Bloodborne Is A Beautiful Video Game

I love in-game photography. I'm guilty of skipping over the glorious amount of detail put into video games, so it's a chance to look back and marvel at what I missed.

With Bloodborne, it turns out I missed a lot.

Take that lead image for example. I did notice those weird looking corpses strewn throughout the Witches of Hemwick area, but the density of it. The overbearing, gross, sinister nature of that visual storytelling. You don't really think about it or parse it. You're too busy trying to survive. But I'm looking at this image now. I wondering: why are they slung up like that? How did they get them up there. It's just such a barbaric, (apologies in advance) visceral image.

And you could go into that level of detail about everything in these photos: the colour of the moon below, the orange contrasted with the purple of the clouds. It's just such an interesting choice from a visual standpoint. There's a reason why From Software games are dripping in atmosphere and I think it's to do with the originality and thought placed into every aspect of its visual design. The world never looks generic and subverts tropes as opposed to playing to them.

I guess I just appreciate the density and depth of Bloodborne's environment and photos like this do a fantastic job of highlighting that.

You can check out all the photos here


    There are a number of games that are probably technically superior to Bloodborne in terms of graphics. In terms of art style and atmosphere, barely any games come close.

      Definitely one of the best, if not the best, at generating atmosphere. Bloodbourne just oozes it. Nothing quite like leaving the chapel and seeing that cthun like amygdala hanging off it for the first time.

      Man no kidding. I only finished it about a month ago and looking at these pics makes me want to play through again and soak it all up now that I presumably won't be panicking about dying quite so much. After completing Bloodborne I went on to play Demon's Souls which is the only Soulsborne game I had never played - finished it this morning - and I must say that's also very atmospheric in a different way, dark and grungy, almost tangibly hostile. But out of the whole series BB has by far the creepiest and most beautiful setting.

    Playing the witcher for the 2nd time has made me realize how much more I actually enjoy bloodborne in terms of everything, not that the witcher isnt an amazing game.

    Boy, it sure would have been nice if you had actually credited XD0013812, the Reddit user who put the time and effort into making these panoramas.

    Hey nice artikel, but could you please give me credit for the panorama pictures? I have put a lot of time into them :/

    Man, two comments, one from the guy who made these himself, and I contacted you directly, and you still having provided proper attribution on these images? You're a shitty, unethical "editor," huh?

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