Well done to energydrinkhigh who guess that Friday's ScribbleTaku was Morrowind! It was! Good guess!

Now for today's effort. Good luck. I think you're gonna need it.

Don't forget! I'm looking for ScribbleTaku drawings from you guys! Email them here!


    Mass Effect 2? is it the silly beacon in that village with the geth or whatever they were called?

      I thought that was Mass Effect 1, I wouldn't really know the difference though.

        It might very well be ME1, I know you rock up to some research outpost and all the scientist folk have been killed, then you need to protect a beacon of some description while you get attacked by robot folk
        I paid loads of attention to the story obviously

    Either Super Mario 2 on the SNES or Pikmin

    Is that the game where you have to shower with your dad?

    The Dig? Kind of looks like the Asteroid Lander minigame on the PenUltimate.

    Destiny. It's the mission where you have to go to the top of the old colony ship.

    Headless Horseman: Secret of the Codpiece.

    Final Fantasy 7 (Rocket Town)

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