Five Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV Driving (And Hair)

Five Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV Driving (And Hair)

Final Fantasy XV, a game about the open road and expensive men’s haircare products, is out next year. Here is a trailer, courtesy of IGN, about a car, four dudes and “regalia”.

This game looks utterly absurd.

In the best way possible.


  • I don’t understand the hate this game is getting for the car mechanics or the “boyband” look. Done right that stuff is going to have zero impact on how fun the rest of the game is.

  • Weird trailer though.. almost literally 5 minutes of following a car down the road and then a little bit of running up a hill.

    • I think its purpose is clarifying what the role of the car is and what you can do in it, this answers most of those questions for a lot of people

    • It was at a technical presentation. There was other stuff, too, but beware spoilers about the gameplay (and depressingly low “percent complete” counts…)

  • ….hmmmm.

    I get the whole group of friends on a road trip thing; I can’t think of a game that’s captured the kind of experience driving for days at a time with the same group of mates can bring (I was a band; it gets real). So I commend the developers for trying to capture this in a game.

    But my god, why can’t they just look NORMAL. Just tone down the default look, then give the player to dress it up (through in-game shops) if they prefer.

    GTAV has some riDICULOUS hair and beard choices for the characters and everyone loved them, but they weren’t the default look. And if they were, people would’ve laughed at the characters.

    • I agree. My initial thoughts were something like this:

      Oh.. It’s set in a near-real-world environment this time.

      Oh.. the characters look the same as every other FF character.

      Oh.. why are they always looking like that and the same mannerisms and the same same same..

      It reeks of FinalFantasy even with the real-world looking things like the car and environment, which is great that they’ve been able to capture the style of FF in an environment like that.. but man.. that J-Pop band look is getting so cliched now..

  • Whoa whoa whoa wait. It said 2016. Is that the first time they’ve given us a timeframe for a release date?

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