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    Off to Ballarat for a meeting, crook as a dog. 2hrs on a plane the 90mon drive for a 3 hr meeting...
    I'm gonna need some blood vials to get through today.

      Let's meet up for lunch.

        I don't think I'll be out of the meeting till about 4 or 5 mate then I gotta be back at the airport.
        I'll definitely give a heads up next time I'm there, would be great to meet up for lunch.
        Assuming you are serious of course:)

          Sucks you have to travel to Ballarat considering how much of a hell hole it is.

    Shadowrun Hong Kong is a pretty cool guy because whenever you bring Gobbett to a place with food all she does is talk about food.

      Gobbett is the best character

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      In my second playthrough I'm running as a decker so I can afford to leave Is0bel behind and make my team more variable, I've found the Gobbet & Gaichu have a few good interactions on missions

        Second play through already? Wasn't it just released!?

          I put 24 hours in over the first 2 days... I have no life, makes it easier

            I would mock but let's be honest. I'm going to be doing the same thing when Fallout 4 hits.


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    So, I thought I was done with Fire Emblem: Awakening. Had all conversations done and moved on to the final story missions. Then I unlock two more characters, so I spent some time doing those conversations. Then I unlocked about 6 final side missions. So now I have to do all of them and the conversations of the characters I unlock from them.

      You say this like spending more time with that game is a bad thing...

    My entire body aches and there's still so much unpacking to do. Looks like today is going to be a day of cleaning and watching Summerslam.

    So, confession time. I've never watched Archer before. Good news, over the last 2 weeks I've crammed as much Archer as I can in to me. (Phrasing.) And now I'm up to date. Love it.

    Also started and finished Tales From The Borderlands ep 4 yesterday. Love it. Maybe not as much as I loved episode 3, but it was still really good. Plenty of literal-laugh-out-loud moments. Can't wait for the final chapter!

      Archer is great. I've been re-watching it slowly on Netflix, but have seen plenty of it on ABC2 late at night. So many funnies.

        Same, I just finished it last night. Now I have a sads because I have no more Archer to watch. Maybe i'll just start it again..

        Actually I am deeply saddened that George Coe who voiced Woodhouse passed away last month :( He was one of my favourites along with Krieger & Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene.

      "You think this is a game?"
      "No, I think Jenga's a game."

      No matter how many times we've quoted it, every time we play board games this one comes out.

        I don't like Archer, but I love this line.

        Also, I love Jon H. Benjamin.

      ARCHER!!!! I've been watching/rewatching it non-stop over the past few days when I've been sick at home with fever =O 10/10 would shoot brett again.

      TftB was amazing. One of the funniest games I've ever played, and the laughs were really strong this time around. \o/

        Fiona's face in the title sequence. Could not stop laughing.

          The bit I remember laughing most at was right at the start, when Rhys wants to run, but advocates zigzagging. In my game, Fiona went along with his plan, and just ran straight. In the background, you can see Rhys charging from left to right across the screen, fallen waaaaay behind, and flailing his arms like a loon. A triumph of animation.

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            Yes, that bit got a laugh as well for sure (I picked the same choice you did) I just laughed that little bit harder because I'm cheering for a RhysXSasha storyline (which of course means it won't happen and I'll cry)

              Hahaha, oh, me too!

              But I'm sure I made some really really terribad decisions in this latest chapter that'll make that impossible. (I told them about Handsome Jack, and they got REALLY pissed at Rhys. Then I decided to scare Sasha with the face pizza, and she got mad again. Whooooooops.

                Senpai will never notice you that way!

                  1. Pull pigtails, check.
                  2. Push into the mud, check.
                  3. Accuse of cooties, check.
                  4. ???
                  5. Lurrrrrving

      you've just made my choice on what to watch tonight :) Also I noticed on the weekend most of the seasons are now on local Netflix!

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    Good morning everyone. Hope your weekends were fantastic. Mine had its highs and lows, although that was mostly due to being hungover on Saturday. At least Friday was good though.

    Sunday was 40K RPG funtimes where I shot a player character in the face with a melta pistol. He died. I also broke the legs of two other player characters. But then they killed the rest of the Dark Mechanicus and stole their ship filled with goodies, including a Predator tank. They also found out that one of the cargo holds has a Penitent Engine that will murder them so they have agreed to never bother opening that hold.

      Melta pistols can do certainly do that with meatbag faces :P

        The Chaos space marine was the one who got shot in the face. Maybe that will teach them that the Dark Mechanicus have all the toys to ruin their day. Although it is more likely that they'll now try and ambush them and steal from them again.

          Cuz now they know the Mechanicus always have great equipment. They're not called the Mechanical Bastion of the Imperium for nothing, especially if they're the Dark Mechanicus as they're not held back by the Archaic teachings of the Cult Mechanicus (Only preserving the technology that came before, innovation is heresy, etc).

            If the players get too big for their britches, I can always drop some Skitarii on them. Or some murder servitors. Or maybe even a Titan. :P

              It's either a Titan, Khorne himself or The Emperor of Mankind when it comes to a final boss :P

                Nah, there just happens to be a group of Tyranids that are likely to start ruining their day very soon. Carnifexes are going to om nom them all.

                  On the subject of Tyranids, now that Rogue Trader is on the "cancelled list", will you ever reveal whether or not that arriving ship was in fact unfriendly and what was on it? I still think it was a Tyranid infested ship since Jarallius confirmed no comms were coming from that ship while it was heading straight for the moon of Taruta :P
                  Edit: Look, the suspense is killing me alright? :P

                  Last edited 24/08/15 11:41 am

                  @tech_knight It actually wasn't infested with Tyranids. It had been attacked by a race of creatures known as the Rak'Gol which are a race of creepy semi-reptilian xenos who function primarily as raiders and pirates. The plot was to play out in this general direction:

                  - You guys either buddy up with the Dark Eldar or kill them all, whereupon the Harlequin provided the directions to a Webway gate to get back home for Karnath, Amarach, and Vaethril.
                  - Depending on what happened, the Webway was likely to be destroyed by either Orks or the Dark Eldar in vicious fighting.
                  - The Mechanicus ship would arrive in orbit and the Rak'Gol that had stowed aboard would phone home to their buddies.
                  - Rak'Gol would show up and destroy a lot of stuff, including dropping atomic bombs on the moon's surface.
                  - This would trigger something bad. The moon of Taruta was actually a Necron tomb world so that would be fun and exciting as all the Necrons get roused from their slumber.
                  - The campaign would end in the general direction of either "screw it, we're out" or "descend down and destroy the tomb structures and possibly the entire world".

                  But yeah, this was all dependent on a few things with a huge caveat for PC Happens (TM). I was likely to change a few things too, especially if you all saved the Webway gate from being destroyed as that would short-circuit the general plot that I had in the background. It's a shame that we couldn't get through a lot of it but I've come to realise big and epic stories are a bit tricky to pull off through online play with only a few hours a fortnight.

                  Edit: Spoilers for a wall of text.

                  Last edited 24/08/15 11:46 am

                  Whoa... just whoa... damn that would've been awesome to play out, and that's way more than I was expecting, well played with the plot-making DMing there :)

                  @tech_knight One of the things that I like about being a GM is being able to craft a world or a story for players to run around in. I try and avoid railroading as much as possible as it's something that I don't enjoy as either a GM or a player and player-driven stories are much more fun to experience. I was entirely willing to throw out parts or even the entire draft plot if people did stuff that I wasn't expecting and went in different directions.

                  On the subject of Carnifexes don't forget to back , now with professionally design cover ;)

    Got my wife's car back from a service, had a bunch of work done, felt at ease that everything was good.

    Wife calls on friday, car's dropped its bundle.

    Turns out the one specific thing I repeatedly told them to investigate went completely unchecked, and now an inner cv has done a tripod bearing.

    The car is off the road while I get the part in myself, Audi Indooroopilly were spectacularly unhelpful, despite asking me to give them customer feedback several ways, within the range of "satisfied" to "extremely satisfied".

    Nope. Never again.

    Last edited 24/08/15 9:32 am

      Audi. Ha. Have not heard good things about Solitaire here in Adelaide, either. $500 for a custom battery in an A4 that an RAA mobile roadside service cannot replace says it all, really.

        I have no problem with the vehicles or the parts, but this service centre is trying to have a hotelier-like front end, and it's that step which has clealy fallen short of their portrayal. You don't piss off your young, potential life long clients over something so small.

        Also, having customer satisfaction ratings start at satisfied is like how the smallest drink at the cinemas is called "large" in a poor attempt to cover their insane markup.

        So this car will be seeing an independent mechanic from now on, and our next car will probably be a jag.

    Started Shadowrun: Hong Kong on the weekend. Only a couple of hours in and it's fast becoming apparent that, at a minimum, it's as excellent as the previous Harebrained games.

      What character type you going for? I'm going for a Mage that mostly uses electric/lightning spells. They may be weaker then fire spells but being able to drain AP from enemies is fantastic.

        I was going to be a troll decker and just punch everything that isn't real, but ended up with an elf sniper. With a bit of luck this means I'll be forced to bring the most interesting characters along for party balance anyway :P

          Yeah, unfortunately because I'm a Mage I don't get to take the best character along with me. =(

            My first character was a charisma heavy mage with almost no physical combat skills and Gobbet was almost never out of my party. 2 mages is the best way to shadowrun I think, double the healing spells, double the lightning spells (as long as you don't mind buying one for her) and as a bonus you get spirit summons. You do suffer a bit in a straight punchup but the extra magic makes up for it almost everywhere else. Oooh especially the final boss, Gobbet's poison cloud is hilariously broken against it and just shreds the boss so damned fast...

        I'm playing a mage this time too!
        I have no idea what I'm doing.
        What the heck are the Dragon lines for?

          They basically supercharge your magic, spells do more damage and in the case of the big points on the dragon lines, give them extra attributes. For example a mana bolt from the biggest dragon line can ricochet and hit multiple targets, the downside of it being that it doesn't seem to have IFF so if you have an ally close to the enemy you hit first, they might be the next target it bounces to

          The last time I used a dragon line it caused one of my spells to bounce to an ally and hurt them. Gooooood times.

      One thing I'd suggest for between mission activities, be sure to regularly chat to Crafty Xu the Talismonger and the 2 old guys playing Go with the young bloke. The former has a late game story impact if you want to play clever and the latter are just good to listen to

        Even if you told me not to talk to them, I still would :D

        I love the previous games and wrung every drop I could out of the stories.

          Jolly good, that's the way to play them. I realised I missed a fair bit with ten armed ambrose in my first run so he's always the first guy I go & talk to now

    Played far too much Destiny this weekend. Multiple Hard Mode Crota's End raids, still couldn't get Word of Crota to drop for my wife (though she does have Fang of Ir Yut, so that's something I guess). Tried Hard Mode Vault of Glass in a bid to score her an epilogue and unfortunately half our group had to go to bed right as we got to the Gatekeeper. We tried to LFG for a few more people to fill in our fireteam but we got a couple of squeakers who professed to be great but didn't even seem to understand the basic mechanics of the time gates/sync plates and seemed surprised there were no fireteam revives meaning they'd probably never done hard mode before so we couldn't even retrieve the second relic. Eventually everyone just gave up.

    I seriously did nothing else this weekend. Well except put on some makeup and make a bad joke on Twitter that might have inadvertently caused some alarm.

    Hola Tay

    Quiet weekend. On friday went to a friend's birthday, everyone got to revel in my awkwardness as I held their new baby (I have very limited experience with infants). Saturday morning went and gave platelets, didn't almost pass out this time so yaaaaay. Sunday I did nothing, though me and @tigerion played our first Rocketay league match- We're on the leaderboard after some very fun games with Fat Shady and @benny! I did put up a replay of the first game here: so if anyone (@beeawwb) wants to do colour commentary, go for it.

    Also watched some of the livestream for the Hugo awards. An aussie podcast picked up an award, which is pretty cool. I'd actually read the best novel winner this year (The Three Body Problem) but wasn't huge on it, but it had some cool bits. Pretty awesome to see a novel in translation win- was a Chinese author. Ms Marvel volume one and Guardians of the Galaxy both won awards which is cool too, as did Lightspeed magazine which is quite a good short story mag- I'd forgotten I had a subscription on kindle until last week, when I fired the app up and found 5 months backlog there including their "Queers destroy science fiction" issue which is like 400 pages, so I've got a lot of material to read through

    Also, I did have to chuckle at the fact that the vote-brigading from a group called the "rabid puppies" trying to stack the awards with right-wing authors failed utterly.

    A monday morning question: If you were to create an award or an award ceremony, what would it be for?

      I'll watch it when I get home, but I hate the sound of my own voice so no guarantees that I end up recording any voiceover. Will think about it though. Maybe cobble together a highlight reel of the entire first round (or those who post replays of same) or something...

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        want a tag team partner on these highlight reels? :) Then you won't hear your own voice 100% of the time, win-win!

          I cringe any time there's an echo on Pathfinder or Fiasco or The Strange and I hear myself for less than a second.

            I think your voice is fine, very clear when you do your loud announcy-style voice, but even then we could just do sound checks beforehand to ensure you don't get hit with the echo. I know my headset is known to play over what's going on in my speakers through the mic, still haven't figured out why.

              Nah, it's cool. Just lots of insecurities from childhood buried deep in my subconscious. I know [most] people have no issue with my voice (I've read entire books to people with good feedback) it's solely a case of me dealing with me. :)

      The Gassies.

      International Fart Awards, representing a broad spectrum of accomplished windbreakers young and old.

      Best Male Fartist
      Best Female Fartist
      Best Supporting Fartist
      Best New Fartist
      Best Duet
      Best Visual Effects

      ...and so on.

      We will also incorporate a nod to the less successful in the community for their attempts as a truly magnificent blast that ended with more of a whimper than a bang: The Sharties.

      Once we have been established for a decade, we will induct two previous award winners into the Hall of Farts of year.

        It just occurred to me that the Hall of Farts should be referred to instead as the Dutch Oven. In the absence of other members of the Gassies managing committee, motion carried.

        I also move that Motion Carried will replace the phrase "awarded".

      An awards ceremony at my work celebrating the achievements of the biggest potato in the whole vegetable garden. My coworkers being potatoes, my workplace being the veggie garden.

      Double post? Weird.

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      I would love to see a big science based awards show, with awards based around making it accessible to the public. Simplistic explanation of complex issue, most accurate use of science in movie production, best implementation of new research.

      Best phallic impersonation.
      Awarded to whomever has been the most phallus-like over the year, whether by insensitivity, intentional inflammation, or just generally being a total prick.

        Mark Latham appears to have won for 2015

          Latham should get into mining as he certainly knows how to jump into a hole and dig deeper. He was always pretty out there but he appears to have gotten much worse over time.

            He's been bitter and held a grudge against everyone in this country since he wasn't elected PM. Did you ever read his book? Never seen such a gargantuan blaze of sour grapes in printed form.

              I've read one of those political quote collection books where Latham took up a fair chunk of it. He was such a nasty person even when he was in politics so it doesn't surprise me that he's still a ratbag.

      Actually, the vote stacking worked. The left wing organizers who only award their own friends chose to give NO AWARD in many categories, rather than give the award to the winner with the most votes.

        Well, the counts are open, so you can go ahead and read them. The "left wing organisers" is a crazy statement, given the hugos have open nominations and voting, and its entirely a vote system, so you are either deeper into the conspiracy theory here or the majority of the fandom rejected agenda based slate nomination.

          Unfortunately my reply has twice not been published by moderators. I believe the numbers illustrate a narrative contradicting your statements.

    Morning TAY. I played some squad battles in Splatoon on the weekend and hit A rank! And my friends who I was squadding up with hit A+ rank. So good times had by all.

    I also tried out StarCraft 2 LotV beta's automated tournaments feature, which is kinda interesting but still pretty barebones and not without faults. I ended up winning the tournament I entered, but two of my opponents forfeited for some reason, meaning I just had to wait for other people to play matches for about 40 minutes. But hey a win's a win! (This was in gold league btw). Also something else interesting about the tournaments: It is essentially a 16-player matchmaking system, and the matches you play in the tournaments count towards your ladder win-loss and will reward you points as such.

    Played a lot of Rocket League over the weekend. Got called a dick and got told to kill myself by a couple of players I played a bunch of times in ranked. Ranked Rocket League is serious business.

      I haven't quite had that kind of reaction to Ranked Rocket League yet, but it's definitely full of dickheads.

        Because I only play ranked 2v2 with search limited to Oceania, I play against the same players a lot. I got matched against this team, they forfeited at 7-1, then matched against them in the next game and was told to kill myself at 1-0. They forfeited that game at 5-0. I usually just respond with "Thanks!"

    Morning, folks.
    Dropped out of RocketTAY League due to anxiety issues, so my spot on the team is up for grabs.

      Don't want to put more pressure on you, but it isn't too serious and you can just have fun.
      If it makes you feel better you can check the link above and see the number of times I totally miss the ball or jump over it.

      At the end of the day it is about having a bit of fun and nothing else so don't let it stress you. Of course the other side of the coin is if it is stressing you and your not going to have fun then maybe that is best. I would encourage you to stay, but I'm not your real Dad, I can't tell you what to do.

      Out of curiosity, what about it causes you so much distress? Is it having to line up a game with other people or just the competition? (You don't have to answer if you don't want to)

      I hope you reconsider and join in again, it's really just about having fun (I'm sure plenty of the teams will be battling it out for the wooden spoon!)

    Sorry Brisbane folks. While I will be in your fine(?) state this October, I won't be in the Brisbane area, but rather further north on a family holiday. Original plan was for the Gold Coast so was going to try and organise a catchup, but yeah, will be a bit further north now on the Sunshine Coast.

      Sunshine Coast is closer to Brisbane than Gold Coast...

        *double checks map*

        EDIT: Doesn't look it? I'll take the word of a local though...hmmm...

        Last edited 24/08/15 10:57 am

          Takes me 1hr 20mins to get to Brisbane, just on 2hrs to get to Sunshine Coast.

          Edit: Map is a bit misleading, Gold Coast is technically up to Jacob's Well/Pimpama which is a half hour drive from anywhere that's really on the Gold Coast. It's like saying Wollongong is Sydney.

          Last edited 24/08/15 11:02 am

            Train service?

            EDIT: Staying in Yaroomba if that gives any indication.

            EDIT 2: I should probably just be less lazy... *Googles*

            Last edited 24/08/15 11:05 am

              About a 3 hour 20 train ride to Roma Street in Brisbane..

              Oof, Right up north. I think it's about 90mins from Eumundi station to Brisbane.

                Google Maps public transport thing is saying 2hrs 8mins which isn't too bad I guess.

                It all depends on what my family is doing though. If I can get a day where I can do my own thing I'll try my best to make it down to Brisbane.

          Sunshine Coast is north of Brisbane, Gold Coast is south of Brisbane :P

    So, finally got around to playing The Last of Us. Late to the party, I know - but holy shit. Played the PS4 version and was blown away. Such an amazing game. And that soundtrack, hngh. Bought both volumes immediately on finishing. Left Behind was pretty special too.

    *incoherent ramblings*

    Sorry, still processing it - only finished the main game on Saturday, and Left Behind last night.

      PS4 version was my first exposure to the game too! Loved it. Left Behind was freaking amazing from start to finish.

        In some ways Left Behind is even better than the core game. (Which is saying a lot, I know, but great focus on character moments and mechanics that facilitate them.) Both are freakin' excellent, though. So good.

          Grr, now I want to fire up the PS3 again. Never got Left Behind and I always meant to get around to it. Pity we don't need backwards compatibility on the PS4 or it might help solve this dilemma...

            For what it's worth if you feel like getting the Remastered version, Left Behind is on the disc! (You can trade in your old version. :P)

              Plus Remastered looks freakin' amazing on PS4. Worth it.

              Yeah I've toyed with the idea more than a few times, largely thanks to being a lazy bastard and not wanting to faff about swapping HDMI cables around just to have both the PS3 and PS4 plugged in. It might be something I grab on special one day or when I have money and am life threateningly bored (you know the mindset, the one where you think "I wonder if I could actually stop a drillbit in motion by grabbing it really fast")

        I think one of the most powerful moments in the game for me was (spoilers)

        After you bring Ellie to Marlene and you find out they're going to cut her up to make a cure. I don't even have children and the urge that surfaced to just plow through every single human being in my way to save her was incredible. I remember saying out loud 'You are all fucking dead. Every single one of you.' when I realised what they were planning. I killed the world to save Ellie. Amazing. I regret nothing.

        Last edited 24/08/15 11:17 am

          The final epilogue of that game is one of my favourite, favourite endings ever. That look on Ellie's face when she realises she can't rely on Joel is just heartbreaking

            I spent the entire game certain Joel was going to die saving Ellie. That not happening was one of my favorite things - not because I liked Joel and despite him being an arse, I still sympathised with him on many levels. Just that they chose not to end the game on such a predictable or shitty note.

              That ambiguity was just the best thing. I too thought Joel was gonna sacrifice himself somehow.

                That whole last act was incredibly tense. I was pretty convinced for a while that Ellie was going to drown and the hopes of the world would just be lost in an accident.

          It kind of confused me why they had to cut her up. Immunity comes from blood and wouldn't it be more feasible to keep her alive to keep a constant supply available? Kill her and you won't have enough time or amount to get a viable sample to work with and never have access to any more.

            Wasn't it something in her brain that was making the immunity so they couldn't take it out without killing her?

              Yep. That's what it was. I think Freeze is taking issue with the science of the situation.

              Last edited 24/08/15 11:32 am

                Well yes it's a bit silly but... there's fungus zombies, I'd have thought that that one would warrant the lions share of the criticism from the scientifically minded...

                  They've just adapted and extended a real thing.

            I think there were specific brain tissues they needed to extract and experiment on. It wasn't even about creating an immunity, it was about examining her specific mutation and finding out if they could adapt it somehow, which meant her death could wind up being pointless anyway.

            Seems to me the only way a mutation thrives is through breeding. Ellie's kids would be immune, and presumably she's not the only mutant in the world. The motives of the Fireflies were ultimately selfish - kill the girl to save us, now. At least that's how I rationalised it. The decision to save Ellie was one I am glad the game didn't even give me a choice on.

      Every time people talk about TLoU I think maybe I should give it a go. Then I remember that it's a stealth action game by the people who made Uncharted 3 and nearly made me snap my controller in half.

        I know you have an aversion to stealth games, so it may impact your experience - but oh my god. Amazing game. Haven't been so impressed by a game as a whole like that since Spec Ops : The Line. And that's saying something.

          I think The Last of Us is a whole level above the Uncharteds too. :)

          Yeah I think I need to bite the bullet and just play it. I just really, really hate the trial-and-error gameplay that enforced stealth games end up with. I always like to be making forward progress when I put time into something.

            This isn't really like that. It has a hearing mechanic where you can stop and tune your hearing to ping enemies like sonar. There's not so much trial and error involved. I loved it.

              Knowing where enemies are usually isn't my problem. It's figuring out where the designers actually intended me to go. I don't really find stealth gameplay fun in any circumstances. Don't mind in cases like, say, Uncharted 2, where it's just a way to pick some dudes off before the firefight starts. But as I understand it, TLoU has a bunch of sequences where being spotted means instant death and restart.

              I guess I should get it and give it a go though. Must be cheap by now.

                You're honestly doing yourself a disservice by not playing it. The only time insta-death occurs in TLoU is with a particular type of enemy who kills you instantly if they grab you. But they can be taken out stealthily, or with guns blazing if need be.

            There is maybe one bit early on that I got frustrated with, but from there it was smooth sailing on Casual difficulty. It's well worth the price of entry.

    Morning TAY! Got the day off today after accruing 60 hours of overtime (working for the higher education sector has its perks). Was concussed playing soccer yesterday and locked myself out of house, my two highlights for the weekend.

    Marathoned through season 5 of The Clone Wars on the weekend. It's amazing how great the show ended up getting in later seasons. Hopefully Rebels will reach a similar quality eventually.

    Also finished reading Mockingjay. Really enjoyed that too. I started reading Divergent right after. I'm not too far in yet, but my review of Divergent so far is: not as good as The Hunger Games, but still okay.

      The Clone Wars was easily one of my favourite shows of the last decade, it went to some impressively dark places for what was at least hypothetically a kids show. Sort of like the 90s animated Batman in that regard, more a young adult show than a kids show.

      I never got around to watching too much of The Clone Wars but I liked what I saw. The first season of Rebels was also pretty good and I like that they're doing something pretty different with the Star Wars license.

    Back to work tomorrow. Do not in the slightest feel ready for it, being thrown straight back into the busiest store on my own for most of the week. Fun times. Not going to stress too much about things however. It won't kill someone to wait half an hour but it did nearly kill me to get it all done too quickly so they can deal with it or go somewhere else.

      If they complain, fuck em. As you said, they can always go elsewhere

        I think fucking em would send entirely the wrong message, also make the job take even longer...

      "Why can't this be done quicker kiosk monkey! I demand it now"
      "Because I had a stroke two weeks ago"
      " take your time"

        Be nice if that was a reaction but I had people demanding I hurry up whilst I was in the middle of stroking out, unable to stand or even see properly. No "Hey, do you need help?" from anyone.

        One woman cracked the shits at the doctors nurse as she was taking me away in the wheelchair.

          Some people are complete assholes. And based on your accounts, it seems like your shopping center has more than its fair share of them.

            One of the reasons I always swore black and blue if I couldn't get any work at all, I'd rather clean toilets than work in retail. Because people can be shitful enough, without the added bonus of people treating retail staff like they're subhuman.

    Anyone spitting chips about missing out on the RockeTAYLeague competition? Because a spot seems to have opened up in my team.

    I'm totally prepared to engage in a humiliating and hilarious series of 2v1 encounters for the rest of the season if I have to, but thought I would throw open the doors first.

    Don't let the fact that it only took me one round to drive away my first teammate dissuade you!

      I would, but I guess I should stick to just playing on one team.

      Alternatively I can systematically take over a spot in every team and secure myself a guaranteed spot on the podium. Hmm...

      I did mention in the last call that I've never played, don't own the game, and have a dodgy internet connection but am happy to overcome those hurdles if needed.

      What sort of commitment does it take to jump in?

      I think I have the PS+ version, but I've never played.

        One round of 3 matches each week. So realistically 30-60 minutes a week once you take into account getting everybody online together and sorted a ready to play.

      Im Up!

        Awesome. You're in. \o/

        Sign up here:

        Passcode: 7230-7097

          ive applied! i think you need to accept me?

            Done! We need a new team name, too!

              @BDKIAF I think you need to approve a team member switch in RockeTAYLeague. Is that right? ( Rule 5.3)

                Can't see anything on the page for me to change it. Have sent off an email to confirm.

                Apparently you should be able to change your squad on the league page. The feature was just added yesterday.

            I've put Carsenal as the new team name for the moment. I particularly like it because of the subtle swearing that you're renowned for on the field :P

            Happy to change it anytime, though.

            Last edited 24/08/15 3:28 pm

              hahahahaha!!! well, at least u didnt bring up my goal stealing!

    Turns out Diablo 3 on PS4 is kinda great... Something as simple as having separate buttons for movement and attack makes it a lot less frustrating. Bought it last week, and now I have a pyromanical wizard at paragon 62 farming Torment II and progressing through greater rifts (currently have 10 of the legendary gems, but sadly no jewellery with sockets). Fire Tornadoes + Mammoth Hydra + Supermassive Black Hole + Slow Time was amazing. Add in the two pieces of Tal Rasha's set I found yesterday (which add elemental meteors to the mix) and the Tasker and Theo gauntlets I found on Saturday (which push the fast forward button on my Hydra's attack speed)... Sanctuary will burn.

    Should probably swap something out for some arcane or frost damage, to add more meteors to the mix... hmm...

      Wizards are the best! (The VA for the female wizard is the same VA for Azula from Avatar: Last Airbender). I think I was up to Torment 6 last time I played my wizard. I think my build was something like:

      Offensive Spells:
      Arcane Barrage
      Black Hole

      Buff Spells:

      Utility Spells:

      Defensive Spells
      Lightning Shield

      Also one of the gears set bonus causes an automatic cast of meteor when an enemy is hit buy Lightning, Cold, Fire and/or Arcane. It has a short cooldown but they all have independent cooldowns right now I can summon down an Arcane, Lightning and Cold meteor for free.

    Really getting into Dragonball Xenoverse lately. No I'm not calling it Dragon Ball Xenoverse because it's spelt as one word on the title screen.

    But HOLY CHRIST that Frieza fight took like 4 years. Didn't help that I didn't need any items for any of the fights beforehand so I ended up doing it about 7 or 8 times because I kept running out of health by the time I got to the Spirit Bomb phase -_-

      There's a few of us here on PC and on console that are terrible at organising some co op in it, so if you ever want to talk about co opping and then never actually do it (or even maybe actually play it co op!) feel free to shout out on TAY.

      Just wait for the Cell Saga. I'm currently stuck on the first fight!

        Happy to help train you up in PQs whenever. Just give me a shout!

          I seem to be going OK so far. I made a female Majin (sp?) and I'm just focusing on basic attacks, health and a little bit into stamina and more or less ignoring the others and using my Ki as a buffer to extend one of my strike specials.

          Also I throw a lot. Not the game, the opponent. Like maybe 12 or 15 times if it's a boss fight. Big on the grappling.

            Grappling can really throw the AI opponent (HA!) because they never seem to see it coming. Very helpful! Though I wish you could customise your character's throw, because the Namekian one is kinda boring.

      I'm not sure if they've changed it but there's a jump in difficulty around that point. I played as a melee character up until I think it was the Cell Saga, but eventually I used a wish to reset my attributes and switch to beams which made a huge difference. Melee worked great one on one but in the later missions where I'd have to face two or three enemies by myself they'd just peck away at me interrupting everything I'd do until I died. After I put it all into beam attacks and ki the tables turned. My Destructo-Disc + Kamehameha combo was a touch too strong but it still felt closer to balanced than melee.

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