Kerbal Space Program Is Coming To Xbox One... At Some Point

Although only officially released in late April this year, PC gamers have been enjoying Squad's rocket-builder Kerbal Space Program since mid-2011. It's come a long way in that time and having thoroughly conquered the desktop, the game is now making its way to the Xbox One.

As the teaser above, published on the Xbox YouTube channel, makes clear, the game is definitely coming to Microsoft's console. The sad part is there's no when mentioned in either text of voice-over form, leaving us all (well, Xbox One owners at least) in a bit of a void.

Other than a release date, the other burning question is how well it will convert to a controller. Clearly Squad wouldn't be going ahead with a port without considering this rather critical point, so it's sufficient to say it'll have worked something out.

That, or it's going to be Microsoft's killer app for HoloLens, along side Minecraft. Yeah, nah.

Kerbal Space Program coming to Xbox One! [YouTube, via GameSpot]


    I seriously don't know how they could get this to work on a console. It was difficult enough to learn KSP on a PC, learning it on an Xbox would be worth breaking a controller over.

    Hmm. There's a lot of keyboard controls, I'm not sure how it would translate to a gamepad.

    Would it be like Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts? The construction in that was complex but achievable with a controller

    trying to place 6 x solid boosters at a specific point of your rocket?

    triangle, square, square, L1, R2, full circle with left stick

    ....nah i'll stick to fighting with the PC client already

    otherwise go Unity 5 upgrade! THAT is what i am waiting for....bye bye RAM limit amongst other things

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