Congrats to ThatAussieFromSomeplace who correctly guessed that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Jet Force Gemini.

Hurray, I'm so glad that we're doing ScribbleTaku again.

Today's ScribbleTaku was not by me! It's a guest Scribble from Michael Witte. Good luck everyone!

Don't forget you can send in your own ScribbleTakus here



    PS> Hoonigan can't draw.

    Last edited 16/09/15 12:30 pm

    from the front it looks like Baymax :p
    from the top it could be the opening area of Dungeon Siege II
    from the side it could be Rollcage

    ...or am I thinking too abstract?

    @markserrels are there any rules to the scribbles?

      Yeah, no google image search :P

        I mean, is there rules on how detailed it can be?
        (I know you're joking but I figured I should clarify)

          I think in the before times the rule was it had to limited to 30 seconds or so, so depending on skill level you'll probably wind up with something pretty rough.

    Donkey Kong Country stage select screen

    3D ultra pinball

    it's baymax

    totally satisfied with my care

    if it isn't baymax, I'm still satisfied with my care

    How esoteric are we going?

    A Link Between Worlds

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