Watch Things Explode In Crackdown 3

Watch Things Explode In Crackdown 3

"It's not just what you can do with a gun; it's the opportunities you can create with destruction." Woooooo!

We got a tiny glimpse at Crackdown 3 this morning during Microsoft's Gamescom presser. The narrator in the trailer mostly spoke in open-world jargon — talking about how much freedom you'll have to blow stuff up and so forth. The action does look pretty neat though:


    I was “MEH”…. but then things started falling over.... that looks amazing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they get this to run to be honest.
    Even games like Screamride which use these kinds of mass-destruction techs tend to slowdown during major collapses.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a building go down in a game like that one at the end. Spectacular!

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    Looking forward to this, Crackdown 1 was great.
    The destruction looks pretty cool but will the whole game be like that?

    That bloody orb sound... got me scratching like an addict with withdrawls.

      I've been so tempted to boot up Crackdown recently and hunt down those last 3 orbs I could never find. So frustrating yet so fun at the same time!

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