Someone Built A Beautiful Claptrap Out Of Stained Glass

I'm sure no one specifically asked for a stained-glass Claptrap (or even one made from LEGO), yet here we are. A DeviantArt user by the name "DarkeSolace" went to the trouble of crafting the loveable Borderlands character from the pretty transparent stuff, stuck a light inside and for our benefit, snapped a few photos.

According to DarkeSolace, the project took almost six months to plan and build. Along with the obvious glass parts, copper tubes serve as arms and his eye is actually a wine bottle (so technically glass too, just more round).

Here are a couple more shots, from the front and top respectively:

DarkeSolace also has a few other glass-related gaming contraptions to his name, including a Companion Cube and a brilliant-looking TARDIS. Just the thing to light the multiverse with.

Cl4p-tp — Left Corner [DeviantArt, via Nerd Approved]

Photos: DarkeSolace


    They shoulda added a button to play random Claptrap quotes!

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