again.

    Gotta keep the role play going I guess.

  • Rocket League. I realised to my surprise that I’m only three trophies away from a platinum. It’ll require a few extra hours of gaming that I wasn’t exactly planning to invest, but all I need to do is play another seventy or so matches, and that’s it. It’s still fun, so I’m considering it…

    • We should organise another TAYbie match sometime 😀
      It was super fun playing with full teams and chatting (even though I hardly spoke)!

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder completed for another night. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb

    GM Summary: Got the loot, killed the Lich, left on amicable terms with a Black Dragon. Probably the best terms that you’ll ever have with a Black Dragon.

  • Has anyone else tried World of Warships?

    Pyrean and I have played it a bit and it’s not bad. I feel like it could use a few more features such as weather and water depth but it’s pretty fun in it’s current state.

    It seems a bit to simple on first glance as essentially all you have to do is point your ship in the direction of the enemy and fire at them with your guns and, in some cases, torpedos. But as you play it you quickly learn it can become complicated fast.

    Because you are fighting of a distance of KMs you have to allow significant lead when firing cannons (and oh so much more for torpedos) as well as trying to predict any change in speed and/or direction of your target.

    Of cause you are trying to dodge to make it harder for them to hit you back as well but this is complicated by the fact that all turrets have a finite rotation (aiming) speed so you are also trying to make sure that your turrets are in position when you are ready to fire. You also have to try and make sure that the maximum number of turrets possible are in a position to fire at the enemy as they usually have limited arcs of fire least they blow holes in your own ship. All this whilst trying not to run into any islands or allies. A task that can be trickier then it sounds as generally you are shooting more or less perpendicular to your direction of movement making aiming and steering a tricky prospect.

    you can be set on fire, components can be critically damaged and you can be opened below the water line causing flooding so you also have to judge when the optimum time is to use your damage control ability. You also unlock more abilities as you advance through the tech tree and unlock different kinds of ships.

    Plus, managing to weave in between torpedos makes you feel like a boss.

    However, as a wargaming game the grind is pretty bad and I’m pretty confident it’s only going to get horribly worse as I work my way down the tech tree.

    It doesn’t seem to be Pay-to-win yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they add cruise missiles for just $1.49 each!

    • @batguy got me into the beta but then I went to Japan and then got fired and things went all screwy and I haven’t had time to get into it. It seems pretty rad though, although somehow the whole lol-soviet-things-are-strongest still managed to creep into it, with eg the Murmansk (an early model Cruiser the Russians borrowed from the USA on Lend-lease and returned in such a state of disrepair that they had to fumigate it to kill the cockroach and rat infestation before she could be scrapped when it was returned). Some of the power tiers are messed up as well, since basically it’s the US Navy vs the Imperial Japanese Navy, and they’ve tried to make sure that each side has ships at each tier that are roughly on par, which means that to balance out the utter shitbox destroyers the USN operated they had to pull the teeth of the IJN destroyer lineup – last I checked several advanced classes eg Matsu, Akizuki, Shiratsuyu classes aren’t in the game and you have to get ridiculously high into the tech tree to hit Fubuki.

  • The new stuff coming in this Splatoon update looks great. In the trailer there was a squid kid with a straw hat! Straw hat!

  • *sings to caffeinated beverage*

    It’s like you’re the only who really understands me, caffeine. I love you, man.

  • Dear Taybes,

    Last night I perfected my guacamole recipe, and I had it for dinner and it was so so so good. I can return to my home planet now.

    Love, Jane

    • Dear Jane,
      I don’t like Avocado, but I am told by Avocado lovers that my recipe is pretty good.
      1 Avocado,
      1 tsp Lime juice,
      Salt and pepper to taste,
      pinch of chilli flakes.

      What do you do with yours?
      Love, GingerChris

      • I basically do the same, but I’m a fan of sour cream in guacamole. Not too much, but enough to make it deliciously creamy.

      • I hate avocado and make Mr. Strange taste my guacamole to see if I’ve got the balance right. My recipe’s similar to yours except I use a half or whole lime(depending on how juicy it is) because we have a lime tree so I may as well use them, fresh chilli, and fresh coriander leaves. People say it’s great and there’s never any left when I make it so I’m guessing that’s a good sign.

          • …I hate seafood.

            Once we had about 10 limes that needed to be used up so I made this cake that starts with simmering the limes whole to soften them, and then squishing the whole limes up with the rest of the cake mixture. Best cake ever.

          • I did lime curd tarts when I had a surfeit of limes a month or two ago.

            Other than one fucked-up batch of curd they went quite well.

    • Dear Jane,

      I’m kindly requesting for my all of TAYs well being that you share your perfected guacamole recipe prior to your scheduled departure.

      Many thanks in advance,

      PS. If any avocado haters are reading this over my shoulder *points to the door* you can leave that way.

      • My friends Sunsoar and @gingerchris86

        Please see my recipe below!

        – 1 large Hass avocado, delightfully ever so slightly soft to the touch
        – Philadelphia Spreadable Cream Cheese
        – Sweet chili sauce
        – Spring onions
        – Lime juice

        Mash your avocado lovingly with a fork; add in your cream cheese at a ratio of about 1:3 with the avocado (this will always change depending on the yield from your avo – sometimes those pesky seeds are enormous!). Mix until smooth in a nice chunky way. Add in about two tea spoons sweet chili sauce and a good splash of lime juice, and your finely diced spring onions, and combine well.

        Enjoy with: corn chips, regular chips, crackers, bread, meat, burgers, by itself 😀

        Yours in guacamole love,

          • Just hate the taste. But then I don’t really like sweet things. Give me savory any day.

            Makes it awkward when in an office and you won’t have a piece of the birthday cakes. The ladies who organise it always seem to take personal offense that I dont like cake, happened in every job I’ve had.

          • FInally… I thought I was by myself!

            Get all this baked stuff at work – cakes, tarts, slices and I grimace every time.

            Have just learnt it’s better to accept a piece, take a half hearted mouthful, place the rest on a plate/napkin for remainder of day and deflect questions about whether or not I’m eating it. Then ditch it in a bin before going home.

          • I generally prefer salty/savory over sweet (although I do still love chocolate, but I don’t care too much for donuts, cakes, waffles, etc). I think the sweet chili just gives a teeny hint of tang to the guac that it’s otherwise missing – it’s a small amount in the grand scheme of things.

  • The continued adventures of Blaghs in Empire Total War: Idiot ruler, genius commander, apparently

    I began my real (total?) war by declaring war on pirates, aligning myself with modern day Australia. Unlike the fruitless battle here though, I managed to capture both their provinces (turns out undefended provinces are easy to take), and eliminate them from the game. Which left me with two unhappy provinces that were bleeding money.

    Seeing my new financial weakness, one of my neighbours declared war on me. As a masterstroke of tactical form, I sat what remained of my European army in my capital, and watched as my opponent threw themselves against my walls.

    As I stared confused at their army another force swept in and took their city, removing them from the game so that peace could return to my land.

    So I declared war on the French, took two of their American provinces (turns out undefended provinces are easy to take), which started bleeding money and formed the cornerstone of my new civil unrest. Not happy with this much unhappiness, I then assaulted Paris.

    As I continue to write the book on modern warfare, I must commend the French on their brilliant tactics. After I knocked a hole in their wall, they proceeded to slowly funnel their troops out, into a waiting semi-circle of guns that mowed them down. What I didn’t expect was that due to a miscommunication, 18 of my 23 casualties were due to my own cannons, not the enemy’s attacks. Genius work.

    Satisfied with my extremely happy population (unhappiness was in the double digits in Paris, which is an achievement), I retired, safe in the knowledge that I would return to a prosperous land, particularly since Spain declared war on me in response to the capture of Paris.

    • I see you share my genius for strategy. Always ensure you troops are more afraid of you then they are of the enemy.

  • For the food lovers,

    I made Stuffed capsicums last night,
    Risotto rice boiled off and then fried with Onion, Mushroom and Baby Sweet corn.
    With that we served some Crumbed Veal. Really Nice 🙂

  • Was there anyone trying to find a copy of Discworld Ankh-Morpork? The board game is out of print but I found two copies on shelf at Good Games – Central in Sydney. $70 + $15 postage. It’s a good price. If anyone is keen, send them an email.

  • So I’ve officially been sucked down into the depths of J-Drama… It was really only a matter of time, come to think of it…

    Last night I watched a show called “No Dropping Out” about a 35 year old woman who goes back to high school for some reason. It was stupid, ham-acted, didn’t make sense… and I loved it.

    Don’t cry for me… 😛

    • There was a show a while back with Stephen Colbert in the cast called Strangers with Candy. It was about a middle aged prostitute who goes back to high school and it was hilariously terrible in the best way.

  • My world is upside down.
    One thing I was always sure of in life is that people suck. Myself included. But there’s been an increasing amount of events in my life where people are genuinely nice and I don’t know how to react to that because I’m only used to people being sucky! 😛

    • Yell at them. Talk condescendingly about how people of a different age to them are so much better. Shiv them so that nobody will question your position on top of the “definitely-not-sucky” pile.

      Oh wait, no, seriously, act like your elderly age prevented you from noticing. Age is your greatest asset. :p

    • I found something similar myself – except I found that me being cynical or assuming people to be crap bastards, sometimes led me to automatically assume people were being crap bastards even when they weren’t being crap bastards.

      TLDR: People are crap bastards, but sometimes not as much or as often as you think.

  • Mum just walked into my office to tell me (with great relief) that The Canberra Times didn’t have anything about my Dad’s paper, and that it looked as though the hospital wouldn’t fire him.

    What the hell has my Dad been up to in Alice Springs?

  • I get so easily distracted on Google maps these days. On the bright side, I now know that the following places exist in Australia:
    New Mexico
    Bald Nob

  • Mobile data cut out for some reason so decided to check up on the work computer.

    Ewwwww. What’s with that giant pop up ad for Self/Less that covers everything? That’s not obnoxious at all. Stuff like that is what makes me reach for the AdBlock button.

  • So what’s the deal with cookies?
    How do I achieve Subway cookie softness that keeps?
    I understand that brown sugar and molasses are more hygroscopic than your regular processed white sugar. And underbaking them. But the batches I’m doing just don’t retain sufficient softness 24 hours after.
    Does anyone know what I’m missing?
    Also, ingredient effects for your daily cookie education.

          • Just saying that most cookie dough and cake batter has raw egg in it, and eating it uncooked is generally not a good idea unless you like getting food poisioning.

            If it’s a cookie dough without egg, eat away!

          • This is true, and in large due to modern egg processing. But if you have home grown eggs, and if you’re pregnant or immune compromised , salmonella is still very risky. The recent outbreak in melbourne at the Langham hotel sent 6 people to hospital, made over 30 sick, and one pregnant woman almost lost her baby after she went into labour 5 weeks early.

          • True. As a relatively healthy adult male with store bought eggs, those very valid concerns didn’t factor in to my bias / response. 🙂

          • One way to significantly reduce the risk is to make sure the egg shell cracks cleanly and you don’t get any of the outside of the shell into the whites. Salmonella bacteria are most commonly on the egg shell in Australian eggs because of the fact the outside of the eggs are not thoroughly scrubbed.

            In the USA by contrast, they scrub the eggs which rids the surface of most salmonella, but can actually push the bacteria through into the whites directly as well as weakening the surface and allowing contaminants to pass through.

          • That’s a somewhat horrifying concept to me, considering how much I enjoyed the Japanese tendency to include a raw egg in all sorts of rice or noodle dishes. 🙁
            I’ve been meaning to do that all over the place with food here to help give it that Japanese flavour!

          • As @beeawwb said, it’s mostly not a problem. The salmonella tends to come from the shell of the egg, so if the eggs are clean, crack free, and good food handling is used, the risk is low for most people. And there’s nothing finer than a soft boiled egg on udon noodles. (plus I LOVE oyako don)

            As I mentioned earlier, the biggest risk is for pregnant women (salmonella and listeria are both dangerous), small children, the elderly or anyone else who might become severely ill. The culprits are usually things like poorly cooked chicken or mayonnaise type sauces where it’s been made and then stored for a period of time, or where cross-contamination has happened from poor food handling.

            It’s mainly something to be mindful of when making food, especially for other people. For cookies and cake batter, things like Vegan No-Egg (primarily tapioca flour) and chia seeds can replace the binding role of egg, and are perfectly safe to eat raw.

          • Yeah but the raw egg cooks itself with the heat of the food you’re pouring over it and also it’s fucking delicious so I’d take my chances with it nine times out of ten anyway.

    • The answer isn’t “just keep adding more maple syrup, it’ll be fine”. You’ll just have to trust me on that.

    • You can google the ingredients. My guess is the copious amounts of margarine & palm oil. Also, egg definitely stops biscuits getting crisp, which is why you should never use a recipe for Anzac biscuits that has egg in it.

    • It might also be the baking, rather than the ingredients. Try a lower temp, and maybe try cooling them under a clean teatowel so that they steam, rather than crisp.

    • Subway cookies are cooked from frozen. Not sure how much of a difference that would make but it could be a fun thing to experiment with. Most importantly, it’s going to give you an excuse to make more cookies.

    • I use this recipe and it seems to work pretty well.

      Generally stay soft for a few days – and if you try to eat them before they’ve cooled enough you’re lucky to get it to your mouth without it falling in two.

      I’m guessing that the Subway softness comes from them being baked every day and fresh when you buy them.

  • Yet again, I find myself wishing that Steam listed prices in AUD. “Oh, that game’s only $12.99!” *buys* … *receives receipt for $18.46 payment* … *cries*

    • If the government gets their way and they have to add GST to everything, we might yet see prices in Australian dollars.

      From that point on will determine whether we’re using dodgy key sites and US gifting friends to buy games or just going with the regular storefront. 😛

      • Yep. However, it does mean getting less screwed by Paypal’s conversion rates, which means sub-$20 games will be slightly cheaper than they are now, as GST won’t apply…

        *reads news: “GST threshold for imported online purchases could be reduced to $0″* Oh. Oh.

  • Well done me. I just said the following sentence to my regional director:

    “So Company X has dropped them like a hot potato and Company Y is now up the proverbial creek.”

    I’m pretty sure such lame attempts at disguising swearing makes it sound worse rather than better.

  • My old computer chair had completely fallen apart so I went to get a new one yesterday. The Officeworks I went to didn’t have the chair I wanted in stock, so I had to go 20 minutes to another one to get it. It’s a pretty good chair. It has arm rests. Hopefully it doesn’t fall apart as well.

    Also got a new pair of shoes. Normally I just wear sneakers, but these new ones are what I believe are called “skate shoes”. Just like all the cool kids are wearing.

    • I really like the chair I have, but for some reason it occasionally lowers itself(for a week it’ll do it constantly, then be fine), and the screws that hold the seat to the base slowly undo themselves.

      So my chair is haunted, but it’s too good a chair for me to worry about it.

      • I have a lamp like that. My grandma gave it to me for my birthday when I was about ten, and occasionally it’ll just start flickering like I’m in a horror movie. I like it too much to ever get rid of it though. Haunted items are the best.

  • It’s stupid quiet at work so I’m mulling over what uni subject to take next and can’t decide… Have to pick from the following;

    Business Communication (sounds like complete drivel but has to be done at some point)
    Financial Management
    Monetary Policy and Risk Management
    Employment Relations
    Business Law
    Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Decisions decisions… *gets distracted and reads Twitter*

      • It looks super interesting and a subject I really want to do but I think it’s going to be tricky taking a meaty subject and studying enough to get the most out of it with family commitments. Might be one I stash away for this time next year when wife is on leave and has a good handle on having 2 kids.

        • I say that topic for two reasons.

          1) my second degree was innovation and enterprise and I’M SO ALONE NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THE MATERIAL EXCEPT 50+ YEAR OLD PEOPLE (which is precisely the wrong demographic for entrepreneurship)

          2) Australia’s innovation infrastructure and systems are horrifically bad. Some of the lowest industy/academia collaboration rates in the OECD.

    • From a purely educational perspective and something you’re likely to use in a career I’d go with Monetary Policy and Risk Management/Business Law. Probably the two most useful units I ever did in uni; right next to sex, power and corruption in asia =P

      P.S. looking at those units looks like a BBuS?

      • Certainly is a BBus… The long lonely route studying online 1 unit a time juggling growing family and full time work. Sucker for punishment but I’m actually enjoying learning new ‘real world’ stuff.

        I work in a company where there is a Risk gate opener/modifier on our performance reviews so would be interesting to know a little more of the bigger picture… but @highperformance mentions it’s a heavy unit and I also need to balance that with a pregnant wife.

        Tempting to take Business Law or Business Communication to cruise through to a the 6 month break I’ll take after (basically so I’m not prepping for an exam when next baby comes along!)

        • Nice dude; as far as I’m concerned everyone should do either a Law degree or a business degree at some point in their lives just to appreciate the complexities of the systems we live in. Are you majoring in anything within the bachelor’s?

          Business Law is fairly easy since you’ll be able to get the foundations of the unit just by asking yourself “what would I consider to be an ethical practice in the formation of a deal”. The whole unit can be summarized with “be fair when negotiating a deal”. It’s the bread and butter for more complex units like corporation/taxation law *shivers down spine*

          Risk and Monetary policy was a weird unit when I did it; half of it deals in macro-economics and the other half dealt with statistics and cost management calculations. I never liked the risk management part personally; but I reckon learning about monetary policy is a must. At the very least it’ll teach you how our economy’s influenced on a larger canvas. So yeah maybe do this when you’ve got a bit more of yourself to spare cos it’s pretty heavy stuff.

          • Finance is the major and right now trying to figure out what to use my electives for. I don’t like any of the official minors so I’m tempted to ‘build’ something myself and was leaning towards Information Systems.

            Studying via OUA so I’ll need to investigate just how ‘flexible’ the electives are allowed to be!

            Appreciate tip for Risk Mgmt/Monetary Policy – removes a candidate from the pool for next study period.

          • everyone should do either a Law degree or a business degree at some point in their lives just to appreciate the complexities of the systems we live in

            Somewhere, a physicist chortled quietly.

            That somewhere may have been at my desk.

          • Fine fine =P I can appreciate that, my heart lies with science but my brain lies with business! If we didn’t live in a capitalist society I would happily wile my years away in a different field of study.

          • @sunsoar77 put it this way: if this line of questioning continues, keep your eyes peeled for black helicopters

          • Nice dude; as far as I’m concerned everyone should do either a Law degree or a business degree at some point in their lives just to appreciate the complexities of the systems we live in*a million vomiting emoticons*

            I had to do one law subject in my degree and that alone made me hate life 😛

    • MP & RM fo’ tha win!

      Students take that unit at our Uni and whilst it’s a difficult and heavy subject there is more and more focus on Risk Management in every organization so being across policies etc. can only be a good thing.

      *Takes University marketing department hat off*

    • 25% ROI……; hmmm. That said I’ll probably burst into flames if I stepped into Myer so I’ll pass =P

      • $200 you’d use is far more useful than $250 you wouldn’t.

        Although, don’t Myers gifts cards work through the entirety of the Coles-Myers group?

        • There’s Coles-Myers ones and just Myers one. I ran into that trap once when I gave my wife some once and she couldn’t use them anywhere but Myer. After loudly complaining at the Myers service desk for 45 minutes they eventually gave up and swapped the cards for us.

          Yes I was one of those customers. Still, not like the parent company was losing any money so it shouldn’t have been a problem.

      • Nah, junkyard at midnight.
        Or postage, with that whole interstate thing.
        Got them from work but I don’t shop there.

        Hit me up at …(picks email address from hat)… jormungand(underscore)xix(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • YES! Did you know the P/E ratio of a share is effectively the amount of time a company will take take to make up the cost of that investment through its earnings? As such it can act as a gauge for the health of the company’s earnings as well as the general investor sentiment for the company’s ability to continue to make money!


      Edit: Disclaimer – it’s technically more complex than that; but consider that the gist of what a PE ratio effectively tells you =]

        • ROI is influenced by income/capital return over an investment; PE can’t account for that directly however it does account for it in a sense. It’s a direct relation between the share price of a company against (typically) it’s yearly earnings. I.e. if a company has a PE ratio of 16; it would take the company 16 years to make enough money to buy back all its shares at its current share price. This means investors believe that the price they’re paying for the share today (in theory) can be supported by the company for the next 16 years at current levels of earnings; share price traditionally goes up over time because as a company’s revenue grows they believe a higher price is justified (this doesn’t affect the PE ratio thought).

          However when a company’s PE ratio goes up it means investors see growth in the company’s earnings before they’ve actually happened and are willing to pay a premium price for greater expected growth (the reverse is true when PE ratios go down). Now the trick is finding what what the standard PE ratio for a company should be and figuring out if it’s current PE ratio is at fair value; discounted or inflated. Let’s take for example Australia’s largest banks; they traditionally have PE ratios of 13-15 however more recently ANZ has dropped down to 11.8 while they others are still holding at their usual ratios. This means that the price investors are willing to pay for ANZ shares now represent a sentiment that they feel the companies earnings can only justify current share price for the next 11 years as opposed to other banks in the sector that have a standard of 15. If we assume the other banks have set a standard for what’s a decent PE ratio within the industry then ANZ is trading at a discounted rate; the question to ask then is why is this the case and are the reasons enough to justify its current trading price to be a discount or is it still inflated.

          To summarize PE ratios will allow you to gauge the possible ROI on an investment; however it can only give you a glimpse. The rest needs to come from research and educated opinions =]

          Here’s an interesting footnote/trivia – Large American stocks traditionally have PE’s well into the hundreds; e.g. NFLX currently has a PE ratio of 239.29, going off what you know about PE ratios now why do you think this is the case? =]

          • Investors are putting a big bet that the recent crazy jump in subscriptions (especially from Australia [assuming they’re one entity in this regard?]) is going to directly translate into a massive profit increase in the future?

          • Good one Rize; yes the reason NFLX has such a high PE ratio is because investors are expecting exponential capital/revenue growth; in fact a quick search shows forecasted PE ratio for 2017 is expected to be 99; meaning analysts are expecting massive growth in revenue over the next 1-2 years and have priced that into their expectations. One could argue this is quite a risk-driven view on how to invest.

            American companies (especially those in growth sectors like tech) usually have relatively high PE’s and this is only partly driven by their expected revenue growth. The other factor in this equation is dividends; American companies typically pay low/0 dividends back to their investors especially compared to Australia stocks; preferring rather to invest all their excess capital back into the company. This has the double sided effect on PE ratios; one it adds more fuel for capital growth inflating P/E’s, and it also removes a factor that brings down P/E ratios from calculations which is dividends paid per annum which has an inversely proportional relationship to the PE ratio.

            Hope I’ve given you some insight into investing =p

    • If I wasn’t just about to leave I would try and dredge up the least interesting thing I know that I could teach you.

      I mean, I guess I could just type about medical record rights in Australia, but just typing that has nearly made me fall asleep.

      • I actually learned a bit about them when I was studying privacy laws in Australia. We were using fake medical data as a part of a database subject when learning SQL.

        The shocking twist that no one could have expected was that database security is hard.

    • Step into my tent young padawan.

      We’re gonna talk about Dendrimers.

      Most people would have done chemistry at school, and have done something to do with polymers, whether it’s the nylon rope trick. Basically, you get a polymer when you attach organic molecules in linear chains.

      A Dendrimer, however, is what you get when rather than attaching polymers in a linear chain, you attach them in a branching structure (schematically Like so, but in a 3D structure.

      This class of molecules has a lot of exciting prospects. You can functionalise the outer groups, so you could make them stick to certain cells by attaching an antibody to the outside. They also have an inner volume, so you could put a drug within the gaps, functionalise the outside so it can get through a cancer cell wall (cancer cells are more porous than regular cells), and make it break down within the cell for targeted drug delivery.

      They’ve got a bunch of other cool stuff, as given they’re bulky but distinct molecules they may lead to things like synthetic blood.

    • When logged into a terminal server, why is it that when you select Start/User/Lock, it’s not the same as simply hitting the Windows Key + L? And how do you combat this when a user has used the second method despite multiple instructions to use the first, essentially locking themselves out of their own computer?

      I’m pretty sure you already know about this, but I have no solution. I’m hoping you could teach me actually..

      • If I remember this correctly, you can’t pass the windows key function through an RDP session in the same way ctrl+alt+del can’t. Like most restrictive issues, it’s a security feature to prevent these functions being intercepted/imitated by dodgy stuff.

        Alt+Home will open the start menu but I don’t think there’s a pass-through keyboard shortcut for locking. I guess the technically correct answer is you shouldn’t be locking an RDP session 😛

        EDIT: By “technically, don’t” I mean an RDP session is not designed to sit there indefinitely, it’s far happier as a jump in-jump out connection. The frequent issue with terminal servers is that they’re either never set up correctly or their performance is so shit it’s not feasible to log in only when needed.

        • When I shadow another user’s session, how do I combat that damn Caps Lock switchover when they have it on and I don’t and then suddenly their Caps light is off but Caps is on..

          Restart machine, I know. 😛

          • Edit the machine’s registry to reassign caps lock to shift 😀

            …probably don’t screw around with the registry.

    • I will teach you my best playdough recipe. If you have kids/nephews/nieces, a batch of this stuff is a perfect rainy day activity, or a fun present. It takes about 15 minutes to make and is MUCH cheaper than the shop stuff in tubs.

      2 cups plain flour
      1/2 cup salt
      2 tbsp Cream of Tartar
      1 tbsp fine glitter
      2 tbsp vegetable oil

      Put all of these ingredients into a large bowl and give them a mix. Then mix the rest in a heatproof bowl or jug.

      1 cup boiling water
      1/2 teaspoon liquid food colour

      Add the coloured water to the flour mix while it is still hot. Mix the dough with a knife until it starts to come together, and then mix with your hands. A large mixer will also do the job. Knead the dough for 5 minutes until it is smooth. It should be soft, pliable and slightly bouncy to the touch. If it feels too crumbly add a little more water. If it’s sticking to your hands or the bench, add a sprinkle more flour. Store it in an airtight container or zip-lock bag and it will keep for 1-2 months, depending on how often it gets used (it tends to dry out before it goes mouldy, because of all the salt)

        • I’m a Playgroup coordinator, and playdough is our number 1 favourite activity, so I make a batch every other week.

          • Substitute with sugar and you’ve just saved yourself having to cook them dinner as well.

          • Generally yes, and this recipe has less salt than some other versions. The cream of tartar doesn’t have a flavour though, it’s there to stiffen the dough so it holds shape longer. The bright colour and glitter seems to give the most indication that it’s not food. We have maybe 1 kid in 20 who actually eats it. Most have a taste and then leave it alone.

      • I found a recipe that uses jelly mixture. Takes a bit longer than your recipe as takes a while to cool down. Comes out smelling amazing and is exceptionally soft and pliable.

        It doesn’t have the shelf life though and ours went mouldy in the fridge a little while after week 2. I think that’s because it’s got a fair bit of sugar in it.

        • I’ve seen a lot of recipes from the US that use kool-aid as well, for the colour and smell. Shame it’s hard to get here 🙂 Honestly though, I’m happier if the playdough doesn’t look or smell too appetizing. It’s for playing, not eating.

          The trick with the colour is to use lots. When I’m mixing colours for playough I measure in quarter-teaspoons, not drops. Gives much better colour. Paste colours work well too, but because they cost more, I prefer to save them for cakes and just use the cheaper liquid colour in larger quantities.

          EDIT – have a look for playdough circuits. Salt playdough will conduct electricity, and sugar playdough won’t, so you can use it to build simple circuits with LEDs and a battery.

    • The 5 Why’s

      Developed by Sakichi Toyoda, this particular form of iterative questioning involves reviewing a problem and then questions the reason for the occurrence of said problem.

      For example: Your company can’t find a strong candidate to work in your company.

      Why?: Candidates are applying without the requisite skills
      Why?: We don’t have specialist recruitment knowledge to write dis-ambiguous job descriptions
      Why?: We haven’t employed anyone for this specific work function
      Why?: Because we broke AF
      Why?: Because we didn’t budget properly to hire a person like this

      This theory of reasoning is a cause-effect relationship between a problem at hand, and attempting to discern what the root cause of the problem is so that you may address the problem at it’s cause rather than at only a superficial level.

        • Hahaha this was my thought when my colleague was explaining the process to me today, I just kept saying why when she told me about a problem she was having.

          She regrets telling me about this now.

      • The 5 Why’s – Developed by Sakichi Toyoda children under 8.

        More seriously, I make frequent use of this process but was not aware it was a documented thing. It’s very useful in identifying an issue and breaking it down into more basic problems. But then I hit the usual hurdle of someone with authority to action a required change digging their heels in…generally because money 😛

        • But that’s when you do the 5 Why’s again when you can’t get authoritative action stage: I can’t move on this with project
          – Why?: My boss won’t sign off on helping me with something
          – Why?: Because he’s too busy for me and isn’t seeing what I do as a priority
          – Why?: Because he’s incompetent has too many projects to handle effectively, and perhaps is lucky to be in his position
          – Why?: Because I haven’t started a revolution and rose to the top to take control myself
          – Why?: Because vidya games

    • If you draw a pentagram pentagon with equal sides around the outside of the earth and then draw 5 equal circles (as large as possible without overlapping) with the centre/origin of the circle being the angles of the pentagram. Then the largest circle you can draw within the middle of the earth inside the 5 circles is the diameter of the moon.

  • @Saturday

    Your mystery box has returned to my home!! Apparently where they tried to deliver the package it was refused by the person whom they were trying to deliver to ‘twice’. I’m not sure where the problem was but when I get home I’m going to have a look at the box and see where they tried to deliver to.

    I also need to to dispense with the chocolate and biscuits somehow *looks at waist line fearfully*

  • Thanks to everyone for the interesting topics this arvo. Helped pass the time, and it’s always really nice pushing your brain to think about new/different things.


        Seriously though I was reminiscing to a time when I was just a little boy, and remembering I thought I had in my mind about what sort of job I’d like to do after I finish school (I was bout 11 or 12 at the time).

        I just want a job where I do what I’m told and don’t have to do any problem solving, thinking for myself is too hard. What a terrible thing for a young person to think for themselves. Learning is one of the wonders of our very precious existence and I hope people feel the same way about it as I do now, where knowledge is a gift that should be both treasured and shared.

        • Conditioning’s a funny thing. I did a little teacher aide work in the 00s, and I remember taking one group of four kids aside to go over some maths stuff they were lagging behind on. Can’t remember if they were grade 5 or 6.

          We nattered some, went over the working and some examples, then I let them at it. They had time to work on the questions, and when they were done, I asked to see the work so I could check it. The first one said, “Here, I’m finished… but I know it’s not right.”
          I was pretty surprised. Arched an eyebrow and hesitated in taking the paper from the kid. I thought for a moment, and said, “What’re you giving that to me for? If you don’t think it’s right, take it back and do it again and give me something you DO think is right.”

          ALL of the kids blinked in surprise at that.
          Kid didn’t know what to do with herself, there. She took it back, looked it over, puzzled, and eventually decided that actually, she did think it was right. I checked it over and noted that actually yes, it was correct.

          I’m guessing ‘I know it’s not right’ was meant to be some sort of ego-cushioning pre-emptive self-deprecation, setting themselves up to not lose face at failing. Maybe they only ‘knew’ it wasn’t right because they were the ‘dumb group’.

          Gave ’em some mini-lecture about how I don’t want them to just pretend to understand, try and fail, or try on the spot to figure out how new numbers fit into the same pattern as the examples, I’d much rather they actually understand what the process was, how it worked, why it worked and if they could do that, they could put any numbers they liked in there. Even weird or long ones. …Didn’t get real far with that, but the teacher did note that she liked how the kids were a lot more persistent and resilient about admitting they didn’t understand something and asking for help.

          Conditioning. Kids are very susceptible to it. Being made to believe they’re in the ‘dumb group’. Hell, even gender roles… When I taught the kids computer studies stuff? Distinct gender differences. Out of some three dozen kids, all the boys would leave their hands on the keyboard or mouse and some would even race ahead, thinking they already knew what the next step would be (and many were wrong). The girls? All would perform the requested action then look and wait for new instructions. And as many of the boys as raced ahead, the girls would put their hands in their laps, away from the keyboard and mouse.
          Who teaches 10yr old kids these things?

          • All very interesting stuff, when I hear about things like these examples it makes me wish I studied Sociology at Uni 🙁

          • Gender roles are a tough one. They come from every thing that happen around you, how we were raised. And you can’t discard them, many of them are there for a reason. Having a tiny little daughter it is something that worries me a lot. I don’t want her to ever think she is inferior and “just a girl”. But on the other side many girly things are there because little girls love it. Seeing all the little girls dressed up and going to see the princesses at Disney on ice show that they truly do love that.

          • Yeah, it’s gotta be tough to analyze artificial or socialized roles to distinguish between the conscious social constructs implemented for control, vs the natural tendencies that spring from the very real and all-too-often underestimated differences in male:female physiology and psychology.

            As long as no-one’s judging (no matter how well-meaning) a kid for their preferences or making it out to be ‘inferior’, you gotta hope it’s all gonna be OK…

          • The scary part isn’t even the judging, it is the expectation and thought process being formed in Tiglet’s growing mind. Buying a little kitchen set because she loves playing cook like Mummy and Daddy do in the kitchen is no issue. But the concept that if she is doing that then the kitchen is where she belongs are not far apart.
            Trying to isolate and give the right message without stopping or putting down what she is enjoying sometimes freaks me out a little when I start over thinking it.

          • No I hadn’t but that is very cool
            Probably not too important just yet but I think it will be something I reference as Tiglet gets older. Thanks

  • Finished ep 4 of Life is Strange and loved it. Possibly my favourite so far. There seems to be a bug on the PS4 where the rewind… uh… won’t stop. (When doing the L1 rewind.) Great ep, though!

    • *Weeps*

      I had to reinstall all my games, and now it won’t run. I’ve tried re-reinstalling it, I’ve tried deleting the prefs, deleting the saves. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! *sobs for hours*

      • Aw man, really sorry to hear that. I know the frustration of losing save games for something like this. Not fun. :'(

          • Reinstalled from scratch, twice. Verified game cache, made sure I disabled the cloud saves to make sure they weren’t interfering, tried launching both normal and safe mode, and IT HURTS SO MUCH. WHY DOES PC GAMING HAVE TO SUCK SOMETIMES?

            Also, checked the forums, this happened to people when the first episode dropped, but the cause there was patched out, so I just don’t know anymore, and apparently throwing myself at it isn’t helping.

            Need to try rebooting a few times because PCs are dumb and sometimes that helps.

          • The game was patched twice on the PS4 last week because the first patch busted some stuff. Ep 4 is also probably the buggiest one I’ve played, so I reckon there would be another patch impending. Might clear things up? I hope! :S Unless it’s your PC!

          • Yeah, I’ll give it until the weekend, since odds are whatever happens I’ll have to replay the whole lot. If it doesn’t work then then I’ll just cry for a few hours.

          • Oh man, thanks for giving me a chance to whinge. God, I love whingeing. I can deal with anything so long as I get the chance to piss and moan about it. Feel so much better now.

  • Warning, warning! Personal details within. Just got some stuff I want to make public / talk about. Feel free to skip.

    So for the last few months I’ve been under insane amounts of stress. What with taking a new job in management and adapting to that as well as the custody stuff that my partner has been going through affecting me as well, it’s not been an easy time for me lately. It’s gotten to the point where it’s affecting my physical as well as my mental health. I’ve been having regular migraines for the last few weeks, in addition to some severe mental breakdowns as well, which ultimately led to me going on stress leave 2 weeks ago.

    During my leave, the first week was ok but then some other personal stuff cropped up and led to me spending my second week of leave in a mental fog / darkness and pretty much unwilling to leave bed. This Sunday was the only time I felt capable of even leaving the house. Even going to work yesterday was a struggle to get out of bed, leading to a panic attack.

    This has led me to where I’m at now. Yesterday I resigned from my position and stepped back in to my “old” role, effective immediately. That’s a stress I can control, since I can’t control the personal stresses. And after consultation with a doctor I trust (as opposed to the one I see for medical certificates) I’m going to start seeking treatment properly. It’s probably been a long time coming and I need help. So as of now I’m on the journey to find the right anti-anxiety/anti-depression medication for me as well as finding the right psychologist.

    So, I know a lot of people on here are in similar boats with their own issues and troubles and whatnots. I’m a bit nervous, going on these medications and asking for help, which doesn’t come easy for me, but the support of others who have been there and are still there etc will probably help me in taking this first important step in getting my health right. Even admitting I’ve got issues is a help to me, since I can’t hide behind “everything will be ok”. Thanks for listening.

    • Dude, that’s rough. I really hope you can reach some sort of happy place. Not having had the same pressures applied to me, I can’t say I’ve been where you are. All I can say is, anything I can do to help you get here from there, you let me know.

    • All the best buddy and well done on taking some positive steps to make things right. I’ve done a few stints on anti-depressants. It’s not always easy, but admitting my problems and starting to deal with them marked a clear turning point in getting my head right when I look back. I’m far from perfect, but better than I was by far! Also I’m really sorry you’re having a rough time. :'(

      • Thanks, it’s not easy for me to admit things aren’t going well so I know I’m doing the right thing, I’m just a bit anxious about starting treatment. Which is I guess ironic in a way? Anti-anxiety treatment making me anxious? But I’m confident things will get better with time and treatments. First step on a long road.

    • *Hugs*
      Finding somebody you can trust and asking for help is a good thing. It might not be meds, it might be but getting the right advice and having somebody who is interested in helping you get what you need is a huge things. Best of luck.

      • *hugs* Talking to my “good” doctor was the right choice. She’s extremely committed to all her patients and genuinely cares about getting people well. Was able to discuss issues with her that I hadn’t even verbalised ever so that was an immediate positive step.

    • That’s great you’re taking some logical steps to helping yourself with work and going to the doctor, you are definitely in control of those things. Someone whom I care deeply for is going through her own things in this space, one thing they tell me that helps is paying attention to the side effects of whatever is prescribed. There’s a whole family of drugs and they can keep mixing until you find one that helps without funny symptoms like rashes, eye aches, etc. I’m happy to hear that you’re on an upward curve, long that may continue 🙂

      • Yeah the potential side effects of the medications I’ve been prescribed… well, I’m a bit nervous. I mean I know there’s side effect potential with most medications but the list of potential issues and things to be aware of has got me a little antsy. It’s going to be an interesting journey seeing how I react to this first set and then of course if that doesn’t work whatever the next one is. But have flagged with my doctor that I’m accepting of the fact that this may not be the right medication for me and we just need to keep trying until we find the one that is.

        • That’s good! Most folks I know whom are taking something are usually on SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors; They usually have names like Zoloft, Prozac, etc. and have maybe one or two side effects at the most. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a raft of the side effects but usually just one or at most two, so don’t worry about that too much 🙂

          • This is listed as an SNRI, so (Wikipedia tells me) it’s similar to an SSRI but also does stuff with norepinephrine. I have no idea what these things mean. :p

          • It’s just how the drug will work, if it’s an SNRI it just means that it will regulate your serotonin uptake (Serotonin is just neurotransmitter, sends info from your brain to other places and back again) so that you don’t make too much of it. The theory is an imbalance in this area can lead to problems with ADHD, Major Depression, OCD, and any other imbalances in personality, etc.

            *Takes off Exercise Physiologist hat*

    • Only slightly related: Depending on how your treatment gels with alcohol, we should totally consider some mid-week post-work unwind sessions at like… the Cobbler or something.

      • I’ve been prescribed 2 medications. One of them is for daily use and should be ok with alcohol in moderation. The other is on an as-needs basis (i.e. having a particularly bad day) and is complete avoid. So as long as I’m not having a bad day Cobbler or otherwise should be ok.

    • It’s tough admitting that you’re not coping, and well done you for getting some help. I hope the weight lifts soon.

      • Thanks, I’m already feeling a little more positive just putting it out there (which I guess was the whole point) and I had a full night sleep (almost immediately after posting) which has been a long time coming, and I’m sure helped too. 🙂

    • If you ever want to get out of the house and just hang without having to talk about anything in particular hit me up.

  • So I don’t know how old these peppers I found in the fridge are (years possibly) and I don’t know how old these sausages are (also possibly years) and I probably left them sitting in the microwave after defrosting too long from being distracted (2 hours) so there’s a good chance I may die from food poisoning tonight.

    This is why my wife shouldn’t leave me in charge at home for long stretches of time.

  • OK, I just had the best assignment idea, and I need a place to write it down, and this is the only place currently available (I stopped mid shower to write this down, plus I can get feedback).

    So the assignment is to create a swear word, a context and meaning, and an entire font for the word to be written in.

    5 years in the future when teenage girls rule the linguistic trends because they make at least 5 new words a month as is (see turnt, thot, fleek, etc).
    Must be bitchy. Must be something a teenage girl would say and use.

    Word (feel free to suggest alternatives, though think teenage girl):

    Meaning (feel free to suggest alternatives, though think teenage girl):
    A dirty hoe that no one would ever sleep with, not even if they were desperate.
    “you’re such a f*cking becc’a!”
    “look at her. What a becc’a
    “She’s a hoe, but she’s no becc’a

    Font idea:
    Font is made to look like it was hastily written in lipstick on a bathroom mirror to target a girl who is using a stall.

    • First thought: If it’s coined by kids, it’s gotta be easy to text. A word with internal punctuation is not easy to text.

      Second thought: have you ever been wronged by a girl called Rebecca?

      • Haha, no no, I was just thinking that teenage girls being the horrible people they are, would use another girls name as an insult, and thought that “Becc’a” sounded the most like a swear word was all 😛

    • A lot of newer swear words in Aussie culture already take from words that ‘sound’ like a swear word already, ie. thot, sloot, etc. We also like to shorten our words because we are lazy af 😉

      I’m going to go with my suggestion as ‘Slu’ (Prounced Sl-Ah), short for slut, An individual of socially reprehensible sexual behaviour.

    • Using a person’s name (even a bastardised version) as an insult is a bit too urban dictionary for my liking. Your soho for “social media whore” is more interesting but I’m curious if that fits the assignment? We have words like twatter for someone who’s a twat on twitter, or vaguebooker for people who post mysterious status updates for attention, but that’s more portmanteau-ing than creating. I like Soho, I think it’s original, but again, I wonder if it meets the criteria of your assignment.

      I feel like your assignment (not that I have any basis for this) is to create a word that feels like a swearword, so even without context if you saw it scrawled next to your name in the context of “Stewie is a _____” you would feel offended, even though you’ve never seen that word before.

      Does that make sense or have I overthought it?

      • Valid input, and I’ll definitely brainstorm more ideas and ask the lecturer, but from what I gathered the swear word just had to fit with the context you provide (mine being that it stems from teenage girls).
        Only early planning, but all input is welcome 🙂

    Chapter Four

    Best chapter yet.

    The prologue seemed to be a meaningless resolution to what ultimately ended up being a pointless cliffhanger, but it was so goddamned effective at grabbing me by the feelies and then just twisting them with every line of dialogue that I totally forgive it. Ended up being kind of foreshadowy anyway.

    I wasn’t especially surprised by the ending. I knew Mr Jefferson wasn’t all he seemed to be. This game should really be called Don’t Trust Adults.

    Seeing the Dark Room was terrifying.

    Will talk more tomorrow about choices, etc. @dc

    • So.

      I feel like DontNod have been following all my posts about this game in the last couple of weeks, and have just retroactively applied it to the game. I remember commenting that with the first Frank encounter in the junkyard in Ch 2, that Max’s power could have been used to find him and evade/ambush him.

      And now, with this Frank encounter, they’ve given me the chance to go back and radically change the outcome based on knowledge of what will happen. That whole scene was brilliant. The first time around, Chloe shot the dog and Frank, so I made her ditch the gun and asked Frank to close the door. This time around, Chloe stabbed him in the leg, but we got the information we wanted. Hmm…. I think I can do better. So I paid Frank off with the ‘disability fund’ money (damn, turns out that was a real thing) and sucked up to him and now we’re all besties looking for Rachel.

      Honoured Chloe’s wishes in the prologue. I never thought a game would ask me what I thought about euthanasia and put that belief into practice, but there you have it. But like I said last night, the whole thing seemed a little pointless. If Max’s ability to photo-travel doesn’t factor into the finale, it will have been one emotionally-exploitative story red herring. That said, it was extraordinarily good at exploiting those emotions.

      Every time I break into a room or a locker or get a password wrong or something, I always rewind time to erase any sign of my meddling. So far it doesn’t seem to have made a difference (except possibly when I found the surveillance equipment in David’s garage), but I hold out hope.

      Max in my game is a goddamned rock star. Everybody loves the hell out of her. She has literally no enemies except for Nathan. I let Warren pound him, BTW. Little fucker totally deserved it, especially given what I know now. And it’s good, I think, that he was actually rendered powerless for once. It probably won’t make him stop and think next time he feels the entitled asshole coming on… but it might.

      Max has let this fame thing go to her head though. She spent the entire chapter telling everyone how awesome they all were. That’s part of teenage life I never experienced when I was their age. Must be a girl thing.

      Can’t wait to see how this all ends. Roll on September.

    • Yeah, I absolutely loved this ep. Easily my favourite so far. I didn’t think the prologue was meaningless. It didn’t advance the story but it gave Max a terrifying reality check about her power that I thought resonated through the rest of the episode. (And the rest of the series, I’d wager.) From that moment on I’d hesitate every time I was going to rewind something. Had like a weight to it that wasn’t there to that extent before. But you’re right, that opening messed me up real bad. I felt like I wanted to leave and I couldn’t handle the gravity of the situation, but I also wanted to be a good friend. I think it put me in Max’s shoes brilliantly.
      I felt overwhelming joy seeing Chloe again in the proper timeline. Really well done.
      I loved the sense of momentum through the rest of the episode. Doing the leg work. It was great to see Kate again and I really didn’t expect we would to that extent. I can’t help but wonder what happened in that scene if Kate was dead. I thought the new locations in this game were brilliantly realized too. That beach in particular was just a thing of beauty and I enjoyed seeing all the outcomes of Frank and Chloe’s encounter.
      My choices:
      I didn’t honor Chloe’s wish in the opening. I felt like Max was going to fix this, even at the expense of William. Every encounter with William made me feel so damn guilty as well. XD
      The rewind after the meddling? That’s exactly what I do too! It did have an effect in the first episode when you covered your tracks after snooping through David’s files! Major one I fixed in this episode was undoing the damage to Nathan’s dorm room door!
      I managed to survive the encounter with Frank with no one getting hurt. They even seem like allies now which is weird, after the first version resulted in murder. 😛 YOU STOLE THE DISABILITY FUND?
      Still flirting with Warren every chance I get. Changed that message on his wall. I also stopped him from beating up Nathan, cause I felt like it could have bad repercussions for our pal.
      I also warned Victoria and she believed me!
      The whole Dark Room thing gave me The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo vibes!
      The only thing that annoyed me in this ep was making me confront Nathan and not letting me avoid it. There was another exit on the floor, for one. Why not let me use it? I rationalized it in my head that Max was gun shy with her power now, but felt a bit off.

      • Fun fact: I tried the non-euthanasia option afterwards just to see how different it was, and afterwards, Max just sat there and wouldn’t respond to any button presses. SO CLEARLY THAT WAS THE WRONG DECISION.

        It was always pretty clear that Max would be returning to her timeline. That whole opening part of the game made me sad. That family was doomed to heartache and misery, no matter what Max did. That’s some destiny right there.

        Man, that opening hit me hard. I wasn’t expecting it to be that intense at all. Had to put the controller down quite a few times and said “Fuck this game” out loud.

        Yes, I stole the disability fund. As Max says, there’s no way it was legit. Cash in a desk drawer? No way that’s a real thing. Don’t I feel like an asshole now! (though I think the writing needs to take some of the blame here)

        I fixed the door, too! I loved that Max commented on it as soon as I did that. Amazing detail. While we’re talking about detail, did you see the bottles at the party? Max’s comment: “No. More. Bottles.” BRILLIANT throwback to the shortcomings of earlier chapters. I might have fist-pumped.

        I am steadfastly rejecting Warren every chance I get. I thought about writing on the board to confuse him, but rewound it mainly because that CU.TE. joke was just awful.

        Nathan was MAD either way. I figured having the shit beaten out of him might make him less physically able in any final confrontation. Also, Warren feels ‘alpha’ now. Thanks, Warren.

          • Yeah, the sign said “postponed indefinitely” in mine. WHO PAYS CASH FOR THAT, THOUGH?

            I fixed Nathan’s door, too! I loved that Max commented on it as soon as I did that. Amazing detail. While we’re talking about detail, did you see the bottles at the party? Max’s comment: “No. More. Bottles.” BRILLIANT throwback to the shortcomings of earlier chapters. I might have fist-pumped.

          • I think almost certainly the money was a bribe, but yeah, Principal was actually putting it to use. I like the little recurring jokes too, like saving Alyssa. So fun. Oh man, that bottle thing I felt was the major misstep of the series, so like you said, good to acknowledge it. 😀 I really love how fleshed out Arcadia Bay feels now and you know where you are based on where you’ve been before. Loved the ominous new main menus after the episode with the impending storm!

            I love the small details too like Max’s diary being different in alternate timeline and a glimpse at who this Max is through the text messages. Nice touch!

          • Was really disconcerting that a day had passed when she went back to her own timeline though that she was a part of but had no memories of. That would keep me awake at night! 😛

          • I don’t think all that much time passed. Just a few hours. But yeah, enough to unnerve, for sure! Chloe made a joke about Max “getting one kiss and then being all over her” when Max returned to the present. I love all the little impacts of Max’s decisions – gives it real authenticity.

          • Oh that’s awesome! Chloe was all like: “You didn’t kiss me before, why you all over me now?” Great little touches of detail!

          • Haha! I wasn’t sure after the reaction of the first episode, but I feel like even with that we ended up on the same wave length eventually. <3 <3 <3

          • @dc To be fair, the dialogue was awful in the first episode, and that was my primary critique of it. Every episode since then has improved the quality of the dialogue insanely.

            While we’re on it, the “I don’t like the word ‘hella'” moment in the alternate reality was my first clue that things were going to be hurting my feels. How could they change my disdain for that word into an emotional response to its absence? THE MONSTERS.

          • Oh yeah! What a moment! :'(
            I still think the creepy grounds keeper guy isn’t written particularly well, but otherwise the writing has been pretty good. 🙂

      • You’d have to be a special kind of monster not to warn Victoria. In some ways, I can’t believe that’s even an option in the game. She believed me too, by the way… because of a choice I’d made in Chapter One. The five-day timeframe was a risky design move for them, because it introduces variables that would fade into obsolescence with a longer timeframe, but I think they’ve done a great job of making the characters remember everything that’s happened.

    • Tagging you here @sughly, in case you want to ramble about the episode with pals after you’re done! Don’t look before hand! 🙂

      • Haha, I finally got around to playing it! I think I am less enthusiastic about it than you guys after having a quick read though.

        I’m glad the time jump was temporary, really wasnt a fan. Like Ive said before, its spent all this time developing characters in a particular way, its just losing all that development. But even being temporary it weirdly did enough to take the momentum away for me, which is why it took me so long to play. But, a lot of this chapter is just reacting to warlier choices, and because I’ve so meticulously been the good guy everything was just praise for me. It felt kind of shallow, like it was a chapter about how great Max is and how great Max thinks everyone else is too. I kind of disagree about the writing, I feel like it’s gotten more obvious and melodramatic, I mean stuff like Frank suddenly being all ‘yeah I believe in you guys!’ is so out of place. Really dont think this was the best chapter at all, Kate’s near suicide and the events leading up to is probably that for me still.

    • Oh where was this blue jay the game said I killed? I didn’t see it at all! This is the second time I’ve killed a bird by not observing properly! XD AND A PLANT!

      • You really didn’t see it? In mine, as soon as Max walked out of the room, it flew past her head and she said “Oh! That bird is still trapped in here!” Must have been something different in yours because Max has a blatant disregard for aviary lifeforms.

        • Oh, I rescued the bird before I changed the timeline? Maybe it wasn’t in mine! Definitely didn’t hear that dialogue, though. :S I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed that, but I’ll replay to see. Maybe I was too busy processing my feels. 😛 Oh wait! If the first bird was dead, it was probably that one again.

          • From memory (which is quite likely wrong and clouded by manly emotion) I think it was as soon as Max returned to the ‘real’ present and left Chloe’s room. It flew past her head and into the bathroom, and then I had to scare it out the window.

            Re: your edit
            Oh yep, that could be true.

    • It was clear why the game was delayed too. Longest episode so far and lots of new environments. I’d say that’s worth waiting a week for! 🙂

      • I work in an area where we aim to release a publication about every three months. One of the most common responses we send out to stakeholders is that “Our report has no set release date. We aim to publish around every three months.”

        My point, I suppose, is that I don’t consider this chapter’s release to have been delayed because it didn’t have a firm date to begin with!

        Either way, though, agreed: totally worth the wait.

      • @dc, we haven’t even talked about Chloe being shot in the head by the photography teacher!

        I feel like the whole point of the euthanasia scene at the start of the chapter was emotional preparatory work for this moment (I’m assuming of course, the same thing happened in yours).

        • Same thing happened in mine! Oh man, that moment didn’t register at first. Took a couple of seconds to sink in. The game’s been sort of Final Destination-y with Chloe. She just keeps on dying. The train tracks, the bathroom, the alternate universe. I really hope there’s a way to save her. That reveal of Mr. Jefferson instantly made me remember the rumours from the first episode that he was sleeping with Rachel Amber too.

          • Sadly, I think this one will probably stick.


            I think I know why they introduced the photo-to-the-past mechanic in Ch 3!

            Maybe Max will be given a choice to go back into a photo and revive Chloe, though risk tearing the fabric of the universe asunder (or sacrificing someone else) in the process. Or maybe she’ll go into one of the early Dark Room photos and save Rachel. So many possibilities!

          • Yeah, I thought about the possibility of ‘undoing’ the entire game too. It would be conflicting, because none of this would have happened… but it would need to have happened for it to not happen. *head explodes* You think the two moons and eclipse were a result of two universes colliding? (If NASA in our world can’t explain the eclipse, maybe NASA in another world could have. :P) Bring on September!

            I did read that season two would be an entirely new story with an entirely new cast, so finale could diverge in lots of interesting ways without having to refocus for season two!

          • Can’t wait to find out!

            I forgot about David, too! He seems to be pretty on top of what seems to be happening around here! Oh man, my Max has treated him so badly. I’m gonna feel so guilty if he turns out to be a Snape.

          • My Max has kind of been going easy on him for Joyce’s sake and I feel like that’s paid off a little. He’s not openly hostile to me any more and vice versa. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of stopping Rachel from being murdered and meeting characters at different times in their lives. Seeing Rachel and Chloe interact. Whatever they want to do, though, I’m on board! 🙂 I am psyched to see the storm as well!

        • I wonder what would have happened if Chloe didn’t have a gun! I think there’s probably a path through the game where she wouldn’t have one at this stage.

          My impression is that she was shot because she raised the weapon.

          Even though she probably would’ve been shot anyway, I really love how this game presents the (probable) illusion of multiple pathways! It’s, IMO, much better at it than Telltale.

          • Yeah, maybe Frank would have given it back to you when you became allies?

            Definitely way more Quantic Dream-like than Telltale. I know it’s a big call, but for me this is personally my favourite episodic game. Feels less manipulative than The Walking Dead too. 😛

          • But that’s not a foregone conclusion either.

            If Frank takes her gun in Episode 2, and then Chloe stabs him in Episode 4 to prevent an alliance, and then we pull Warren off Nathan so she can’t grab his gun, she’d probably be unarmed in the Ch 4 finale (unless she retrieves the gun from Frank either way in Ch 4).

          • Yeah, it’s pretty intriguing and I almost don’t even want to know alternate outcomes. I love the idea that this is my story and it’s different from everyone elses even if it’s an illusion. 😀

          • Oh, me neither. If this is a branching choice, I’ll own it. I just love that it creates the potential for ‘what-if’ discussions, because the points of divergence aren’t always clear. *makes notes furiously for game design*

          • @shane: The game has done an amazing job of using the ensemble too. I feel like I’ve known these characters for months now. (When in reality the game has spanned just under a week!)

    • I invented a fun new game. Click on the spoiler tag, scroll before any spoilery words pop out at you.
      I know, I like to live life on the edge.

    • I was wondering what larger effect the ‘prologue’ would have on the rest of the episode. I thought it might be ultimately to show Max that what she thought was a good decision at the time could come home to roost in the most horrible of ways. Also to foreshadow a decision she might have to make in Episode 5 about saving Chloe or not from Mr Jefferson.

      I don’t think she’ll be able to go back into photographs that she herself isn’t in, because otherwise she could go and save Rachel and Kate, for example, but the photo that Warren took with her came off as just a little too clumsily written into the story for it to be anything other than an opportunity for her to go back and save Chloe. I’m thinking that she’ll be rescued by either David or Warren, but it’s a possibility that it could be a ‘group’ rescue made, with all the people at the Vortex party that Max was nice to helping out in some way (that would be cool).

      The Square servers were down when I finished the episode so I don’t know the percentages for choices, but my choices were:

      1. Put Chloe to sleep;
      2. Convince Frank nicely (I kind of regret giving him the cash though);
      3. Nathan gets beaten very badly;
      4. Warn Victoria (this has got to be relevant somehow… but how!?)

  • So I’ve got a weeks holiday coming up. Where do I go?
    Melbourne or Adelaide ? (Perth and Darwin were too expensive)

  • Hoi, chummer. Shadowrun Hong Kong and Satellite Reign both due late August.

    *cyberpunk dance*

    EDIT: Cute. autocorrect thinks ‘Hoi’ is a spelling mistake.

    • I think I own like four copies of Shadowrun HK thanks to having way too much disposable income when the KS happened…

      Still haven’t finished Shadowrun Returns, or opened Dragonfall…

      • Finished SRR twice, but still have yet to do Dragonfall. SRR was fantastic, with some minor quibbles, and apparently Dragonfall was even better. Need to pull my finger out and play it through.

        • Yeah, I totally screwed up my character, so I’m thinking I should restart and go for some min/maxing.

          If you can’t take out an entire army by yourself you’re not running properly.
          Also if your entire squad isn’t losing to a single average enemy. That’s an integral part.

          • My Shadowrun group failed to kill a dude who was the cyberpunk equivalent of a rat once. We made up for it by killing a troll later, but it was wonderfully pathetic.

            (Side note: Last night in Total War was really boring, so I’m sad. I fought one army(THE FRENCH!), won one sea battle, and now I just have a Spanish army sitting outside Paris, watching, waiting. Not enough for me to spin into a story of my ineptitude, which is immeasurably disappointing.)

          • Don’t min/max, make what you want. With the NPCs available you can get a working party easy as.

          • You could try making a guy who basically shouts “Yay, I’m the hero!” at the end of every fight. So essentially, a Decker or Sniper 😛

          • In SR:R I went with a melee / whatever those melee Magic abilities are called character

            In SR:D I went a long range rifle using decker (or whatever the one that can hack is called).

            In both games I never had too much trouble with fights.

          • I played as an Elf Street Samurai focusing on pistols and defence. Midway through the game I essentially became an agent from The Matrix.

      • I had no disposable income for the KS, and was really tempted by all the different optional stuff. Nearly went with the bag despite knowing the quality probably won’t be great.

        • Yeah I eyed off that bag (and the KS) for a while too, but came to the same conclusion. Also kinda broke at the time. Just ended up buying SR:HK when it popped up on Steam.

      • I managed to play a little bit of SSR in the last week. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and then get onto the copy of Dragonfall that the ever dreamy @freezespreston gave me

    • I became a massive fan of Shadowrun with Returns. I still think the best aspect of the universe is the slang. So damned good!

  • Pow! Pants! Housewarming!

    Who: You
    What: House. Warming.
    When: This Saturday 1st August, starting at 2pm and going until we get sick of you.
    Where: Our flat (Twitter DM/email me or Pants if you need to know the address)
    Why: Why not!

    Just gonna be some time to play some vidja and possibly board games. Snacks! Drinks! Other!

    Want to stay overnight? You’re welcome to! Just let us know ahead of time. I’ve got a couple of blow-up beds and there’s plenty of lounge space (seriously we have way too many lounges).

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batguy @cakesmith @cj @cookingmama @dkzeitgeist @doc_what @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @mrtaco @novacascade @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty @blaghman @freezespreston

  • I can’t remember the last time I dreamt about being a ninja turtle but apparently this morning was ripe for a throwback.
    NFI why on earth that would even be, haven’t had any reason to even think of them in ages. Stupid retardo brain.

  • @redartifice I got my hands on the Cypher System Rulebook last night and it’s basically taking a whole bunch of stuff and lessons from Numenera and The Strange. There are four main character types now: Warrior, Adept, Explorer, and Talker? (can’t remember the exact name of the last one). So basically you have standard fighter, mage, rogue but now there is a bard mixed in as well.

    Generic cypher generation, regardless of setting, works pretty well and they have some good things to help facilitate the game. For instance, currency is now completely generalised into different tiers of wealth rather than counting individual dollars or shins which, considering that the CSR has to cater to a whole range of different settings, makes sense. There is also basically a master list of all of the better descriptors and foci that they’ve changed to be mostly setting agnostic so that’s pretty cool.

    Is it worth it? I haven’t gotten the physical book yet (crosses fingers for soon) but it does retread a lot of stuff that’s already been published by MCG so your kilometerage may vary. I didn’t shell out for the leather-bound super fancy edition because that was very expensive.

    • Sounds cool, but I haven’t picked it up. I think it’d be a pretty easy hack to put into other settings, but it’s the setting that inspired me for Numenera.

      I still have the dl link for Worlds Numberless and Strange sitting on my email, must have a look at that.

      • I agree that the settings for both Numenera and Strange are pretty darn cool but I understand the appeal in having a dedicated high fantasy or other setting Cypher game. Plus having a bunch of the foci and descriptors all in one place is pretty nice as well as bringing in the talky type rather than trying to house rule the Spinner from the Strange.

        • Oh, I think it’s work well as a system for running lots of games, I just tend to respond to fluff over crunch.

          • I’m in a mixed boat myself. I appreciate crunch and fluff in equal measure and the buy-in to the setting for Numenera or The Strange is no worse than the buy-in for stuff like Shadowrun.

  • So the Dragon Quest games are like Final Fantasy games as in they’re unrelated right? Always wanted to play them but never got around to it. So I can just grab XI and start there with no problems?