Where Star Wars Meets Diablo

Here’s our first look at the gameplay of Star Wars: Uprising, the upcoming Diablo-inspired mobile game from Kabam with great concept art and not a damn trading card in sight.

Set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Uprising gives players the opportunity to create any sort of Star Wars character they’d like, dress them up in spiffy duds and pit them against the Empire in real-time co-op multiplayer. Players around the world will participate is massive battles to determine the direction of future content, from storylines to new equipment and support characters.

It sounds pretty amazing, actually. It is Kabam and Disney however, so there’ll certainly be plenty of ways to buy your way into force mastery.

Interested parties can sign up at the game’s official website for special items and such when the game goes live later this year.


  • Um.. that looks like a worse version of D2. I think I’ll wait till I see more before I think of buying it

  • I was interested right up until “mobile game”.
    Then I watched the trailer, and my interest is now in the negative.

  • concept sounds good – though I would prefer to be a stormtrooper.
    Video doesnt convince me the gameplay will match the concept..

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