One Man's Quest To Buy Every Amiibo In 24 Hours

One Man's Quest To Buy Every Amiibo In 24 Hours

Most retailers are suffering a shortage of certain rare Amiibo — some figurines, you just can't find in a shop. Unless, of course, you happen to live in very specific places. Then you might be able to find just about any Amiibo you want.

Last month, Twitter user UnlistedLeaf posted this picture online:

People reacted pretty strongly to the idea that Australia might have a secret cache of Amiibo. This gave @unlistedleaf an idea. Would it be possible to get every single Amiibo locally within 24 hours, without having to go online? Would nearby shops be so well-stocked, that anyone would be able to build his or her entire Amiibo collection in a single day? @unlistedleaf set off into Adelaide with a camera on-hand to find out:

In the end, he was able to find almost every released Amiibo so far, save for Golden Mario, regular Mario, Yoshi, Bowser and Peach. The lack of Golden Mario isn't surprising. But the other ones? Man, that's kind of amazing. Everywhere else, those are probably the most common Amiibo!


    I own 4 amiibo, and that includes Bowser and Peach. Does this mean I can sell them for, like, a gajillion dollars? Cos I'd be happy to do so.

      you would be amazed at how rabid some US folks are over amiibos since the whole stock problem they've been having =P

    Every time I see 'rare' amiibo and think about flipping them over the internet, I remember that I still have my dignity.

      I actually thought about buying a whole bunch of the rare ones whilst I was in Japan and selling them for far less then the rip off prices on eBay, but then realised the people that would buy them would just instantly sell them on eBay for the same rip off prices :(

      Yep. To my shock a while back I was in Big W and saw two Shulks sitting there. I snapped one up for myself then went to grab the second but then I remembered I'm not that horrible ;)

    Its not so much that Australia has the secret cache, its that the American supply is extremely understocked, as Europe also has a decent supply and variety of amiibos. Not entirely sure about Japan's supply, I spent about two weeks there recently, but didn't go to too many stores that dealt in new game stuff, but the stores that did stock amiibo seemed to have a decent range and supply, and the occasional dearth I saw may have just been the store being in between restocks.

    I just get the impression its only the US that has an amiibo supply problem still

    As I look at my Amiibo collection (I have every single freaking one), all I do is think about my life and it makes me sad :P :/ :(

      Im the same... until I tap one during Hyrule Warriors and get free stuff.

        Mine are still in their boxes :P

          I *wish* I could keep them in the boxes *and* still use them... OCD FTW!

    Yet he didn't buy a single one...

    So which are actually "rare"?

    Honestly, I cannot tell. I think I've seen almost every single one in the past month across the three JB stores in the Sydney CBD.

    Last edited 03/09/15 1:17 pm

    They have been restocking the rare ones lately.

    Our local BigW basically has all of them except the exclusives.

    Everywhere I've been in Melbourne lately has heaps of stock, figured the hype had died down.

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