For Honor Looks Really Exciting All Of A Sudden

As the success of Dark Souls PvP has proven, people really want to swing swords in the general direction of other human beings online. I'm no exception. For that reason I've been intrigued by For Honor. After watching this video I'm now downright excited.

Why specifically? I think it's to do with how the game seems to control. During this IGN video someone makes reference to 'Fight Night' controls.

Damn, that's all you had to say.


In forever.

I also like the idea of a multiplayer sword game. To my mind that's never been done correctly. Hopefully this is the game.


    Hey Bushido Blade was a multiplayer sword fighting game and that was pretty good!

      I love the idea of a samurai in a current-gen sword-fighting game but the stupid, stunted little samurai helms in For Honor have turned me right off. If there is armour DLC (let's face it, there will be) where you get some decent sets of samurai armour I might be persuaded.

    This new auto reload feature really is terrible. Halfway through an awesome video, and boom - page reload. No doubt the additional advertising hits are helping the bottom line, but the user experience really is rubbish.

    Chivalry and War of the Roses were both quite fun.

      Both were really different takes on the idea and both were pretty fantastic.

      I came here to mention Chivalry. Has a surprising amount of depth when dueling.

    Add pirates and I can relive the days of playing PVK with friends on lan about 9 years ago

    The game looks promising, but the first minute of that video is watching someone get shitstomped by several enemies, which does not paint the game in a positive light.

      He was getting stomped badly.... I thought the same thing.

      But that said.... I've always thought about that during medieval battles.

    Anyone else remember "Die by the Sword"? Where you swiped the mouse around to control your sword arm's speed and direction? It had a kind of cool arena mode.

    I sucked at it. But I loved chopping off a limb, grabbing it, and using it to beat said enemy to death.

      Lol that was a great game. even after killing the other dude, i'd just continue hacking away at the body...

      Lol, absolutely.

      I just Youtube'd it for nostalgia. It's amazing just how much better that game looked in my memory than it does in real life.

      Man I'd about that. It one the first games I got the expansions for. I sucked so bad at it.

    This looks awesome. Don't fuck it up Ubisoft.

    looks like something I could definitely get behind.

    This looks like exactly what I was looking for... though I have no interest in multiplayer.

    I kind of hope they add jousting to it too.

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