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    You know what would be really cool? Like a home I.T, A.V consultant whom you engage to give you advice and set up something Technologically related.

    I can't count the amount of times I wish someone could explain to me why my do speed test tells me it's 15mb/s down but then only downloads at 1.8ms on Steam or how to set up a laptop to work with an extra monitor screen. I would pay people money for this knowledge an expertise.

    Like a home entertainment consultant...

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      Monitor thing is pretty easy! Just plug second monitor into HDMI port, right click on desk top and go to screen resolution. Then just extend to both displays and choose which is screen one and which is screen two! And then dance, friend! DAAAANCE!

        Or, on most laptops, Fn + f5 or F6. Whichever laptop button has the pic of two screens

      Most speed tests give you your line speed (theoretical maximum basically) not actual download speed.
      Try ozbroadband speed test, gives you both.

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        I think that was what I was looking at though :S Could It be I'm trying to download stuff when everyone else is, or that maybe I've gone over my cap limit? (I'm house sitting for someone at the moment so I'm not clear on how to check lol).

          'shrugs' I'm no professional.

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      With that specific example, you're actually looking at two different units of measurement. The speed your connection is synced at is in Megabits per second, whereas Steam measures in Megabytes per second.
      There's 8 bits in a byte, but for a layman's estimate of download speed, divide your sync speed by a nice simple 10, i.e. on 15mb/s you should be downloading via Steam at around 1.5MB/s

      Not sure about Australia, but the service you're describing sounds kind of like Geek Squad.

        Ahhh how stupid I am, thank you!

          Not stupid, just unaware. The difference is that asking questions fixes awareness :P

      It'll be 15Mb/s rather than 15MB/s, sounds like the same thing but the small b means bits rather than bytes so it's 1/8th the speed seems. There's also limits on the speed at every link along the route and you've probably got at least 3-5 between you & the download server and that's assuming you're downloading from a local mirror rather than the main US one.

        That makes much more sense now, cheers!!

          Hehe so about paying for this knowledge...

            Oh, you want to be paid now huh? That sounds like a reasonable thing to expect, you know I really appreciate your hel-
            *Jumps through window*

      This is why have a kid/grandkid/nephew/niece. Then you get that sort of help for free :|

        I have a 10 year old Cousin who showed me how to play Minecraft with guns two weeks ago lol.

    One second coat and one first coat done. Not sure if it is tiring work or it's just shitty sleep killing me.

    Looks like it might need three or possibly even four coats though. Bleh.

      That's always the way. I'll only need this many layers. And then times it by 3.

        Wanna do the next couple for me?

        Thanks you're the best.

          If you do my sequins!

            Ok deal.

            *has no idea what he's signing up for*

    In an effort to wage war with the renovators downstairs I broke out the baking goods and made cookies.

    I ate too many cookies. Please bury me at Makeout Creek.

    I went to target today to go and get a cover plate. I was after a few different ones and most stores don't sell them anymore. Target had quite a few and not only that, they had the Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby one I wanted.
    Anyway, they were locked up, for whatever reason. While I was looking, I could hear a woman getting frustrated and saying "Come on" and tutting. She was pacing the music counter the entire time I was trying to figure out what plates they had (they were locked up so I could only see a few).
    The worker returned and explained that she couldn't find any PS4's in the 1 TB that she was after. She immediately burst out "This is ridiculous! I TOLD the girl on Monday to HOLD me a PS4!" The worker said that she knew but as she wasn't working that day, there wasn't really anything she could do personally. The woman began to say how the girl that served her was a small, skinny Chinese lady but the worker responded that without a name, there wasn't really anything that could be done.
    The woman demanded that she ring every store to check to see if they had them. The worker said that she'd try online, but unfortunately they were sold out everywhere.
    The woman asked about the next deal up and the worker replied that they had plenty out the back. To which the woman demanded "I will pay that price there, but I want the 4 games for free!" The worker tried to explain that she was in no position to authorise that and the woman cut her off with the "Well, get the manager then!"
    I was waiting for the worker to finish with the angry lady and decided to check out what the games were. God of war, the crew, LBP3 and a $22 quickflix gift card. I couldn't believe this woman was making such a fuss over games that wouldn't really be that hard to get. I could understand her frustration, but I couldn't really understand her taking it out on the worker when it wasn't her fault.
    The woman then told the woman to serve me while she waited for the manager. When the worker came over I was polite, nice and told her that I was sorry that she was being treated as she was. The worker was appreciative and I think relived as the manager came up to deal with the problem.
    I said, "I hope the rest of your day is better." And she seemed pretty glad that I wasn't going to yell at her too.

    I seriously don't understand the anger. I mean, if she's that deperate for a ps4, why not see what deals all the shops have got? Why not compromise? I did that when I couldn't get what I want. Hell I put a game on layby and when I went to pick it up, another worker had sold it. I just got my money back and bought it elsewhere. Sure I was disappointed, but they're people and people make mistakes why is it so hard for customers to understand?

    On a completely different note, I am very happy with my cover plate =D

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      People literally go nutso for bargains.

      Entitled humans... next thing we're going to see are people taking helicopters needlessly and thinking someone else should pay for the expenses instead of them.

        No no, it's okay. She said she is sorry so everything is fine now.

          Would it be racist to boo her anyway?

          Oh, well that's ok then. As long as she's sorry, I'm sure she and all the other expense rorting walking cock sockets that fill parliament house have all learned a very valuable lesson from this.

          Oh of course, some say sorry immediately, some say sorry after 3 weeks and only after they got caught by the media...
          It seems as long as you're a liberal-sided individual you're allowed to get away with what you don't get caught doing with taxpayers money, so they can quietly get back to saying how they're trying to stop needless spending

            Yeah, they're trying to stop everyone else's needless spending. Not their own.

            Her next act involves removing every labor mp from the next question time so joe hockey can discuss how amazing at money he is

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      Just what I was loading up to post about. RPS has a tiny bit of info:

      The best turn-based mech game I've played is still Front Mission on the SNES. Keen as hell to finally get another brilliant one.

      I don't always retweet Kickstarter campaigns... but when I do, it's for a Battletech game with a Mercenaries focus.

      Their ideas are intriguing to me and I would like to subscribe to their newsletter.

    Man I am on top of my splats game tonight. Sniping like crazy.

    Feels good to be back :P

    So, it's 3am and I can't sleep. :\

      I was up then as well! I woke up eating chocolate lol.

        @saturday 's chocolate?

          The box that was returned to me that I sent to him last month?... Yes. *kicks wrappers under table*

            ...what were the contents of your first box

              They are a little different from the second, there were far more different types of Tim Tams and some of the Cadbury Marvellous Popping Candy chocolates best flavours in there which they have stopped selling recently.

    This week on Pow Are Stupid!

    Ever since getting my brand spanking new PC last year I've been mildly disappointed that it isn't as spectacularly "wow, master race!" as I was expecting. I figured that maybe my expectations were just too high.

    Turns out all along I had my monitor plugged directly into the motherboard and not into the fancy graphics card that actually does all the work.

    Now am like wow master race.

      Glasses HAVE made you smarter! Just as the prophecies foretold! :D

        All they've accomplished is making me dizzy!

          That's what super genius feels like, Pow! *nods* :P

      *Walks in wearing a robe with the Steam icon on the chest*
      Oh my dear Powalen, soon you will witness the ancient art of 60 frames per second and the martial arts of keyboard and mouse. Do you require a bath young Powalen? I still see some of the console dirt on your face and hands...
      Okay I'll stop now :P

      When I saw that you were having performance issues in DBXV I was going to start asking questions, but I got distracted and forgot...

      Yep, that'll do it :P

        It all seems so obvious now :P

          See, if you said "It's all so clear now" I could have made a glasses/crappy graphics joke.

            I saw that coming.

            EDIT: Well I thought this was funny :P

            Last edited 30/07/15 11:24 am

            Make it anyway, of he hasn't put them on yet he won't be able to read it to tell what you said.


    Just... Why... what is wrong with parents?

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      Points at Frank Zappa's choices for names for his childeren

        See, say Moon Unit to people and they'll look at her weird then write it down. This poor girl is going to be sighing and spelling her name out to people for the rest of her life.

          If I had to guess, I'd say the Kh was enticing because of the resemblance to Khaleesi.


            There is a decent chance my son will know a girl called Khaleesi when he starts school next year.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with the name Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa

      They need their child to be unique, no matter the cost.

        Remember the good ol days when you could just brand your kids?

        *picks up phone* mhm mhm; wait those weren't the good ol days? we don't do that anymore? They were cows not kids? *hangs up*

        Well this is just awkward.

      That's far from the worst I've seen. At least it's just a dyslexic spelling of an actual name.

      I came to that conclusion recently, I've reached the age that I'm employing people from that era. Where their parents needed to give them a unique name.
      Current we have an Aimee and a Lyzee
      It's funny hearing them complain about how people pronounce there name, I have to stop myself from yelling at them, they say it like that because that is what you god damn name is.
      Lyz != Liz

        Aimee is a legit one though, just the French spelling of the name I think. I've come across a couple of them recently, not too much younger than I am.

          Aimee I don't mind, at least it has the same spelling as the way it should be pronounced
          But I still put that in the "I need to be different" camp
          Which I would never be part of *Ignores the potential baby name list *

    My recall ends today, so tonight I get over my anxiety and start League of Legends ranked, pray for me :P

      Should we spend the day screaming abuse at you to prepare you?

        I can't mute you though so... no thanks I'll be fine :P

          You can't mute us because you're terrible at that thing that people who play LoL are frequently terrible at.

            I question your ability to play as an effective team member!

              Get good, relative to the average skill level of the current game in progress.

                I am not good at smack talk.

                  Your mother is a classy lady!
                  ...Wait did I do that right?

                  Hearty chuckle, you are obviously new at this game as your lack of experience makes you less skilled than I.


          If you'd just learn to play and stop being such an awful noob then you wouldn't need to mute anyone.


      Did you get much done?

        I've done all the cuts and folds, just haven't started gluing yet, I can spend some time tonight and Friday doing that.

          I need to sew up the shoes and the pouches.

      Just in time for Int0 :D
      By the way did you see that email I sent you last week?


    We live in an age of there being an app for that. What are you still surprised there's not an app for?

    Wow. Streaming Dark Souls II from the XBOX One to Windows 10 actually seems playable. I would have figured any latency from streaming at all would kill it. If only the HDMI in worked this well.

    @scree's replacement THURSDAY TAYDRENALIN SHOT

    If time, budget, and biology were no issue, who would you cosplay as?

      I actually had to think about this and I came up with Varia suit Samus. Samus is not really something I could do easily because of the need to pee. I would love to do one with all her armour, lights and stuff, but it's just not possible due to my tiny bladder. =P

        This has been a long-standing dream project for me also.

        Though I have superior bladder skills so I would be fine :P

          Then what's stopping you?

            Time, effort, motivation, other things. You know, the usual :P

              Oh so you have the ability, just nothing else =P

      A fully motorised Pulsefire Ezreal final level, his backpack would fully open and close, his cannon arm wound be fully animated and his visor fully fitted out. Also speakers to speak out the lines of his suit's AI, Pearl.

        I'm sorry! /o\

          You would probably hate me as that one is fully covered in armour, it'd be really hard to get on and off for things like bathroom breaks.

            Well, i would have the same issue as Varia suit samus =P

            Just put hinges where the important parts are

        You should do that anyway.

          True story, I've wanted to do that cosplay ever since I went to my first AVCon.

        If you do do it, you should get a little prince figurine that fits in your hand

          At the time I first started thinking about it I had a hand-knitted katamari that was palm sized. Lost it somewhere over the years / house moves / etc. Wish I still had it.

            Aw, that sucks. It would just be the cherry on top.

              Well seeing as time, cost, and skill are significant factors in me ever doing the cosplay in the first place I'm not too cut up about it. :P

              Last edited 30/07/15 3:10 pm

                For sewing, this is a great book
                Red leggings, a yellow sash, a ruffle and the top. The leggings you can buy, the rest can be made.
                The head...Whatever material you'd prefer.

                  Yeah, but I'd want the head "pillow" to have matching fabric. Authenticity and whatnot.

                  Also I failed home-ec big time. I just couldn't get the hang of anything related to a sewing machine. Kitchen I did great. Sewing... not so great. Since I'm still ok in the kitchen I don't see that my lack of skill with understanding sewing will have changed either.

                The headpiece doesn't appear to be fabric to me. Too shiny. Too solid.

                Last edited 30/07/15 3:56 pm

                  The way I had it in my head was a cylindrical piece of cushioning material or something (I'm not explaining it well) wrapped in a fabric and with a hole cut through for the head to fit through. Mainly because any alternative I could think of would be uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time.

                  Wait. I'm not going to do this anyway, why am I letting you talk me in to ideas? :O

                Nah, I'd say it's solid as it doesn't move when he talks. You could use a wide piece of PVC pipe as it's stiff and lightweight.

                  I'd thought about PVC actually, just figured it'd be too difficult to work with and would get uncomfortable after a day of having it stuck on top of your shoulders.

            PVC pipe is actually quite easy to work with. A simple hacksaw will do it. As for the comfort, you'd want it to be removable, just for things like toilet and eating. Also, you can stuff the inside around where your head would be so it's not too hard on your head.

            Last edited 31/07/15 8:33 am

              That link's just reinforcing my whole "if time and skill weren't a factor" thing. :P

              (But I bookmarked it)

              Last edited 31/07/15 8:36 am

                Good luck! I hope you can get it done at some point.

      Franky from One Piece, but only if I could do the crying right and somehow fit a fridge in my stomach.

      Lee Loo from The Fifth Element, or Effie from The Hunger Games. One is super cool, the other has the best costumes.

    On the topic of Mass Effect 3:

    I've only just finished the Priority Tuchanka mission where you must release the genophage cure. Or not. Damn, the choices you must make in these games really play on my mind. I tend to be more of a Paragon than Renegade and so my first first run ended with me revealing to Mordin the sabotage and allowing him to go up and sacrifice himself. I gain war assets in Krogan but not Salarians with this choice.

    Then I read a bit more about that scenario and discovered that it is possible to persuade Mordin to not go up thus gaining both races as war assets plus Mordin. So I went back an hour via a previous save and tried to adjust the outcome. That time trigger-happy me killed poor Mordin after I revealed the sabotage but couldn't persuade him. I loved the way Shepard reacts and tosses the weapon afterwards. So dramatic.

    Now I have both races as war assets but no Mordin. I'm tempted still to go back and maybe try to delay him (Renegade option) and see if I can yet pull another outcome. But wow, this game. Never before have I gone back and replayed certain levels in other games before - usually I'm chugging to get to the finish line.

    Last edited 30/07/15 11:47 am

      On the topic of Mass Effect 3, I miss playing the multiplayer

      For all my issues with the games story, they do a great job of making the entire game an ending and getting the decisions to feel important. Galaxy at War is something I'd normally ignore, it's a number that as long as it's above a certain point is fine, but the way it's all structured made me treat it like it mattered. It wasn't +6 assets vs +12, it was a meaningful resolution vs a practical resolution. It really blurred the line on Paragon/Renegade choices by making you consider good/bad in the big picture sense rather than the personal 'do I want more blue or more red?' sense.

        See this is where I actually disagree. Boiling it all down to numbers actually took away any feeling that I had a choice. Especially since you need to basically go all the way renegade or paragon to get a full choice of endings. It meant that I couldn't actually roleplay it and so I haven't been back to it for a second playthrough after doing a Paragon run. Doing it Renegade would have required screwing over a bunch of characters I liked and generally acting like a massive asshole, which I never felt was the personality my Renegade Shepard had built up in the previous two games. Choosing to actually role-play the choices means being sub-optimal and locking out possibilities, and that sucks.

        It's why I say that companies like CD Projekt and Obsidian are vastly better RPG writers than Bioware. They encourage shades of grey, rather than the min/max black & white approach of Bioware's stuff.

          I agree with a lot of that in theory, but there was something in the execution that made me look past any faults. The mechanical side was sort of obscured. It was totally in character whenever it came up so I never focused on the number itself. I think a big part of it was that they threw an overwhelming amount of factors at us. You have the choice between the right thing, the practical thing, the long term consequences, the short term benefits, Shep's interests, the Alliance's interests, the galaxy's interests. Galaxy at War was simple but combined with everything else going on and the significance of knowing the end of the trilogy meant it was the deadline for everything I think it really worked.
          That complexity is annoying when you're trying to min-max, but I think it's really good for making the player tell their own story and make their own decisions. I normally go Paragon for my main runs but in Mass Effect 3 I felt like it finally pushed me out of that. It wasn't just about hitting all the blue prompts it was about making decisions.
          From a roleplaying perspective I figured it would help add depth. I mean you're trying to save the galaxy and the asset stat, while simple, gives you a good way of tracking one of your characters primary motivations. It provides your character a reason to actually consider choosing an asset over a friend. It makes it more serious when you throw away a chance at a good asset in order to do what your character thinks is right.

          In the previous games I felt too much freedom to do what I want without consequence. Paragon every time. The worst it cost me is some reward I didn't really need anyway. In ME3 I felt like it was saying 'you can do what you want, but it might cost you some assets, and if you don't get enough assets that may cost you the ending you want'. Of course on my second playthrough it was much clearer that I could just get my Galactic Readiness up to 100%, do the DLC, and get the best asset rating without even trying.

    There is literally no work for me to do today! I've emptied the ticket queue, waiting on other departments for my projects and everything works... Time for some job hunting on company time! \o/

      I just went from that to "We need someone who is at minimum better than 'totally incompetent' to help catch level 1 up. Can you pitch in?" so now I have literally over 500 calls to sift through and resolve or delegate. Wanna help?

        How to help level 1:

        Step 1: Escalate to level 2

          *looks at level 2 queue*
          *escalates to level 3*

            And then the line continues...

            *Level 3 looks at queue*
            "Who dumped all this shit in here!?"
            *Escalates to dev*

            *Looks at Dev queue....ignores*
            6 months later...
            "Will not fix"

            EDIT: This shit got way to real quickly...

            Last edited 30/07/15 2:31 pm

      You need puppy pics.
      Also, we have a few new dogs at the dog park. Cassie, Titan, harvey and Blue. Harvey is like a Scottish terrier cross everything. So weird.
      Blue is a long haired border collie that will only play with the knobbly ball.
      Cassie is lovely, but she will kiss you any chance she gets.
      Titan constantly has the ball in his gob and makes the most hilarious noises.

    Hey who wants to break open my skull with a sledge hammer? It would be a hell of a lot less painful than the migraine I am dealing with currently

      Are you saying it's time for us to crack each others' heads open and...feast on the goo inside?

    Ooh, The Order 1886 finally dropped to a price I was willing to pay ($36) so decided to grab it.

    Also picked up FF Type 0 for $40 while I was at it. Still comes with the XV demo too. Preorder only my ass.

      I don't think it was ever pre-order exlusive. It's printed right on the game's cover that it includes the demo, which is why I was able to get my refund when the code didn't work.

          'Day 1' i.e. first production run editions have it. Digital copies had to be preordered or bought within the first month to get it.

          pre-ordered and day one copies
          I guess that means there's still a whole bunch of first editions here.

      I have the Order sitting on top of my PS4 still untouched (got it with the console).

      Perhaps we should finally institute the TAY games club.

    This morning I was sitting in my favourite chair in the corner of the loungeroom, leisurely finishing off my breakfast and watching Masterchef (I'm three weeks behind, if somebody mentions who won they'll find out why I'm secreting away knives in Pants' TAY soap opera!) when my chair started vibrating. Couldn't figure out was going on and decided that my crazy old lady brain must have imagined it.
    A few minutes ago, one of my Instagram friends asked if I was okay after the Brisbane earthquake.
    Yay, I'm not completely senile yet! :P

      This morning I was sitting in my favourite chair in the corner of the loungeroom, leisurely finishing off my breakfast and watching Masterchef

      Just how old are you exactly? :P

      Where are you up to?
      Mrs Tigs is behind as well, but she can't watch it unless I'm home so that I can queue it up for her so she doesn't get spoilers from the other episode pictures.
      We have about a week left to watch

        I just watched the Darren Purchese pretty flowers episode (the one where Ashleigh went home. I'm glad she went home, because she irked me by styling herself as a dessert queen, while having such a huge lack of knowledge of the basic elements of things. It's good she got a job after the show was done, because now she can fill in her knowledge gaps and live up to her potential.

        I have the Tenplay site open in a tab, with the page scrolled down to where I'm up to, so the preview pics don't spoil me.

          I didn't think she was too much thinking she was a dessert queen. Certainly thought she was stronger on dessert. In a way it was probably good for her to go home, I think she would have imploded horribly as the pressure ramped up down the track.

    Ordered a new laptop to replace my broken ass old Macbook Pro. MSI GS60 Ghost. I was originally going to wait and buy in the US, but I did the sums and the equivalent in the US was going to end up being within about $350 AUD of the local AU price, and factoring out GST (which I will be able to claim back as I will be leaving the country within 60 days) it's more like about $150 difference which isn't worth waiting for.

    Excited to finally have a laptop that won't switch off and hard reboot the instant I bump the power cord. Also one that I can actually do things with. Probably will be my primary gaming system for a few months when I move.

      How much was it putright? Im looking at getting a new laptop or PC

        $2599 AUD.

        I would recommend holding off installing Win10 on it for a week or two though. Complete shitshow. No drivers on their site for half the stuff.

        Also amusingly, it comes with a drivers disc. And no optical drive.

    Someone in my office has the Legend of Zelda Windmill Song as their ring tone, I need to find this person immediately and become best friends with them.

      I once worked with someone that used the fanfare that plays when you get an item from a chest as their message notification. It was pretty cool.

      However another unrelated person I briefly worked with had the fucking navi 'Hey' sound and got texts all the fucking time, like 1-2 a minute. That guy sucked.