Japanese Commercial Says, 'Screw Laundry, Play Destiny!'

Japanese Commercial Says, 'Screw Laundry, Play Destiny!'

Forget about your dirty underwear. Your Hunter needs new guns.

Like the Batman: Arkham Knight advert back in July, this Japanese PlayStation commercial for the next big thing in Destiny outclasses its Western counterparts, at least as far as goofiness goes. Actor Ryo Katsuji is the guy wearing the Guardian get-up and, boy, does he get into character.

Japanese Commercial Says, 'Screw Laundry, Play Destiny!'


    Godamn I'm getting sick of kotakus gif spam.

      Not sure if plugin or just chrome or the site, but I have to click on gifs for them to play, and it's so good.

      Last edited 11/09/15 10:21 pm

      +1 at least put some effort in othe rthen copying and pasting

    i'd rather nail my balls to a jet engine during take off than play Destiny.

    Forget Life. Play Vidya gamez.

    That was amazing. Much better than the live action ad for Taken King put out for the west.

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